Mets: Lindor was all smiles during introductory conference, wants to ‘achieve the ultimate goal’

New York Yankees, Francisco Lindor

The New York Mets welcomed their new star shortstop on Monday, after they held an introductory press conference for Francisco Lindor. Last week, the Mets made a statement by trading four players – shortstops Andres Gimenez and Amed Rosario plus two prospects – to the Cleveland Indians in exchange for Lindor and Carlos Carrasco.

With the smile that has made him famous in his tenure as a big leaguer, Lindor said he is excited to be a part of the New York Mets.

“They say smiling is very contagious,” Lindor said, while donning a Mets cap. “I’m going to bring Francisco Lindor, I’m going to do me on a daily basis — hopefully that’s good enough for my teammates and the fans. … Why not smile? I’m living my dream. I’m living the life I always wanted. So I don’t see why I wouldn’t smile.”

Carrasco will be introduced on Tuesday at 1 pm ET.

Lindor is a proven star. At 27 years old, he already has four All-Star games under his belt, plus two Gold Gloves. From 2016 to 2019, he averaged 30 homers and 20 steals.

He’s “excited” to play for the Mets

“There’s been so much excitement about the Mets that I couldn’t help myself to be extremely excited [and] to be happy,” Lindor said. “It’s a new opportunity for me, my family — I’m blessed. I’m blessed to be able to play the greatest game out there in probably the biggest city in the world and one of the most fun cities in the world.”

Lindor’s impact will also be felt with the glove. He has 46 Defensive Runs Saved since entering the Majors in 2015.
“I’m ready to continue to work and ready to win,” Lindor said. “I’m excited to be part of this organization, and I can’t wait to be part of the great things they have going on in the clubhouse. I just want to be a little piece of the puzzle, and hopefully, we achieve the ultimate goal, which is winning.”

Naturally, Mets’ fans would love for Lindor to sign an extension, as he only has one year left of team control. Here is what he said about the subject: “Like I said, I’m excited to be with the Mets organization. I’m not against a long-term [extension], but it has to make sense for both sides. I’m sure my agent will do a great job and get me everything I desire, and we’ll see what happens. I’m extremely excited for this new chapter.”

The Mets, it appears, have a new face of the franchise.

New York Yankees Weekend News Roundup: All the news/rumors in one place

New York Yankees, DJ LeMahieu

Yankees in danger of losing DJ LeMahieu

The New York Yankees have dragged their feet in signing DJ LeMahieu, their best player in the past two years. It’s now the middle of January in a very slow, to say the least, offseason for the Yankees where they have done little to enhance the team, and that includes bringing back DJ in pinstripes.

News around the Net and industry sources say that DJ is getting tired of waiting for the Yankees to meet his demands. Sources say that he made it known that he wants to stay in New York after originally talking with other teams. But with the stalemate, he is now re-engaging teams like the Los Angeles Dodgers, the New York Mets, and the Toronto Blue Jays. With each passing day, the Yankees are coming closer to losing LeMahieu to one of those teams willing to meet his prime priority of future security.

Yankees bring back another familiar arm.

The Yankees seem intent on stocking their minor league system with pitchers that have pitched for the Yankees before. First Nestor Cortes Jr., then Adam Warren, and now they have signed to a minor league contract, Tyler Lyons. Lyons. This is a head-scratcher. Lyons pitched in one game for the Yankees during 2020. On September 23rd, he pitched 1.2 innings giving up four earned runs for an ERA of 21.60, in a 14-1 loss to the Toronto Blue Jays.

During the second half of the 2019 season, Lyons pitched 8.2 innings in 11 games with a 0-1 record and an ERA of 4.15. Of the three notable arms the Yankees could use in the bullpen, Lyons has been the least successful. Meanwhile, the New York Yankees still need a quality arm to replace Tommy Kahnle, who has gone with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

The New York Yankees still need bullpen help.

The Yankees lost Tommy Kahnle last season when he required Tommy John surgery. The Yankees chose to assign him to the minor leagues, and Kahnle refused the move and chose free agency instead and was near immediately signed by the Los Angeles Dodgers. Behind closer Aroldis Chapman and Zack Britton, Kahnle was likely their third-best arm in the bullpen. That is a glaring hole in the bullpen, considering that Adam Ottavino has had two subpar seasons in a row.

The Yankees once had the best bullpen in the sport, but with these deficiencies, the bullpen is now in dire need of at least one premium upgrade. So far, all they have done is sign previous Yankees that have not done all that well at the Stadium. The Yankees need an arm with the quality of Liam Hendriks, Yates, or Hand. A previous target Ryan Stanek has gone to the Houston Astros. Because of cost, the Yankees will not likely sign Hendriks, but Brad Hand is a quality arm at a more economical price. Hand had a 2.05 ERA in 2020 with a strikeout rate approaching 12 per nine innings.

Padres/Mets still the teams to watch in 2021

While the New York Yankees have done nearly nothing to improve the team in 2021, the San Diego Padres have been the big movers and shakers along with New York Mets. The Padres made a big trade when they got Black Snell from The Tampa Bay Rays. They then negotiated a trade for another ace, Yu Darvish from the Cubs. But they weren’t done; they are now close to re-signing Fernando Tatis Jr. to a massive $300 million contract for the next 11 years.

Meanwhile, on the other side of New York in Queens, the New York Mets shook up the New York sports scene when they traded for the best shortstop in baseball in Franciso Lindor. Suppose that wasn’t one of the most notable trades of the offseason they also got Carlos Carrasco in the deal. Carrasco is a quality number two type pitcher that the Yankees certainly could have used. New Mets owner Steve Cohen has made it known that he wants to make the Mets the premier baseball team in New York City.

New York Yankees lose more chances to upgrade starting pitching

With each passing day, the Yankees need to upgrade their starting rotation remains the same. Earlier, they lost their best chance to upgrade the rotation with a one-year signing of Charlie Morton. Morton was available, but the Atlanta Braves scooped him up for just $15 million. The Yankees have also talked about re-signing Mashiro Tanaka, but his agent has been advised that they will not negotiate until they know if they can sign DJ LeMahieu.

Trevor Bauer is the best starting pitcher still available in free agency, but the Yankees are likely not in the picture to sign him as they want to stay under the luxury tas threshold. Mike Minor has already signed with the Kansas City Royals. That leaves Jake Odorizzi and Tanaka as the next best two arms the Yankees could use. Odorizzi had a great 2019 but an injury-riddled 2020. He made $17 million last year, but with his poor 2020, he will likely sign a contract of less value. The same is true of Tanaka; he made $23 million. The Yankees are not likely to offer him more than half of that and only for a year or two.




New York Yankees: Michael Kay finally loses it over Yankee offseason inaction

New York Yankees, Mets, Francisco Lindor

Michael Kay, known to the New York Yankees fans as the game caller for the New York Yankees, host of the Michael Kay Show on ESPN Radio and the YES Network, has lost it when it comes to the Yankee’s inaction this offseason. The Mets trade for Francisco Lindor and Carlos Carrasco finally caused Kay to criticize the Yankees. He seems equally as upset with LeMahieu as he is with the Yankees.

“Here’s the deal: I always felt a perfect Plan B if you didn’t sign DJ LeMahieu would be to pivot, get Francisco Lindor, move Gleyber Torres to second. Boom, you’ve improved your defense,” Kay said on his radio show, via

“I’ve always been very, very honest when people were saying, ‘Why aren’t they signing LeMahieu?’ I said, ‘Well, what’s the rush? The great (free agent) players are still out there. Trevor Bauer hasn’t signed. George Springer hasn’t signed. J.T. Realmuto hasn’t signed. And DJ hasn’t signed.’ Very slow-moving market. But if this slow-moving game of chicken that the Yankees and LeMahieu are playing with each other cost them the chance at Lindor, that’s a bad job.”

The Post’s Joel Sherman reported that the Yankees and LeMahieu were $25 million apart in contract negotiations in mid-December. The big sticking point is that the Yankees want three years for $75 million. Reportedly LeMahieu wants a five-year contract to protect his security through age 38, when he may retire. According to reports, the New York Yankees might be willing to go four years at $88 million, but it appears that at this point, LeMahieu won’t budge. Meanwhile, with glaring pitching needs, the Yankees sit on their hands, awaiting an outcome to the DJ deal.

“You can’t sit here until February and allow DJ LeMahieu to make a decision,” said Kay, who started his Thursday show an hour early to discuss the breaking Lindor news.

“And if you’re DJ LeMahieu, you can’t sit there and let the Yankees play their game. They both have to come together: ‘What’s your best offer for me right now?’ And if DJ’s agent said (to the Yankees), ‘The only way we’re going to get this done is five years’ when he knows he’ll take four … They have to come to a come-to-Jesus meeting and say exactly what the deal is because if all of this posturing cost you your plan B, not good.

“It’s at the point now where do it or get off the pot. ‘Are you going to sign with us or not? Are you going to make me an offer or not?’ Enough of the game.”

Michael Kay has to understand the Yankee fans and writers are just as frustrated by the stalemate as he is. The sad part of the whole situation is that the clock is ticking and many possible Yankee targets have already signed or been traded to other teams.


Yankees Rumors: Interesting Lindor news, DJ LeMehieu could be stolen away

New York Yankees, DJ LeMahieu

The New York Yankees haven’t been as aggressive as usual this off-season, as the Mets have actually taken the thunder with a blockbuster deal on Thursday afternoon.

They finalized a trade with the Cleveland Indians, acquiring star shortstop Francisco Lindor and starting pitcher Carlos Carrasco. In the move, they will acquire two extremely talented players, and this is something the Yankees would normally do, but with new owner Steve Cohen taking over the Mets this off-season, changes are incoming. The desire to spend money and actually improve the team is the first major takeaway, as general manager Brian Cashman waits idly by for DJ LeMahieu to make a decision on his future.

However, Lindor had been linked to the Yankees for quite some time, and an interesting takeaway did bubble to the surface following the deal with Cleveland.

Joel Sherman of the New York Post stated that the Yankees ‘did,’ in fact, inquire about Francisco Lindor as a backup plan to losing DJ LeMahieu.

Yankees inquired with the Indians on the price for Lindor as a backup plan if they did not sign LeMahieu, but have remained committed to seeing it thru with LeMahieu even as other options — such as Lindor — come off the board.

It seems as if Cashman dipped his hand in the Lindor sweepstakes, but the timing just didn’t work out right. It is clear he feels confident with his farm system and the youth he continues to develop, but the Yankees need to be thinking about winning now, especially with other teams on the rise.

The New York Yankees are the only ones aggressively pursuing DJ:

Former Nationals GM Jim Bowden wrote in The Athletic that the Dodgers have similar contract length concerns.

The Dodgers are in the mix for LeMahieu’s services, but like the Yankees don’t appear willing to offer a five-year contract nor the average annual value LeMahieu’s agent Joel Wolfe is hoping to get. However, the baseball fit for the Dodgers is enormous. The Dodgers could put him at third base where he would be above-average defensively or they could put him at his best position of second base where he’s won three Gold Glove awards in his career.

It is becoming increasingly worrisome that the Yankees might lose out on LeMahieu this off-season. The Dodgers are really the only team I feel could challenge them in terms of years and financial allocations. While it seems both clubs are trying to stay away from a five-year deal, DJ continues to hold out in hopes of receiving what he desires.

However, given a different team doesn’t enter the fold and the Dodgers don’t get overly aggressive, the Yankees can wait patiently and settle on a compromise, given the fact that LeMahieu has already made it known he prefers to stay in New York.

Mets’ president and GM delighted after trade: ‘Lindor is a player that makes one smile’

New York Yankees, Francisco Lindor

The New York Mets made the splash of 2021 by acquiring All-Star shortstop Francisco Lindor and starter Carlos Carrasco from the Cleveland Indians. In return, they shipped a couple of (good) prospects, Amed Rosario, and Andres Gimenez, who will presumably be the double-play tandem for the tribe for a very long time.

It is the first truly “wow” move by new general manager Jared Porter, and the third (and fourth) major acquisition for president Sandy Alderson and owner Steve Cohen since they took over, as the Mets had already brought catcher James McCann and reliever Trevor May.

Alderson was delighted to welcome Lindor and Carrasco to Queens. He spoke in a virtual press conference on Thursday, just a couple of hours after swinging the deal.

He said the trade says was in the works for “a long time,” beginning early in the offseason. Back then, Cleveland had announced that they intended to trade their star shortstop before the season started.

“I think Lindor’s the kind of player that makes one smile,” the Mets’ president said. Indeed, the infielder is known for his contagious style of play, always enjoying himself and smiling to the cameras.

The Mets added “a superstar shortstop in his prime”

“It’s great,” Porter, the Mets’ GM, said. “Anytime you can add a player like Lindor, it’s one of the hardest things in baseball to get – a shortstop, superstar player in his prime. …Adding a guy like Carrasco in the same deal lengthens the rotation, really kinda gives a different look in our rotation from the other two guys that are at the top half.”

“We’re very excited about this and I think the two players coming from Cleveland are as well,” Alderson said. “They’ve spent a lot of time in Cleveland and so there were mixed emotions, but I think they’re excited about coming to New York.”

Meanwhile, Rosario left a very classy message for Mets’ fans in his Instagram account: “To the New York Mets Organization thank you for taking a chance with a 16 yr old kid from Santo Domingo and giving me the opportunity to do what I love. To all Mets fans, you will always have a place in my heart, New York is truly amazing.”

New York Mets: The First Big Move Under Steve Cohen’s Ownership

The New York Mets finally made first their big move under Steve Cohen by acquiring Francisco Lindor and Carlos Carrasco. Fans can finally quit complaining about the lack of moves made at the moment. Now that we know who the Mets traded for, what should they expect in return?

Lindor is in the class of the premier shortstops in all of baseball. In the last four full seasons, Lindor was an All-Star in all four seasons, a two-time Gold Glove and Silver Slugger winner, and a Platinum Glove owner. Lindor is only 27 years old and will very likely re-sign with the Mets the same way Mookie Betts did with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Fans will love him, and he is the new face of the franchise.

Carrasco is a bonafide number two starting pitcher. He has a 3.77 career ERA, battled through blood cancer to return in 2019, and is signed through the next three seasons. As the Mets wait for another starting pitching sign and Noah Syndergaard’s return, they have a rotation that will compete for a division crown.

Shortstops to Cleveland

Of course, Amed Rosario and Andres Gimenez are heading to Cleveland. Both players have a high ceiling, but neither of them are at Lindor’s level. Both will thrive in a smaller market where the expectations are lower. Much like Travis d’Arnaud, Rosario needs a clean slate after never living up to his #1 prospect ranking.

Josh Wolf and Isaiah Greene are two former second-round pick for the Mets. Neither are in the upper class of Mets prospects but were worth taking a risk on. In 2019, Wolf had a 3.38 ERA in Rookie ball, while Greene has yet to play professionally.

The question becomes, “what is next?” George Springer is always on the radar, but anything can and will surprise us like the Lindor trade.

New York Yankees lose out on the Francisco Lindor sweepstakes in blockbuster fashion

New York Yankees, Mets, Francisco Lindor

If you are a New York Yankees fan, you are usually used to general manager Brian Cashman solidifying blockbuster deals. Being on the other side of the fence is a rarity, especially when compared to the New York Mets, a franchise that has seldom made big deals during the off-season.

However, new owner Steve Cohen wasn’t joking when he said he was going to invest back into the team. The New York Mets are closing in on star shortstop Francisco Lindor and pitcher Carlos Carrasco from the Cleveland Indians. This would give them one of the best defensive players in baseball and an above-average starter who can slide in behind Jacob deGrom.

According to Jeff Passan:

So far what we know of the New York-Cleveland blockbuster: Mets get SS Francisco Lindor and RHP Carlos Carrasco.

Cleveland gets: SS Andres Gimenez, RHP Josh Wolf, OF Isaiah Greene

The New York Yankees had their chance, but it’s long gone now:

The Yankees have been linked to Lindor multiple times over the past few seasons, and that rumor mill didn’t stop once the 2020 campaign concluded. The Yankees still aren’t sure about Gleyber Torres at SS, and if they lost DJ LeMahieu this off-season, Lindor was a consideration for them.

However, Cashman elected to take a different approach, avoiding long-term deals like the one Lindor is bound to receive from the Mets. It is a little worrisome that the team only a 7 train away is making such a big splash with new ownership, as they are confident in their quest to compete with the Yankees and their salary cap expenditures.

In 2019, Lindor hit .284 with 32 homers and 74 RBIs. For his slugging ability, he has an astronomically low strikeout rate at about 14%.

Ultimately, he would’ve been welcomed with open arms if the Yankees acquired him, but they are focused on DJ LeMahieu and his contract extension. Other teams have reached out to DJs representatives, including the Mets, Toronto Blue Jays, and Los Angeles Dodgers. Considering this blockbuster deal by the Mets, the Yankees simply can’t let LeMahieu walk, otherwise, they might have a riot on their hands.

BREAKING: The New York Mets acquire Francisco Lindor and Carlos Carrasco via trade!

New York Yankees, Mets, Francisco Lindor

The New York Mets are about to make the move of the offseason, as they are in very advanced conversations with the Cleveland Indians to acquire star shortstop Francisco Lindor, according to ESPN Jeff Passan. The deal is being finalized.

“The New York Mets are deep into talks on a deal to acquire Francisco Lindor from the Cleveland Indians, sources tell ESPN,” Passan tweeted on Thursday.

However, that is not all! According to Mark Feinsand, the Mets will also be getting Carlos Carrasco from the Indians in the Lindor deal.

According to Tim Healey fo Newsday, the Mets will get Lindor and Carrasco, while the Indians are acquiring Andres Gimenez, Amed Rosario, Josh Wolf, and Isaiah Greene.

Mets’ president Sandy Alderson had previously stated, over the winter, that the team would prioritize free agent acquisitions before the trade market. However, he also left the door open to acquiring talent already on other teams’ rosters.

The Mets are getting two stars!

Lindor, 27, makes sense for the Mets if they are able to sign him to an extension, as 2021 will be the last season of team control for him. He will hit the market after the 2021 World Series ends.

Lindor, one of the best shortstops in MLB, played all 60 games with Cleveland last season. In 266 plate appearances, he hit 8 home runs and hit .258/.335/.415 with a 100 wRC+. It was a subpar campaign by his lofty standards, but his defense and baserunning pushed his fWAR up to 1.7.

In his career, Lindor has slashed .285/.346/.488 with a 118 wRC+ and has 28.9 career fWAR.

Carrasco, meanwhile, will greatly improve the Mets’ rotation. In 12 starts and 68 innings, he had a 2.91 ERA and a 3.59 FIP, with a 10.85 K/9 and a 3.57 BB/9.

Carrasco would give the Mets a formidable rotation and would join Jacob deGrom, Marcus Stroman, Steven Matz, Seth Lugo, Noah Syndergaard, and David Peterson as options for manager Luis Rojas for the 2021 season.

Yankees: One blockbuster trade that needs to happen if DJ LeMahieu leaves

New York Yankees, Francisco Lindor

The New York Yankees have a long road ahead of them this off-season, especially with the contract negotiations involving DJ LeMahieu. Of course, this news will continue to regurgitate until a decision is finally made. The Yankees and general manager Brian Cashman remain confident that they will strike a deal in the coming weeks, but other teams have since entered the fold. The Toronto Blue Jays, New York Mets, and Los Angeles Dodgers have all inquired about his services.

The Yankee should ultimately be preparing for LeMahieu to leave in free agency, and there’s only one solution that could bring back ample value. They must strike a blockbuster trade with one of the best infielders in the MLB, and his name is Francisco Lindor.

Lindor has one more year on his contract with the Cleveland Indians, and they are trying to sell while his value is still high. At 27, he is in the prime of his playing years, and he’s a dominant shortstop with incredible power. He would fit into the Yankees infield like a glove.

Francisco wouldn’t come cheap, though, as the Yankees would have to offer valuable prospects for his services. After seeing with the Chicago Cubs got in return for Yu Darvish, it is possible that Lindor’s price might not be as elevated as some predict. Considering Lindor will be a free agent next year and have the decision to sign with whomever he wants, the Yankees could easily tell Cleveland they will do just that instead of trading for him.

This is really the only suitable replacement for LeMahieu, as it would allow Gleyber Torres to move back to second base and inject arguably the best shortstop into the position. Torres struggled in 2020 during the abbreviated campaign, returning to the second spring training overweight and out of shape. Cashman even admitted that Torres is a better second baseman, and this is the perfect opportunity for the Yankees to acquire a true star at shortstop and extend him long-term.

What type of production would Lindor bring to the Yankees?

This past season, Lindor had a contextually down year, hitting .258 with eight homers and 27 RBIs. In 2019, he had .284 with 32 homers and 74 RBIs. He has a 14.1% strikeout rate over the course of his career, indicating fantastic contact abilities as well. With the Yankees’ ability to develop sluggers and extract home runs from batters, he could even benefit from making the transition to New York.

If the Yankees could acquire him without giving up too much value and capital, they should make this deal without hesitation. The Yankees need to be considering the fact that Aaron Judge’s contract is on the way, and they have to make win-now decisions with youth still on their side.

New York Yankees News/Rumors: Torres as good as Lindor? says so

New York Yankees, Gleyber Torres

The New York Yankee’s Gleyber Torres may be as good as Francisco Lindor in 2021, a report from says. The report was done on seven underperforming players during the 2020 season and their ability to bounce back from bad numbers. The report does not involve defensive numbers, only hitting. They project Lindor will hit .277 with 33 homers and Torres hitting .270 with 32 homers.

David Adler of suggested that it was a weird season for some of the best baseball players and seven players that were most likely to bounce back from poor numbers. I have previously reported that many industry sources have said that you can’t use 2020 numbers as an indicator of how good a player can be. This report further backs up that statement. Included in the report in addition to Torres and Lindor was Christain Yelich, Nolan Arenado, Cody Bellinger, Alex Bregman, and pitcher Jack Flaherty. All of these star players had substantially subpar seasons.

There are many theories out there to why the coronavirus 2020 season affected so many players, but none can be proven. The most common of which is that the split spring training stop and start never allowed many players to get into sync at the start of the season and that the season wasn’t long enough for them to get on track. But for some reason, others excelled in the environment.

As far as the Yankees are concerned, several players regressed from 2019 numbers, including Tyler Wade, Mike Ford, Mike Tauchman, Gleyber Torres, and most notably Gary Sanchez, who could never find his stride and had a horrible season. Yet DJ LeMahieu became baseball’s hitting champ, and Luke Voit hit more home runs than anyone in baseball. Other Yankee players had their season affected by injuries.

The report shows Lindor with 2020 stats: .258 AVG / .335 OBP / .415 SLG, 8 HR, 6 SB, .750 OPS and 2021 projections: .277 AVG / .349 OBP / .507 SLG, 33 HR, 19 SB, .856 OPS. Lindor hit .284 in 2019 with 32 home runs. The big difference for Lindor in 2020 was that he had far fewer pulled balls and, with less power, not leaving the park.

Gleyber Torre’s numbers showed 2020 stats: .243 AVG / .356 OBP / .368 SLG, 3 HR, .724 OPS. 2021 projections: .270 AVG / .350 OBP / .498 SLG, 32 HR, .847 OPS. During 2019 Torres hit .278 with 38 home runs. Pitchers seemed to have adjusted to Torres throwing him to the edges of the strike zone 45% of the time compared to 39.7% of the time during 2019. That and being too selective caused the dramatic drop in his numbers. Torres in 2021 needs to adjust and get the ball on the barrel to get his power numbers back.

Regardless of the reasons, the report shows that offensively Torres can be just as good a player for the New York Yankee as Francisco Lindor can be for the Indians if you are to believe the projections. Torres is still very young at 24 and is still in development. The New York Yankees hope that Torres will improve his defense as he matures, getting to the ball sooner and throwing more accurately. Lindor is three years older than Torres. The Yankees are hopeful for a bounce year for Torres, they will need him more than ever in 2021.