New York Knicks off-season rumor hub

New York Knicks, James Dolan

This off-season has already took a bad turn for the New York Knicks.  Kevin Durant’s Achilles injury started the train going off the tracks.

However, despite was fans may want, the Knicks are still going to pursue Durant.  That 4 year max contract will now be a 3 year contract since he’ll miss all next season rehabbing, if he comes to New York.

All signs point to Kyrie Irving signing with the Brooklyn Nets.  Rumors were circulating that Irving was trying to recruit Durant to the Nets.  The Nets are one of the 4 teams that will purse Durant, others being the Knicks, Lakers and Clippers.

To be honest, no one really knows what Irving is thinking.  He might be able to co-exist with D’Angelo Russell.  It is Russell’s team and Irving will put up a pity party again, the same way he did with the Celtics.  The Knicks are still intending on going after Irving and Kemba Walker, per ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

Irving also parted with his agent and is expected to sign with ROC Nation, who has connections with the Nets and Durant.  So, take that as you will.

The Knicks appear to be out of the running for Anthony Davis.  The leaders in the clubhouse seem to be the Lakers and Celtics.  However, Davis’ agent Rich Paul mentioned that Davis will not sign long-term with Boston.

Expect more rumors about Davis to come out today and tomorrow, but the Knicks most likely will not be involved.

The Knicks are also rumored to be “aggressively” going to pursue Raptors Kawhi Leonard.  Leonard to the Knicks is a total pipe dream.  There is no way that Leonard even considers the Knicks.  Leonard is currently on the best team in the East.  Why would be go to the worst team?  Unless, he works something out with other superstars.  Leonard will re-sign with Toronto or go to the Clippers.  Fans should not think that Leonard is actually a realistic option for the Knicks.

Why the New York Knicks shouldn’t even think twice about pursuing Kevin Durant

New York Knicks, Kevin Durant, Golden State Warriors

After seeing Kevin Durant’s calf vibrate with what looked like a torn Achilles tendon, the New York Knicks fan base once again fell into despair. The emotions of a potential super-star coming to the Big Apple have been overwhelming as of late, but the injury to Durant shouldn’t stop us from seeing those feelings to reality.

With $73 million in cap space, enough to bring in two max-contract players, the Knicks are in a good position heading into the offseason. There are plenty of quality players to choose from, despite Durant being the most sought after of the bunch.

The pursuance of him will continue, as an Achilles tear isn’t as significant as it once was. It generally requires a 30-minute surgery that demands 4-6 months of recovery time. While the tendon may never return to full strength, Durant on a hobbled leg is still better than a majority of players.

If only the Golden State Warriors shut him down in hopes of winning a game down 3-1 in the series without him. Durant likely was the reason they won their most recent game, crawling back to 3-2. Unfortunately, they will have to push forward without him.

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What do the New York Knicks do now?

As for the Knicks, players like Kemba Walker, Kyrie Irving, Anthony Davis, Klay Thompson, and Kawhi Leonard all present opportunity. Personally, I’m against the idea of trading for Davis, as it would require the Knicks to give up the 3rd overall pick in the 2019 draft and multiple young talents.

AD simply isn’t worth the price-tag, especially since they would have little depth left on the team and would need to utilize the rest of their money to build around Davis. The reality of a potential deal is this – the Knicks have to decide whether they want to establish around Davis or stay on the current path they’re on and instill confidence in their youth.

The vote should be simple — Mitchell Robinson, Kevin Knox, RJ Barrett potentially, Allonzo Trier, Damyeon Dotson…all of these players represent the future of Knicks basketball.


New York Knicks: Kyrie Irving spotted in New York as rumors swirl

New York Knicks, Kyrie Irving, Boston Celtics

To add even more gas to the rumor-mill fire, Kyrie Irving was seen in New York. Was he potentially meeting with the Knicks? Maybe, or was he just enjoying some time in the greatest city in the world…

The Knicks have been linked to Irving recently as they prepare to drop two max-contracts this offseason on star players. Both Kevin Durant and the Celtics star are in the running to join the Knicks in the Mecca of basketball, however, nothing is set in stone.

The New York Knicks will have to fight for Kyrie Irving:

It was rumored that Irving could be interested in the Brooklyn Nets, which could create some confusion considering he’s in New York, a short train ride or deluxe Uber in Irving’s case to Barclay’s Center. Hopefully, he’s taking the shuttle train from Grand Central straight to Time Square and a short city walk down to MSG.

Hosting Irving will be interesting, considering the treatment he’s received throughout his career. The injury-prone point guard would be a perfect fit alongside Durant, said every Knicks fan ever.

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Binging in both players would instantly improve the roster and move some of the youth into reserve roles, which would ultimately be beneficial for their development. It would also create a strong foundation that would limit the star’s fatigue.

If the Knicks are in competition with the Nets to lure Irving to New York, they need to ensure him he will have a co-star to utilize and the 3rd overall pick to further bolster the team with talent. They currently have Kevin Knox, Mitchell Robinson. Dennis Smith Jr., Allonzo Trier, and Damyeon Dotson on the team. All of which gained exponential experience in 2018, putting them in a position to succeed next season with two max-contract players added to the roster.

New York Knicks losing out on Kyrie Irving could spell end of Kevin Durant deal

Brooklyn Nets, Boston Celtics, Kyrie Irving

Let’s take a moment to consider how Kevin Durant feels towards signing with the New York Knicks. He sees a team that’s perennially bad and struggles to compete at a high level, but he has the opportunity to change that narrative on the biggest stage at Madison Square Garden, the Mecca of basketball.

Durant sees the youth agenda they’ve adopted and the young players currently on the roster to help him succeed if he elects to take his talents to New York. However, he alone won’t be able to change the course of the franchise, a co-star will be needed to succeed.

My primary concern is: If the Knicks strike out on Kyrie Irving will it cause Durant to go in a different direction?

I don’t necessarily think that Durant is relying on Irving to come to the Knicks, as there are other stars on the market. Players like Kemba Walker and DeAngelo Russell could fit the bill and convince the Warriors star to come to the Big Apple anyway, but Irving is a special talent and is the better option, despite his injury history.

It really depends on who Durant wants to play alongside and if the Knicks can convince them to join the ranks. Other options would be Kawhi Leonard who will likely stay with Toronto, Jimmy Butler, and Klay Thompson who is rumored to stay with Golden State.

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The Knicks need to be involved with every player worthy of a max contract this summer – it’s even possible they pursue an Anthony Davis trade, however, a deal of that magnitude would take away a majority of the youth they’ve added in recent years.

A combo of Durant and Davis would be an exciting thing to watch, utter dominance on a daily basis. Hmm, maybe that could be something to consider.

At the end of the day, I would conclude in saying losing Kyrie would surely put the Knicks at a disadvantage when it comes to landing Durant. Further lowering the probability around a deal that’s far from reality doesn’t help.



New York Knicks: Hypothetical & Rumor Central

New York Knicks

The New York Knicks rumors and scenarios for this off-season are in full-force.  The Knicks will have plenty of big decisions to make this summer.  Over the course of this summer, the landscape of the Knicks may look very different.


In recent days, the NBA rumors have been buzzin’.  It begins with the Pelicans starting to listen to offers for superstar Anthony Davis.  Davis listed a group of teams that we would sing with long-term.  The teams were the Lakers, Knicks, Bucks and Clippers, via Shams Charania.

Another one from Charania, the Knicks expressed interest in Celtic’s Marcus Morris.  He would be the perfect Knick.  Morris is a bruiser and would jump into the enforcer role for the Knicks.

On the Kyrie Irving front, apparently, Irving has expressed that the Brooklyn Nets are his top choice in free agency, via Stephen A. Smith.  When it comes to Irving, no one knows what to believe.

Reports of where free agents want to go will change daily.

As for Kemba Walker, apparently, Walker and the Hornets are both each other’s top priority this off-season.


If the Knicks were to miss out on Irving and Walker, they should take a hard look at free agent point guard D’Angelo Russell.

Russell really excelled this season, turning himself into, almost, an elite point guard.  He is young, 23, and just entering his prime.  Coming off the best season of his career, 21.1 ppg & 7 ast, Russell could be poised for a big pay day.

Russell knows the media and how to handle New York.  It would be worthy making a push considering his youth and ability thus far.

As for now, rumors are simply rumors.  A little over 3 weeks July 1st and rumors are just starting to heat up.

New York Knicks: Kevin Durant would be perfect mentor for RJ Barrett

New York Knicks, Kevin Durant

If the New York Knicks can lure superstar forward Kevin Durant to the Big Apple, they could find themselves in a position to realistically contend for the playoffs after having the worst record in the NBA in 2018.

Drafting RJ Barrett with the 3rd overall pick seems like the most obvious move, especially if they are able to grab a point guard in free agency as well. With options like Kyrie Irving and Kemba Walker available, there’s no question the Knicks will do their due diligence on the elite players.

The New York Knicks could complete a rebuild in one offseason:

Adding Barrett, Durant, and either Irving or Walker would turn over the roster completely. The most exciting aspect of this trio would be the effect Durant has on Barrett and his development.

The Duke star is coming off a stellar season where he averaged 22.6 points per game, 7.6 rebounds, 4.3 assists, and 0.9 steals. Impressive production for a player featuring behind Zion Williamson, who will undoubtedly be the No. 1 pick to the New Orleans Pelicans.

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Both Durant and Barrett play similar positions and are keen on driving to the basket. The Warriors star is a far better shooter, but that’s part of his game that can translate over to RJ with a bit of exposure. Comparing their field goal percentage (Durant 52.1%) to (Barrett 45.4%), there’s plenty of room for improvement.

My ultimate question is – will Durant be open to helping Barrett and embrace the leadership role required of him if signed? Kevin has shown in the past that he can be egotistic in ways, and taking on a mentor role could be one of them, especially after featuring on such a dominant team like Golden State.

However, Barrett’s godfather is Steve Nash, one of Durant’s close friends. This could indicate a blossoming relationship between the two, but nothing is set in stone. There’s little evidence that shows the Knicks taking another player other than RJ, and unless Ja Morant falls, it should be an easy choice.


Should the New York Knicks Pursue Kyrie Irving or Kemba Walker?

Heading into the final days of the NBA playoff period, free agent talks will begin to ramp up, especially for the New York Knicks and their ability to take on two max-contracts. Rumors of Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving coming to the Big Apple have circulated over the past few months, but nothing is set in stone.

Ideally, the Knicks will bring in a premium playmaking point guard to help take the team to another level of quality. Both Irving and alterative free agent Kemba Walker brings that ability.

Should the New York Knicks pursue Kyrie Irving or Kemba Walker?

This past season saw Irving and Walker earn nearly identical numbers. Their comparisons range from athleticism to shooting and driving the lane. Both would be a stellar addition to a team that hasn’t had an elite point guard in quite some time. It might just be time to give up on the Frank Ntilikina experiment or put him in a reserve role.

Side-by-side stat comparison (Land of basketball):

Points per game — 

Irving: 23.8

Walker: 25.6

Rebound per game–

Irving: 3.9

Walker: 3.8

Assists per game–

Irving: 6.9

Walker: 5.9

Steals per game–

Irving: 1.5

Walker: 1.2

Block per game:

Irving: 0.5

Walker: 0.4

Percentage-wise, Irving was better in nearly every category (field goal, 3-pointer, free throw). My biggest concern is Irving’s health and if he can play the entire season. Last season, Irving played in 67 games where Kemba played in 82. In fact, Kyrie hasn’t broken the 80-game mark once in his entire career with Walker has reached that point four times in eight seasons.

Overall, Kemba had the more explosive year offensively, but Kyrie certainly held his own. However, Irving’s attitude became a problem later on in the season after the Celtics began to falter. That could create issues for a team that hasn’t had a winning season in quite some time – better to bring in a player that can fight through adversity if need be.




A Guide to the Biggest Day in New York Knicks History

After months of speculation, wild conspiracy theories, and above all else, losing basketball games, the day is upon the New York Knicks. Tomorrow, May 14th, 8:30 ET on ESPN, the ping pong balls will be randomly selected. The team that has the number one spot will be granted the right to choose whichever prospect they would like.  However, in this draft, it’s Duke’s Zion Williamson.

This particular lottery, though, has special significance for our beloved Knicks. Not only is it the culmination of a 17-65 record, but it is also the lottery in which the New York Knicks will send former star center Patrick Ewing to the sit at the podium?  Or is it an awkwardly small classroom desk?  The table with the Knicks logo?

Ewing was the first overall pick in the 1985 draft, the year in which the lottery system was first implemented. The year when the Knicks had a 14.29% chance to win. This year New York has a 14.0% chance at number one, tied for the best odds in the league. However, because the lottery rules are utterly farcical, the team also has a roughly 47.9% chance to pick fifth overall.

Now that the math tutorial is over, I want to offer a guide for how to spend the biggest day in franchise history. Keep in mind karma. The basketball gods played a big role in this article. Anything I suggest either abides by the laws of both, or is an attempt to sway either entity in our favor. Have a day, Knicks fans. After 36 years, you have earned it.

Endlessly Run “Tankathon” Simulations

Before I explain more, a disclaimer: this activity may give you false hope, and it may bring you immense pain. However, it is so darn addicting.

The chances you have not heard of “Tankathon” are likely slim to none as a Knicks fan. It is the ex-girlfriend that you keep going back to, even though you know you shouldn’t. Over at Tankathon, they allow you to simulate the 2019 NBA draft lottery to your heart’s content, among other things. It’s an awesome idea, and it helps give tanking teams some hope that maybe all these losses will be beneficial in the long run.

If you have been following along this season, you have likely spent quite a bit of time on Tankathon. Even still, I felt obliged to include it as an activity to do when you are at work and on a computer or a phone. Our minds are racing with thoughts about tonight’s lottery.

As I mentioned before, this can cause immense stress, particularly every time you hit that orange button, and the L.A. Lakers or Dallas Mavericks logo pops into the number one slot. But this exercise can prepare you for the worst, as the Knicks don’t get the first pick often. Preparing for the worst is a GOOD thing, not bad. I was prepared for the worst just two weeks ago on NFL draft night.  My team, Giants, selected Daniel Jones at six overall, it helped ease the pain.

Watch Zion Williamson Highlights

I would highly recommend this option, even if it is likely to inspire false hope. Williamson averaged 22 points and 10 rebounds while tearing up the college basketball nation. He is one of the biggest reasons this day is so important for the Knicks franchise. He’s a generational prospect, and likely the best since Anthony Davis came out of Kentucky.

I have taken the liberty of creating a playlist for anyone interested in the jaw-dropping dunks and blocks. It’s ten videos, not too long, but not too short, and it is a mix of Williamson dominating Class AA basketball in South Carolina.  Also have some college highlights from his career sprinkled in. Enjoy.


Listen to (New) Music

Folks, this one is only, and I mean ONLY for karma purposes. Because when I say music, I don’t just mean any music. I mean everyone’s favorite blues/alternative/rock band. That’s right, I’m talking about JD & The Straight Shot. The band responsible for perhaps the most repetitive songs of all time.

I’d know because in preparation for this article, I listened to about ten of their songs. They’re not just not good, they’re hilariously bad. But perhaps the collective fanbase listening to some Dolan jams will trigger some sort of seismic shift in the basketball universe, so that the Knicks logo is the one that is in the first slot come Tuesday night.

I should’ve known not to listen to these songs, but I’m a desperate Knicks fan, what can I say? If you are familiar with Dolan’s band, you would recognize my allusion to his song, “I Should’ve Known,” which goes a little something like this:

I should’ve known

I should’ve known

I should’ve known

I should’ve thrown

Myself across his tracks

Stopped him from these vile attacks

I should’ve known

Yes, those are actual lyrics, and yes, every single song is just like that.

This particular song is Dolan’s apology for his relationship with Harvey Weinstein, and it could not possibly be any more disrespectful and inconsiderate. However, if you need some musical options for the biggest day in Knicks history, why not throw on JD and the Straight Shot? What’s the worst that could happen?

Go Play Some Basketball

I would strongly recommend this option, especially in between getting off work and the start of the lottery. Go outside, go to the YMCA, heck, even turn on NBA 2K if you have to. Pretend you’re Zion Williamson, or Ja Morant, or any of one of the premier prospects in this year’s draft (a short list, unfortunately).

I don’t care what age you are, we all love basketball, and we all want to be like Zion at some level. Whether you’re a teenager, like me, or an old man or woman, you can ball one last time before the future of the Knicks changes drastically.

Perhaps you can take inspiration from the guy below, who impersonated Williamson himself. Or, if you prefer, you can pretend Zion is in the Garden, throwing down earth-shattering dunks and sending opposing shot attempts into the fifth row. A kid can dream.


Attend the New York Knicks Fan Lottery Party 

After this day, your eyes will be hurting from seeing other teams in the number one slot on Tankathon. Your legs will be sore from trying to jump like Zion, and trust me, your ears will undoubtedly be bleeding from listening to JD and the Straight Shot.

So what better way to relax while watching one of the biggest moments in franchise history than by hanging out with fellow Knicks lifers? J.B. and Jon from Knicks Film School, along with the guys from Poasting and Toasting, Gotham Sports Knicks, and Knicks Fan TV are hosting a lottery party at 7:30 P.M. ET.

10% of drink sales go to charity, and they are raffling off Knicks merchandise. If you know those guys, you know it’s going to be a great time. And while I can’t make it (I’m five years away from drinking and I live fifteen hours away), I definitely want as many Knicks fans to be in one place as possible, if only for karma’s sake.

Here’s the information for the lottery party…

While this was made (mostly) in jest, May 14th is truly the biggest day for our beloved Knicks. We must do whatever we can to make sure the ping pong ball with the NYK logo comes out in the first spot on Tuesday night. Even if that means enduring James Dolan’s god-awful band, then so be it.

To Knicks fans everywhere, I leave you with this:


Good luck to everyone, and may the odds be ever in our favor.