New York Knicks expected to pursue Davis Bertans (Report)

New York Knicks, Davis Bertans

According to Chase Hughes of NBC Sports Washington, the New York Knicks are expected to pursue Washington Wizards forward Davis Bertans in NBA free agency. Hughes says the Atlanta Hawks and Phoenix Suns are also expected to make a push, with the Hawks being “particularly aggressive.”

Bertans, 27, played a career-high 29.3 minutes per contest in his debut season with the Wizards this season. Coming off the bench for all but four of his 54 games, he averaged 15.4 points and 4.5 rebounds per game while shooting 42.4 percent from beyond the arc.

The Wizards acquired Bertans last summer in a three-team trade with the San Antonio Spurs and Brooklyn Nets; Washington received Bertans; San Antonio received DeMarre Carroll; Brooklyn received the draft rights to Aaron White.

The Spurs traded Bertans to clear cap space to sign free-agent forward Marcus Morris, who was reportedly signing a two-year deal. Morris then changed his mind, signing a one-year deal with the Knicks. He was traded to the Los Angeles Clippers at the 2020 NBA trade deadline.

An NBA source tells Hughes that Washington has made re-signing Bertans, who he says could receive a contract between $15-20 million per season, “a top offseason priority.”

The Knicks could have upwards of $40 million in cap space this offseason depending on what they do with the team options they hold on a handful of veterans for the 2020-21 NBA season. They also have their own first-round draft pick (8), the Clippers’ first-rounder (27), which was part of their return on Morris, and the Charlotte Hornets’ second-rounder (38).

Bertans could theoretically be the Knicks’ starting power forward. A career 41.1 percent shooter from beyond the arc, he could stretch the floor for new head coach Tom Thibodeau’s offense. Bertans could also come off the bench, subbing in for the incumbent Julius Randle, who’s one season through a three-year, $62 million deal.

Julius Randle or Marcus Morris on the New York Knicks next season?

New York Knicks, Julius Randle, Marcus Morris

Here’s a New York Knicks ‘Would you rather’ for next season.  Would you rather have Julius Randle or Marcus Morris on the team next season?

First off, Randle’s contract goes into next season so he’d have to be traded.  New Knicks team president Leon Rose is allegedly willing to trade Randle despite their previous CAA relationship.

In his first season as a Knick, there’s been ups and plenty of downs.  Randle puts up good stats 19 ppg and 9 boards.  However, teammates have expressed their disgust with his play.  This is nothing new.  Knicks fans saw it from the beginning.  To much one-on-one, holding onto the ball too long and untimely 3-pointers.  Randle’s 3-point shooting as regressed to 27% on the season.  He’s also averaging more turnovers, 3.2, than assists, 2.8, per game.

Morris was traded away to the Clippers for a first-round pick and Moe Harkless.  The Knicks had to make that trade.  Getting that in return for a 30-year-old veteran averaging 20 ppg is not common.  He also shot 44% from behind the arc as a Knick.  It was the smart play.

Before the trade, Morris stated that he wanted to be with the Knicks long-term.  There was also the rumors of Morris returning to New York next season as a free agent.  It’s possible but unlikely.

Morris also embodied the old school Knick mentality.  He was the team leader and a good locker room guy.  While he can be a tad too aggressive at times, he brought a toughness to the Knicks which they haven’t had in awhile.  He did shoot a lot, sometimes too much but someone had to.  And with the lack of scorers on the roster, Morris was the best option.

Randle is younger and gets more rebounds than Morris.  But fans would rather Morris taking the shots than Randle.  While this shouldn’t matter, Morris seems more invested into the game emotionally.  Randle has no expression whatsoever.  He just doesn’t seem at ease in New York.

If the they have the chance, fans would much rather take back the veteran Morris over Randle.  The New York Knicks need the veteran leadership over a ball hog.

A wild roller-coaster of a trade deadline for the New York Knicks

New York Knicks, Marcus Morris

The New York Knicks had one roller-coaster of a trade deadline.  Rumors were swirling of all kinds of trades but the organization only had one.

The Knicks traded Marcus Morris to the Los Angeles Clippers for Moe Harkless, 2020 first-rounder and a second-rounder.

Scott Perry was the one orchestrating the trades as the news broke of the Knicks adding a new team president.  Perry did an ‘ok’ job in this trade deadline but more could have been done.

Getting a first-round pick back was a victory in itself but the Knicks were trying to get some young prospects out of the deal as well.  Other players that were speculated to be on the move were Bobby Portis, Dennis Smith Jr., Kevin Knox, Elfrid Payton and Allonzo Trier all stayed put.

The bigger victory, however, still remains the Knicks parting ways with Steve Mills.  The franchise is now looking to add Leon Rose as the next team president.  A deal was being finalized but there’s been no official report.  The Knicks owner also made it clear he would not be selling the team, Ian Begley reports.

After the roller-coaster of a day, the Knicks still had a game to play.  They came back to defeat the Orlando Magic 105-103. The team had a good team first half.  They played together and had more pep in their step.

However, the Knicks had to scratch and crawl their way back at the end for a thrilling victory.  The comeback victory wouldn’t have happened if it was for team defense and another great all-around game by Elfrid Payton.  Also, the return of RJ Barrett gave the team something extra.

The New York Knicks are now on a 3-game win steak and are looking to give the younger players more time, or we hope.

New York Knicks trade deadline rumors starting to heat up

New York Knicks, Bobby Portis

The New York Knicks have a lot of trade rumors circulating.  For the most part, it appears that the Knicks are willing to trade everyone except RJ Barrett and Mitchell Robinson.

Last night, the Knicks defeated the Cavaliers, 139-134 , to win their second straight game.  However, all the attention was on the players on the trading block.  This was the last game for Mike Miller to showcase the veteran players before the trade deadline.

The deadline is this Thursday at 3pm EST.

NBA Trade Deadline Rumors

D’Angelo Russell

Again, the Knicks have made it clear that everyone is available for a trade except Barrett and Robinson.  The Knicks are linked to D’Angelo Russell.  They’ve, allegedly, offered Bobby Portis, Kevin Knox, Frank Ntilikina, Allonzo Trier and a 2nd second pick.

That is way to much to give up for Russell.  The Warriors didn’t seem to like that package and, allegedly, want Mitchell Robinson added in deal, along with a 1st round pick.  The Knicks should’ve been trying to get the restricted free-agent last summer.  And now, he’s making over 27 million a season.  But, that’s the Knicks for you.  At least, they don’t want to part with their 1st round picks, for now.

Julius Randle 

The Charlotte Hornets have been reported to have interest in Randle.  This comes after the Knicks always seem linked to Malik Monk around the deadline.  ‘Scary’ Terry Rozier has been reported to be in the deal, another point guard to add to the roster.  Rozier is like Randle but at the guard position.

Speaking of point guards, the Knicks have interest in Thunder’s Dennis Schroeder.  The Knicks continue to search for that everyday point guard, which they don’t have.

Marcus Morris and Bobby Portis

The New York Knicks have been trying to get rid of Portis rather than Marcus Morris.  Morris said that he wants to help the young players and be a Knick for the long-term.  However, his trade value has never been higher considering this is his best offensive season.

The Knicks have strong feelings that they would be able to re-sign the free agent Morris this off-season.  However, he’s going to be 31-years old and not getting younger.  The Knicks need to think about how his leadership was this season and consider their options.

With the Knicks off until Thursday night, the team could look very different come 7:30 pm against the Magic.  The Magic have interest in acquiring Dennis Smith Jr., who wants out of New York.  With his strong performance last night, he very well could be on the way.

However, as we all know, this is the Knicks.  There will be all of this noise about trades and nothing will happen or they will do something out of left field that gets fans scratching their heads.

The New York Knicks should move on from Marcus Morris after this season

The New York Knicks are going to get offers for Marcus Morris ahead of next Thursday’s NBA trade deadline.  However, Morris was on record saying that he wants to be in New York for the “long haul.”  He wants to help the younger players develop but that has gone by the waist-side.

While that is nice to hear, the 30-year-old shouldn’t be in the future plans for the Knicks.  According to SNY’s Ian Begley, Morris and the Knicks might have a mutual interest in reaching a agreement in free agency this summer.

The front office is going to have to think long and hard about that one.  Morris is currently on a one-year deal worth 15 million.  He’s currently having his best offensive season of his career for the Knicks.  Morris is averaging a career-high 19.2 points and 3-point percentage of .439.

While Morris has been a leader, of some sort, he’ll be coming off his best year as a professional.  Therefore, he’ll want a decent size contract.  The Knicks will have some money to throw around but maybe not for an aging small forward.

If we’re being totally honest, Morris hasn’t been the best of leaders.  He’s an isolation player on offense and is third the league in technical fouls with 10.  That’s not exactly what the Knicks envisioned when they swiped him from the Spurs this off-season.

The best thing for the New York Knicks to do is either trade Morris for picks or young assets or simply let him go else where in free agency.  Things haven’t panned out for the New York Knicks like they were suppose to.

Morris has not been the leader like we all thought.  Players have bad body language and they continue to lose games.  He’ll turn 31-year this September and Morris will take away playing time from the younger players.  It’s best for both sides to just go their separate ways after this season, even if we all love Mook, it just hasn’t panned out.

New York Knicks continue to be a disappointing team

New York Knicks, Elfrid Payton

The New York Knicks continue to be the biggest disappointment of the 2019-20 NBA season.  The Garden faithful continue to voice their opinion on selling the team but still attend.  Knicks fans deserve a lot of credit as they stuck around for another embarrassing lose at home to the Memphis Grizzlies, 127-106.

As we mentioned yesterday, everything with the Knicks continue to be a broken record.  Mike Miller plays the veteran players too much and the team still loses.  It’s already at the point were fans are struggling to get through a single game.

The only thing to note about the Knicks games, besides disappointment, was a scuffle that occurred at the end of the game.  There was a lot of chirping throughout the game between Jae Crowder, Marcus Morris and Allzono Trier.  Elfrid Payton got into the mix by shoving Crowder for taking a 3 with 48 seconds left in the game with the Grizzlies up 18.

It was uncalled for by Crowder but there has to be a lot of built up frustration from the Knicks with this disappointing season.

The New York Knicks owner appears extremely frustrated with last night performance.  But, if he was really watching, this has been all season.  If he’s upset then how does he think the fans feel?  Sell the team then.  Or, maybe he should start to take more control of the team and relieve people of their duties, clean house.

Playing the veteran players hasn’t been working and it won’t work.  The team is laughable and a major disappointment.  There body language says it all.  It’s hard to believe that a few months ago, we thought his Knicks team can sneak into the 8th seed.  They have the 3rd worst record in the league.

While some fans try to remain optimistic, it’s really hard to do so.  The only glimmer of hope of RJ Barrett and Mitchell Robinson and it’s it.  The Knicks are going to continue to be a laughing stock of a team and organization until there’s a major overhaul.

The New York Knicks are the most frustrating team to watch

New York Knicks, Dennis Smith Jr.

The New York Knicks played a typical ‘New York Knicks’ basketball game last evening.  The Knicks fell to the Charlotte Hornets, 97-92, after a great start to the game.

Both teams started the game with honoring the late, great Kobe Bryant.  The Hornets won the tip and took a 24-second shot clock violation followed by the Knicks taking a 8-second back-court violation.

Like mostly every other game, the Kncks came out hot.  Going up 13 at one point in the first half.  Everything was dropping for Julius Randle and couldn’t be guarded down-low.  He looked like he was playing for Bryant with 18 first half points but only ended with 24 points, fading away.

As all fans now, the defensive let up is always lurking around the corner.  It happens every game and it’s so unbelievably frustrating.  We sound like a broken record.

The Knicks begin and go on stretches were it appears that they could be onto something.  Then, they always let their guard down, having their opponent easily get back into the game.  If you want to be a good basketball team, you need to know how to put your opponent way.  The Knicks don’t know how to do that.

They aren’t a good team, not matter what anyone says.  The team thinks they’re good and while it’s good to have that confidence, there’s a difference between optimistic and reality.

The reality is the New York Knicks are a bad basketball team.  One of the worst teams in the league.  Playing veteran players and having lackadaisical defensive pressure deserves them to be at the very bottom.

When is Mike Miller going to realize that he isn’t ‘showcasing’ these veterans.  The Knicks aren’t winning games so it seems counterproductive to play the veterans over the young players.  Miller is taking away developmental time from the young players.  Frank Ntilikina barely played, Kevin Knox only played 11 minutes and Daymean Dotson 19 minutes, not ideal.  Fans would rather lose games with young players over veteran players.

All the Knicks articles these day seem to be constantly repeating themselves.  So no need to repeat ourselves because it’ll most likely happening again tonight in Memphis Grizzlies.  It’s getting old, play the young players and lose with them at least.

Like Drummond, the New York Knicks are, again, “linked” to this player

The New York Knicks are always in the mix around the trade deadline.  That is the only thing that they are in the mix with this season.  They’re out of playoff contention despite what any fan may think.

Just like Andre Drummond being linked to the Knicks each trade deadline, so is Malik Monk.  There were rumblings last year that the team wanted to acquire Monk but that fell through.

Monk is 21-years-old and fits into this young Knicks core.  The team doesn’t have a true shooting guard or go to scorer.  Marcus Morris and Julius Randle try to bet that ‘go-to’ scorer but it hasn’t made a difference in the games outcome.  The Knicks currently sit at 12-33 playing the veterans player over the youth.  Not ideal.

Monk is averaging 8 points off the bench but could be an immediate starter for the Knicks as they struggle scoring points.  His numbers aren’t spectacular but the offensive capabilities are there.  Maybe a different system would work but the bright lights and pressure of New York might be a lot, as it is for many.

Morris and Randle’s names have been swirling around in trade rumors.  Morris wants to stay with the Knicks to help develop the young players and Randle doesn’t really care about it.

If Morris is to be traded, he’s going to a contender.  So going to Charlotte for Monk might not be in play.  However, if the Knicks do want to trade for Monk, Randle should be the main player involved.  While he has been playing well for the Knicks, the negatives out way the positives.

Maybe the Garden lights and pressure of being in New York is to much?  Or is Randle just to lazy, especially on the defensive end?  Randle thrived in New Orleans where the market wasn’t as big and pressure was smaller.

Monk could be the opposite for the New York Knicks.  If the Knicks don’t want to part ways with their draft picks then trading away Randle should be first.  It hasn’t been working out like they hoped.

Morris is a free agent after this season and doesn’t fit with the younger players for the future of the Knicks.  And while trading away players quickly isn’t the answer, someone needs to be another fall guy whether it’s Morris or Randle.

The future of the New York Knicks still has no clear direction

New York Knicks, James Dolan

The New York Knicks started somewhat on the right path when it came to drafting talent.  In free agency, they were able to add a solid combination of youth and veteran players.  It was clear that they were on the right path to build something.

However, of recent, it appears to be very unclear the direction Mike Miller and the organization wants to take.  Do they want to begin to develop their youth for the future?  Or, do they want to continue playing veteran players when the playoffs are out of reach.  The Knicks currently sit 7 games out of the 8th seed.

For the moment, it seems like the Knicks are content with playing the veterans over the young players.  They’re 12-32 on the season and that’s with mostly playing the older guys.  That should be a sign that the year is lost when the vets aren’t performing.  It’s time to play the kids.

The only thing the organization is going is making their fans more angry.  They’ve been angry since 2013, the Knicks last playoff appearance.  Continuing to play the older players is this meaningless game is only adding fuel to the fire.

We’ve seen this story before with the Knicks and it’s extremely frustrating.  One example, Jarrett Jack.  He played over Frank Ntilikina and Daymean Dotson in 2017 which stalled their development.  A lot of that can be said about this year too.

Taj Gibson is starting over Mitchell Robinson.  Reggie Bullock is starting over Daymean Dotson.  Elfrid Payton, while young, is starting over Frank Ntilikina.  But Ntilikina brings more defense to the table which is a struggle for this team.  And Kevin Knox’s minutes are never enough.

Also, Marcus Morris, 30-years-old, is the Knicks leading scorer but due to his age it’s unlikely he’s in their future plans.  Those ‘future plans’ are very blurry.

The New York Knicks need to figure out what’a best for their future.  As of right now, playing veteran players over the younger ones doesn’t seem to serve a purpose.  They’re taking way minutes and any future strides they might make.  It’s not their fault, it’s the coaching and the front office to blame.

New York Knicks not selling at deadline then Mills needs to go

New York Knicks aren’t going to be trading away their ‘assets’ for picks this trade deadline.  It appears like President Steve Mills still has his eye set on going for the 8th seed in the Eastern Conference.

While it is always good to have optimistic goals for the Knicks, we have to be realistic.  The Knicks don’t have a shot at the playoffs.  They have the second worst record in the conference, 10-28, and are 7 games out of the 8th seed.  Don’t see these “dogs” making noise.

Some teams that have been trying to compete for a playoff spot have been eyeing a few New York Knicks players such as, Marcus Morris and Dennis Smith Jr.  Other players that could be on the market are Bobby Portis, Wayne Ellington and Allonzo Trier.

Reports from SNY’s  Ian Begley were that the Knicks would rather get players as compared to picks.  That is if they were to make trade which it seems like Mills is avoiding.  That may be the one good thing Mills has said this season.  If the Knicks want to compete sometime this decade, they’re going to need young talent with upside.

Getting picks is good but unless it’s a high pick you’re taking a chance and might get lucky.  The Knicks aren’t lucky, if anything they’re cursed.  They aren’t the best at evaluating talent either.  They got lucky getting RJ Barrett.  However, the did hit a home run with Mitchell Robinson.  So if they should make trades, getting back young assets would be considered a win.

Mills has been on the hot seat for years now.  He is more to blame for the last two rosters than Scott Perry, who’s entering in his second year with the team.  But Mill’s relationship with the Knicks owner, it seems changes in the front office are unlikely.  How many embarrassing seasons are the Knicks going to have before their needs to be a major shake-up in the front office?