Should the New York Giants take a flier on LB Rolando McClain?

Should the New York Giants take a flier on Rolando McClain?
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Will the New York Giants consider looking into linebacker Rolando McClain if he is reinstated?

After being suspended indefinitely in 2015 for repeated drug offenses, former Dallas Cowboys linebacker Rolando McClain was unable to return to the football field. Four years later and one important hip surgery later, he’s attempting to make an improbable return.

The Alabama star linebacker had massive expectation entering the league but failed to live up to them with the Oakland Raiders, being cut after just three seasons. In Dallas, he had flashes of quality, racking up over 80 combined tackles in two consecutive seasons with 18 total tackles for a loss over that span.

The Giants have Alec Ogletree, BJ Goodson, and Tae Davis at the position, none of which are consistent players in the middle of the defense. Testing out McClain on a veteran minimum theoretically couldn’t hurt. Even bringing him in for training camp doesn’t spell trouble.

However, his past issues could be a deterrence for general manager Dave Gettleman who’s trying to piece together a high-class organization after years of mayhem.

McClain, who’s turning 30 years old over the weekend, commented on his potential return, according to the NFL:

“Every time I got in my linebacker position, it was bone-on-bone grind,” McClain said. “Not only do I feel good, I’m recovered and I’m rested. I feel better now because I know I’ll be playing with two legs.”


While getting reinstated is the primary obstacle the former defender faces, the more challenging problem could be finding a team to give him a chance at a comeback. I don’t see the harm in bringing him in and throwing him into the mix during training camp or pre-season, but then again, finding a younger rookie with potential could be a better usage of playing time and developmental assets.

I see the Giants ultimately taking the latter route.