Giants: Takeaways from embarrassing 24–3 loss to the Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks defensive end Mario Edwards Jr. (97) strips the ball from New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones (8) and the Seahawks recovered at MetLife Stadium
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The New York Giants are 1-3 following an embarrassing 24–3 loss to the Seattle Seahawks on Monday Night Football. The Week 4 matchup turned into a complete demolition in favor of the Seahawks as Big Blue got exposed once again on primetime.

Everything is falling apart

Things are off to a historically bad start for Big Blue this season after entering the campaign as projected postseason contenders. The team looks lost on the field and only seems to be getting worse as the weeks go on.

The broadcast caught HC Brian Daboll getting visibly frustrated with his quarterback on multiple occasions. This all culminated with Daboll tossing his tablet down in disgust and walking away from Jones.

Every aspect of the Giants’ offense is a disaster

The Giants’ offense committed three turnovers, all released by the hands of QB Daniel Jones. New York’s signal-caller lost one fumble and threw two interceptions, including a 97-yard pick-six.

Jones played poorly in this game. Both of the interceptions can be attributed to the fault of the quarterback. However, Big Blue’s offensive line was equally as bad, if not worse.

The Giants’ battered front line surrendered 11 sacks to the Seahawks. Jones was constantly under pressure as his offensive linemen were quickly beaten on a frequent basis.

But Jones also missed open receivers, made bad decisions, and threw inaccurate/late passes that resulted in turnovers. Additionally, his receivers struggled to make plays and could rarely find themselves open throughout the game.

Every aspect of the Giants’ offense was a disaster in this game. From subpar play-calling, poor offensive line play, a weak running game, all the way to the bad decision-making of the quarterback. Something needs to change, and it needs to change quickly.

The defense wasn’t that bad

New York held the Seahawks’ offense to just 17 points as one of their touchdowns was contributed by the defense on a pick-six. But, taking things a step forward, another 7 points that the Seahawks’ offense scored came after their defense forced a fumble inside the red zone, setting their offense up with a short field and an easy opportunity to score a touchdown.

Essentially, Seattle’s defense directly contributed to 14 of their 24 points. The Giants’ defense managed to hold the Seahawks’ offense to just 10 points in the contest. Had the offense managed to match the defense’s level of play, New York could have made this matchup a close game.

Next, the Giants will travel to Miami to face the high-powered Dolphins who are averaging a league-high 37.5 points per game this season. New York is already considered a 10.5-point underdog for this game.

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