Yankees will likely have to wait one more season for prized pitcher to reach majors

New York Yankees, Deivi Garcia

The Yankees continue to battle injuries, and one young player was in line to earn reps in 2020; however, he’s better of developing in the farm.

The New York Yankees‘ prospect list is headlined by pitcher Deivi Garcia, who climbed the farm-system in just three months last season. His skill-set and youth have brewed a sense of optimism regarding his potential for reaching the majors in 2020.

However, it seems as if he needs a bit more time to develop after struggling during Grapefruit League play. Deivi finished his spring before the MLB shut down operations with a 7.36 ERA, and seven runs allowed over 7.1 innings. His statistically poor performance was accompanied by eight strikeouts and a more prioritized curveball. His accuracy and consistency in that category remain his biggest weakness, as his speed and ball-movement continue to feature as his best attributes.

The New York Yankees might have needed him in 2020:

With James Paxton going down with a cyst in his lower back and expected to return in early-May, Garcia was in line for potential innings at the back-end of the rotation. Factor in the loss of Luis Severino and suddenly the starting rotation was being stripped clean of their best talents.

Garcia’s incredible curve-ball and fastball, which as touched 97 MPH keep him atop the Yankees’ prospect rankings, and rightfully so. He has replaced Estevan Florial as the Yankees’ most exciting youth play. MLB Pipeline ranks him as the No. 3 overall prospect for the Bombers, but Baseball America considers him the 2nd overall prospect.

What the Bombers saw in Garcia landed him a contract of just $200K, while Jasson Dominguez earned a $5.1 million international signing bonus at just 16-years-old. Garcia is nearly 21, and he landed just a fraction of that massive number, despite being one of the top options in the farm.

Factoring in his youth, I don’t believe Garcia will play for the top team this season, instead working his way up the minors and adapting to each level of play. Luckily, he has plenty of time to refine his skills.

New York Yankees: Let’s see Deivi Garcia solve Triple-A before putting huge expectations on his shoulders

New York Yankees, Deivi Garcia

We live in 2020, and it seems like the pace with which we do and want things done is accelerating by the day. The world, it seems, has run out of patience. The same happens with MLB teams, prospects, and overall expectations: we want our young studs to be major league stars from day one, but that’s not always the case. Player development is not linear, and it’s unrealistic to put high expectations in a hurler that was playing in Class A-Advanced just a few months ago. That’s the case of New York Yankees‘ prospect Deivi Garcia.

Yes, Garcia dominated Class A-Advanced (3.06 ERA and 0.93 FIP in 17.2 innings, with 16.81 K/9) and Double-A (3.86 ERA and 2.20 FIP in 53.2 frames, with 14.59 K/9) in 2019. And yet, everybody is expecting to be a force in 2020 for the big league team. Let’s step on the brakes a little, shall we?

Garcia is still 20 years old. He has a smallish build and needs to prove that he can shoulder a big workload in the major leagues. He has been injured before, and the Yankees sure don’t want to mess with his health.

The Yankees’ prospect only has 40 unsuccessful innings in Triple-A

But, more importantly, let’s see him dominate in Triple-A before putting unfair expectations in him. Last season, he pitched 40 innings there after his stellar run in the previously mentioned levels.

In those 40 frames, Garcia struggled with command (4.50 BB/9) and home runs (1.80 per each nine innings.) The latter can be attributed to the infamous “juiced ball” used in Triple-A, but that’s not the only reason. He needs to improve his command and he could refine all his arsenal before reaching the bigs for good. A 5.40 ERA in Triple-A, with a 5.77 FIP, ain’t gonna cut it.

Why rush him? After all, the New York Yankees will likely have James Paxton back before the season starts. They have Gerrit Cole, Masahiro Tanaka, Jordan Montgomery, J.A. Happ and other prospects that are indeed ready for the bigs, such as Mike King and Jonathan Loaisiga. They will have Domingo German back, eventually. The Yankees have depth, so they would be better off letting Garcia learn his trick in Triple-A for now. Let’s see him prove he belongs with the big boys.

New York Yankees: 7 inning games to be played in front of fans, find out more

There is be no empty stands during this season!

In the land of the unknown, the New York Yankees are slowly finding out certain things with some surety.  One thing we can rule out appears to be games without fans in the stands.  We are finding out more and more about the MLB Players Association that players signed with MLB.  One of the details is that games will be played in front of fans across the country.

What it says is that games will not be played until travel restrictions are lifted, and bans on mass gatherings are lifted.  This means there will be no reason to exclude fans from attending games.  Also emerging from the deal is that medical professionals will have to agree that it is medically safe to hold games that protect players, coaches, and fans alike.

What will the season and games look like?

Although everything remains fluid for the New York Yankees, MLB is hard at work trying to figure out how to get in as many games in this shortened season a possible.  There are several considerations being discussed.  One is to eliminate inter-league play, thus having a more robust competition within the divisions.  Of course, reducing the total games will be necessary which could cause teams to play teams outside their division only once during the shortened season.

One interesting concept is to have doubleheaders on weekends.  This is probably one of the most intriguing ideas because the discussion is to make doubleheaders seven-inning affairs.  This idea should appeal to the New York Yankees.  If you recall, Yankees starters last year had trouble going deep into games.  This caused added stress for the bullpen, which appeared to tire late in the season and postseason.  Seven inning games would put far less strain on bullpen pitchers.

A quick Yankee news recap:

Free Agents: DJ LeMahieu, Masahiro Tanaka, and James Paxton will all become free agents after this season, even if the season is canceled.  Part of the player/owner deal is that if the season is canceled, players will still receive credit for service time.

Yankees move players:  Thairo Estrada, Michael King, and Ben Heller were all optioned to Scranton Wilke/Barre.  But in a surprising move number one or number twp pitching prospect Deivi Garcia was sent to the double-A Trenton Thunder. What makes this move significant is that is a demotion for Garcia, who played with the Rail Riders last year.  Garcia pitched to a poor 5.40 last year and didn’t show much improvement during the shortened spring training while Michael King will start at AAA.

More injuries?  The Yankees had one of the worst injury seasons in recent memory during the last season.  30 players made 39 trips to the IL.  With offseason injuries and surgeries required and even more injuries during the short spring training, the New York Yankees appear to be headed for another injury-prone season until proven otherwise.  It is hoped by the Yankee organization that the new medical conditioning team will keep it from being as dangerous as it was last year.




New York Yankees: Could this stud youth pitcher get called up in 2020?

New York Yankees, Deivi Garcia

The New York Yankees have one of the best farm systems in Major League Baseball, and some under-the-radar players made an impact before spring training was abruptly cut short due to the coronavirus.

However, their big-name prospects also displayed their abilities and competed for spots on the active roster. With injuries plaguing the team, there were several opportunities for reserve players to make an impact and earn starting reps. The starting pitching unit lost Luis Severino for the entire 2020 season, and James Paxton will be out until early May. With the regular season delaying its start date at least eight weeks, injured players will likely be ready for the new Opening Day.

Throughout the course of the season, injuries will occur, giving more opportunities to younger players. One starting option is Deivi Garcia, who struggled with consistency during the Grapefruit League play this year.

Where do the New York Yankees need to help refine Garcia?

Garcia’s issues have primarily been his consistency, and those didn’t dissipate this off-season. In his final start this spring, Garcia pitched 3 1/3 innings, allowing three runs on three hits in a loss to the Marlins. He walked one batter and struck out three, marking 31 strikes over 48 total pitches. Garcia has shown impressive stuff, as he started the game with a one-two-three inning, but then gave up three runs in the next two innings.

Working on his command was the priority this spring, as harnessing the ability of his pitch types allows him to diversify his game plan and confuse hitters more efficiently. Last season, Garcia led the Yankees minor league with 165 strikeouts, and while he has posted impressive strikeout numbers the spring, he was 0-2 in Grapefruit League play and boasted a 7.36 ERA.

As for Garcia eyeing the 5th man in the rotation before operations shut down, manager Aaron Boon stated, according to MLB.com:

“We’ll see,” said Boone. “I have a little idea that is starting to form in my head. That said, I feel like there’s a lot of guys vying for opportunities that have pitched themselves into the mix. I’m still very much open to a lot of different things. That’s why we’re trying to build guys out in a certain way, to give us those options and try to make the best decision.

After Garcia’s tough spring, it’s clear that he needs more time in Scranton Wilkes-Barre to adapt to a higher level of play. The young DR native has all of the potential in the world, but climbing the minor league system in three months didn’t give him much time to adapt.

New York Yankees face Derek Jeter’s Marlins and lose their third in a row

New York Yankees, Deivi Garcia

Miami Marlins 3, Yankees 1 as Deivi Garcia suffers second loss!

The New York Yankees met Derek Jeter’s Miami Marlins at Roger Dean Chevrolet Stadium in Jupiter,  Florida.  Eighty degrees and partly sunny skies greeted the teams at game time.  Manager Don Mattingly started Sandy Alcantara the Marlins lone All-Star last year, although he has an 11.57 ERA this spring training.  Mike Tauchman led off, and he ground out, Gio Urshela struck out along with Mike Ford for a quick inning for Alcantara.  Deivi Garcia started for the Yankees; he had an ERA of 6.75 with one loss.  Luis Brinson flew out, next up was former Yankee Francisco Cervelli, he was called out on strikes Isan Diaz also struck out for a one-two-three inning for Garcia.

Miguel Andujar led off for the Yankees; he grounded out.  Click Frazier flew out, and Kyle Higashioka flew out for another quick half.  Garcia at the bottom, Garrett Cooper doubled, Matt Kemp singled, Eddy Alverez ground out, and the runners advanced. Harold Ramirez flew out.  Sean Rodriguez singled and two runs scored. Alcantara struck out, and Deivi Garcia had another poor start. Alcantara out again for the third faced Chris Iannetta who walked, Tyler Wade lined out, a wild pitch allowed Iannetta to go to second. Thairo Estrada struck out, and Mike Tauchman grounded out.  Garcia out for a third-inning he walked Brinson, Cervelli flew out, and Diaz lined out, and Cooper struck out.  Marlins 2, Yankees 0.

At the top of the fourth Urshela singled, Andujar doubled driving in Urshela.  Frazier flew out, Higgy singled moving Andujar to third.  Iannetta walked to load the bases with two outs.   Tyler Wade flew out and left the bases the bases loaded.  Marlins 2, Yankees 1.  Garcia, for his fourth inning, Cooper singled, Kemp stuck out, but Cooper stole second, and that was the end of Garcia’s day.  Luis Cessa was immediately hit by Alverez and a ground-rule double driving in Cooper.  Ramirez ground out, Rodriguez struck out swinging, but the Marlins picked up another run.  Marlins 3, Yankees 1.

At the fifth Estrada stuck out, Tauchman ground out, and Urshela flew out.  At the bottom, Cessa got Mahan to strike out, Brinson flew out, and Cervelli ground out to finish the quick inning.  At the sixth Ford ground out against Kintzler.  Andujar ground out, and Frazier doubled, Wade was hit by a pitch and with two on Iannetta gourd out leaving two on.  Cessa got Diaz, Cooper, and Kemp to all strikeout.

The seventh added to the strangeness as ex-Yankee Steven Tarpley took the mound.  Wade, Estrada, and Tauchman all ground out. Cessa got Lopes to fly out, Sierra flew out, and  Rodriguez struck out.  In the eighth, it was Northcraft grounding out Estrada; Ford singled, Granite hit into a double play.  At the bottom, Luis Avilan got Dunand to strike out, Harrison ground out, and Chevez ground out.

With last licks for the Yankees in the ninth, they faced Vesia.  Amburgey ground out, Milone ground out, and Kyle Holder struck out for the last out for the Yankees, and that was the game.  Final score Marlins 3, and the Yankees 1.


As a Yankee fan, there was a strange feel to this game.  It was Derek Jeter’s team, and looking in the dugout sat Donny Baseball and Jorge Posada.  Looking back out to the field was Francisco Cervelli catching, and Steven Tarpley pitching,  it just made for a different feel to the game.  Deivi Garcia had another relatively poor start giving up two runs in three-innings that will not help his high ERA of 6.75.  Cessa pitched excellently in relief. During the game, we learned that Giancarlo Stanton took batting practice, and James Paxton threw the ball for noticeable progress on the injury front. The game was an economical 2 hours and 20 minutes.  The winning pitcher was Alcantara, and the loser was Deivi Garcia for his team-leading second loss of the season.

New York Yankees Opening Day Predictions: Pitching

New York Yankees, Gerrit Cole

As we inch our way closer and closer to the start of the regular season, speculations abound about who will cut the New York Yankees. With Severino, Paxton, and German all-seeing delays to their seasons (in Severino’s case, completely losing 2020), it’ll be interesting to see just how the team constructs their rotation between now and the end of German’s suspension.


Don’t Go the Opener Route

The Yankees have been out in the open over their embrace of analytics. Which is why it was so confusing to see the Yankees (or any team) go the route of the opener. The opener runs completely against the notion of analytics in any professional sport. Throughout a 162 game season, you’re going to rest a reliever for throwing an inning of work on three consecutive nights. If this happens the night before an opener appearance, you set yourself back for the opener, as opener starts are all hands on deck, ever 4th or 5th day in 162 games. Their bullpen has been overused in 3 consecutive seasons, giving out during the playoffs when we need them the most. Treat the pen like a bullpen, and we’ll get back to the fall classic.

The Gimmies

Gerrit Cole is starting for the Yankees. He’s the best starting pitcher in baseball, and look at all the money the Yankees gave him?! Barring the start against the Tigers, he’s having an excellent Spring Training.

Masahiro Tanaka is also a gimme. The 7-year veteran loses his effectiveness around the All-Star break, and with the lack of depth in our rotation from last year makes the final year of his deal a necessity that he started.

JA Happ is having an excellent spring. So much so that people are forgetting entirely about how lackluster he was last season. If he can carry this into the regular season till, about, June, that’s all we need from him.

Jordan Montgomery is performing beyond expectations. I was surprised to see how much the Yankees are letting Monty cut loose, but it’s necessary for not only his development but the security of the rotation depends on it.

Can Garcia Make the Jump?

Deivi Garcia was spared the first round of cuts, putting him squarely in the fight between him, Loaisiga, and Cessa for the 5th spot in the rotation. Garcia ended 2019 in Scranton, but can he impress enough in the last few starts of the spring to leapfrog staples in the pen-like Loaisiga and Cessa? Or will this be Luis Cessa’s opportunity to show what he truly has as a starter? I think it will ultimately boil down to those two.

Let’s see what happens in the next 2.5 weeks.

New York Yankees: Spring Training Winners and Losers, an early look!

New York Yankees, Gerrit Cole

New York Yankee winners and losers

For the New York Yankees, spring training is approaching the half-way point.  So far, they are 10-6-2.  Of course, the record really doesn’t count until the regular season.  The primary purpose of spring training is two-fold, to get players ready for the season and secondly to evaluate players for starting positions once the regular season starts.  This writer has viewed or listened to all eighteen games so far.  Many pitchers and position players have lived up to what was expected of them, but there are some surprises at this half-way point.  Some winners and some losers in the different categories.

Pitching winners and losers:

The big surprise winner is J.A. Happ, who was almost offloaded from the payroll but ended up with the Yankees for another season.  With injuries to Severino and Paxton, that turned out to be a good decision.  With Happ’s increased importance, the front office was hoping that he would at least hold down his spot in the rotation.  As it turns out in this spring training J.A. Happ is the best performing starting pitcher with an excellent ERA of 1.38 in four games.  An even bigger surprise is that the worst starter is ace Gerrit Cole who has an ERA of 9.53, mostly because he got hammered in one of his four starts.  Honorable mention goes to Masahiro Tanaka as he remains steady with an ERA of 2.08.

Pitching hopefuls:

Of those hoping to get a spot and make an impact at the Major league level, Jonathan Loaisiga is the clear winner.  In four games, his ERA is 2.57 in seven innings of work.  The biggest disappointment this spring training is Yankee prospect Deivi Garcia who has pitched in two games for a total of 4 innings but has given up three earned runs for an ERA of 6.57.  Other pitching notes of interest include the struggles of two pitchers.  Starter Jordan Montgomery has gotten off to a languid start; in 6.2 innings, he is sporting an unflattering 6.43 ERA.  Hopeful Michael King has a respectable ERA of 3.86 but has as times struggled mightily.

The catching competition:

There has been much attention to the catching situation this year due to losing longtime backup catcher Austin Romine who is now a Detroit Tiger.  Kyle Higashioka, who has been with the Yankees for 12 years, is expected to easily get the backup job behind catcher Gary Sanchez.   Although Higgy is a very valid defender, he has always not been the producer behind the play that Romine was.  Well, in this camp, Higgy is the home run leader with two at the half-way point.  Chris Iannetta is doing nicely, hitting .500 with an OPS of 1.293. The other catcher vying for a spot is Erik Kratz, who is the clear loser, hitting only .250.

Position players:

Two standouts that you might call winners in this spring training are Rosell Herrera and Thomas Milone.  Rosell Herrera has been turning heads so far, with Manager Boone singing his praises at every turn.  Herrera is a super-utility player who is very DJ LeMahieu-like, seemingly always getting on base.  In 20 base appearances, he has three doubles and a triple for an OPS of 1.214.  Milone has made his name going three for three two days ago and hitting a colossal triple yesterday.  The biggest loser so far is Tyler Wade; if he is trying to make the case that he should be a regular player, he is off to an abysmal start.  In 26 appearances, he did hit a home run, but he’s certainly not doing himself any favors with his batting average, speaking volumes at just .080.  Also of note is the lack of any offense coming from catcher Gary Sanchez, he has only one hit in 20 appearances for a batting average of .059, without any long balls.

A bullpen filled with winners:

The Yankee for the last several years has been known to have a solid bullpen.  Starting this spring training season, it seems to be no different.  Of the typical regular-season relievers,  Adam Ottavio, Tommy Kahnle, and Zack Britton, they all have an ERA of 0.00.  Chad Green is at an ERA of 2.25.  Closer Aroldis Chapman has pitched only two innings but has given up no runs.  The surprise winner in this category is Tyler Lyons, who has pitched the most innings in relief and given up no runs.

General Manager Brian Cashman and Field Manager Aaron Boone will be watching all of these players very carefully as Yankee injuries begin to mount up.  Of the six injuries, the two most significant blows to the team are the loss of ace Luis Severino (Tommy John Surgery) for the whole season and Aaron Judge’s fractured rib that may require surgery.  There are bound to be more, but hopefully not like last year.  Whatever the case, many of the top performers in this report may very well find themselves making an impact at the major league level.



New York Yankees: Deivi Garcia struggles in loss to the Orioles

New York Yankees, Deivi Garcia

Last night at George M. Steinbrenner  Field, the New York Yankees met the Baltimore Orioles for their first game together in this spring training season.  The game-time temperature was a mild 67 degrees, and the game was played with the lights on under partly cloudy skies and with a standing-only  Yankee crowd.  The Yankees featured Deivi Garcia in his second start of the season, and the Orioles started Tom Eshelman, a right-hander.  Last year the Orioles were the second-worst time in baseball after the DetroitTigers.

Deivi Garcia got a great welcome to the mound with Yankee applause.  He faced Orioles leadoff hitter Austin Hays, who singled off him.  Dwight Smith Jr. lined drove off the wall for a man on second and third off Garcia.  Santander stuck out, Renato Nunez struck out singing, and Pedro Severino with two on and two outs, Severino with a passed ball allowing a run, and the Orioles scored two runs in the first. Tom Eshelman took the mound for the Orioles. DJ LeMahieu led off and struck out; Brett Gardner flew out to left.  Gleyber Torres hit one foul that was caught for the third out, and the score was Baltimore 2 and the Yankees 0 after one.

At the second, Garcia faced Pat Valaika, who flew out.  Stevie Wilkerson flew out, and Richie Martin flew out for the perfect second inning for Garcia.  In the bottom, Gary Sanchez, who has yet to impress, was out on a ground out.  Luke Voit homered for his first home run of the season.  Clint Frazier walked, Tyler Wade grounded out, and Erik Kratz struck out for the Orioles 2-1 lead.  In the third, Aroldis Chapman came out for his spring training debut.  Chapman struck out Andrew Velazquez.  Austin Hays got a standing double.  Dwight Smith Jr. ground out, and Santander popped out to Sanchez, and the score remained 2-1 Orioles.  In the bottom, Eshelman for a third-inning got Rosell Herrera,  DJ LeMahieu got a base hit, and Brett Gardner flew out, and Torres lined out.  Orioles 2 Yankees 1.

David Hale, out for the fourth Nunez, reached on a Torres throwing error.  Nunez reached second on a wide pitch. Severino stuck out, Valaika walked, but on a wild pitch, Nunez reaches third.  Wilkerson ground out, and Richie Martin had a two-run single for the Orioles 4-1 lead.  Martin stolen base and Valazquez with two outs struck out to end the inning.  Gary Sanchez Struck out, Voit was called out, and Frazier struck out for a three up three down.    Hale put down the Orioles in his half.  In the fifth,  Hale held down the Orioles and put down three.  The Yankees were scoreless in the bottom.  In the sixth, the Orioles were scoreless.  In the bottom,  DJ singled, and Kratz ground out, but DJ moved to second.  Rosell Herrera ground out, and Kyle Higashioka ended the half.  Yankees were scoreless.

Adam Ottavino started the top of the seventh replaced by Tommy Kahnle, who let Valazquez reach.  Wilkerson lined out, Hays popped out, and Smith Jr. struck out.  At the bottom, the Yankees could not score on Oriole’s pitching.  On the top of the seventh, Chad Green took care of the Yankees.  With nothing going on in the last two innings, the Baltimore Orioles picked up another run off Yankee reliever Avilan in the top of the ninth to make it Orioles 5 and the Yankees 1.

The winning pitcher was Eshelman, and the loser was Deivi Garcia, who gave up two runs in the very first inning.  Shephard got the save for the Orioles.  The Yankees used seven pitchers in the outing with Aroldis Chapman making his one inning spring training debut.  He pitched a scoreless third inning.  The Baltimore pitching kept the Yankee bats silent through most of the game. The only Yankee run scored was by Luke Voit in the second inning.  It was Voit’s first homer of spring training.

New York Yankees: Analyzing Possible Breakout Prospects

New York Yankees, Clarke Schmidt

There has been a lot of buzz about the way Clarke Schmidt has looked so far for the New York Yankees. Last year there was a ton of buzz surrounding Deivi Garcia with how quickly he was rising through the New York Yankees system. Now, both of those guys deserve the hype they’ve received. I mean, I’m a huge fan of Clarke Schmidt and believe he is a future staple of the rotation. I believe Deivi Garcia has a very high ceiling as a reliever, but I’m not 100% sold on him as a starter just yet. However, there is one pitching prospect that I think fans should keep their eyes on in 2020. This is a prospect that might have the best stuff in the entire system. This prospect has a fastball that touches triple digits, an incredible curve, and 90 MPH+ splitting change. The prospect I’m referring to is Luis Medina.


Up & Down 2019

Medina is getting ready to turn 21 and he is looking to build off of a great end to his 2019 season. Medina has really struggled with command at times during his first few years in the minors but showed flashes at the end of last year why many believe he can be the top arm in the Yankees system. Medina really struggled for the majority of 2019 with Single-A Charleston. Medina went 1-8 with a 6.00 ERA and was walking almost seven batters per nine innings. On the flip side of that, he was striking out 11 batters per nine innings. Medina has been very hot and cold during his first few years, but the stuff is undeniable when on. The location is the part that he really needs to figure out. He turned a corner in his last couple of starts with A+ Tampa last year. In his final two starts, he pitched 10.2 innings and only gave up one run. He struck out 12 batters while only walking three. Something seemed to click with him and I think that will carry over to the 2020 season.

2020 Preview

This year I expect Medina to make it up to AA. I am not expecting Medina to come close to the majors, but I do expect him to really garner a lot of attention from people in the baseball world. You’re going to see Medina fine-tune some of his mechanics and use his three-pitch mix to really go after guys when he’s on the mound. I expect to see his strikeout numbers stay about the same, but I expect those walk numbers to go down. Medina is too good of a pitcher to never figure out his command. Expect a breakout season from Medina that will turn him into a top-five prospect in the system going into the 2021 season.

New York Yankees Prospects Looking To Make Their Marks

The New York Yankees find themselves in yet another welcoming position they’ve been in the last few years.  Keith Law of The Athletic has the Yankees currently ranked as having the sixth-best farm system in all of baseball.  Over the last few years, the Yankees have done what has been referred to as a rebuild on the fly. They took notice of their current state of not being world series contenders and traded away their older aging assets for younger players that could help give them a future while maintaining competitiveness. This strategy has set them up for years to come with young talent that can eventually take the place of their current stars. In some cases, these young stars will be called upon sooner than expected due to unforeseen circumstances such as an injury to the major league players.  In this piece, I’ll go over the prospects who have a great opportunity to contribute this year.

Deivi Garcia: Depending on which ratings you use, Garcia can be the best pitcher in the Yankees’ minor leagues.  He is equipped with a fastball that ranges from 91-97 mph with good movement, a newly developed slider, a wipeout curveball as his bread and butter strikeout pitch, and a changeup that offers a different look to hitters.  Garcia raced through the minor league system last year making it all the way to Triple-A Scranton. At AAA. he finally found some level of competition that made him struggle. The New York Yankees will most likely keep him in Scranton for a good part of the season in order to give him more development time as he’s still only 20 years old.  Once he can refine his command and prove that he can get out AAA hitters, he will finally get his chance to prove himself in the big leagues. With the state of the Yankees rotation currently, there’s an outside chance he gets called up sooner but I would expect him to make his debut either late summer or as a September callup.


Clarke Schmidt:  The other best pitcher in the New York Yankees farm system.  Clarke reached all the way to Double-A Trenton this past season and has an outside shot at getting some spot starts during the season if he continues to progress the way he has been.  Out of all the pitchers in the Yankees top prospects, Schmidt probably has the highest floor. He may not have the best pure stuff, but he already possesses a command of all his pitches and is probably the surest thing to be a middle of the rotation major league pitcher.  His fastball ranges from 92-97 mph with heavy sink and his breaking balls grade as above average as well. He also mixes in a changeup that drops away from bats as it reaches the plate. As previously mentioned, Schmidt is very close to being major league ready and could probably get some spot starts during the season similar to the way Jonathon Loaisiga did in 2018 making the jump from Double-A all the way to the bigs.  At the very least he will most definitely be getting a September callup to audition for a full time

Nick Nelson:  Nelson is kind of an under the radar choice for e contributor in 2020.  He is rarely talked about in the top prospect lists but he is probably the closest out of any of the pitchers to playing a role with the Yankees this year seeing as he finished in Triple-A last year as well. He comes equipped with a fastball that sits 92-96 and tops out at 98 mph but his secondary pitches are what holds him back.  None of his other pitches grade out as anything but average. The key with Nelson is although he has found success at each stop of the minor leagues, his future may be in the bullpen. His arsenal of pitches may actually be more suited for the bullpen. His fastball would just need one or two pitches to complement it allowing him to focus more on just those ones. If the Yankees end up needing another arm in the bullpen throughout long stretches of games during the season, Nelson could very well be that guy.  I believe the bullpen is going to be where he finds his home. But for now, they will continue to develop him into a starter.

These three top prospects for the Yankees have the most to offer them now and in the future.  They will be waiting for the call to showcase their stuff and look to begin their hopefully long careers in pinstripes.