New York Yankees News/Rumors: Should the Yankees consider Brad Miller if they can’t sign DJ or others?

The New York Yankees have been stuck in neutral while waiting to see if they can re-sign DJ LeMahieu. According to reports, the sides are far apart in the negotiations. Meanwhile, LeMahieu is tired of waiting for the Yankees to meet his demands; he and the Wasserman Group, his agent, are re-engaging with the Toronto Blue Jays, the Los Angeles Dodgers, and even the Boston Red Sox. The Yankees would want to see the last thing for him to go to a team in their same division. However, the Yankees don’t seem to be budging from a contract more to their liking.

If the Yankees find that they can’t sign the batting champ for another tour on the Yankees, the Yankees will have to scramble to fill another hole in the team. The Yankees could solve the problem quickly by reuniting with their old friend Didi Gregorius. Gregorius knows the territory and is one of the best shortstops in the game. Gregorius was unhappy with the Yankees when he was not offered a contract after the 2019 season. He ended up going with Joe Girardi’s Phillies, where he had a bounce-back year.  He hit .284 with ten homers; in a normal year, that’s the equivalent of 27 home runs.

However, adding Gregorius would be the most expensive of available options. With the Phillies saying they don’t have the money to re-sign Didi, they are still interested in keeping him. For the Yankees, they would most likely have to offer him at least a short-term multi-year contract. It would probably cost the Yankees at least $20 million on a two-year deal. However, the Yankees would get a no questioned asked shortstop, move Gleyber Torres to second base, and get an active lefty bat in the Yankee’s right heavy lineup.

Should the New York Yankees consider Brad Miller?

If the New York Yankees cant signed DJ LeMahieu and chose not to reunite with Didi Gregorius, there are other options. One is to consider is Brad Miller, who the St. Louis Cardinal did not offer a contract extension. The Veteran Miller is 31 and is a utility infielder. His prime spots are at short and second base, but he also is a very satisfactory player at first and at the hot corner. He is not the greatest hitter, but he does hit for contact and is a lefty bat for the lineup. Last season he hit .232 with seven home runs. Miller seems to get on base more than his stats would suggest he had a .807 OPS last season.

If his hitting is lacking and being fair, he hit .263 in 2019; his defense is not; he is one of the best defenders of infielders. He had a 1.000 fielding percentage last season both at short and at second base. He also had the same fielding percentage at short during the 2019 season. With those stats, he is certainly an upgrade over Torres at short. The big plus for the cost-conscious Yankees is that they could probably get him on a short term contract for $2 million annually.

Miller has played with the Seattle Mariners, Tampa Bay Rays, Milwaukee Brewers, and Cleveland. In the spring of 2019, the Yankees showed an interest in Miller when they signed him to a minor league contract, but he ended up with the Indians


Yankees News: The perfect backup plan if ‘dismayed’ DJ LeMahieu leaves in free agency

New York Yankees, DJ LeMahieu

As most of you have heard, the New York Yankees are in danger of losing star infielder DJ LeMahieu. He’s becoming fed up with general manager Brian Cashman taking his good old time in offering him a reasonable contract extension. The Yankees are settled in at four years and aren’t biting on his aggressive tactics to speed up the process. Cashman is daring him to find an alternative club they will offer him more, but it could be ruining their relationship in the process.

According to Tim Brown of Yahoo Sports, the Yankees are in danger of losing DJ LeMahieu:

A two-time batting champ and the New York Yankees’ best player for two seasons running, LeMahieu, according to a source close to his family, has become dismayed by the slow-play tactics of the Yankees, along with other clubs. Teams that have engaged with the LeMahieu camp say LeMahieu expects more than Josh Donaldson’s four-year, $92 million deal with the Minnesota Twins and at least on par with J.D. Martinez’s five years and $110 million with the Boston Red Sox. The Yankees, LeMahieu’s preferred club after two successful seasons in the Bronx, have not met those terms.

The 32-year-old LeMahieu has, therefore, asked his representatives to re-engage with teams that have previously shown the most interest, the source said, among them the Los Angeles Dodgers, Toronto Blue Jays and New York Mets, and to reconnect with teams that reached out early in the free agent period, including the Atlanta Braves, St. Louis Cardinals, Boston Red Sox and others.

At this point, it is reasonable to consider alternative plans of action, LeMahieu could easily strike a deal with the Los Angeles Dodgers or Toronto Blue Jays. Things are moving quickly with competing teams, as the Mets just concluded a massive blockbuster deal, acquiring Francisco Lindor and Carlos Carrasco. The Yankees need to ensure they have the talent to compete, and while DJ represents arguably their best player, they could supplement his loss with more pitching and a shortstop with a familiar face.

The perfect backup plan:

1.) SP Trevor Bauer

While Yankees’ ace Gerrit Cole and Trevor Bauer might not get along, there’s nothing that solves feuds better than winning. Adding a player of Bauer’s quality to the rotation would instantly make the Yankees’ unit one of the best in the MLB.

Trevor won the Cy Young this past year and is extremely vocal on social media, which could be a negative thing in New York. However, he posted a 1.73 ERA with 12.33 strikeouts per nine over 73.0 innings this past year. Of course, the sample size is smaller than usual and should be considered as such.

The Cincinnati star is extremely a talented starter but has been inconsistent in the past and is looking to cash in after his best season yet. It doesn’t seem as if his market is astronomically high, so the Yankees might be able to land him and an additional infielder to supplement the loss of DJ.

2.) SS Didi Gregorius

Earlier this off-season, general manager Brian Cashman stated that Gleyber Torres was out of shape when the MLB started back up over the summer. He also indicated that his better position is second base, which could indicate a desire for the Yankees to replace him at shortstop.

In this scenario, they look to a familiar face, Didi Gregorius. Didi had a fantastic bounce-back season with the Philadelphia Phillies after undergoing Tommy John surgery in 2019. He recorded a .284 average with 10 homers and 40 RBIs, including a career-low 11.8% strikeout rate.

Gregorius is a fan favorite and would plug an inconsistent position with ease. Torres would be able to move back to his more comfortable spot at second base, and the Yankees would have another lefty batter to work with in the lineup.

Adding Bauer and Gregorius might even be more beneficial than keeping LeMahieu in the first place.

Yankees News/Rumors: A perfect backup plan if the Yanks lose DJ LeMahieu

New York Yankees, Didi Gregorius

The New York Yankees are coming increasingly closer to losing star infielder DJ LeMahieu to an alternative club. There are three teams that have entered the picture for his services, including the Toronto Blue Jays, New York Mets, and LA Dodgers. All three, especially the Blue Jays, are serious about potentially acquiring LeMahieu and his offensive capabilities. However, the Dodgers are even viewing him as a potential solution at third base, despite minimal reps in the past at the position.

General manager Brian Cashman has to be gearing up for the possibility of supplementing DJs loss, despite his desire to stay in pinstripes. Reports have indicated that he and the team are about $25 million away from finding a compromise, but Cashman has strict orders not to overspend on free agents this year.

The Yankees are essentially hoping that other teams don’t outbid them for his services, so they can lower his price tag. It is a risky move for Cashman, but they won’t overspend for a player who will be 37 at the end of his desired contract.

Here’s how the New York Yankees could perfectly reallocate his money:

Don’t expect any big-name free agent signings, but there are a few players that could immediately help their cause and upgrade several spots.

1.) SS: Didi Gregorius

Reuniting with Didi Gregorius would be a great idea for the Yankees, considering he is 30 years old and had one of his best seasons ever in 2020. Despite a smaller sample size over 60 games, Gregorius hit .284 with 10 homers and 40 RBIs, collecting a career-low 11.8% strikeout rate and career-high .339 on-base percentage.

Once again, Gregorius was a consistent defender, and signing him to deal would allow the Yankees to move Gleyber Torres back to second base, where LeMahieu is currently expected to play. It would be an efficient move, solidifying the infield’s defense and injecting a known commodity back into the batting order. In addition, he’s a lefty hitter, adding a bit of diversity to a Yankee team that is heavily right-handed.

2.) SP: Jake Odorizzi

Odorizzi has a projected market value of about $14 million per season, far less than Masahiro Tanaka was making in 2020. He’s a quality pitcher at 30 years old but had a down 2020 season that could allow the Yankees to acquire him on a cheaper deal. In 2019, Jake finished with a 3.51 ERA, earning a 35% ground ball rate and 10.08 strikeouts per nine. He pitched 159 total innings, winning 15 games.

Odorizzi’s primary pitches are his fastball, slider, and change-up. His fastball averages out at about 93 mph, but he has very solid curve-oriented pitches. His pitch diversity makes him a solid starter with potential, and the Yankees might be willing to take a flyer on him to supplement some of their losses in the starting rotation.

New York Yankees News/Rumors: Two comebackers the Yankees should consider that don’t involve DJ LeMahieu (video)

All the New York Yankee’s buzz is on batting champ DJ LeMahieu the team has everything on hold while the DJ negotiations plod along. The is no question that re-signing LeMahieu is the most important priority the Yankees have this offseason. But if they can’t sign him, believe it or not, it’s not the end of the world.  If the Yankees continue to wear blinders for that possibility, they may wait to fill other holes until it too late to find quality players.

Today I explore bringing two players back to the Yankees that the Yankees know can play successfully at Yankee Stadium. One carries a risk, and the other doesn’t. The Yankees should bring back Didi Gregorius; this is especially true if they can’t sign LeMahieu. The fact of the matter is that the Yankees should never have let him walk, to begin with. After having successful seasons with the Yankees, Didi returned from surgery and didn’t perform as well as the Yankees hoped for, so they let him go to the Philadelphia Phillies.

After the second year from surgery, Didi returned to the excellent player he was with the Yankees. Last season Didi hit .284. To put that into perspective, with 100 at-bats or more, only DJ LeMahieu and Gio Urshela had a better batting average for the Yankees last season. Didi also hit 10 homers in the short season and drove in 40 Phillies. In a regular-season that over 100 RBI’s. What’s not to like with that performance? It’s something the Yankees certainly could have used last season. Another plus to bringing him back to the Bronx is his lefty bat for a lineup that is too right-handed heavy.

The New York Yankee fans love Gregorius, and he fits in beautifully with the team. Unfortunately for Didi, the Philadelphia Phillies can no longer afford him and his $14 million contract. The Phillies lost a lot of money last season and are basically dumping payroll, including the best catcher in baseball J.T. Realmuto. With the Phillies not wanting to pay Didi, his value on the open market is most likely reduced. Gregorius has lately been tweeting his thoughts of being open to returning to the Yankees. To me, this is a no brainer move.

The next bring back player will make some of you laugh, David Robertson. Yes, he has been with the Yankees twice already, and each time he left, the Yankees lost out. Here is where the risk comes in, D-Rob is now 36 years old and is coming back from Tommy John surgery, but in my opinion, the potential reward far outweighs the risk involved.

Let’s start at the beginning. Many newer Yankees fans hear the name David Robertson they think of a relief pitcher that has pitched for many teams. The fact is that D-Rob is a Yankee homegrown pitcher. The Yankees signed him in the draft of 2006. He worked his way up through the minor league system and made his major league debut for the New York Yankees on June 28, 2008; after mixed results, he was sent back down to Scranton Wilkes/Barre.

2009 would see Robertson go up and down between Scranton and the bigs. He had a good season with the Yankees, but he made his name in the 2009 postseason. Both in the ALDS and ALCS, he was called in with multiple players on base; he never allowed a run and got the win in both games. Robertson would pitch in relief for the Yankees as Mariano Riveras set up man through 2013 when Rivera retired. D-Rob became the Yankee closer in 2014; he saved 39 of 44 save opportunities. He made $5 million that year. The Yankees offered him a $15 million qualifying offer, which he refused.

Robertson signed a big-money deal with the Chicago White Sox, but when the Yankees were making a run on the postseason in 2017, the Yankees again called on Robertson to help them via trade. In his first game back after the trade, he struck out the side in the seventh inning to preserve a 5-1 win over the Mariners. He ended the regular season 5-0, giving up just four runs on the season. In the 2017 Wild Card Game, Robertson set career post-season single-game highs in innings pitched, with ​3 13, and pitches thrown, with 52. He allowed no runs and earned the win.

In 2018 after another successful season with the Yankees, he became the only pitcher in major league history to average at least 10 strikeouts/9 innings pitched in each of his first 11 seasons. But after the 2018 season, Robertson would again be a free agent when the Yankees did not exercise his option. Before the 2019 season, he became a Philadelphia Philly for $23 million and a two-year contract.

Unfortunately, his time with the Phillies was not a productive one; he required Tommy John surgery and pitched in only seven games in 2019 and none in 2020. The Phillies did not exercise his $12 million option for 2021. For the Yankees, few pitchers have pitched better than David Robertson during the last 12 years. He has a 38-22 record with the Yankees with a tiny ERA of 2.75.

The New York Yankees could probably get both of these fine players for under $20 million. It’s an idea the Yankees should at least kick the tired on.




New York Yankees Analysis: Is the Yankee’s wait to sign DJ LeMahieu risking his return?

New York Yankees, DJ LeMahieu

For the New York Yankees and all the 29 other MLB teams, we are into the offseason’s eighth week. The Yankees have made it widely known that their primary need this offseason is to re-sign the baseball batting title second baseman DJ LeMahieu. DJ was given the only qualifying offer the Yankees doled out for $18.9 million for a one year contract. LeMahieu immediately refused that offer, making him the most sought-after free agent in baseball.

New York Yankee general manager Brian Cashman pulled off a deal no one expected before the 2019 season. With Yankee fans hoping the Yankees would sign Bryce Harper or Manny Machado, Cashman came home with the little known to Yankee fans, DJ LeMahieu. He signed LeMahieu to a two year $24 million contract. What the Yankees got in return was one of the best baseball players in the game that greatly exceeded expectations and the performance of the other two players many wanted.

In 2019 LeMahieu eventually took over the leadoff position from veteran Brett Gardner and all he did was get on base by hitting or walking. He turned out to be an excellent defender at second base. He ended his first season with the Yankees as a Silver Slugger batting .327; he was an All-star and came in 4th in the MVP voting. The Yankees knew that they had a star player in their lineup but questioned if he could repeat his performance.

The Yankees didn’t have to wait long. As the coronavirus season finally started in 2020, DJ didn’t waste time; he started where he left off in 2019. He not only showed Yankee fans that he hadn’t missed a beat but was out to outdo 2019. And did he ever; he ended the season with the highest batting average in the American League, a brilliant .364, and won the batting title, the first player ever to do so in both leagues. He was again a Silver Slugger and came in 3rd in the MVP voting.

Now DJ is a free agent, and the Yankees are ardently working with the Wasserman Group, DJ’s agent, to get a deal done to keep him in pinstripes. But unfortunately, the negotiations have been deadlocked for a while now. DJ wants five years at $100 million, and the Yankees want three years at $75 million.  So the deal is being held up by dollars and contract length. DJ has let it be known that his future security is of most interest to him.

LeMahieu has let it be known that he loves playing in New York, likes the Yankees and his teammates, and especially the demanding Yankees fans. He had indicated that he would likely take less money per year if the contract provided the security he is looking for. There is no question that DJ is clearly worth every penny he is asking for. Still, the Yankees don’t have a lot of money to spend after losing the most money in baseball last season and with owner Hal Steinbrenner announcing that he wants to stay under the luxury tax threshold.

The question is are the Yankees risking losing LeMahieu the longer the negotiations drag on. The answer is probably yes. Other teams have shown and interest in LeMahieu, particularly the Toronto Blue Jays. If the Yankees refuse to budge from their position, the Blue Jays could swoop in and offer exactly what LeMahieu wants. Shortstop, Bo Bichette of the Jays, has promoted the idea of having DJ play next to him. Citing that he is “the best hitter in baseball, and I don’t even really think it’s close.”

It would be devastating to the New York Yankees to lose LeMahieu to the Jays within their own division. Yankee fans would surely come down on general manager Brian Cashman every time they had to face LeMahieu in a Blue Jays uniform. The Yankees need to avoid the risk and get the deal done. Possibly they can come together with an $88 million deal for four years, meeting in the middle. If that doesn’t make it happen, the Yankees need to give LeMahieu want he wants. If they do, he is still a bargain compared to similar players.

In baseball, there is always a plan B, no matter how bad the sides want plan A to be successful. If the Yankees can’t make the deal with LeMahieu, that would open up Gleyber Torres to move to his natural position at second base and for the Yankees to offer Didi Gregorius a contract to return to the Yankees. Recently Gregorius has let it be known that he would be open to returning to the Yankees after comeback season, and the Phillies having let him loose. The Phillies not having the resources the Yankees have, and citing their losses, dumped both Gregorius and star catcher J.T. Realmuto.

Yankees Rumors: Didi Gregorius hints at a potential return if DJ LeMahieu deal falls through

New York Yankees, Didi Gregorius

As the New York Yankees navigate the off-season with DJ LeMahieu as their priority, the expectations are that the club stays frugal in their pursuit of free agents.

General manager Brian Cashman has made it clear that LeMahieu is the primary target, but his representatives have indicated that they will begin listening to other offers as the Yankees stall negotiations.

In the scenario that DJ moves on from the Yankees, they will have to find a supplement at second base, or rather shortstop. The assumption is that Gleyber Torres will move back to his familiar position, and the Yankees could reunite with an old friend who took his talents to Philadelphia in 2020.

“I don’t know what’s going to happen,” Didi Gregorius said regarding his future. “The Michael Kay Show” on Wednesday.

“All I can say is I had a really good time playing there [New York]. But at the end, it’s in their hands. Who knows what’s going to happen in the future with LeMahieu or with the Yankees and all that stuff? They’re making their decision of what they plan to do.”

It is clear that Gregorius would love to reunite with the Yankees after having a fantastic season with the Phillies this year. He finished the campaign with a .284 batting average, 10 homers, and 40 RBIs. He recorded a career-low 11.8% strikeout rate and played in all 60 games, alleviating any concerns of injury.

Didi underwent Tommy John surgery in 2019, missing the first half of the season, but he did return an impressive form, hitting 16 homers and logging a .276 on-base percentage. His 2020 statistics were simply fantastic, though, and he would bring better defense to the team over Torres.

Aside from Gregorius’ obvious connection to the Yankees, their fans still hold him in high regard. The mentality he brought to the team and positive emotion he displayed made him a fan favorite, and he still has immense respect for those that still follow him in his endeavors.

“I still get (Yankee fans) commenting on stuff that I post on Instagram or on Twitter. It just makes them happy if you go out there and give it your best. I think fans can actually see that you’re not being nonchalant and playing hard.”

Of course, most would welcome Gregorius back with open arms, especially after the season he enjoyed in 2020. However, the length of a deal would be a big question, and if the Yankees lose out on DJ, supplementing his loss would take an army of players.

New York Yankees: Didi Gregorius makes interesting comparison between Aaron Boone and Joe Girardi

New York Yankees shortstop, Didi Gregorius.

Former New York Yankees shortstop Didi Gregorius had a recent appearance on WFAN radio and he spoke about several subjects. As you know, he said that Gleyber Torres is the future at the Bombers’ shortstop position, and that he doesn’t think the Yankees want him back at this point.

Gregorius, who played with the New York Yankees from 2015 to 2019, will be a free agent after the World Series. He played with the Philadelphia Phillies, and was managed by former Yankees’ skipper Joe Girardi.

Asked in the show about the differences between Girardi and current Yankees manager Aaron Boone, Gregorius had an interesting answer.

“The biggest difference? Let’s see,” Gregorius said. “They’re both good managers. For me, the only thing I see different is Joe goes more with his instincts – that’s what I think – and Boone goes more with analytics.”

During the American League Division Series, the Yankees were criticized for basing some decisions, including the infamous Game 2 “opener”, on analytics.

The Yankees and analytics

Gregorius explained: “That’s what the team is doing now most of the time. I always tell people I understand the analytics part of the game, but you’ve also got a take the heart of the player. You can’t measure that on paper or anything.

“So I think they still have to consider that you also have to trust the player, and if (Boone) sees something and he wants to do something different, then he should be allowed.”

For what it’s worth, Boone says he has complete freedom to build the lineups and make pitching decisions, and general manager Brian Cashman and Hal Steinbrenner have similar stances. But most agree that analytics play a role in making these decisions.

Gregorius said he was happy to be reunited with his former manager in the Yankees. Girardi was in charge until 2017.

“For (Girardi) to get a chance to be back on the field and bringing happiness to people, that was one of the greatest things,” Gregorius said. “He talks to the guys. He keeps the confidence up in. He’s a great manager.”

New York Yankees Weekend Roundup: All the Yankee news/rumors in one place

New York Yankees, Didi Gregorius

The New York Yankees are on the sidelines watching the World Series after an early exit from the postseason. The Tampa Bay Rays did a number on the Yankees this season. First, they became Yankee nemesis beating them eight out of ten meetings. Then they took the division from them by 7 games, and finally, beat them 3 games to 2 in the ALCS. The Rays then advanced and beat the Astros to go to the World Series. Since the Yankee exit, they have been busy looking at improving the team before the new season, creating lots of Yankee News and Rumors. Each segment is marked either fact or rumor.

Will the Yankees try to re-sign Didi Gregorius?

With the poor 2020 performance of Gleyber Torres, there is much talk about putting him back at second base, his natural position, and getting a new shortstop. Many say the Yankees should go after the high-priced Franciso Lindor, who would be a dramatic upgrade at shortstop and add a left-hand hitter to the right-hand heavy lineup. Lindor is a switch hitter.  The likelihood of that happening is remote with the Yankees being short on cash after a no fans in the stands season.

There is also talk in baseball circles that the Yankees could re-sign fan favorite Didi Gregorius. Gregorious was not offered a contract extension at the end of 2019. He signed a one-year contract with Joe Girardi’s Philadelphia Phillies, where he had a great comeback season. Didi is now a free agent again. With his excellent season hitting .284 with 10 homers, 40 RBIs, and posting a .827 OPS, he finds himself with several suitors.

The Phillies would like to re-sign him. The New York Yankees and the Los Angeles Angels both have questions at short and are likely suitors. Although Gregorius thanked the Yankees for his time with the team, he did feel let down when they did not re-sign him.  Whether that will keep him from being a Yankees again is unknown. He recently said that he has faith in Torres and see him as the future Yankee shortstop.

Torres only hit .243 and has made 25 errors at short since Didi. Torres could still be a Yankee star as he hit 38 home runs in 2019. I could be that his lack of performance at short also affected his hitting. In the coming week, the Yankees will have a virtual meeting to decide what to do with catcher Gary Sanchez. You can bet that Torres will be on the agenda as well. Rumor.

The New York Yankees have Gold Glove finalist

The Rawlings Sporting Goods Company has released its 2020 Gold Glove finalist. Among them are the New York Yankees third baseman Gio Urshela who continued his excellent play for the Yankees this year. In somewhat of a surprise, they also gave the nod to right-fielder Clint Frazier for his dynamic play at right. It really shouldn’t be a surprise as Frazier is the most improved Yankee player.  Urshela has a shot at winning the award, but not so much for Frazier because Joey Gallo has a wide margin lead. Fact.

Jeter’s Marlins’ hire more Yankee coaches

Derek Jeter, after leaving baseball, said that he would like to own a baseball team. He made that a reality when he bought in on the Miami Marlins, where he is the chief operating officer. One of the first things he did was hire Jorge Posada as a consultant. Jeter has now hired Scranton’s Railriders pitching and hitting coach Tommy Phelps and Phil Plantier, who would have been the Triple-A team’s pitching coach. The Yankees now have more voids to fill. Fact.

Tanaka and Cole go on a double date but signals he may not return

Gerrit Cole and Masahiro have become quite friendly this season. Tanaka has been very active on social media of late especially thanking the Yankees and fans for his years with the Yankees. This would seem to indicate that he may not be returning. He has offered in the past that he might finish out his career back at his Japanese home. He was recently seen on social media at a Starbucks. Tanaka and his wife, Cole and his wife, had a double date to share sushi together. Fact/Rumor

Hal Steinbrenner tips his hat on if  Boone will be Yankee manager.

You can put this question to rest. General Operating Partner Hal Steinbrenner has made it clear in a recent interview that Aaron Boone will be his field manager in 2021. Fact.

Jasson Domingo avoiding all the noise

There is much hype about Yankees prospect Jasson Domingo as one of the best signings since Aaron Judge. Meanwhile, Domingo avoids the hype as he continues to work out and improve his game in the Dominican Republic. Dominguez, 17, is the team’s highest-rated prospect, according to Baseball America and MLB Pipeline. Scouts have said that he ignores the hype, but he wants to be the best player in baseball. There is a possibility that Jasson could hit the minors this upcoming season. Fact.

Will Domingo German pitch for the New York Yankees in 2021?

Many Yankee fans wonder if the Yankees 2019 best performing pitcher Domingo German will return to the team next season after completing his suspension for domestic violence. This was recently put in question when Owner Hall Steinbrenner said he would have to show that he is a changed man, in order to return. German is adamant that he will be on the Yankee roster next year. Fact.

Surprise targets the Yankees may go after in Free Agency.

It’s obvious, that the New York Yankee would love to acquire ace pitcher Trevor Bauer, catcher J.T. Realmuto, and shortstop Francisco Lindor, but most likely the money they will require will prevent that.  Cashman and the Yankees may surprise many and instead, go after some not suspected targets.

The Yankees will concentrate most of their energy and money on improving their pitching. Here are a few that might surprise you as being targets. The Yankees may look to LHP Justin Wilson. He can pitch in the Big Apple after being with the Mets. He had a 2.54 ERA over 45 appearances and finishing nine games. Another possibility if they don’t resign Zack Britton is RHP Alex Colome has been Chicago’s closer since they acquired him in 2019, and he’s had a ton of success with 30 saves that year and 12 this season. He has a career 2.95 ERA.

The Yankees will also try to beef up the starting rotation; it will take a lot of money to bring Trevor Bauer to the Bronx; the Yankees may look to Taijuan Walker, who they looked at before the trade deadline. After posting a 1.37 ERA with the Jays in six starts and a 2.70 ERA total over 11 starts this season, the 28-year-old is someone the Yankees could certainly get back on their radar. Rumor.

Instead of the expensive J. T. Realmuto, the Yankees may go after C James McCann who is a solid two-way catcher that has good framing rates and a bat that is above-average. He slashed .289/.360/.536 with seven homers and 15 RBI in 31 games during the shortened 2020 season.

Yankees may look to replace hitting coach Marcus Thames

Many think that the Yankees pitches should be faulted for their demise in the season and postseason, and there is a good reason for that. But the powerful Yankees lineup also failed at times and for long stretches. Last offseason the Yankees replaced their pitching coach with Matt Blake. There are now rumors that they may be looking to replace Marcus Thames, who has been the Yankee hitting coach for the last four years.

General Manager Cashman has said he doesn’t anticipate any coaching changes this offseason. But his hand may be forced to replace Thames. It is widely reported that Thames is on the shortlist to be the new Detroit Tigers manager.  If that happens, Cash may promote P.J. Pilittere to the position, if not he will look outside the organization. Rumor.





Yankees: Didi Gregorius doesn’t think they want him back in New York

New York Yankees, Didi Gregorius

After the 2019 season, the New York Yankees chose not to re-sign shortstop Didi Gregorius and handed the keys of the position to Gleyber Torres. Didi, a fan favorite, had defended the Bombers’ uniform for five seasons, from 2015 to 2020, but instead, found a one-year deal with the Philadelphia Phillies.

With the Phils, where he played under the tutelage of former New York Yankees’ skipper Joe Girardi, he had a good season. In 60 games, Didi slashed .284/.339/.488 with a .348 wOBA and a 116 wRC+, playing his customary good defense and being an All-Star teammate.

Yankees fans surely miss Gregorius, who was a beloved figure in the late 2010s teams. He appeared on WFAN’s Moose & Maggie show, and spoke about several subjects regarding the Bronx Bombers.

He said that, unfortunately, he doesn’t think the Yankees are interested in bringing him back into the fold.

The Yankees don’t seem too interested in Gregorius

“I don’t think they’ll want me back in New York, to be honest right now,” Didi said. “I think Gleyber Torres is your shortstop. It’s just the one year, and from my understanding, he was hurt for some of it too. Once you get hurt, you take a step back on everything. If he comes back next year fully prepared and ready to go, everything should work smoothly and everything will be fine.”

It’s worth noting that while on the Yankees, Didi had a fantastic relationship with Torres, on and off the field.
On another subject, Gregorius said that the Yankees’ catcher Gary Sanchez could use a change of scenery.

“If he’s still there next year, he’s going to take it personal. If he lost his job, he’s trying to come back and win it; knowing Gary, that’s what he’ll do,” Gregorius said. “I think people don’t think that he tries hard, but he does. He works really hard, but you’ve been hearing all that stuff for years because you play for a big market team. You get labeled quickly in this game, and when you get labeled, you have to prove yourself even more. He may be frustrated with all that though, so he may need a change of scenery.”

New York Yankees News/Rumors: Postseason trade rumors run wild for the Yankees

New York Yankees, Yankees, Luke voit

The New York Yankees are coming off another disappointing season where they lost again in the ALCS. The Yankees haven’t won a World Series since 2009.  The Yankee brass and the Yankee fans alike are tired of not winning and waiting for that elusive 28th World Championship. After this short season, when the Tampa Bay Rays beat the pants off the Yankees, the talk about changing up the team so they can win is far more active than ever.

Trade talks suggestions are going on for many New York Yankees players, from scouts to former Yankee players. However, no one is talking at this point about trading Miguel Andujar, a player that they really have no use for and should be traded.  Trade talks include Luke Voit, Gio Urshela, Gary Sanchez, Adam Ottavino, and more. All of this in the shadow of the nine Yankee players who have become free agents.  According to how you look at it, next seasons Yankee team could look very different, or the Yankees will continue to believe that they have a great team, and it will improve in a normal 162 game season that may have fans in the stands.

Luke Voit:

The idea behind trading off Luke Voit is that he is at his highest value ever.  By dumping some of the free-agent pitchers, James Paxton and J.A. Happ, that saving and saving from trading off Voit, would give the Yankees the funds to go out and go out get a premium number two starter like Trevor Bauer.  In his prime, Bauer seems to be willing to take a short one or two year contract for big bucks. The short contract might be something the Yankees would be interested in, as long as Gerrit Cole approves.  Cole and Bauer have had a feud for years.

Gio Urshela:

The Gio Urshela trade rumors are brought about by the idea that getting rid of a great player to save a poor player’s job just doesn’t make sense at all but is gaining interest. The idea is to move the poor playing shortstop, Gleyber Torres, to his natural position. But doing that knocks the baseball batting champion off of second base. By trading off Urshela, whose value is high right now, they can move DJ to third base. For this writer, this is the worst trade the Yankees could make.  The fact is that DJ’s fielding percentage in his eleven games at 3rd base was worse than Torres’s fielding percentage at short.

Adam Ottavino:

The Adam Ottavino trade rumor makes sense for the New York Yankees. Ottavino is a good relief pitcher, but he has failed two years in a row for the Yankees by losing gas when it is most important, at the end of the season. Ottavino might be able to return to the pitcher he was with new scenery. The problem with moving Ottavino is his big salary. To make it happen it is likely that the Yankees would have to absorb part of his salary for the next two years.

Gary Sanchez:

The Gary Sanchez problem is complicated. The New York Yankees have been supporting him and putting him on a pedestal for several years as their catcher of the future.  But this year there was a sign that that support has developed some big cracks in it as he was sat down as the season wanned, and for several games in the postseason, in favor of backup catcher Kyle Higashioka who has become Gerrit Cole’s personal catcher. Cole is going to be around for 9 years, so Higgy might be as well.

But there is a problem with Higashioka taking the main catching role, that would move Sanchez to back up. Sanchez is due a big raise in arbitration this year. He will make somewhere between $6-8M and that’s too much to spend for a backup catcher. The answer is to trade him to some team that sees his home run power as a plus. Sanchez hasn’t been good for the Yankees since 2017, and this year was his worst, hitting .147 with regressing defense.

The Yankees could then go out and get a real catcher like J.T. Realmuto, whose lead leading batting average and excellent defense would make him a perfect fit for the Yankees. But it would cost dollars to get J.T. But the Realmuto, Higashioka catching twosome certainly is interesting.

Among the other trade, rumors include bringing back Didi Gregorius that the Yankees let walk in the last postseason, causing the Gleyber Torres problem. Did had a great season with the Phillies, hitting .284 with 10 home runs. So the Yankees have all these trade opportunities to consider along with what to do with all the free agents. It should be an exciting postseason as the Yankees try to improve the team so they can win another Championship.