Giants’ Week 4 matchup against Seattle just got much more difficult

NFL: New York Giants at Seattle Seahawks
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In the intense world of NFL matchups, the New York Giants find themselves devoid of the cover of injury-related excuses. Despite the absence of Andrew Thomas and Ben Bredeson in their recent clash with the San Francisco 49ers, not many analysts are leaning on this to rationalize the team’s disappointing outcome.

While some squads receive a certain leniency due to injury setbacks, fortune doesn’t seem to favor the Giants. The Seattle Seahawks, in a twist of fate, are welcoming back a dynamo from their defense.

Jamal Adams Returns to Action

Jamal Adams, a three-time Pro Bowl honoree and First-Team All-Pro pick in 2019, is set to re-enter the gridiron this season. Adams, after enduring a torn quad tendon in Week 1 of the previous year, has embarked on a determined journey back to optimal health. His anticipated return promises to bolster a Seattle team in need of his services.

Reflecting on his last full season in 2021, Adams showcased his prowess in 872 snaps, amassing seven pressures and 63 tackles. His coverage skills led to him yielding 252 yards, conceding two touchdowns, and seizing two interceptions.

At nearly 28, Adams’ presence in Seattle’s lineup promises an infusion of vibrancy in the strong safety position, known to shift game dynamics in mere moments. Although more than a year has elapsed since his last game, it’s prudent to expect a measured playtime for Adams. This might spell a tad relief for the Giants in Week 4. However, given their offensive challenges in the initial three weeks, facing even a fraction of Adams’ energy might pose significant hurdles.

Silver Linings for the Giants?

The winds might carry a hint of optimism for the Giants, as Andrew Thomas and Ben Bredeson are likely to mark their presence next Monday. This would invigorate their offensive prowess, a boon especially if Saquon Barkley remains sidelined.

Daniel Jones is in dire need of extended pocket time to effectively strategize and capitalize on downfield routes. This need became evident in Week 3, where the formidable pass rush hampered their strategies, limiting opportunities for talents like Jalin Hyatt.

Seattle’s Pass Rush: A Force to Reckon With

Three weeks into the season, data from PFF places Seattle’s pass rush at a commendable 12th rank in the NFL. Their defense has been proactive, manifesting 62 total pressures and securing six sacks, outpacing the Giants substantially. Players like interior defender Mario Edwards Jr. and Jarran Reed have notably stepped up, with Reed contributing 11 pressures and two sacks.

The Giants’ interior offensive line faces a pressing need to elevate their game. Yet, the introduction of an athletic powerhouse like Adams is bound to further complicate their task, especially when it comes to discerning blitzes.

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