New York Yankees: 3 Major takeaways from major Yankee comeback

The New York Yankees entered yesterday’s game after losing two straight to the Red Sox. In the seventh inning, it looked as though this would be another loss with only four outs left in the game. However, the Yankees erupted in the eighth with 5 straight hits and the 4-3 win. The Yankees now have a chance at splitting the series with Domingo German on the mound for the 1:05 pm game.

Jameson Taillon was economical

Last night Jameson Taillon set up the bullpen beautifully. He went seven innings, only giving on one earned run as he was economical from the start. Unfortunately, he was saddled with two unearned runs early. But that didn’t put him down; he remained aggressive, using all of his pitches mystifying the Red Sox hitters. The Red Sox remained scoreless after the third inning.

Taillon, who is still recovering from not pitching for nearly two years, has pitched really well during July, better than the stats show. Now that he is using his two-seamer and curve more, he is getting quality start after quality start. After going seven, Jonathan Loaisiga, who hadn’t pitched in two weeks, came in and pitched a scoreless eighth. Then, Yankees closer Aroldis Chapman came in and closed it out for the Yankees.

Yankees explode in the eight

In the first seven innings of yesterday’s game, the New York Yankees could only get five meaningless hits off of Nathan Eovaldi; they seemed lifeless, almost like they were going through the motions. They went 0-7 with men in scoring position. The Yankee fans in the stands at Fenway Park were saying; here we go again. But in the eighth inning Estevan Florial and Brett Gardner sparked the lineup that would see the Yankees come back from 3 behind with 4 outs to go, for the first time since August 2020.

Estevan Florial led off the eighth inning and got a lead-off double. Brantly popped out to third. LeMahieu flew out to Duran in center. Gardner got an RBI single to easily drive in Florial the get the Yankees on the board. That hit knocked Eovaldi out of the game. The Yankees are now 10-71, with runners in scoring position this season against the Red Sox. Stanton faced another ex-Yankee in reliever Adam Ottavino, and he got a ground-rule double as the ball bounced into the right-field fans, moving Gardner to third base.

After Stanton’s double, Tyler Wade came in to pinch run for Stanton. Odor doubled off the green monster scoring two to tie up the game at 3. Torres singled, driving in Odor to give the Yankees the lead in the game for the first time. Torres stole second. Allen got plunked and went to first. Gittens tapped in front of the plate for the final out as the lineup turned over, but the Yankees picked up four runs in the half. New York Yankees 4 Boston Red Sox 3.

Sit tight; help is on the way

The New York Yankees have had their share of injuries this season. That was exacerbated recently by the Covid outbreak that put six Yankees players on the Covid list. Since then, the Yankees have had a ragtag lineup. But help is finally one the way. Yesterday Jonathan Loaisiga returned and played an integral part in holding back the Red Sox. Today star third baseman Gio Ushela is scheduled to be in the lineup.

Beyond that, for the Tampa Bay series next week, all of the remaining Covid list players should be returning. In addition, just days from August, the Yankees are also hoping for the return of two starting pitchers, Corey Kluber and Luis Severino. With the Yankees sit in the running for a wild card slot, these additions to the team will be significant.

Notes: Chris Gittens left the game with an ankle sprain. After one major league start, Asher Wojciechowski was immediately designated for assignment to make room for Jonathan Loaisiga on the roster. He rejected the assignment to Scranton and has elected for free agency.

Exploring a blockbuster trade concept between the New York Yankees and Kansas City Royals

New York Yankees, Gleyber Torres

The New York Yankees are riding a fine line as we near the trade deadline. While the team has checked in on a number of fronts, the front office is still trying to decide exactly what they want to do at the deadline.

Should the Yankees go big and be buyers? The team certainly has the prospect capital and pieces to make some big moves happen. We will explore a potential blockbuster trade with the Royals in this article.

The Yankees could also stand pat. This is what we saw Brian Cashman do in 2019 despite the fact that the Yankees were a World Series contender. Cashman felt that the prices were too high and with Severino and Betances returning from injury at the time, he figured it was best to stand pat.

The Yankees have a number of players out right now so we might hear that same speech. The Bombers could also decide to sell at the deadline. Now, I don’t think they would sell in the same way that the Cubs will.

There will be no depletion of the roster, but you could see them unload a couple of pieces. Now, I believe they are more likely to stand pat and do nothing if I’m being honest. However, let’s say they go big and decide to buy. Well, the Kansas City Royals have a few pieces of interest.

Blockbuster Concept between the Yankees and Royals

I was scrolling through the Trade Simulator earlier to see what potential deals fans would like to see the Yankees make. I came across one deal that might surprise you at first, but makes a lot of sense when you think about it.

Yankees Acquire: Whit Merrifield, Andrew Benintendi, and Josh Staumont

Royals Acquire: Gleyber Torres, Miguel Andujar, and Michael King

Yes, the trade involves the Yankees dumping Gleyber Torres which might surprise some, but it really shouldn’t. On the simulator, this trade worked out to be a completely even trade between the two clubs.

Why the Royals would say yes?

The Royals are a last place team currently. While they had aspirations to potentially be a 500 club this year, it hasn’t come together and the team has drastically underperformed all expectations.

With that, there’s a lot of attention surrounding the Royals and whether they’d be sellers. The Yankees are a team that lines up with them. Whit Merrifield is a hot name on the trade market, but Dayton Moore has stated on numerous occasions that he will not part with Merrifield unless he’s blown away.

Moore has been hesitant to sell in the past, but he could do it for the right package, and the package proposed would be hard to turn down. Moore wants Major Leaguers, and he could get three here. The Royals could put Gleyber Torres back at second base and plan on a future with him and Bobby Witt Jr up the middle.

Getting Miguel Andujar‘s bat and Michael King‘s versatility would supplement the other pieces lost. The Royals like Andrew Benintendi, but they would part with him if it meant acquiring a package that features a Gleyber Torres.

Why the Yankees would say yes?

Why on Earth would the Yankees trade Gleyber Torres in a package like this? Well, the short answer is the fact that he’s not a shortstop. Yes, the defense has improved this year, but the offense has been a nightmare. Simply put, Torres is not the same player when he’s called to play short.

Gio Urshela has proved he can handle shortstop for the Yankees this season if needed. The Bombers also have an extremely healthy crop of young shortstops storming through the minor leagues right now. On top of that, the star studded shortstop free agent class this year could have Cashman thinking about a new shortstop on the open market.

Merrifield could slot in at second or in centerfield given the need for the day. Whit Merrifield has been amongst the leagues best hitters over the last few years. He doesn’t strike out a lot and he knows how to put the ball in play. Not too mention the fact that his speed would be a big boost for the Yankees. His contract is also cheap and you’d have him for next season as well.

Andrew Benintendi is a proven player in the AL East. He would allow the Yankees to get a left handed bat that they desperately need and he could be the starting left fielder moving forward for the next couple of seasons.

The Yankees have liked Michael King’s versatility, but they might be better suited with Josh Staumont. Staumont has electric stuff and would play nicely in the bullpen alongside Jonathan Loaisiga and Chad Green moving forward.

Odds of a deal like this?

While the trade simulator says it’s a good deal and both sides would have their reasons, the odds the Yankees and Royals make this move are very low. What’s crazy is I think the Royals might turn this down before the Yankees would.

From talking to folks in Kansas City, Dayton Moore really does not want to sell off his players. Even if the Yankees offered someone like Gleyber Torres, he might not budge. Meanwhile, Brian Cashman loves Gleyber Torres and any mention of Torres in trades might be a non-starter in the first place.

At this time of the year, it’s fun to ponder these potential trades. This would certainly be a wild one that would really shake up both teams, but it’s one that would theoretically work for both sides.

Sound Off: If you were the GM of the Yankees and were offered this deal, would you say yes?

New York Yankees: 5 Major takeaways from 9-1 series win over the Red Sox

Yankees take first series from the Red Sox

The New York Yankees that have struggled most of this season have had an amazing turnaround in the last two days. Winning two games normally is not a big deal, but for the Yankees to take a series from their rivals in the AL East is certainly a big deal. Previous to this series, the Yankees were 0-7 against the Sox, who seemed unbeatable. What makes these wins even more amazing is that they did it with seemly impossible odds, with several of the big hitters out of the lineup due to Covid. After losing the first game, the Yankees came back in game two 3-1, and last night slammed the Sox 9-1.

Another quality start from Taillon

Last night Jameson Taillon may have proved that his lackluster season may be turning around. For the last three starts, he has gone 18.1 innings giving up just three runs. In his previous three games, he gave up 8 earned runs. Last night he topped off his success in the last three games with a 5.1 inning shut out of the powerful Red Sox lineup. The big difference is that he has found hit put away pitch that has been lacking for most of the season. The Yankees have won five of his last seven starts.

Outfield woes continue despite success

The New York Yankees started out spring training being outfield heavy, but they went through a dramatic loss of players as we got into the regular season. First, it was Aaron Hicks who will likely miss the entire season due to a freak left wrist injury. This led to Brett Gardner that was supposed to be mostly a bench player, into everyday action in centerfield. Tyler Wade, who is mostly an infielder, has rested Gardner.

As the season progressed, Clint Frazier’s struggles at the plate led to him not being used in the outfield. Frazier has been replaced by Andujar, Gardner, Tauchman, who was dealt away. Locastro recently took over left field, but now he has been injured and will likely not return this season. Fast forward, and right fielder and slugger Aaron Judge was one of six players to be put in the Covid 10 day. The Yankees brought up Try Amburgey to replace him; he pulled a hamstring. Ryan LaMaree was brought up to replace him, and last night he crashed into the wall and ended up in a heap, although he remained in the game.

Regardless of all this bad luck, and with all replacement players in the outfield, last night, those same players were responsible for 5 runs in the crushing of the Red Sox in the 9-1 win. So the Yankees now have to decide if they need to bring someone else up or use Giancarlo Stanton in the outfield, who hasn’t played there in two seasons. It may also cause more action by general manager Brian Cashman as the trade deadline approaches.

Rag-tag lineup gets 8 hits

Last night with the Red Sox series on the line, manager Aaron Boone put together the best lineup he could, considering he had no Aaron Judge, no Luke Voit, and no Gio Urshela. Boone inserted Rougie Odor, Trey Amburgey, Grey Allen, and Chris Gittens to round out the lineup. Unfortunately, one of those became injured, and Ryan LaMarre had to replace him.

LaMarre, Gardner, and Allen’s realigned outfield were responsible for five of the Yankees’ runs. They combined to go 4 for 7 with three RBI’s and two aggressively stolen bases. It just may be that the next-man-up thing is working again. So far this season, the Yankees have used 13 different outfielders.

Ryan LaMarre went 2-for-3 with a two-run homer and a steal, Greg Allen went 1-for-2 with a sacrifice fly and a steal, and Gardner added a single to lead off a four-run seventh inning.

Gleyber Torres hits second home run

It appears that Gleyber Torres may be turning his season around. Last night he hit his second home run in as many nights. After hitting 38 homers in 2019, Torres has struggled to find his power. Last year, he hit only 3 home runs, and so far this season, he hit only 3 more before this series. In the second game of the Sox series, he hit his fourth of the season. Last night in the second inning, he hit another home run, this one off Sox starter Martin Perez. This could signal that Torres has found both his stroke and his power once again.

New York Yankees Recap: Yankees take the series from the Red Sox

New York Yankees, Aaron Boone, jameson taillon

Tonight the New York Yankees faced the Boston Red Sox in the final game of a three-game set, of which both teams have won one game making this the rubber game. If the Yankee could win the game, it would be both the second win of the season against their long-time rivals and the first series win since 2020. The Yankees won over the Red Sox and won their first series against the Boston Red Sox this season.

Enriques Hernandez started the game against Jameson Taillon by flying to left field. Alex Verdugo, who was the center of a player fan conflict last night, struck out. JD Martinez lined out to LeMahieu at third for a 1-2-3 inning for Taillon. At the bottom, DJ Lemahieu rolled out to second. Giancarlo Stanton for the fifth time in the series. Gary Sanchez also stuck out for another 1-2-3 half. No score.

At the top of the second inning, Xander Bogaerts led off by grounding out to Torres at short. Rafael Devers walked. Hunter Renfro flew out to Odor. Jerran Duran flew out to MaMarre in left. At the bottom, Gleyber Torres hit his second home run in as many nights. Chris Gittens struck out. Trey Amburgey, in his second major league game, stuck out. Rougie Odor ground out to first, but the Yankees took the lead in the game. New York Yankees 1 Boston Red Sox 0.

Christian Vazquez led off the third inning by sharply hitting to Torres for the first out. Christian Arroyo hit to first for the second out. Hernandez flew out to Amburgey in right to end the half. At the bottom, Ryan LaMarre stuck out swinging. Greg Allen singled to left field. LeMahieu singled for runners on the corner and one out. Stanton reached on a force out with Allen scoring,  Sanchez flew out to right, but the Yankees picked up another run. New York Yankees 2 the Boston Red Sox 0.

The fourth inning was led off by Verdugo, who flew out to Amburgey. Martinez popped out to short. Bogaerts doubled to left. Devers walked. Renfro popped out to Odor to end the half and stranded two Sox runners. The bottom was led off by Gleyber Torres, who got the only home run; he walked. Gittens flew out to right. Amburgey hit into a double play and appeared to injury his hamstring.

Duran led off the fifth by striking out swinging. Vazquez doubled to LaMarre, who hit the wall and crumbled to the ground but was able to stay in the game. Dalbec in for the injured Arroyo flew out to Gittens with Vazquez going to third. Hernandez flew out to left to end the half. The bottom of the fifth saw Odor at the plate who singled in the infield. LaMarre doubled, with Odor going to third. Allen faced new pitcher Gerret Whitlock, and sac flew to center to drive in Odor for the third Yankee run. LeMahieu struck out. Stanton chopped out to the infield for the final out, but the Yankees picked up another run. New York Yankees 3 Red Sox 0.

In the sixth, Verdugo chased for the first out. JD Martinez singled to right. Bogaerts doubled, moving Martinez to third with just one out. Chad Green came in to replace Taillon facing Devers and struck him out. Renfro lined out to LeMahieu at third to end the threat. At the bottom, Sanchez hopped one to short for the first out. Torres, who homered and walked, struck out swinging. Gittens struck out for a no-score inning for both teams.

The seventh inning opened with Duran at the plate; he stuck out. Vazquez walked. Dalbec struck out swinging. Hernandez flew out to Gardner in center. Brett Gardner led off the bottom by singling. Rougie Odor followed with a two-run homer to center for the Yankees five-run lead. LaMarre walked. Greg Allen walked. LeMahieu faced new pitcher Brandon Workman with two on and no outs and flew out to right for the first out. Stanton flew out to center, and LeMarre went to third base. Allen stole second. Sanchez walked to load the bases. Gleyber Torres, with the bases loaded and two outs, walked to bring in a Yankee run. Chris Gittens, the ninth batter of the inning, walked in another run for the 46th pitch of the inning. Brett Gardner ground out to first to finally end the inning, but the Yankees tacked on another four runs. New York Yankees 7 Red Sox 0.

In the eighth inning, Zack Britton entered the game facing Verdugo, who struck out. Martinez walked. Chavis struck out.  Devers walked. Renfro faced the new Yankee pitcher Lucas Luetge and singles driving in the first Red Sox run. With runners on the corners, Duran ground out to end the half. At the bottom of the eighth, Rougie Odor faced the new Sox pitcher Yucksel  Rios, and he walked. LaMarre homered to drive in 2 more Yankee runs. Allen flew out to right. LeMahieu ground out to center. Stanton ground out to third.

With last licks in the ninth and against Yankee pitcher Aroldis Chapman came in and closed out the game for the Yankee win and the series win for the New York Yankees. The final score was the Yankees 9 and the Red Sox 1. The winning pitcher was Jameson Taillon, and the loser was Martin Perez.


New York Yankee Profiles: Gleyber Torres, has he finally found his stroke again?

The New York Yankees Gleyber Torres is still very young, and once heralded a future Yankee star; he may still see that in his future. But in a career that started out so bright, he hit a roadblock in 2020, he lost his power, he lost a beneficial batting average and that continued into the 2021 season with him hitting only 3 home runs. Although he has looked close to getting his stroke back, finally last night he hit his no-doubter fourth home run of the season.  Is he on the road back to stardom is it just another blip in his career? This writer believes a turnaround is in the offing. Let’s learn how he got to this point.

The New York Yankees Gleyber Torres was born amongst the political strife, unrest, and violence of Caracas, Venezuela in a middle-class family headed by Eusebio Torres and his mother, Ibelise. He is 24 years old. Gleyber started playing baseball at the age of four. He started in his early years as an outfielder, but shortstop was more suited to his game. His love of the game was propelled by watching games on TV.

In high school, he played both basketball and baseball, but his father got him to concentrate on just baseball. Many thought he had the capabilities of becoming a professional. At age 14, he enrolled in an academy with strong connections to baseball scouts. Shortly after that, he was sought out by the Chicago Cubs, and he signed a contract with them.

In 2013 at the age of just sixteen, he signed a $1.7 million contract with the Cubs as an international free agent. He played in the minors for the Cubs organization; He made his pro debut in 2014 with the Arizona Cubs. In fifty games, he hit an average of .297. In 2015 he played for two minor league teams. In 126 games between the two clubs, he hit .287 with three home runs. In 2016 the Cubs traded Torres with Adam Warren and two other players to the Yankees for a desperately needed Aroldis Chapman. Torres played in the minors but missed most of the 2017 season for an injury that required Tommy John surgery, but still recorded a .287 season with seven home runs.

Gleyber Torres made his major league debut on April 22, 2018, against the Blue Jays but went hitless. The next day he got his first hit off the Twins. On May 4th, he recorded his first home run. The youngest Yankee to do so since 1969. In 2018 after batting .297 with fifteen home runs, he was selected to the All-Star team He was named AL player of the week twice. For his sophomore season, on April 4, 2019, Gleyber Torres became the fourth-youngest Yankee with four hits and three extra-base hits in a game since Joe DiMaggio did it in 1936.

On June 29, 2019, he hit the 39th home run of his short career. On August 2nd, he hit his second Grand Slam. To end his 2019 campaign, he batted .278 and led the New York Yankees with 38 home runs with 90 runs batted in. In his two years in the majors, he has been a New York Yankees All-Star twice and has received an MVP nomination. He finished the 2019 campaign he ended with 62 home runs for his three-year career and 167 RBIs.

Torres played well in the 2020 spring training and in the later summer camp. The New York Yankees had great hope for their young, new shortstop would repeat his excellent performance. The Yankees hoped for the best as he tried to follow in the footsteps of Yankee all-time star Derek Jeter, and last year’s departing Didi Gregorius, who is now a Philadelphia Philly.

Fast forward to the coronavirus shortened baseball season. Has all the 2019 magic disappeared from that new guy at short? Well, it appears there certainly have been some struggles that he has suffered, from both behind the plate and at his new position. Before Torres went on the IL with both calf and hamstring strains, he led the league in errors at short and was hitting just .231 with only one home run and a measly six RBIs.

On August 21, 2020, Torres went on the 10 day IL. Upon his return, he had three at-bats and managed a double in the game. It was at the time hoped that was a good sign for the remaining weeks of the season but it was not to be. Torres ended the 2020 season hitting just 3 home runs with an average batting average of .243. One must keep in mind that the 24-year-old is still very young, and has plenty of time to improve. One season does not make a career. This season has given his detractors even more ammunition that he will never make stardom. The home run last night may just be the catalyst he needs to turn it all around.

New York Yankees: 3 Takeaways from wet and wild Yankees’ win over the Sox (video)

yankees, gerrit cole

The New York Yankees finally won a game against their hated rival, the Boston Red Sox. Previous to last night, they had not won a game against the Boston team in seven tries. So last night with Yankee ace Gerrit Cole on the mound, the Yankee fans were hoping for a big win. Although the win wasn’t big, a win is a win. In a rain-shortened game, the Yankees outscored the Sox 3-1.

Gerrit Cole doesn’t disappoint

For the second game in a row, New York Yankee ace Gerrit Cole threw a complete game, albeit a shortened game.  In a full six innings of play, Cole struck out eleven Red Sox. Cole was pretty much on fire allowing only one run-walking just two. Cole had complete control of his pitches as he did in his last game against the Houston Astros. He pitched a complete 9 inning game in that game using a career-high 129 pitches in a complete-game shutout of his old team. Cole is now 10-4 with an ERA of 2.63 in 19 games.

Back to back homers power Yankees to a win

The Yankees that so often this season have lacked hitting the long ball did it last night in the sixth and final inning of a rain-shortened game in the Bronx. In the sixth inning, Gary Sanchez and Gleyber Torres hit back-to-back homers to win the game for the Yankees. Torres had gone 29 games without hitting a home run.

Although it was a wet and wild game, there was not a lot of action; not much happened until Christain Arroyo brought in a run for the Red Sox in the second inning. The Yankees answered in the fifth, Greg Allen doubled. Then, LeMahieu singled, driving in Allen for the tie of the game. Stanton flew out to first to end the inning, but the Yankees tied the game.

The real action took place in the pouring rain in the sixth inning. Rougie Odor struck out, Sanchez homered to center as the Yankee took the lead in the game. Torres went back to back with a homer to right-center. As the inning continued, the grounds crew again came out to add a drying agent to the mound and home plate. Brett Gardner walked. Chris Gittens singled, putting two on for the Yankees. Tyler Wade singled with Gittens going to second on a bad throw. But on review, he was called out. With two outs and two on, Allen struck out to end one of the longest innings I have seen, but the Yankees took the two-run lead. At the end of the sixth, with the field becoming dangerous, the umpires finally called for the tarp. Unfortunately, the tarp never came off as the Yankees won the game 3-1.

One fan got far too excited

Even though fans expect some wild stuff when the Yankees meet up with the Red Sox, last night’s game was wild even for those standards. First, the game was delayed about 50 minutes because of storms nearby. Then, it never rained, and the game was finally started. After the sixth inning, with rains pouring out of the heavens, the game was again delayed another 50 minutes until it was finally called. From the third inning on, it rained hard at times at the Stadium in the Bronx.

Also, in the sixth inning, the Red Sox Alex Verdugo threw a ball to a Red Sox fan, but a Yankee fan caught it in right-center. Verdugo turned and crouched to get ready for the next play when he was plunked in the back with a fan-thrown ball. To say the least, Verdugo was outraged. What followed was an obscenity ladened back, and forth the caused a long game delay. Umpires and both managers took to the field while the Red Sox manager Alex Cora called his team off the field.  Both managers condemned the action of the fan and said that no player should have to worry about their own safety.


New York Yankees: Gary Sanchez and Gleyber Torres go back to back to win over the Red Sox

New York Yankees, Gary Sanchez

Tonight the New York Yankees again took on the Boston Red Sox after being shut out last night. The Yankees were now 0-7 against their East-leading rivals. With a patched-together lineup and Gerrit Cole on the mound, the Yankees were finally hoping for a win against their long-term rival and a turnaround to their underperforming season. The game ended up being a wet circus of a game, with the Yankees finally taking a game from the Red Sox. The final score was the New York Yankees 3 and the Boston Red Sox 1.

Enrique Hernandez led off against Cole with a double to left. Alex Verdugo hit to left, but Locastro caught it at the wall became up limping. It appeared he was okay. JD Martinez struck out. Rafael Devers struck out to end the half. At the bottom, DJ LeMahieu led off by striking out. In the first several innings, not much happened until Christain Arroyo brought in a run for the Red Sox in the second inning.  Gerrit Cole was on fire all night.

At the bottom of the fifth, Greg Allen doubled. LeMahieu singled, driving in Allen for the tie of the game. Stanton flew out to first to end the inning, but the Yankees tied the game. New York Yankees 1 Boston Red Sox 1.

Verdugo led off the sixth for Cole’s ninth strikeout of the game. Martinez struck out. Devers walked. Renfro had a slow roller to third for a single. Duran still looking for his major league first hit walked. Vazquez, with the bases loaded, stuck out to get Cole out of a jam. Rougie Odor led off the bottom of the inning against Sawamuro, but an altercation in center delayed the game by Verdugo and a fan. Meanwhile, the grounds crew tried to dry the infield with heavy rain falling.

Odor, after a long wait, struck out. Sanchez homered to center as the Yankee took the lead in the game. Torres went back to back with a homer to right-center. As the inning continued, the grounds crew again came out to add a drying agent to the mound and home plate. Brett Gardner walked. Chris Gittens singled, putting two on for the Yankees. Tyler Wade singled with Gittens going to second on a bad throw. But on review, he was called out. With two outs and two on, Allen struck out to end one of the longest innings I have seen, but the Yankees took the two-run lead. New York Yankees 3 the Boston Red Sox 1.

At the top of the seventh, the tarp finally covered the field, with the field becoming dangerously wet. At 11:50 pm, the game was finally called, with the Yankees winning over the Red Sox 3-1. The winning pitcher was Gerrit Cole, and the loser was Hirokazu Sawamura.

Notes: Time Locastro left the game in the second inning with a torn ACL.  Gerrit Cole got 11 strikeouts in the game. It was his 6th game with ten or more strikeouts giving up one run or less to make New York Yankee history.

New York Yankees to play day-night today, takeaways from loss to the Mets

new york yankees, justin wilson

Today will be a huge day for both the New York Yankees and the New York Mets. Yesterday the Yankees lost game one against their cross-town rivals 8-3. The Yankees were almost embarrassed by the Mets, as they couldn’t get a single hit off Taijuan Walker until the sixth inning. In the end, they could only muster up three hits, all in that sixth inning.

Today they will play a dual day-night doubleheader starting at 2:05 pm; the two games will be seven-inning contests. The day game will be started by Yankee ace Gerrit Cole that has struggled recently. The night game will be started by Nestor Cortes Jr., who has been lights out for the Yankees in relief; his ERA is 1.02. For Cortes, it will be his first nationally televised game in the Major Leagues. The 7:05 pm game will be televised on ESPN. To save face, the Yankees will need to win both of these games and take the series from the Mets.

New York Yankees couldn’t perform in game

The New York Yankees struggled mightily in game one yesterday. The pitching wasn’t there, and the hitting was almost absent. Jordan Montgomery only lasted 4.1 innings giving up three earned runs. Montgomery, although the Yankee’s second-best pitcher, couldn’t find control over his secondary pitches. Taijuan Walker mowed down every Yankee hitter he saw through five innings as the Yankees couldn’t garner up a hit against him to add insult to injury.

Montgomery was bailed out in the fifth as Lucas Luetge replaced him and stopped the bleeding. Then bad turned worse when Justin Wilson came in sixth, not recording an out and giving up five more runs. The only bright spot in the game was when Michael King replaced him and pitched four scoreless innings shutting down the Mets rest of the way.

Also, Aaron Judge hit his 19th home run of the season on the plus side as he continues his hot streak. The Yankees only left one man on base, but there is not much to be said about that; if you don’t get hits, you can’t leave men on base.

Torres/Frazier continue to disappoint

After an abysmal season last year for Gleyber Torres, he started this season out pretty good, showing up in better shape and with improved defense. But near the end of April, he crashed and was hitting just .186. By the end of May, he had improved, hitting his second home run of the season and batting .274. However, during the whole month of June, it has been all downhill for the young shortstop.  He has only hit one more home run, and his batting average has dropped to .240. Yesterday he went hitless in the Mets game and earned his 12th error of the season. His signature has become airmailing throws to first base.

What makes this so disappointing is that the Yankees still have faith in Torres. He had a stellar season in 2019 when he led the team in home runs with 38 and batted .278. So far this season, he is on track to hit 6 or 7 long balls.

Possibly the biggest disappointment hitting-wise is that halfway through the season, Clint Frazier has still not found his stroke, hitting just .186. In the last month, he hasn’t hit a home run, and for the month of June, he has only ten hits. The is the longest slide of his up and down career.

Now he is on the IL with vertigo. He has gone under several tests, but no cause has been revealed. It could result from his 2018 head-first smash into the wall that caused him to have a concussion and miss some of 2018 and 19. The only talk about Frazier is that he may end up on the trading block.

Gerrit Cole will start today. Hal has faith in him

Gerrit Cole will start game one today of a day-night doubleheader. Cole’s performance has fallen off dramatically since Josh Donaldson of the Indians named him in a conversation on using illegal substances to improve grip. Once MLB announced that they would be regularly checking and suspending for the use of any kind of sticky stuff, Cole’s spin rate affecting ball movement has been off. In June, the New York Yankees have lost three of his five starts. During April, his ERA was 1.43 near the top for pitchers. Now at the end of June, it’s 2.66.

Cole’s last start against the Boston Red Sox was one of the worst of his career. He gave up five runs in five innings, three of them home runs. The Yankees have now lost eight of his sixteen starts, making many wonder if Hal Steinbrenner spent $324 million on an average pitcher that can’t be good unless using illegal substances. However, this week when addressing the team’s woes, managing partner Hal Steinbrenner has reaffirmed his faith in Cole, saying that he is not worried about Cole in a post sticky baseball world.

Cole has a game score of 33. However, 50 is average in the metrics system created by Bill James to measure the pitcher’s effectiveness in a single game.



Will the New York Yankees be buyers or sellers at the deadline?

New York Yankees, Brian Cashman

The New York Yankees GM Brian Cashman was blunt yesterday in saying that the team sucked. To be quite honest, it was honestly refreshing to get away from Aaron Boone’s optimism speeches and here someone say it like it is; this team sucks right now.

Now, I will say, I didn’t like how Cashman refused to blame anything on Boone. His inability to get anything out of this roster should be called out along with the rest of the coaches. That said, there are so many problems with the Yankees that it’s hard to pinpoint the blame.

The Yankees did respond yesterday by pummeling the Angels 11-5. The win snapped a four-game losing streak which included a sweep by the Boston Red Sox. Today is the last day of June and the trade deadline is just around the corner.

The Yankees find themselves in an interesting position. Heading into the season, many pegged The Bombers as a threat to win the World Series. However, now, it’s hard to even imagine this fourth-place team making the playoffs.

The team has the pieces to make a huge second-half run, but it’s hard to even imagine at this point with the way they look. With the deadline coming up, the question will shift from ‘Who will the Yankees get?’ to ‘Are they going to buy or sell?’

Will the Yankees buy?

Brian Cashman didn’t rule out the possibility that the Yankees would be sellers when speaking to the media yesterday. I think the GM is keeping all of his options open at this point and the next couple of weeks will really dictate the rest of the season.

If the Yankees decide to buy, they need to look at centerfield and they need to look at starters. We really don’t know what were going to get out of Corey Kluber and Luis Severino the rest of the way.

If both guys come back and pitch to their potential, that’s huge for the Yankees. However, should the bombers bank on that? Absolutely not. If they want to contend, they need to go out and get another starting pitcher they can rely on to pitch behind Gerrit Cole.

Obviously centerfield has been a disaster with Hicks out and the Yankees need someone of quality patrolling the middle. Perhaps someone like a Starling Marte or Joey Gallo could be in the cards. Ketel Marte would be the ideal target, but it’s hard to see that happening.

Hybrid approach?

If the Yankees completely fall apart in the coming weeks, I definitely see a scenario well they decide to sell. However, it won’t be a sell in the traditional sense. Instead, I could see them selling to build towards a WS run in 2022.

What could that entail? Well, trading Gleyber Torres or Clint Frazier could very well be in the cards. Also trading away some relievers could be in the cards as well. Now, you might ask how trading Gleyber Torres could help in 2022?

Well, I think it’s obvious at this point that Gleyber Torres is not a shortstop. If a team in contention needs a really solid second base option Torres could be the guy. With his potential, the Yankees could still get a good haul for him and they’d be in a position to sign one of the star free agent shortstops in the offseason to replace him.

The situation in The Bronx is extremely fluid at the moment. I still believe that this team has the pieces to make a run, but were at the point where I have to see it to believe it will actually happen. There’s a lot of pressure on Brian Cashman and I’ll be very curious to see the strategy unfold over the next month.

What should the Yankees do at the deadline? Buy to try and win this year or sell to build towards next year?

New York Yankees Recap 6/29: Yankees pummeled the Angels 11-5

New York Yankees, Miguel Andujar

Tonight the New York York Yankees had their second game of the four-game set with the Los Angeles Angels. Last night he lost the first game of the series 5-3, their fourth loss in a row. On the mound for the Yankees tonight was Jameson Taillon and for the Angels Andrew Heaney. The Yankees have been looking to turn things around as they slip further away from the top of the AL East.

Jameson Taillon, the Yankee’s least dependable pitcher, took the mound for the first inning facing the Angel’s David Fletcher, who flew out of left. Shohei Ohtani flew out to Aaron Judge. Anthony Rendon got a two-out double to left-center. Jared Walsh struck out for a good inning for Taillon. At the bottom, DJ LeMahieu faced the Angels Andrew Heaney, and he ground out. Aaron Judge went down on strikes. Then, Gary Sanchez hit a long home run into the right-center field stands for his 14th home run of the season. Giancarlo Stanton walked. Luke Voit went down looking, but the Yankees got ahead in the game on Sanchez’s sole shot. New York Yankees 1 Angels 0.

Max Stassi doubled on a bobbled play by Andujar in left. Rengifo hit into the force, with Stassi taking third. Iglesias got a two-run homer to left. Schebler struck out. Taylor Ward, with two outs, flew out to Gardner to end the half. At the bottom, Gleyber Torres popped out to short. Gio Urshela walked. Miguel Andujar singled, moving Urshela to third base. Brett Gardner sac flew out to left with Urshela scoring. Andujar moved to second. LeMahieu got a long single to right driving in Andujar for the Yankee lead. Aaron Judge got a two-run homer (434′) into Monument Park. Gary Sanchez flew out. Yankees 5 Angels 2.

Fletcher in the third grounded out to third. Ohtani hit his second home run in as many nights. Rendon singled to left. Walsh hit into the force out. Stassi ground out to end the half. Giancarlo Stanton led off the bottom by walking. Luke Voit flew out to deep center field. Torres continued his slump, striking out. Urshela went down looking. Yankees 5 Angels 3.

At the top of the fourth, Renfigo flew out to Judge in right. Iglesias singled. Schebler went down on strikes. Ward flew out to end the half. Miguel Andujar led off the bottom of the fourth by homering to the short porch in right. Gardner walked. With a new pitcher on the mound, LeMahieu faced James Hoyt, and he flew out to right. Aaron Judge flew out to left. Gary Sanchez doubled driving in Gardner from first. Stanton walked. Luke Voit doubled, driving in Sanchez as the Yankees poured it on in the inning. Torres got a two-run single driving in Stanton and Voit as the Yankees went double digits. Urshela struck out to end the inning. New York Yankees 10 Angels 3

Fletcher led off the fifth inning by singling to center. Ohtani hit his second home run in the game and his third home run in the series. Rendon walked. Walsh struck out. Stassi hit into a round-the-horn double play to end the half. Andujar led off the bottom and popped back to the pitcher. Gardner walked. LeMahieu walked. Both runners moved up on a wild pitch. Judge walked. Sanchez, with the bases loaded and one out hit into an inning-ending double play.  New York Yankees 10 Angels 5.

Rengifo flew out to open the sixth. Iglesias singled to left, and that was the night for Jameson Taillon. He was replaced by Nestor Cortes Jr. Schebler was pinch-hit for by Gosellin, who struck out. Ward singled but got run down at second to end the inning. Stanton led off the bottom and struck out. Voit ground out to third. Torres singled to center. Urshela faced the new pitcher Jose Quintana and singled, moving Torres to second. Torres stole third. Andujar with men on the corners and two out doubled going 3 for 4 in the game. Torres scored. Gardner struck out to end the inning. Yankees 11 Angels 5.

The seventh inning was led off by Fletcher, who struck out. Ohtani, who has homered twice in the game, flew out to Gardner in center. Rendon struck out to end the half. At the bottom, LeMahieu ground out to right. Aaron Judge ground out to short. Gary Sanchez popped up to the catcher to end the scoreless inning.

At the top of the eighth, with Albert Abreu on the mound, Walsh walked. Stassi struck out swinging. Rengifo flew out to Judge. Iglesias hit Abreu, but he recovered and fired for the out. At the bottom, Stanton, against new Angel pitcher Alex Claudio flew out. Voit flew out to left. Torres walked. Urshela struck out. Another fast scoreless inning.

With last licks on the line for the Los Angeles Angels, Gosselin took to the plate and ground out to Torres at short. Ward went to first on a hit by pitch. Fletcher sent a bullet down, first caught by Voit. Ohtani ground out to Voit to end the game. The final score was 11-5. The winner was Jameson Taillon, and the loser was Andrew Heaney. With the win, the Yankees broke their four-game losing streak.