Knicks Rumors: Outrageous Collin Sexton mock trade that would scare New York away

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The Cleveland Cavaliers are preparing to make a decision on point guard Collin Sexton, who has been heavily rumored to be a target for the New York Knicks this off-season. Sexton, a talented scorer that lacks defensive efficiency, could be what Tom Thibodeau is looking for on the starting roster, given the lack of production at the position this past season (minus the impact of Derric Rose).

Sexton averaged 24.3 points, 4.4 assists, and shot 47.5% from the field over 60 games this year. He also connected on 37% of his shots from range, averaging 4.4 times per game. Clearly, he is an offensive threat, but he’s headed toward the end of his rookie contract, which will force the team to make a decision on offering him a max contract or hitting him with a qualifying offer in 2022.

The question is, what would the Knicks have to give up to acquire a Sexton, who are reportedly very aggressive in their pursuit.

One Cleveland Cavaliers fan-site believes the Knicks won’t be able to push the Cavs over for an easy swap of picks and players, rather demanding a haul that would should land this writer in Ted Bundy’s prison cell.

Cleveland receives:

-RJ Barrett

-Immanuel Quickley

-Obi Toppin

-Kevin Knox

-19, 21, 32, 58 draft picks

Knicks receive: 

-Collin Sexton

-Kevin Love

-Taurean Prince

The writer goes on to state, “Firstly, Collin Sexton is a better offensive player than R.J. Barrett, so that’s obvious.” This is one egregious way to completely forget about the concept of defense, which Barrett is head and shoulders more refined in over Sexton.

Overall, this has to be one of the more ridiculous trade proposals I’ve ever seen, as the writer must believe the Knicks’ front office is willing to consume two players on massive contracts who offered very little in terms of production. Considering the fact that Cleveland won just 22 games last year, adding three of their players might suggest this is a bad move.

Kevin Love, who played in just 25 games, averaged 12.2 points and is going into the third year of a four-year, $120 million contract. Staying away from that at all costs should be a priority for New York, let alone the two-year, $25 million deal that Taurean Prince signed two years ago. In addition, Sexton is headed toward murky waters with his contract, so this trade proposal is essentially offering three players with awful contract situations upcoming and stealing the majority of the Knicks’ best youth talent, who are being paid a minimum.

Let’s hope Cleveland is a bit more intelligent and doesn’t embarrass themselves conjuring a trade proposal like this. A more realistic proposition would likely include Sexton, nothing more. The Knicks will have to give up draft capital and a young player, but it won’t involve ransacking the roster like trading for Damian Lillard would.

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