New York Giants: Eli Manning injects inspiration into Daniel Jones debate

New York Giants, Eli Manning, Daniel Jones

With expectations that New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones will take a step forward in his progression this upcoming season, the offense should experience growth alongside him. Jones is coming off a troublesome 2020 season at 23 years old, throwing for 2,943 yards and 11 touchdowns. He also threw 10 interceptions and fumbled 11 times, compared to 18 during his rookie season in 2019.

Jones has all the tangible traits to be a fantastic quarterback at the NFL level, and the Giants finally spent significant capital on bolstering the unit, adding the likes of Kenny Golladay, Kadarius Toney, and of course, the return of Saquon Barkley.

But Jones has more positive variables set to expedite his improvement, including experience in Jason Garrett’s scheme and his comfort level behind the current offensive line.

The OL is one of the more prominent catalysts in Jones’s development, considering they ranked near the bottom of the NFL in pass-blocking last season. The hope is that better coaching and consistency, including in-person training and preseason, will inspire growth among the young players.

Former Giants quarterback Eli Manning spoke about Jones and his momentum, inspiring optimism into the debate:

“I think also just the fact that from your first year to second year, Jones had a new offensive coordinator, a new coach, and everything going in,” Manning told NFL Network. “Now, at least going from [year] two to three, he has the same offense and the ability to grow within the offense. It’s not just the quarterback getting comfortable; it’s the offensive line, the receivers, everybody getting on that same page. I’m excited for him, I’m excited for the team, and I look forward to good things.”

As we saw during Daniel’s rookie season, he’s capable of throwing 20+ touchdown passes per season and deploying fantastic mobility to pick up yards on the ground. Last season, he tallied 423 yards and one touchdown with his legs but desperately needs to improve with his ball protection and decision-making in the passing game.

The acquisition of Golladay will provide an efficient deep target for Jones, who was one of the most accurate passers 20+ yards downfield in 2020, despite fewer than 10% of his throws traveling that distance.

In addition, signing Kyle Rudolph will provide a safety net in the middle of the field, where Evan Engram was connected to six interceptions last year off tipped passes. The Giants seem to finally be realizing their weaknesses and filling them with players who have those exact strengths. Jones should benefit tremendously, as long as his protection scheme can hold strong in 2021.

New York Giants: Manning brothers to headline alternate Monday Night Football broadcast

New York Giants, Eli Manning

New York Giants fans looking for more of Eli Manning, and his brother Peyton too, will get their wish courtesy of ESPN. The network has been working with both brothers for a while now after their retirements from the league, and the latest development in that is a new deal that will see the Manning brothers host an alternate megacast of Monday Night Football.

ESPN announced the news on Monday, revealing that the deal is set to last three seasons for now and that the brothers will cover 10 games per season. Aside from them, the broadcasts are also set to feature celebrity guests including current and former NFL players.

Produced by ESPN, in conjunction with Omaha Productions, the unique MegaCast option will originate from a remote location. Fans will be treated to a mix of in-the-moment analysis, big picture NFL dialogue, knee-jerk reaction, historical perspective, and more. Peyton and Eli will be joined each week by a to-be-determined host. Iconic and current athletes, as well as celebrities, are expected to appear throughout the season. Fans will never miss any of the action, as a multi-box viewing experience will ensure the game is always visible.

The format seems to be based on the mutli-box megacasts that ESPN has previously used for certain major events such as the College Football Playoff, which display multiple angles and show insights that aren’t on the main broadcast.

It’s just another thing to add to a busy year for Eli Manning. He’s already set to host one ESPN+ show as well as rejoin the Giants organization in a business role.

But considering Eli’s absence from football following his retirement, where not much in the way of news came out about him during that time period, it’s not surprising that he’s added plenty of things to his schedule after his return.

And for Giants fans that want to see more of him after his retirement, there should be no shortage of chances this year as Eli embraces a role in the media more fully.

New York Giants: Daniel Jones and Eli Manning still close in 2021

New York Giants, Eli Manning, Daniel Jones

New York Giants quarterbacks Eli Manning and Daniel Jones didn’t get to spend that long on a team together. While the plan was for Manning to start during Jones’ rookie season, that was quickly thrown off as the Giants got off to a bad start and Jones took over. The Giants didn’t look back. Manning retired, and Jones continued as the starter. However, that doesn’t mean all contact between them was lost when Manning walked away from football.

He’s still been a factor in Jones’ development, and Jones himself recently spoke on that while talking to SiriusXM.

“I think we’re friends and we certainly have stayed in touch. It was a little different this year with COVID. He wasn’t around as much. But yeah, no, we’re friends and I’ve certainly learned a lot from him and he’s helped me a ton,” Jones told SiriusXM.

Manning is finally back with the Giants in an official role for the first time since his retirement. That role, however, seems to be with the business side of the front office instead of one dealing with the team directly. Despite that, it’s hard to imagine Manning’s presence with the organization won’t have any impact on the current roster.

The Giants have a very different looking offense this year, with Jones entering his third season and receiving new help in the form of additional receivers and a returning Saquon Barkley. At a time like this, the experience of someone that’s been a winning quarterback for as long as Manning could prove invaluable.

In the kind of high pressure season that’s to come, that kind of leadership can be the difference between the step forward that everyone expects from Jones and failure.

New York Giants: What Eli Manning has to say about his return

New York Giants, Eli Manning

We know by now that the New York Giants will have Eli Manning with them this season. Not on the field in his former role as quarterback, but in the front office helping with the business side of the organization.

It seems like Manning will have a busy 2021 as it was announced earlier in the offseason that he’ll host a show on ESPN+, but that isn’t the only job on his hands this year. After taking some time away from the game, Eli has decided the front office is where he belongs. What did he have to say about this? Well, according to what he told, it looks like this was a plan for some time now.

“I wanted to take a year off anyway… But I was hoping there would be a spot back with the organization to do the things because of what it’s meant to me. The Giants organization is what I know. Since I’ve been out of college, this is all I’ve done and all I’ve ever wanted to do was do well for the Giants and win games and represent the organization in a positive way, and hopefully I can continue to do that,” Manning said.

It seems like the COVID-19 crisis delayed a deal getting worked out. Supposedly, Manning wasn’t allowed at the team’s practice facility last year due to health and safety restrictions. But when those restrictions eased up, it was a meeting between Manning and John Mara that got things rolling.

“I sat down with John Mara and kind of said, ‘Hey, I’d like to get back involved if you think there’s a spot for me or a way that I can help out.’ From there, we did some brainstorming and figured out a way for me to get back involved,” Manning elaborated further.

The meeting did make the news back when it happened, but it was unknown back then if Manning would actually take a role with the team.

Now, we know the answer. It took longer than some might have expected, but it’s not surprising at all that both sides are back together again. Manning, after all, can boast being the quarterback of the Giants for a decade and a half. After all that time, it’s not so easy to just part ways for good.

The New York Giants picked the perfect game for Eli Manning’s jersey retirement ceremony

New York Giants quarterback, Eli Manning.

Eli Manning is back with the New York Giants. After retiring at the end of the 2019 season, Eli Manning has made his return to football, this time not as a player. Manning has rejoined the Giants in a business operations & fan engagement role, the team officially announced today.

Along with this announcement, the Giants also announced that they have set a date for Eli’s jersey retirement and ring of honor ceremony. Eli Manning will officially have his number ten retired and be inducted into the New York Giants’ Ring of Honor on September 26th, the Giants’ Week 3 matchup with the Atlanta Falcons.

The Giants could have picked any of their home games to induct Eli this season. But the Giants ultimately picked the perfect game to induct Eli Manning into their ring of honor.

Perfect weather

The end of September is the perfect time of the year for football. It is usually sunny out and the temperature is in that perfect stage between the hot summer and the cold winter. Autumn, a beautiful season when the temperature is usually in the 70’s, the sun is out, and football is in full swing.

Football is a unique sport that is played in any weather. That includes the frigid cold of New Jersey’s December. Thankfully, the Giants opted not to schedule Eli’s ceremonial activities in the winter. This date should provide the teams with lovely weather, enticing more fans to pack the stadium full and give Eli Manning the ovation he deserves.

An exciting, winnable matchup

The Giants will likely be the favorites to win their Week 3 matchup this year. The Atlanta Falcons’ roster has depleted in recent years. They possessed one of the NFL’s worst defenses in 2020. Their long-term superstar on offense, wide receiver Julio Jones, was traded away this offseason. Granted, they still have some decent firepower on offense with Calvin Ridley and Kyle Pitts. But the Falcons are expected to be one of the league’s bottom feeders this season.

The new-and-improved New York Giants are expected to be at least middle-of-the-pack in 2021. The team possesses a top-ten defense and made many crucial acquisitions this offseason to fix their offense. Many believe the Giants can make the playoffs if everyone stays healthy this year. It might not be a walk in the park, but the Giants should be able to manage a win over the Falcons on Eli’s big day.

Historic connections

Eli Manning’s first-career start in 2004 was against the Atlanta Falcons. The only home postseason victory of Manning’s career came in 2012 against the Atlanta Falcons in the midst of a historic Super Bowl run. Now, to officially end Eli’s time on the field, he will have his jersey retired and his name placed in the New York Giants’ Ring of Honor during a matchup with the Atlanta Falcons. Poetic.

Giants News, 6/20: Eli Manning drops legendary dad joke, Kadarius Toney shoots back at ‘bust’ narrative

Eli Manning, New York Giants

The legends of former New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning and his jokes throughout the years have vibrated through teammates and coaches alike. Ranging from changing the language settings on his teammates’ phones to cracking harmless jokes, Eli has always been first to reveal a smile, despite his serious face and disciplined ways on the field.

It is always exciting to see Manning creating content behind the scenes with the Giants, and for Father’s Day, he dropped a few legendary jokes, one of which was targeted at Tom Brady.

Eli simply asked, “what’s Tom Brady’s favorite wine?”

To which he responded with the punchline, “I can’t beat the Giants!”

Even after retirement, Manning still finds a way to touch the hearts of Giants fans, and this is yet another example of his value to the franchise off the field.

Kadarius Toney is receiving undeserving negative attention, and hopefully, it doesn’t get to him:

Since when is it a crime for players to have other hobbies aside from football? The Giants’ 20th overall pick has been creating music for years now, but fans seem to believe it is a distraction toward his game and believe his inception with the team thus far has been rocky. Aside from an equipment issue and having to leave mandatory practice early due to a family emergency, Toney has done nothing wrong to deserve this cynical attention he’s been garnering.

Kadarius shot back at fans who barraged his latest music video with negative feedback:

“Don’t kome over here kommenting on my music, and it ain’t got in to do with you! I been rappin almost 3 years now. You late! Football aint goin nowhere. Ima live my life however i want. Watever is said…i don’t kare!” Kadarius tweeted. “On god, football is some i do…it don’t make me who I am.”

Toney has every right to respond to haters that have already constructed an opinion based on fear. However, it is best for him to stay silent and let the negativity pass by without a reaction, as the New York media will always find a way to build upon click-worthy content. However, for the sake of my sanity, the attention that Toney is attracting it’s completely undeserving, and we should wait to see what he accomplishes on the field before making any premature judgments.

New York Giants: Manning brothers join the digital art “NFT” craze

Everyone knows by now that former New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning is getting into television after his retirement, but it looks like he and his brother also have something else they’re working on this year. And that’s something that isn’t the first thing you’d think of as a business venture for two former NFL quarterbacks: the digital art space.

You might have heard by now about the NFT bubble, which is somewhat related to the cryptocurrency space but not the same thing. You might also be confused, but essentially, the technology allows for the sale of art digitally.

It aims to imitate the world of physical art sales, allowing someone to buy an “original” piece of art instead of a copy. The trend has reached the news because of many high profile sales, some worth millions of dollars.

Celebs are starting to take note and it looks like that includes the Manning brothers. According to Adam Schefter, Peyton and Eli Manning are the first former NFL players to join the trend and will do so by launching their own collection on MakersPlace.

The collection is set to go up on the 16th of this month, and a portion of the proceeds go to charity. If you check out the home page of the auction site, you’ll find plenty of types of art ranging from the traditional to more abstract pieces. It will be interesting to see just how the Manning collection does on the market when compared to the rest of the selection.

If you want to buy anything from it yourself, though, you’ll probably have to be prepared to pay up. There’s a recent trend of NFTs going for crazy prices, and the Mannings have the celebrity status that helps with starting a bidding war.

New York Giants: Eli Manning enters TV with new ESPN+ show

New York Giants, Eli Manning

After a quiet year of retirement from former New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning, it looks like we’re going to see more out of him. That’s because Eli has shown interest this year in being back around football in one capacity or another, and right now, that’s coming in the form of working on a TV show for ESPN.

The show, which is going to air on ESPN+, is called Eli’s Places and will go into the story of college football and its famous players and locations. If the name sounds familiar, that’s because the other famous Manning brother also has a show on the network called Peyton’s Places, which follows roughly the same format but focuses on pro football instead of the NCAA.

Peyton’s Places has generally received good ratings, with an 8.6 out of 10 stars on IMDB. It was renewed for a third season back in December, so it looks like the format is already successful and Eli shouldn’t have many problems adapting it to the college ranks.

Earlier in the year, Manning said that he wanted to work more with the Giants. He reportedly visited co-owner John Mara about having some kind of role with the organization, too.

It remains to be seen if him mentoring the younger and sleeker current Giants team will work with his schedule of filming with ESPN+, but with Manning going into TV, it does seem like there’s room for eventual collaborations down the line.

After all, now that we’re all further removed from the controversies surrounding his final seasons in the league and the way the Giants handled him, almost all fans would like to see Eli back around in some form or another.

New York Giants: Eli Manning visits John Mara, looks set for mentor role

New York Giants, Eli Manning

It’s been a bit over a year since New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning walked away from the NFL. But Manning is still connected with the franchise, and has said earlier this year that he wants to do more with the team. According to a recent report from Gary Myers, that might come in the form of mentoring players.

Manning visited the Giants offices and seemingly had a meeting with co-owner John Mara last week. A possible future role with the franchise was one of the things discussed, but it’s been known for a while that Manning isn’t interested in a coaching role. He’s said as much publicly, and it looks like these future plans match up with that idea.

Previously this year, Manning has also talked about going into TV and doing work with ESPN. But even if he’s set to do a show with ESPN+, it looks like he also has some free time to work on other things.

There’s many players on this Giants team that could use veteran mentoring, of course. The most obvious name is quarterback Daniel Jones, but the Giants have gotten younger in general since the last days of Eli’s time with the team. Many veteran faces departed over those years and many of the current starters for the Giants are draft picks who haven’t been able to seriously experience winning yet.

Playing for an organization with high expectations like this and in a tough city like New York isn’t easy – multiple members of the team would probably appreciate the advice from someone that handled it better than anyone.

New York Giants: One year has passed since Eli Manning’s retirement

New York Giants, Eli Manning

After the turbulent 2020 season, it might seem like it’s been longer than it has. But it’s only been one year since New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning walked away from the NFL. Some thought at the time that Manning would end up playing for another team. Names like New Orleans were thrown around in the conversation, but Manning made the choice to remain “only a Giant” and retire for good with the franchise he spent his whole career with.

He walked away having done everything there was to do, of course. He never missed a game because of an injury, has numerous franchise records, and started 210 consecutive games before his streak was ended controversially in a decision that was widely panned by Giants fans. And of course, he was a two time Super Bowl champion and two time Super Bowl MVP.

Manning slipped out of the spotlight without drama for the Giants when he was replaced by Daniel Jones a couple of games into his final season. But that just fits with the rest of his career, considering his reputation for staying out of off the field drama.

These days, Manning has talked about his plans to move into TV with ESPN and has also said he could do some more things with the Giants in the near future. What those things are remains to be seen, but there’s various possibilities opened up by his work with ESPN.

And as for the Giants, it also remains to be seen if they’ve found their real replacement for Manning. It’s unlikely there will be another Eli Manning for the Giants, but the front office is hoping in the success of Daniel Jones. For the 2021 season, we may just find out a lot more about whether Jones can fill Manning’s shadow.