FOCO Releasing James McCann Mets Black Jersey Bobblehead

While the New York Mets may not be at home, FOCO has Mets fans set with another Black Friday jersey bobblehead. James McCann joins Francisco Lindor, Pete Alonso, and Jacob deGrom as the latest Met to get their own Black Jersey Bobblehead.

Just like the past bobbleheads, there are 321 pieces that cost $60 on the FOCO website. McCann is wearing the black jersey with his pearly smile and classic finish on his swing. The Mets catcher is also wearing the black stirrups we have seen past bobbleheads display as well. Make sure to place your order for McCann’s bobblehead before they run out!

FOCO Releasing Francisco Lindor Mets Black Jersey Bobblehead

The New York Mets have another black jersey Friday night coming up, and FOCO has something for fans to take part in the new tradition. Francisco Lindor joins Pete Alonso and Jacob deGrom as the latest Met to get his own Black Jersey Bobblehead.

Only 321 pieces of the terrific bobblehead are available, and it goes for $60 on the FOCO website. Lindor is on the spinning base as he dons the black uniform with his trademark, sparkling smile. To go along with his uniqueness, he also has his highlights and is wearing black stirrups. Make sure to move quickly on the bobbleheads before they sell out!

FOCO Releases 2021 New York Mets Black Jersey Bobbleheads

Last week FOCO released a couple of special edition New York Mets bobbleheads, and they are back with a couple more. This time they are back with black jersey models of Mets slugger Pete Alonso and baseball’s best mascot Mr. Met.

There are 321 pieces of the second round of bobbleheads which cost $60 each. Mr. Met’s model features him with his signature point to the fans as he dons the classic jersey. Alonso has him ready to launch another home run, with stirrup socks and his elbow guard on as well. Make sure to get your hands on these wonderful bobbleheads before they sell out!

FOCO Releases New York Mets Black Jersey Bobbleheads

The New York Mets are finally back in their black jerseys, and FOCO has fans covered with more great bobbleheads. As the Mets take the field tonight, FOCO’s bobbleheads feature two of the Mets aces, Jacob deGrom and Marcus Stroman.

There are 321 of each bobblehead, and they are each priced at $65.00. The unique part of these bobbleheads is that their base also spins around as well. Both deGrom and Stroman are in their signature poses on the mound, and Stro even has his highlights on the back of his hair as well. They also have the “back to black” logo on top of the Mets logo. Make sure to get these amazing bobbleheads before they become unavailable!

FOCO Partners with Jeff McNeil on Bat Flip Bobblehead

As the New York Mets get ready for the second half of the season, FOCO is back with another bobblehead for fans. They are partnering with Mets’ second baseman Jeff McNeil on a Bat Flip Bobblehead.

There are 144 pieces of the unique bobblehead, priced at $50 each. It features McNeil in his signature finish to his swing, getting himself ready to launch the bat into orbit after a home run. McNeil is also sporting the full beard that he has been rocking throughout the entire 2021 season. Make sure to get your hands on this amazing bobblehead before they run out!

FOCO Releases New York Mets 2021 All-Star Bobble on Parade

The 2021 MLB All-Star Game is right around the corner, and FOCO has released another collector’s item for New York Mets fans. Their newest bobblehead features a seated figure wearing a uniform and holding a baseball bat. It also has a repeat pattern design with a multi-team logo display across the body and bat of the seated figure. Since the game is at Coors Field this season, the figure is seated on a mountain base with forest accents.

There are only 221 bobbleheads on sale for $50.00 apiece. For those unfamiliar with FOCO’s “Bobbles on Parade” series, it is a revival of an MLB All-Star game tradition that began nearly two decades ago. In 2003, inspired by CowParade and FOCO started to producing commemorative bobbleheads with team and city-specific designs before the Midsummer Classic.

FOCO even created life-size figurines that were placed around the city hosting the MLB All-Star Game in some years. As fans piled into the host city from across the country for the All-Star Game festivities, fans would be encouraged to participate in a “scavenger hunt” and locate the giant bobbleheads for all 30 Major League teams. Make sure to move quickly and take advantage of the opportunity to get one of these unique bobbleheads.

FOCO Releasing New York Mets Cookie Club Series 2 Bobbleheads

As promised, FOCO is back with another fantastic set of bobbleheads for New York Mets fans. The bobbleheads are part of their New York Mets Cookie Club Series, which dropped last week. This second round of bobbleheads features club members Jeff McNeil, Dominic Smith, and J.D. Davis.

The set of 221 bobbleheads are priced at $50 each; all show the uniqueness of each player. Davis and McNeil have their trademarked finishes on their swings while Alonso is in his relaxed batting stance at the plate. If you have not purchased the first series yet, make sure to get those as well. Both series are hot commodities, so make sure you can pre-order them before they run out!

FOCO Releases New York Mets Cookie Club Bobblehead Series

FOCO is releasing a new limited edition New York Mets Cookie Club Bobblehead Series to commemorate the closest group of teammates in baseball. The first series of bobbleheads feature Pete Alonso, Michael Conforto, Brandon Nimmo, and the newest Met, Carlos “Cookie” Carrasco.

There are 221 of the unique bobbleheads on sale. Each one features a player in their trademark pose and on top of a cookie. Each bobblehead is just $50, and it is your best way to see them as all of them are battling injuries at the moment. This is just the first series of the fantastic collection; Mets fans make sure to keep an eye out for the next batch of wonderful bobbleheads.

FOCO to release Alexis Lafreniere New York Rangers 1st goal Bobblehead

Foco is releasing an Alexis Lafreniere New York Rangers first goal bobblehead on Wednesday morning.

New York Rangers rookie Alexis Lafreniere celebrated many firsts during the 2021 NHL season which of course included his first NHL goal scored in the team’s 3-2 overtime win against the Buffalo Sabres on Jan. 28.

Foco is releasing a bobblehead to celebrate that historic day with a piece that will look great in any Rangers or NHL fans collection.

A Bobblehead that includes the Broadway Hat

The bobblehead is full of details that will remind fans of the goal that ignited the career of the number one overall pick in the 202 NHL Draft.


  • Portrays Lafreniere seated at his locker, holding the puck from his first goal and overtime game-winner
  • Thematic locker stall backdrop with player nameplate display
  • Raised and carved team logo display on the front of the base
  • Front name display
  • Handcrafted
  • Hand-painted


  • Height: Approximately 9 in.
  • ·  Individually numbered out of 360
  • ·  Manufactured by FOCO
  • ·  Officially licensed

The bobblehead will be sold for $50.

The 19-year-old played in all 56 games for the Blueshirts this season scoring 12 goals along with nine assists for 21 points. His confidence began to grow at the mid-point of this season. Lafreniere netted eight goals with 13 points in his final 27 games.

This overtime winner will be a lifelong memory for everyone who purchases this bobblehead.

It can be pre-ordered by clicking this link.

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New York Islanders: FOCO set to Release Limited Edition Mat Barzal Bobblehead

new york islanders, matt barzal

The New York Islanders have become one of the top teams in the NHL recently. Some say this is due to their Head Coach Barry Trotz. Others say it’s because of the moves that General Manager Lou Lamoriello has made to acquire fresh talent. But, coaches and managers can only do so much, the players are the ones that determine the outcome of a team’s season. One player on the Islanders has stood out as the team’s best and a top player in the league as a whole. This player is Coquitlam’s own, Mat Barzal. Barzal has taken the league by storm since his debut in 2017. FOCO, the leading manufacturer of sports and entertainment merchandise, has seen Barzal’s dominance and have honored his play with a new bobblehead.


This bobblehead of Mat Barzal is spot on. The attention to detail, whether it be his rocking flow or the classic Islanders logo, FOCO did a terrific job when creating this bobblehead. I, myself, bought some of FOCO’s New York Knicks bobbleheads earlier this year, and it’s 100% worth the $50. I added a new Julius Randle to my impressive collection of Anders Lee and AHL Matt Martin bobbleheads. Mat Barzal’s gifts on the ice are god-given, and the same goes for FOCO’s designers’.

Price and Availability

This bobblehead is a limited edition item, and when I say limited, I mean limited. There are only 144 of these bobbleheads created, and they will sell fast. At the small price of just $50, you can be one of the only people in the world to own this beautiful bobblehead. Again, these bobbleheads will sell fast, so be ready to pounce on them. The bobblehead will be going live for sale on 4/21/2021 at 11:00 AM EST on FOCO’s official website. If you’re not on at 11 AM EST on 4/21/2021, you can kiss your dreams of having a limited edition Mat Barzal bobblehead goodbye.