Giants’ Saquon Barkley calls ‘cap’ on rumored contract demands

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The New York Giants and their star running back, Saquon Barkley, find themselves at a critical junction that necessitates a significant financial decision.

The two parties have a deadline of July 17 to agree on a contract extension. Without that, Barkley will have no alternative but to play on the franchise tag, guaranteeing him $10.1 million.

Debunking Off-Season Rumors

This off-season has seen a flurry of rumors revolving around Barkley’s contract demands. However, Barkley personally dispelled one particular narrative on Wednesday afternoon. Pro Football Talk reported that Barkley was offered a contract valued at $13 million annually, including $26 million over the initial two seasons. Barkley refuted this claim, indicating it was inaccurate, along with various other pieces of information.

Searching for Christian McCaffrey Money?

It was also suggested that Barkley was seeking a payout equivalent to that of Christian McCaffrey, which would provide him with an approximate $16 million per season. Adding to Wednesday’s reports, ESPN’s Dianna Russini raised questions about Saquon’s availability for Week 1 against the Dallas Cowboys if he doesn’t secure a long-term deal.

Barkley’s Limited Choices

Regrettably for Saquon, he finds himself cornered into signing the franchise tag and accepting the guaranteed $10.1 million. Forfeiting a prime year of his career would be an enormous error, especially considering the durability concerns inherent to the running back position.

A Stellar 2022 Performance with the Giants

Coming off a dominant 2022 campaign where he amassed 1,312 rushing yards, 338 receiving yards, and 10 touchdowns, Barkley, a two-time Pro Bowl honoree, understandably desires a long-term extension that offers job security. However, the current NFL trend leans away from overcompensating running backs due to the valuation of the position.

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