New York Giants News, 7/12 – Golden Tate: Eli Manning’s got a lot of juice left

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Good Morning, New York Giants Fans!

Is it just me, or does it seem like every time a new player comes to the Giants, Eli Manning suddenly has “a lot of juice left.” Either the veteran quarterback is looking fantastic in practice, or John Mara is a wizard brain-washing his loyal minions.

I’m betting on the former, but who knows what Mara, he’s done some interesting things during his time at the top. Regardless, the Giants are planning to let Manning battle it out with rookie passer Daniel Jones in a not-so-competitive competition.

As if we are really supposed to believe Jones has a shot at winning this battle? C’mon, how gullible are we…we’ve heard this story before. Eli is going to earn the starting job no matter what, and I have a strange feeling Jones is going to be the better-looking quarterback this offseason. His athleticism and technical prowess is impressive and is improving at a high rate.

Golden Tate, newly acquired wide receiver, stated in relation to Manning:

“What I can I see, Eli Manning‘s got a lot of juice left,” Tate told NFL Network’s Scott Hanson on Total Access on Thursday. “He’s still got some zip on his passes.

“I’ve been impressed. I think we have a really good problem. We’ve got a Hall of Fame-type of quarterback in my mind and we also drafted a guy, a young guy, so we don’t need Daniel to come in and save the day. We just need Daniel to stay on pace, learn as much as he possibly can in a great environment and just take it day by day. We don’t need him to come in tomorrow and win a game. We just need him to stay on pace. I think that’s good news in my mind.”

Seems like the entire team is on the same page here!



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