Report: Giants’ best offer not close to Saquon Barkley’s desire

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Undoubtedly, the New York Giants emerge as a stronger team when Saquon Barkley is on the field. However, contract renewal negotiations ahead of the 2023 season have been stymied by the Giants’ General Manager, Joe Schoen’s reluctance to meet Barkley’s demand for a substantial amount of guaranteed money.

Barkley’s Contribution to the Giants

Barkley’s aspiration for a long-term extension reflects the loyalty he has shown to the Giants over the years, in spite of consecutive losing seasons and several coaching changes. The 2022 season saw Barkley deliver another impressive performance, amassing 1,312 rushing yards, 338 receiving yards, and 10 total touchdowns. There’s no doubt about Barkley’s deservingness of an extension. However, the issue lies in reconciling the value of the running back position with its inherent risks.

Negotiation Standoff: Balancing Expectations and Reality

Reportedly, Barkley’s contract renewal demands hinge on a guaranteed $22.5 million. However, Ryan Dunleavy of the New York Post revealed that the team’s highest offer stands at $19.5 million guaranteed.

Should the negotiations reach a deadlock by July 17, Barkley would be faced with a critical decision regarding the franchise tag.

Accepting $10.1 million guaranteed is one option, while the alternative is to sit out, thus pushing the Giants into a corner. While the lifespan of the running back position implies that opting out might not be the most strategic move, Barkley could leverage this scenario to force a trade to a team willing to offer him an immediate extension—a proposition the Giants might consider.

Barkley’s Market Value and Potential Compromise

Importantly, Barkley isn’t seeking to break records or match the earnings of Christian McCaffrey; his pursuit is primarily aimed at attaining fair value in the open market and garnering due respect from the team that initially drafted him.

A reasonable agreement might exceed what Schoen is currently willing to offer, but there’s still potential for compromise in the final negotiation hours. As it stands, the Giants, colloquially known as Big Blue, are firmly holding their ground, escalating the pressure and forcing Barkley to make a decision.

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