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New York Yankees inching closer to Marcus Stroman deal

by Alexander Wilson
Are the New York Yankees interested in trading for Blue Jays pitcher, Marcus Stroman?

As the July 31st trade deadline quickly approaches, the New York Yankees are looking feverishly for a starting pitcher to supplement the number of injuries piling up.

With Luis Severino expected to be out for another six weeks minimum, and James Paxton, CC Sabathia, and more struggling with minor injuries, it’s only right the Bombers look to add to the rotation.

The rumor mill has been hot and heavy and will continue to be leading up to the deadline, but Toronto Blue Jays starter Marcus Stroman is beginning to make more season, despite some fan’s desire to stay away from him.

“Stroman is a New Yorker,” Sun columnist Steve Simmons wrote. “He wants to be a Yankee. He thinks he’s meant for this stage and this place and he hopes to convince Yankees general manager Brian Cashman that he’s worth pursuing.”

One of the more inconsistent pitchers in the league, Stroman has had a solid season so far in 2019. Earning a 3.25 ERA with 88 strikeouts and a 1.274 WHIP (the second lowest in his career with a minimum of 18 games starter), the Blue Jays pitcher is ripe for a deal that would send him to the Bronx.

If his words match up with his abilities, he could be a fantastic addition for the Yanks and a catalyst in helping them succeed during the playoffs.

The primary issue is his cost, as the Jays are looking for a big return. The 28-year-old righty won’t be a free agent until 2021, which gives the team that deals for him two years of security (more like 1-1/2).

While Stroman is having a great season, he’s no ace. The Yanks will wait patiently for the return of their top pitcher, Severino, but having Marcus come in and fit into the rotation is a good idea given the price isn’t astronomical. It’s possible Clint Frazier emerges as a trading piece, but GM Brian Cashman would prefer to keep the offensive maestro.

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Anonymous July 26, 2019 - 2:54 pm

All athletes have egos bigger than themselves. They’re full of themselves. Stroman just shows it more than others. Yankees need Stroman. Also he has never lost to the Red Sox. He is 5-0

Jim McGeean July 16, 2019 - 1:23 pm

My wife and I are avid Yankees fans. We live just outside of Toronto.
Mr. Stroman carries some baggage. He doesn’t seem to be able to control his emotions at times. He has the odd temper tantrum.
He also is very much of an “I Guy” and a “Me Guy” as you see from his quotes. In our opinion, the Yankees should stay as far away as possible from this guy. We think that his attitude would destroy the atmosphere in the Club House.

Alexander Wilson July 16, 2019 - 1:27 pm

Great comment! In that case, let him stay with the Jays haha


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