FOCO Releases New York Mets Black Jersey Bobbleheads

The New York Mets are finally back in their black jerseys, and FOCO has fans covered with more great bobbleheads. As the Mets take the field tonight, FOCO’s bobbleheads feature two of the Mets aces, Jacob deGrom and Marcus Stroman.

There are 321 of each bobblehead, and they are each priced at $65.00. The unique part of these bobbleheads is that their base also spins around as well. Both deGrom and Stroman are in their signature poses on the mound, and Stro even has his highlights on the back of his hair as well. They also have the “back to black” logo on top of the Mets logo. Make sure to get these amazing bobbleheads before they become unavailable!

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