New York Yankees: Taking a look at the mid-season MVPs of 2019

New York Yankees, DJ LeMahieu

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The New York Yankees continue to be one of the best teams in baseball despite being faced with injuries galore. A ton of players have stepped up but these four guys in the running for the midseason team MVP have stood out above the rest.

The top 4 mid-season New York Yankees MVPs of 2019:

4th place: Gleyber Torres 

Torres has been one of the best players on the Bombers this season. With guys like Didi and Judge normally taking a lot of the headlines in the past, their injuries and slow returns have allowed for breakout players. Gleyber has been one of the best hitters on the team this season and is deserving of consideration for best player.

With a .292 average and a .360 OBP with 19 HRs and 50 RBIs, his sophomore season has been, to this point a huge success. He has been vital to the Yankees success and will continue to be essential throughout the remainder of the season. 

3rd place: Aroldis Chapman

The Cuban Missile is on fire this year. Having easily his best season in pinstripes and one of his best seasons ever. Chapman has a 1.82 ERA and 24 saves (1st in AL). Chapman has been clutch with 24/27 save opportunities seeing success. Chapman continues to show his dominance and as he heads back from another all-star appearance, big things are coming for Chapman as the season wears on. 

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2nd Place: Gary Sanchez

Gary Sanchez was written off by many last season, including myself. He’s won Yankees nation back over this season with a dominant year to this point. Slashing .245 with 24 HRs and 57 RBIs and a .315 OBP. He appeared in his second career all-star game and has been the true definition of a cleanup hitter this season. He’s enjoying one of his best seasons and his success is encouraging for the upcoming and long term future. 


A guy who seemed like the odd man out for the lineup early in the season was called upon to step up in the wake of injuries. LeMahieu has since then stepped up and become one of the best players in all of baseball. With a .336 average (1st in AL, 3rd in MLB), 113 hits (2nd in MLB), 65 runs scored (5th in AL), 63 RBIs (4th in AL) and a .383 OBP (8th in AL) LeMahieu is having a phenomenal year. On the field, LeMahieu has been spectacular, but his presence in the locker room is unmatched as well. LeMahieu has been unequivocally the best player in all of baseball and is easily the most deserving of Yankees MVP at the halfway point.

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