Giants’ rookie receiver changes number to emulate Odell Beckham Jr.

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When New York Giants rookie receiver Jalin Hyatt stepped onto the practice field this Wednesday afternoon, he turned heads—many thought they were seeing a young Odell Beckham Jr. in action. Just like OBJ, one of the most electrifying talents the Giants have seen in the last decade, Hyatt donned the number 13 jersey.

The OBJ Nod and Twitter Love

In a tribute to OBJ, Hyatt switched his number from 84 to 13. Beckham Jr., ever the mentor, took to Twitter to send a heartfelt message to the emerging talent from Tennessee.

Hyatt has been turning up the heat this preseason, showing off his top-tier burst and speed, all promising signs for an exhilarating 2023 NFL season.

Preseason Flair: Hyatt’s Promising Numbers

Across seven targets, the rookie didn’t disappoint—racking up five receptions for an impressive 71.4% reception rate. His stats also boast 31 yards and a touchdown. The highlight? A 33-yard touchdown pass from backup quarterback Tyrod Taylor that had fans on their feet.

The Touchdown Breakdown: Taylor and Hyatt’s Synergy

In this particular play, Taylor, while taking a hit, hurled a deep pass. Hyatt, with a slight hesitation move, zipped past the deep safety. The defensive back had zero chances of catching up with the rookie in full stride. Hyatt then dramatically slowed, almost to a stop, and effortlessly caught the touchdown pass.

Overhauling the Giants Offense: New Additions Galore

Let’s face it: The Giants’ offense has been starved for dynamism in recent years, thanks to both lackluster pass-blocking and a dearth of true playmakers. But things are looking up. This off-season, the front office injected fresh blood into the receiver unit, including Hyatt, Parris Campbell, and trade acquisition Darren Waller. This is without even mentioning the return of stalwarts like Sterling Shepard and Wan’Dale Robinson.

The Scouting Report: Hyatt’s Raw Potential

Hyatt may not be the next OBJ, but the Giants see a lot of upside in him. Slipping to the third round of the draft due to questions about his route-running ability, the Giants conducted a thorough assessment, diving deep into how Tennessee leveraged his skills in their air-raid offense.

Tennessee’s Missed Opportunity: Route-Running Concerns

Interestingly, it seems Tennessee may have left some of Hyatt’s potential untapped, particularly in route running, which raised red flags during the draft. The Giants, however, are banking on his speed to stretch the field vertically, opening up opportunities for other receivers and loosening up stacked defensive formations against the run.

Looking Ahead: A New Offensive Landscape in 2023

One thing’s clear: The Giants’ offense is poised for a significant shift in 2023. With Hyatt’s elite speed, we can expect defensive backs to be drawn deep, opening up new strategic avenues for other Giants’ playmakers. Keep your eyes peeled; Hyatt is primed to play a major role in this transformation.

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