Yankees Update: Rizzo signing may complete infield, and more

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The sleeping New York Yankees awoke after the League lockout was lifted. The owners and players finally came to a compromise that led to a signing for a new agreement that will guide baseball for the next five years, averting a one-year plus shutdown, like the work stoppage during the 1994-5 baseball seasons.

After another “failed season,” not reaching the postseason again since 2009, the New York Yankees set out to fill holes on the roster. But in postseason 1.0, before the lockout, they instead sat on their hands and did nothing while other teams scooped up major free agents.

On March 10, 2022, a new agreement was signed after 99 days of negotiation, after the lockout, the Yankees immediately took action to build their team for the 2022 season. They signed a shortstop, replacing Gleyber Torres, who was moved to second base. A new third baseman, a new catcher, help in center field, and finally a new first baseman. These new moves saw Gary Sanchez and fan-favorite Gio Urshela go to the Twins.

First Base – Anthony Rizzo

Anthony Rizzo, who played the last games of the 2021 season, was the last hire to determine who will play at first base. Last night they signed Rizzo, instead of Matt Olsen, after he went to the Braves. Rizzo won the contest between him and prized Freddie Freeman, who would have broken the Yankees’ bank. His backup at first will likely be LeMahieu, or if not traded, Luke Voit.

Shortstop – Isiah Kiner-Falefa

Kinner-Falefa came to the Yankees in the Twins mega-trade. Going into the postseason, the shortstop was the Yankee’s greatest need. Before the lockout, they saw Semien and Seager go to the Rangers, leaving Carlos Correa as a free agent. The Yankees, after the lockout, went for Kiner-Falefa that was always on their radar. He is a definite improvement over Gleyber Torres.

Third Base – Josh Donaldson

Coming along in the trade with the Twins was the 36-year-old third baseman veteran Josh Donaldson, who is near the end of his career. Donaldson, in his career, has been an excellent defender. Because of his age, he may allow the Yankees to hold onto Miguel Andujar as a backup. It’s hard to believe a 39-year-old will be allowed to play 162 games.

Backstop – Benjamin Thomas Rortvedt

During the last few years, the Yankees have considered trading catcher Gary Sanchez and now have finally done it, going to the twins. The return is Ben Rortvedt. Rortvedt is an excellent defender but a poor hitter with some power. It is likely he will be a backup catcher, and Kyle Higashioka will start as the Yankee backstop.

Utility – DJ LeMahieu

DJ LeMahieu was resigned to a new contract before the season last season. Last season, the Gold Glove second baseman played all over the infield due to injuries, and Torres moved permanently to second base. Mostly due to the Torres move, he will likely do the same this season.

Utility – Miguel Andujar

After a shoulder injury in 2019, future star Miguel Andujar lost his job as the third baseman to Gio Urshela. Since then, he has had no place to play and looked to be traded. Now with 36-year-old Josh Donaldson as the third baseman, it might give Andujar a new life as a Yankee bench player.

Outfield – Tim Locastro

The Yankees welcome back Tim Locastro, giving the Yankees the needed backup in centerfield caused by the often injured Aaron Hicks. This acquisition might lead to the Yankees parting ways with their 14-year veteran Brett Gardner.

The Yankees have made 22 transactions since March 13th that will attend the shortened spring training that will be on 27 days instead of the normal 40 days. With the Yankees’ seemingly finishing up their infield, don’t be surprised if there are still changes coming in the day ahead.

Do the Yankees have the next DJ LeMahieu climbing their Minor League system?

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Which Major League baseball still stalled due to the lockout, the New York Yankees have only been able to get their minor leaguers some legitimate action. The minors will operate normally as the players union and MLB owners fight about the new CBA amid economic differences.

However, the Yankees are still excited about their youth prospects climbing the system, specifically Anthony Volpe and Oswald Peraza. Although, I would be remiss not to mention Tre Sweeney, who was drafted out of Eastern Illinois last year at 21 years old.

Sweeney currently plays shortstop but could end up changing positions down the line and becoming a utility man with multiple values. Some have compared him to current big leaguer and starting Yankees infielder DJ LeMahieu, who recently signed a massive six-year, $90 million extension with the Bombers.

Despite a potential position change with significant competition ahead of him, Sweeney is still committed to building a career at shortstop.

“Obviously, I would like to stay at short and be there as long as possible,’’ Sweeney said recently, per Pete Caldera of NJ.com.

Regarding a potential position change, Sweeney wasn’t deterred by the idea, staying “it wouldn’t bother me.” “I’m here to help my team win and try to make an impact in the lineup.”

Getting back into the groove of things has been great for the young prospects looking to continue their development.

“I think it’s been great, mainly to get back into the groove of things, take live ABs and get to see the rest of my teammates, creating that bond with the guys,’’ said Sweeney. “It’s been fun.’’

Last season with Tampa in Low-A ball, Sweeney hit .246 with six homers and 13 RBIs over 110 at-bats. He also registered a. 927 fielding percentage over 206.1 innings, allowing six errors. Obviously, he will have to improve his defensive efficiency, but he has plenty of time to do so.

Nonetheless, if Sweeney can develop his abilities at multiple positions, he could be LeMahieu’s replacement down the line.

New York Yankees: Where will DJ LeMahieu play in the 2022 season?

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The New York Yankees and the other 29 major league baseball clubs are still waiting for a resolution to the expired Collective Bargaining Agreement, with the sides no closer to an agreement on major issues. With spring training already delayed, the proposed start of the regular season is now in jeopardy. MLB has said that if the season’s start is delayed, games will be lost and not made up. They have given Monday as a deadline to sign a new agreement, or games will start to be canceled.

While all the Yankee news has centered on getting a new shortstop, they also need a first baseman and some pitching help. The Yankees already have a team to field, but not a competition team that can take them to the postseason. They can leave Luke Voit at first base, along with his injury history. They have named their second baseman in Gleyber Torres. They can move Gio Urshela to short and insert DJ LeMahieu to fill in at the hot corner. But this isn’t the premier infield the Yankees want to start with. They will likely find a new shortstop and trade for Matt Olsen or make a play for the Braves Freddie Freeman.

With a change from the 2021 infield, it will likely put DJ LeMahieu with no permanent place to play, which is a waste of one of the best defensive players in the game. DJ is a three-time Gold Glover and a Silver Slugger as recently as 2020. It would be a shame to lose his talents, being used as a utility player that will never know where he will play for any given game.

DJ suffered a decline in his plate production since his best in baseball’s best hitter season in 2020. Many fans believe this could have been caused by not having a permanent place to play. Now he may face another season where he will be asked to play a position not familiar to him. Let’s take a look at DJ’s journey.

The New York Yankees 32-year-old David John  LeMahieu is in his fourth year with the Yankees. He quickly became a favorite player among all Yankee fans when he joined the Yankees. The Cubs selected LeMahieu in the second round of the 2009 MLB draft, and he made his MLB debut for the Cubs in 2011 before being traded to the Rockies before the 2012 season. LeMahieu won a Gold Glove Award in 2014, 2017, and 2018 and was named an MLB All-Star in 2015 and 2017, and won the National League batting title in 2016. After becoming a free agent, he signed with the Yankees before the 2019 season.

DJ was born in California, but his family moved to Michigan, where he attended high school. When in high school, he played as a shortstop and pitcher for the school’s baseball team. In his senior year, as a leadoff hitter, he batted .574 with eight home runs, 16 doubles, seven triples, 70 runs scored, 32 runs batted in (RBIs), and 39 stolen bases.

Although he was selected in the draft by the Detroit Tigers, he decided to attend Lousiana State University instead. He was a shortstop for the baseball team and excelled with a .350 batting average. He later transitioned from shortstop to second base. LeMahieu was selected to the 2009 College World Series All-Tournament team. He hit .444 in the series leading all players in the series with 12 hits.

After being selected by the Cubs in the 2009 draft, his Cubs career didn’t last as the Cubs traded LeMahieu to the Colorado Rockies in 2011. In May of the following year, he was called up to replace an injured player. In August, he recorded his career-best four-hit game against the Brewers for a 9-6 Rockies win. Later in August, LeMahieu wrote his name into the record books, as he recorded 12 assists in a 9-inning victory against the Los Angeles Dodgers on the 28th. He was a 2015 All-Star, and in 2016, LeMahieu won the National League batting

title. His .348 season average led all of Major League Baseball. He was a 2017 All-Star, and in 2018 he was named the best defensive player in all of the majors.

DJ becomes a New York Yankee

DJ always wanted to play for the New York Yankees. His childhood idol was Derek Jeter. He, in an interview, said that he wanted to be like Jeter and modeled his on the field and off the field life after him. On January 14th of last year, DJ signed a $24 million two-year contract with our Yankees. He couldn’t have the number 2, so he selected #26. During his short time with the Yankees, he has played shortstop and third base but primarily second base, where he has excelled. The Yankee organization refers to him as the super-utility player. He quickly became a fan favorite for his frequent and timely hitting and good play at second base. For his hitting, he was coined “Tthe Machine.”

LeMahieu hit a bump in the road when he sprained his thumb swinging at a ball. At first, the Yankees thought he would be day-to-day, but the soreness wasn’t relieved, and he went on the 10 DL on August 6th. He returned from the injured list on Saturday, August 29th. Although in his first game back, he was not involved in the Yankees’ win, he did hit a triple in the game. Since then, he has had a hit in every game, including two last night. For the season, DJ is leading the team with a .398 batting average and an impressive OPS of .965. It was assumed that DJ would be a lock on being the Yankee’s MVP again in 2020, however with Luke Voit tied for the most home runs in baseball, he lost out on that award.

LeMahieu will become a free agent at the end of 2020 and re-signed with the Yankees on a new six-year contract. Now DJ finds himself fighting for a permanent position again this season.

New York Yankees: Is Gleyber Torres really cemented at second base?

New York Yankees, Gleyber Torres

The New York Yankees have continued to support their budding young Gleyber Torres to be their shortstop of the future. That support fell apart last season as he continued to play poorly at the short and behind the plate. Late in the season, they moved him to second base. At the time, the front office said it was permanent. But is Torres really safe at second base?

Last season, Gleyber Torres obviously struggled, both at the plate and with far too many errors at shortstop. Even beyond his issues at the plate, his defense was so bad that near the end of the season the Yankees gave up on him at short and moved him “permanently” to second base, where he will likely start the 2022 season. But him being the permanent second baseman may be a stretch. If he doesn’t improve all-around, he may find himself in a questionable situation that may lead him to the bench.

But that, if it happens, will lead to even more questions, to an already questionable Yankees infield. As the situation stands now, the Yankees haven’t even given hints as to what the infield will look like at the start of the 2022 season. Whenever the lockout does end, there are still several trades or free agent infield options out there that could change the entire complexion of what the infield will look like.

Some of those yet to be determined trades or acquisitions could move Torres to a questionable role, as DJ LeMahieu may return to his natural position. Once the shortstop and the first base situation are resolved, Torres could find himself in a different uniform.

With Yankee fans noting that historically Torres has never been a great defender at second base, and his plate performance significantly declined from his 2019 success and team-leading 38 home runs, his future is not securely cemented.

New MLB rules will make it difficult for the Yankees to sign star 1B Freddie Freeman

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The New York Yankees may now regret not being more active before the MLB lockout. Two new MLB rules will make a complex situation even more complicated. Those two rules are the Universal DH for the season 2022 and beyond. The other is the loss of removal of draft pick compensation.

This, of course, will make it more difficult for any team to sign free-agent first baseman Freddie Freeman, which goes for the World Series-winning Atlanta Braves as well. The Braves would dearly like to hold onto the backbone of both their defense and plate production. But, with Freeman already refusing the Braves’ $180 million offer, these new rules will likely raise his financial desires, making it more difficult for any team to sign him. Make no mistake, a team will sign him, but it might not be the Braves or the Yankees.

With the ongoing MLB lockout, teams across the country are more desperate than ever to fill the holes remaining in their lineups. With spring training scheduled to start this week in Florida and Arizona, it only makes the signings more critical, as they will have to fill those holes in record time. With the Yankees sitting on their hands during postseason one, the Yankees will have to act quickly and aggressively.

The Yankees have several holes to fill. The biggest is their shortstop position. It is most likely they will go with a stop-gap addition while they wait for Anthony Volpe and Oswald Peraza to become major league-ready. They need some help in center field, as they cannot count on Aaron Hicks to remain healthy. They also would like a true number two starter to follow ace, Gerrit Cole. Freeman comes into focus due to their need for an everyday first baseman.

The Yankees have Luke Voit, who they held over from last season. But with his inability to keep the lower half of his body healthy, he should be their last choice. A trade with the Oakland Athletics’ Matt Olson isn’t all that desirable. The Yankees have already, before the lockout, talked to the A’s, who want at least Anthony Volpe and or Oswald Peraza. The Yankees have indicated that that is a non-starter. This is where Freeman comes into the mix.

He is either the best first baseman in the business or the best player overall in free agency. The problem for the Yankees with Freeman is the money he will ask to join the Yankees. Depending on how much owner Hal Steinbrenner wants to spend and how much they can save on other needs, will write the story on the Yankees acquiring Freeman.

These new rules certainly won’t help the Yankees in signing him. When and if a new CBA is reached, the Yankees will have to make that decision. However, even though other names for the everyday first baseman have not been mentioned, The one thing you should know is that you can never tell what general manager Brian Cashman will do to fill the spot. He may pull off a surprise, like the acquisition of a DJ LeMahieu-like surprise, that has turned out successful for the Yankees.

Yankees News: How will the Yankees use DJ, CBA meeting today, and the Freddie Freeman option

New York Yankees, DJ LeMahieu

Questions: What do the Yankees do with DJ LeMahieu in 2022?

The New York Yankees still have many decisions to make once and if the owners and players can come to a new Collective Bargaining Agreement. The MLB lockout has prevented them from improving the team after doing nothing before the lockout. They still have to get a new shortstop to replace Gleyber Torres at short, an offensive upgrade at first base, another starting pitcher to replace Corey Kluber, and some insurance in center field.

This is so important because spring training and the schedule for pitchers and catchers to report south is just over two weeks. In the weeks since the lockout, the Yankee front office and general manager, Brian Cashman, have had plenty of time to figure things out, but no indication of what they will do has been forthcoming. One caveat that may be front and center in this discussion is what they will do with leadoff hitting and Gold Glove second baseman DJ LeMahieu.

Yankee fans can assume that he has lost his permanent spot at second base to Gleyber Torres, who assumed the mid-infield position at the end of the last season. The Yankees continuing to support their failed shortstop indicated that he would be the second baseman going forward. Last season the Yankees used LeMahieu as a utility infielder playing all over the infield with varying degrees of success. The Yankees know that he will be at least adequate no matter where they put him.

It appears that this season the only place he won’t play is to fill that hole at short. The Yankees are going to have to be creative. They could forget about getting a new first baseman and slot DJ there. That solidifies Torres at second and Gio Urshela at third if they do. The Yankees have the option to resign free agent Anthony Rizzo, use held over Luke Voit, go for a Matt Olson, or even spend big for Freddie Freeman if available. If they chose the put DJ at third, that could move Gio Urshela to short, solving that problem. Believe it or not, not using any of these options could lead to the trade of Voit and even Urshela in the hopes of acquiring a new shortstop. The only thing for sure is that no one knows what the Yankees will do.

Owners and Players meet again today, is spring training in jeopardy?

Today the MLBPA will present another counter-proposal to the owners’ offer that was rejected. They have had two more meetings since then, and although some progress was made, they are still far apart on agreeing, putting the start of spring training in jeopardy and the loss of some major league games.

Today is February 1, pitchers and catchers for most teams, including the New York Yankees, are supposed to report on February 16. Even if unlikely, the sides can come together and form an alliance that will give the Yankees and all the other MLB teams only two weeks to sign remaining free agents or make trades to finalize their teams for the new season. If they can’t accomplish that in that short time frame, the start of spring training will have to be moved back.

Although both sides have already achieved some level of success in the negotiations, there are still some significant issues to be resolved. No analyst believes that a final agreement will arise out of today’s talks, it could collapse entirely, and baseball will be faced with a major disaster and lost games. Today the players union is likely to offer more concessions in an effort to come to an agreement, much of whether they can tie the knot will be up to the owners and if they can negotiate in good faith.

Is Freddie Freeman an option for the New York Yankees?

The short answer is yes, even if doubtful. It was once assumed that Freeman would return to the Atlanta Braves, and that was it. But when Atlanta had the chance to zip up Freeman, they have failed to do that, showing some big cracks in the effort to retain him. Meanwhile, the Yankees and the Braves are weighing their options, including the A’s Matt Olson as a backup plan. The big stumbling block is what Freeman will demand in a contract that will be in the $180 million range. Here is what Ken Rosenthal of the Atlantic recently said:

“Our longstanding assumption — ah, they’ll just work it out — no longer applies. The Braves and Freeman didn’t work it out last spring, last summer, or in November with the lockout looming. They still might work it out, considering that an agreement remains the most sensible outcome. But rest assured, both sides are weighing their options. It would not be a surprise for either, once business resumes, to act quickly.”


Yankees’ DJ LeMahieu fought through a crazy painful injury in 2021

yankees, dj lemahieu

After an incredible 2019 and 2020 season, New York Yankees star infielder, DJ LeMahieu took a step back in 2021. Some thought maybe turning 32 years old had something to do with his regression, but it was actually a significant injury that hampered his quality of play.

During the second half of the season, LeMahieu dealt with a serious sports hernia, forcing him out for a number of games but trying his best to still make an impact when possible. He finished the year hitting .268 with 10 homers and 57 RBIs. This was his worst batting average since 2014 with the Colorado Rockies at 25 years old.

Yankees officials believe DJ LeMahieu’s lackluster 2021 could be traced to a sports hernia that the infielder tried to play through before finally getting surgery after the season, The New York Post’s Dan Martin writes.

LeMahieu ended up receiving surgery after the season so he should be a full go for the 2022 campaign. However, with general manager Brian Cashman still needing to sign a number of players, including a shortstop and first baseman, LeMahieu’s position could change in the coming months.
DJ has experience at nearly every spot in the infield, including 1B, 2B, SS, and 3B. There is a growing belief that LeMahieu could end up starting the season on the hot corner given the Yankees trade or part ways with Gio Urshela, who is set to earn $6 million this upcoming season.
The former Colorado star has spent 143 games and over 1,000 innings at third base in his career, posting a .945 fielding percentage with a -2 defensive runs saved above average. He’s a below-average defender on the hot corner, but giving him more of a sample size could turn those numbers around.
Alternatively, the Yankees could make DJ their starting first baseman and spend money at third base. It all depends on how they maneuver around Gleyber Torres and if he might be included in a potential trade. A lot of off-season is left for the Yankees after the lockout ends so expect them to move quickly and aggressively for the players and trades they want to execute.

Yankees could make a surprising infield shift with DJ LeMahieu

New York Yankees, DJ LeMahieu

The New York Yankees are on the hunt for a new shortstop, and while they have a number of mediums they can explore to solve the position, they may also have to make an infield shift at third base.

One of the Yankees’ consistent players this past season was Gio Urshela, who made a meteoric ascension to quality after years battling at the minor-league level. Urshela has become a solid defensive player for the Bombers, specifically at the hot corner. Given he’s preparing to make $6.55 million this upcoming season, general manager Brian Cashman may look to trade him while his value is still at an all-time high.

This past season, Urshela hit .267 with 14 homers and 49 RBIs while also logging a career-high 25.7% strikeout rate and three-season low 4.5% walk rate.

If Cashman finds a trade partner willing to take Urshela’s contract, the Yankees will have to fill the third base position with a new player. Theoretically, they may already have the answer on the roster. In the scenario, they elect to retain Gleyber Torres for the future, despite his liabilities in the infield, they could look to DJ LeMahieu as a solution.

After failing to play shortstop, Torres is down to his final defensive slot, second base. However, LeMahieu’s preferred position is also at second, which could force the Yankees to make a surprising move — shipping him to the corner.

LeMahieu has experienced 143 games spanning 11 seasons at third base, totaling 1,031 innings. He hosted a .945 fielding percentage with 16 errors, which undoubtedly showcases below-average efficiency during his time there.

However, DJ has consistently been asked to fill the slot as a supplement, never being given the opportunity to find any sort of consistency. If the Yankees entrust him with the full-time job at third base, they may be surprised to see what he can accomplish over the course of a whole season. There is no doubt that Urshela is the better defender, but he’s a bit lost in translation given the Yankees’ desires offensively.

Rumors recently indicated the Bombers could look to Matt Chapman of the Oakland Athletics as a potential stop-gap while they wait for Anthony Volpe or Oswald Peraza to reach the majors. If Cashman managed to execute a deal, Chapman could transition to SS, and LeMahieu could play 3B, or vice-versa.

One way or another, the Yankees have a number of different avenues they can explore this upcoming off-season 2.0, but it seems as if LeMahieu will have to change positions if they elect to keep Torres.

New York Yankees: Front office has no idea how injured players are rehabbing

New York Yankees, Aaron Boone, jameson taillon

The New York Yankees have some players rehabbing from various health and injury issues, But because of the MLB imposed a lockout, the Yankees have no idea how they are advancing going into the 2022 season. Some of those affected are Aaron Hicks, DJ LeMahieu, and starting pitcher Jameson Taillon.

Unfortunately for the Yankees, not knowing how these players are doing further complicates plans for what the Yankees will do going forward after a new Collective Bargaining agreement is reached. At this point, all fans that follow the Yankees know that they need a full-time shortstop, a number two-type starting pitcher, a permanent first baseman, and help in center field. In addition to the injured players, they don’t know if the oft-injured Luke Voit is doing with his knees and feet.

When the December 1 expiration could not reach a new CBA, Commissioner Rob Manfred instituted lock-down forbidding front offices from contacting any players on their 40 man roster until a new agreement can be reached. Manager Aaron Boone addressed the situation last week.

“We tried to put our guys in the best position as far as our coaches at the time having those conversations and putting plans in place as we headed into December 1,” Boone said. “Hopefully, set them up with programs and things that they can follow and be in a good position once this is all settled, but we’ve had no contact. Obviously, it’s not ideal that we can’t have that contact and know how everyone’s doing, but we should get a decent idea in those early days of what we’re dealing with.”

Jameson Taillon: Probably for the Yankees that need an excellent pitcher to follow ace Gerrit Cole, they are most interested in how Jameson Taillon is doing with his rehab. Taillon turned 30 years old on November 18; he was a first-round pick of the Pittsburgh Pirates in 2010. He was traded to the Yankees before the start of the 2021 season. Taillon got off to a slow start with the Yankees but gradually improved. He ended the season with an 8–6 record in 29 starts with a 4.30 ERA and 140 strikeouts in 144.3 innings. 

Unfortunately, he also ended the season suffering from a few torn ligaments in his ankle. If a pitcher can’t depend on his lower extremities, he can’t pitch. His best friend Gerrit Cole (they played together with the Pirates) and Yankee manager Aaron Boone would like to know how he is doing, but they will have to wait.

Aaron Hicks: The oft-injured Aaron Hicks has been injured several times during his time with the Yankees, and last season was no different; he missed 130 games, hitting only four home runs and batting a miserable .194. Hicks is rehabbing from a May 26 operation to repair a torn tendon sheath in his left wrist. Although being unable to speak with Hicks, there is an upside that we do know. In twelve games in the Dominican Winter Leagues, he hit .265 (13-for-49) with one home run. Boone would like to know hows he is doing after that stint.

DJ LeMahieu: DJ, after a spectacular season in 2020 winning the MLB batting title with a .367 batting average, had an underwhelming season last year, more than a hundred points lower and with only ten home runs. After the 2021 season, LeMahieu had sports hernia surgery on October 12. Boone would surely like to know how his recovery is coming along.

Along with these players, Boone most like would be interested in how Luke Voit is doing. Voit, the only first baseman the Yankees have right now, had feet and knee problems last season. The Yankees would like to know how he is doing. But, for the time being, the front office will have to monitor social media for any information, much like Yankees fans have to do.

Yankees could make surprise infield move with DJ LeMahieu

yankees, dj lemahieu

The New York Yankees have been and will continue to be connected to some of the biggest free-agent players on the market, ranging from Carlos Correa to Trevor Story. However, general manager Brian Cashman is still looking for a solution at first base, and with Luke Voit suffering through injuries during the 2021 season, a new starter could be on the horizon.

It is entirely possible Cashman looks to bring back Anthony Rizzo on an extension. Rizzo was traded from the Chicago Cubs to New York at the deadline, featuring in 49 games with the Bombers. During that sample size, Rizzo hit .249 with eight homers and 21 RBIs.

The former Gold Glove winner would undoubtedly be a consistent option both offensively and defensively if offered a long-term contract, but the Yankees also have their eyes set on Freddie Freeman, who is looking for a deal upwards of five years. If Freeman, in fact, makes a move to an alternative club, the Yankees represent a solid landing spot.

This past year, he won a World Series with the Braves, hitting .300 with 31 homers and 83 RBIs. Freeman ranked 9th in MVP voting and would undoubtedly be an awesome power threat as a lefty in Yankee Stadium.

The Yankees could take a cheaper route to solve first base:

Nonetheless, based on Cashman’s quiet approach before the lockout, it is possible he looks to save a bit of cash and utilize talent already on the roster to solve first base. In that scenario, he may ask DJ LeMahieu to move there full-time, signing a shortstop and moving Gleyber Torres to second base permanently.

The team would hate to move on from Torres after a few down seasons at shortstop, so maintaining confidence in him may be viewed as ideal. Nonetheless, LeMahieu making the full-time move to first isn’t out of the picture but would surely be surprising. This past season, he experienced a bit of natural regression after an incredible 2020 season. He batted .268 with 10 homers and 57 RBIs, featuring in 150 games. At 1B, he logged a .997 fielding percentage with just one error.

At the end of the day, DJ is one of those players who can move around the infield seamlessly and see a minimal drop-off in quality. It ultimately comes down to whether Cashman still has faith in Torres and wants to make him a long-term solution at second base rather than spending big on a first base solution and trading away their homegrown talent in a prospective deal.