Giants’ Tyrod Taylor takes full blame for crucial end-of-half mistake

New York Giants head coach Brian Daboll speaks with New York Giants quarterback Tyrod Taylor (2) at a timeout during the first half against the Buffalo Bills at Highmark Stadium

The New York Giants were just one play away from beating the Buffalo Bills on Sunday night. One controversial play from the end of the first half of the matchup stood out. A squandered, goal-line opportunity ultimately cost the Giants the game and QB Tyrod Taylor took full blame for the crucial mistake.

The Giants squandered a golden opportunity

At the end of the second quarter, the Giants had an opportunity to get some points and extend their lead heading into the halftime interval. With the ball at the one-yard line and 14 seconds left on the clock, New York ran the football and was stuffed for no gain. The clock ran out and Big Blue walked away from the scoring chance with zero points.

This epic failure on the goal line would ultimately cost the Giants the game as they lost by just five points (14–9). Had they managed to get the ball end zone, those points could have secured the victory for Big Blue.

Brian Daboll praises Tyrod Taylor but admits his crucial mistake

Immediately after the failed rushing attempt, backup quarterback Tyrod Taylor was berated by head coach Brian Daboll. Even though Daboll said he thought Taylor did “a heck of a job” in the game, he also admitted that it was his quarterback who made the costly call to run the football at the end of the first half.

Daboll explained to the media that he communicated to Taylor to throw the ball in that situation. But Daboll said that Taylor “saw a look based on the play that we had, and he ended up alerting it [to a run].”

Taylor takes full blame for the costly mistake

Shortly after Daboll explained the situation to the media, Taylor owned up to the mistake.

“Yeah, it was a decision, looking back on it, definitely shouldn’t have made,” Taylor said. “Alerted to a run, thought I saw a look that was beneficial for us, and it wasn’t the right call. That falls on me, as a quarterback, as a leader, as the one that’s communicating everything to everyone – got to be better in that situation.”

Taylor told reporters that he thought he would have enough time to spike the ball and run a second play, but ultimately made the wrong decision.

“Yeah, I did. But yeah ultimately, I should have just let the play on and shouldn’t have alerted it.”

Football is a game of inches and the margin for error in the NFL is paper thin. While Taylor and the Giants put in a strong effort against the Bills in Buffalo, they cannot afford to make such costly mistakes in such crucial situations.

Big Blue will have a chance for redemption as they seek their first home win of the season next weekend, hosting the Washington Commanders on Sunday.

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