Knicks Rumors: Outrageous Collin Sexton mock trade that would scare New York away

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The Cleveland Cavaliers are preparing to make a decision on point guard Collin Sexton, who has been heavily rumored to be a target for the New York Knicks this off-season. Sexton, a talented scorer that lacks defensive efficiency, could be what Tom Thibodeau is looking for on the starting roster, given the lack of production at the position this past season (minus the impact of Derric Rose).

Sexton averaged 24.3 points, 4.4 assists, and shot 47.5% from the field over 60 games this year. He also connected on 37% of his shots from range, averaging 4.4 times per game. Clearly, he is an offensive threat, but he’s headed toward the end of his rookie contract, which will force the team to make a decision on offering him a max contract or hitting him with a qualifying offer in 2022.

The question is, what would the Knicks have to give up to acquire a Sexton, who are reportedly very aggressive in their pursuit.

One Cleveland Cavaliers fan-site believes the Knicks won’t be able to push the Cavs over for an easy swap of picks and players, rather demanding a haul that would should land this writer in Ted Bundy’s prison cell.

Cleveland receives:

-RJ Barrett

-Immanuel Quickley

-Obi Toppin

-Kevin Knox

-19, 21, 32, 58 draft picks

Knicks receive: 

-Collin Sexton

-Kevin Love

-Taurean Prince

The writer goes on to state, “Firstly, Collin Sexton is a better offensive player than R.J. Barrett, so that’s obvious.” This is one egregious way to completely forget about the concept of defense, which Barrett is head and shoulders more refined in over Sexton.

Overall, this has to be one of the more ridiculous trade proposals I’ve ever seen, as the writer must believe the Knicks’ front office is willing to consume two players on massive contracts who offered very little in terms of production. Considering the fact that Cleveland won just 22 games last year, adding three of their players might suggest this is a bad move.

Kevin Love, who played in just 25 games, averaged 12.2 points and is going into the third year of a four-year, $120 million contract. Staying away from that at all costs should be a priority for New York, let alone the two-year, $25 million deal that Taurean Prince signed two years ago. In addition, Sexton is headed toward murky waters with his contract, so this trade proposal is essentially offering three players with awful contract situations upcoming and stealing the majority of the Knicks’ best youth talent, who are being paid a minimum.

Let’s hope Cleveland is a bit more intelligent and doesn’t embarrass themselves conjuring a trade proposal like this. A more realistic proposition would likely include Sexton, nothing more. The Knicks will have to give up draft capital and a young player, but it won’t involve ransacking the roster like trading for Damian Lillard would.

Report: Knicks’ RJ Barrett ‘untouchable’, Cavs seek veteran for Collin Sexton

The Collin Sexton to the New York Knicks trade rumor is more complicated than it seems.

The Athletic reported on Wednesday that the Knicks are the most aggressive trade suitor for the extension-eligible Sexton. But Shams Charania, who broke the report, cleared the air that the Cavaliers are in no rush to trade Sexton.

Chris Fedor of further reported on Wednesday that the Cavaliers and the Knicks have discussed Sexton but added that “they’ve put a hefty price tag on him, which could make a deal challenging.”

“If the Cavs can use Sexton as a trade chip to improve other areas of the roster and find a better-fitting piece that helps maximize (Darius) Garland’s skill set while also hedging against a difficult financial decision, they will consider it,” Fedor wrote.

A package of Kevin Knox, Obi Toppin, and one of the Knicks’ 2021 firs round picks floated around after the Sexton trade rumor made headlines. But it seems that package isn’t palatable to the Cavaliers as they reportedly seek a veteran help, putting the Knicks in a bind.

Ian Begley of SNY reported on Thursday Cleveland’s preferred haul in a potential Sexton trade.

“One team doing its homework on a possible Sexton trade believed Cleveland would like to get a veteran who can help the club win in return for the 22-year-old guard,” Begley wrote.

The report added that the Cavaliers were smitten with RJ Barrett ahead of the 2019 draft that they tried to move up a few spots. Their attempt was obviously unsuccessful, and they settled with Garland with the fifth overall pick.

But Begley noted that Barrett is apparently untouchable.

“People in touch with the Knicks recently came away with the impression that New York had little interest in including Barrett in any trades,” Begley wrote.

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Report: Collin Sexton will cost Knicks Obi Toppin, Kevin Knox and 2021 1st rd pick

collin sexton, knicks

Another offseason day, another point guard has been linked to the New York Knicks.

According to The Athletic report on Tuesday, the Knicks have emerged as the most aggressive trade suitor for Cleveland Cavaliers scoring guard Collin Sexton.

SB Nation’s Fear of the Sword Editor Evan Dammarell poured more fuel to the fire when he floated that a package of Obi Toppin, Kevin Knox, and one of the Knicks’ 2021 first rounders appears to be an option.

If the reports are true, Brock Aller’s imprint should be all over it.

After all, Aller, the Knicks VP for Basketball and Strategic Planning, started his career in Cleveland. He served as Dan Gilbert’s personal assistant before transitioning to a front office role, where he raised his profile as one of the finest capologists around the league.

Aller was part of the Cavaliers’ front office that drafted Sexton in 2018 using the eighth pick, the key piece in the Kyrie Irving trade with the Boston Celtics.

On top of landing Sexton, the Knicks would also open up an additional $4.6 million in cap space.

Sexton has blossomed into one of the better scoring guards in the league, increasing his scoring, assists, and efficiency throughout his first three years with the Cavaliers. But there was a red flag raised by another The Athletic report on May that painted him a “ball hog.”

“Various Cavs players still grow frustrated by the way Sexton dominates the ball, and opponents taunt them by saying during games, ‘You know he’s not going to pass you the ball,” Cavaliers’ insider Joe Vardon wrote.

It may also be one of the reasons why the Cavaliers are reluctant to keep him with his rookie extension on the horizon. But Aller’s valuable direct intel on Sexton could be the key in the Knicks pushing for a deal.

But to Collins’ defense, he played with a bad Cavaliers’ roster devoid of an elite offensive threat.

If the reported package is true, it’s going to be a low-risk, high-reward move for the Knicks akin to the Derrick Rose mid-season trade.

The bet is for Sexton’s ball-dominant style of play to impact winning and create space for Julius Randle. Sexton’s 28.6 usage rate this season ranked 17th among guards in the league, per Meanwhile, Randle’s 28.5 usage rate this season ranked 15th among forwards, per

There’s no question Sexton’s shotmaking and toughness, despite being undersized, will be a huge upgrade over Elfrid Payton. But the question is can he thrive more as a facilitator next to Randle?

Sexton will be aiming to raise his stock to get the rookie max extension he wants, which is roughly $168 million over five years.

At the very least, he can shot up his value next season while running the Knicks offense, hopefully back to the playoffs. Sexton’s value would still be relatively higher than Knox, Toppin, and the 19th or 21st pick combined. Then the Knicks will have to decide whether to keep him long-term or flip him in a sign-and-trade deal. Sexton’s value would still be relatively higher than Knox, Toppin, and the 19th or 21st pick combined in any deal next summer. At best, he becomes the Knicks’ best point guard in a long while.

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Report: Knicks are the ‘most aggressive’ potential trade suitor for Cleveland’s Collin Sexton

collin sexton, knicks

Making a premature trade could be ill-advised for the New York Knicks, who will have plenty of point guard options this off-season. Ranging from free agency to trade opportunities to the NBA draft, being patient and waiting for the right opportunity would be an ideal strategy for the front office, but recent reports have indicated that management is intrigued by Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Collin Sexton.

Per Shams Charania of The Athletic:

The Knicks are the most aggressive trade suitor for Cavaliers guard Collin Sexton, sources said. Sexton is eligible for his rookie extension this offseason, and with one year left on his deal, it allows Cleveland to continue to be patient in constructing the roster.

Sexton is an interesting player, offering solid offensive prowess but lacking in the defensive category. At 22 years old, the Alabama product is entering his fourth season, averaging 24.3 points, 4.4 assists, and shot 47% from the field last year. Over 4.4 attempts per game from range, he connected on 37%, an adequate number that has room to grow, especially under head coach Tom Thibodeau who elevated his team last year.

There will be competition for Sexton, who also has suitors interested in Miami and Indiana, but the Knicks have ample assets to part ways with in a potential deal. The expectation is that he will be available this off-season, and clearly, they value him as an offensive producer, a spot the team severely lacked in last season.

The acquisition of Sexton could present the possibility of letting Derrick Rose depart freely without retention consideration, but they would also have to add a defensive PG to complement the Cleveland guard. Having averaged 35.3 minutes per game, a career-high last season, he can serve as an everyday option with a young draft selection behind him.

Ultimately, the question is, what will Cleveland demand in return for Sexton? Clearly, they don’t want to offer him his rookie max extension, and the Knicks could look to execute that deal. If possible, retaining at least one of their first-round picks would be ideal in a prospective trade. He will earn only $6.35 million next season with a qualifying offer looming at $8.6 million, so the Knicks would still have plenty of funds to allocate in FA, increasing the possibility of retaining Rose in addition.

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Knicks: 3 trades for established point guards, which would you choose?

damian lillard, new york knicks

The New York Knicks are headed into a busy off-season that will likely include them finding a solution at the point guard position. Whether that solution involves Derrick Rose and a youth prospect is yet to be seen, but they have the draft capital and assets to trade for an established option. There are a few teams that could be willing to part ways with their current point guard.

Three names specifically come to mind as suitable choices for New York, but the asset allocation differs vastly, so they must consider that when bringing in alternative players. The more efficient method would be to spend in free agency instead of trading away assets, especially with a deep FA class.

Evaluating three trades, the Knicks could execute:

1.) The mammoth Damian Lillard trade

Of course, the blockbuster deal would inevitably include Damian Lillard, who is a bonafide superstar at 31 years old. Last season, he averaged 28.8 points, 7.5 assists, 4.2 rebounds, and shot 45% from the field. For a high-volume shooter, attempting 10.5 shots from three per game, he averaged 39%, which is a mind-blowing success rate.

Acquiring Lillard to pair with Julius Randle would be a dream come true, but the Knicks would have to give up the farm in the process, which is something they should think long and hard about before pulling the trigger.

Portland would want a massive haul in return, which would likely include draft picks and young talent to work around. In this scenario, the Knicks would 100% percent have to part ways with RJ Barrett, who, in my opinion, should be off-limits.

-3 first-round picks

-RJ Barrett

-Mitchell Robinson

-Kevin Knox

2.) The efficient Collin Sexton trade

The second trade that could be intriguing for New York is the acquisition of Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Collin Sexton. Reports have bubbled to the surface recently that Sexton could be on his way out of Cleveland, especially with the emergence of Darius Garland.

Sexton is only 22 years old and averaged 24 points this past season, shooting 47% from the field and 37% from downtown. Ultimately, if the Knicks are looking for a scoring point guard who can be a consistent threat driving to the rim and as a shooter, Sexton makes a ton of sense, but he offers little in terms of defense. There will be plenty of teams requesting a price tag for Sexton, and the Knicks luckily have plenty of assets to throw Cleveland’s way in this scenario. He also wouldn’t cost an exorbitant amount, compared to Lillard.

-2021 first-round picks

-Kevin Knox

3.) Cardiac Kemba trade

The Oklahoma City Thunder acquired Kemba Walker from the Boston Celtics this off-season, and they could execute a flip and trade. Walker has traditionally been one of the best point guards in the NBA but has suffered from injuries the past few seasons.

Walker hasn’t played over 56 games in three years but is only one year removed from being an All-Star in four consecutive campaigns. He regularly averages over 20 points per game and is a solid facilitator but struggled from range this past season, shooting 36% over 8.2 attempts per contest. If he’s healthy, he’s capable of leading an offense admirably, but his contract is quite lofty for a team that might not value him as a consistent option due to his health history. He is set to make $36 million next season with a player option during the 2022-23 season.

Guaranteeing him for just one year might be a questionable move, especially if Oklahoma is demanding solid value in return. Walker is one player I would steer clear of based on the nature of his contract and bill of health.

-2021 first-round picks

-Kevin Knox

Out of these three options, which trade would you execute if you were the Knicks (if any)? Comment below!

Report: Knicks ‘interested’ in acquiring Collin Sexton from Cleveland

collin sexton, knicks

That idea of trading for a point guard is one the New York Knicks will consider this off-season, in addition to gauging the free-agent market and who will be available at reasonable price points. However, a recent report indicates that the Knicks, as well as multiple other teams, are interested in Collin Sexton of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Both the Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers are also coined as having interest in Sexton, who is a 22-year-old point guard out of Alabama. Going into his fourth season, Sexton averaged 24.3 points, 4.4 assists, and shot 47% from the field last year. In addition, he connected on 37% of his shots from range, averaging 4.4 attempts per game. A solid free-throw percentage of 83% over his career is another firm positive to mention.

If the Knicks want to go this route, Sexton would not be cheap, as Cleveland regards him highly, especially for a team that desperately needs a young point guard to operate with. Of course, he would fit nicely alongside Jimmy Butler in Miami, but the Knicks have the draft capital to maneuver with if need be.

According to Jason Lloyd of The Athletic, both Kevin Love and Sexton are “very available” this summer, and it was shortly after predicting a max contract for the young point guard.

The belief is growing that Collin isn’t a max-contract level player, and he might not even garner the significant haul Cleveland could theoretically be asking.

Lloyd mentions the fact that Team USA chose Darius Garland instead of Sexton to compete on the Select Team, which is an indication of different trajectories for Cleveland’s young guards. The Knicks could theoretically capitalize on this loss of value that Sexton is unexplainably experiencing; there’s no doubt they would have to give up their first-round selections in the process.

However, avoiding giving away young players like RJ Barrett in addition to draft capital should be a priority. Of course, the concept of gaining a player like Damian Lillard is attractive, but there are better ways to bolster a team without selling the farm, and Collin Sexton might represent an opportunity that suggests just that. Representing a reliable scorer from the point guard position, the Knicks desperately need that level of efficiency, and that is a valuable factor.

New York Knicks fans enjoyed their most comfortable win of the season

New York Knicks, Julius Randle

The New York Knicks aimed for revenge after getting blown out in the first meeting against the Cleveland Cavaliers.  The Knicks had their best shooting game of season, 44.9% from the field, stats didn’t reflect how well they shot.

Coming into the game, the Knicks had a leagues worst shooting percentage.  After the game, they’re now tied for the worst with 42.4%.  Baby steps.  The Knicks were still out shot in their 123-105 blowout win but a one shooting statistic put them over the edge.

The Knicks shot 77.1% from the free throw line as the Cavaliers shot 53.3%.  The Cavaliers made 11 less free throws than the Knicks.  Shooting 77.1% still isn’t the best but it helped carry the Knicks to victory.  Most came from Marcus Morris as he was 12-13 from the stripe.

Also the shooting from Julius Randle who ended with 30 points on 12-17 shooting, 3-5 from beyond the arc and 7 boards propelled the team.  This was his best shooting performance as a Knick.  Fans will usually cringe when Randle shoots but he was in the zone last night and you can last night was different.

The rest of the team followed Randle’s lead.  Even during the broadcast, Walt ‘Clyde’ Frazier mentioned that the Knicks defense had some extra energy.  The Knicks had 8 steals, 10 blocks and only 7 turnovers.  Yes, you read that correctly, 7 turnovers.

The New York Knicks were hustling on both ends of the floor and their shooting was above-average all game despite what stats say.  Clyde, again, mentioned that the Knicks couldn’t stub their toe in the 3rd quarter, like they always do.  For once, they didn’t.

Their largest lead of the night was 27 points towards the end of the game and even Knicks twitter was comfortable saying the game was over.  This was the first game all season that fans and actually sit back and enjoy the game without having to worry about an impending collapse.  You know it’s enjoyable when you look at the stats for the starting 5 for the Knicks and all had a positive +/-.

The one Knicks player that has been playing very well for the team has been Taj Gibson.  His has been bringing veteran leadership to the starting lineup while providing solid defense.  Gibson has also been a beast on the offensive glass.  He quietly had 6 offensive rebounds and can hit the necessary mid-range when it comes to him.

Finally, RJ Barrett had 15 points on 5-13 shooting in only 24 minutes.  He had a slow start to the game but you can be sure that he’ll be able to contribute regardless.  Barrett remained aggressive and didn’t give up.  That’s how you know he can be special.

The Knicks now start a brutal stretch to end the month of November.  They began with their rival Sixers Wednesday night.  The team should be riding high after a comfortable win, lets hope they’re not poised for a huge let down game.