Giants’ path to drafting a quarterback might go through the Patriots

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The New York Giants are likely out of range to draft the 2024 NFL Draft class’s top quarterback prospects with the No. 6 overall pick. Trading up to No. 1 overall will likely be too expensive and force the G-Men to mortgage too much of their future for one prospect. Alternatively, the Giants could explore a trade up to the No. 3 overall selection, which is currently held by the New England Patriots.

According to ESPN’s Dan Graziano, “there are people around the league who believe they are open to trading the No. 3 selection.” The Patriots will be in the market for a quarterback this offseason but could opt to go the route of free agency to finally solidify the position for the first time since Tom Brady’s departure back in 2020. This could create a path for the Giants to trade up and land their quarterback.

Giants could aim to trade up with the Patriots to draft a quarterback

The free agency market should feature a robust class of quarterbacks this offseason. Names like Kirk Cousins and Baker Mayfield stand out as impending free agents that could solve a team’s quarterback position overnight. For a roster as far from contending as the Patriots’ is, trading down to accumulate additional draft capital and fill more needs might be an attractive proposition.

Graziano wrote that “moving back in the draft and addressing the quarterback position in free agency” could be the Patriots’ plan this offseason. He also listed two teams to keep an eye on for a potential trade to the No. 3 pick, however, the Giants were not among them:

“If the Pats do trade that pick — which could be Daniels or Maye — the two teams I’d keep an eye on are the Falcons (moving from the No. 8 spot) and the Vikings (moving from the No. 11 spot, assuming they don’t bring back Cousins).”

The Giants could realistically make a move up three spots to draft their quarterback. Instead of potentially sending three first-round picks to the Bears for the No. 1 pick, they could likely move up to the No. 3 pick for some additional second-round choices.

UNC’s Drake Maye or LSU’s Jayden Daniels would be the top option for the Giants, depending on which quarterback gets selected at No. 2. USC’s Caleb Williams is expected to be off the board with the No. 1 pick in the draft, but if the Giants move up into the top-three, they could land one of the next-best quarterback prospects.

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