Giants’ OC Mike Kafka details what he wants from Daniel Jones in 2022

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The New York Giants are implementing a new offensive scheme this year. After a couple of years of ineptitude, the new coaching staff is going all-in to fix the Giants’ offense. New head coach Brian Daboll and new offensive coordinator Mike Kafka are two of the brightest offensive minds in the NFL. All eyes will be on quarterback Daniel Jones as he finally has a coaching staff capable of unlocking his maximum potential. OC Mike Kafka recently detailed what he wants to see out of Jones in the 2022 season.

Mike Kafka wants Daniel Jones to have more ‘flexibility’ on offense

Former offensive coordinator Jason Garrett failed to bring out the best in Daniel Jones. Garrett and Jones combined to create a painfully conservative offense devoid of risks. Many times it appeared that Daniel Jones lacked autonomy in the Giants’ offense. This will change under Brian Daboll and Mike Kafka. Daniel Jones “loves” having flexibility, something recently noted by offensive coordinator Mike Kafka:

“(Jones) loves having so much flexibility at the line of scrimmage with the protections, with checking stuff at the line of scrimmage, just with the ability to get on the same page with the receivers. Receivers have some flexibility with routes … you know, be able to work in different voids and spaces.” – Mike Kafka via

Giving Daniel Jones ‘freedom’

Daniel Jones will no longer be put in a box and asked to comply. Brian Daboll and Mike Kafka have worked in their careers with quarterbacks Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes. One thing both of these quarterbacks have in common: the ability to make plays off-script. The box is about to be opened up for Daniel Jones in a similar fashion, which will give him “freedom” on the field, as Mike Kafka describes:

“I’m not big on putting guys in a box, so I like giving them some freedom, giving them some baseline guidelines to work within, and then letting those guys work it out because at the end of the day, you know I’m staying on the sideline. I’m in the press box or whatever it is and those guys are the guys on the field. They gotta go play so they got to make sure that they’re on the same page.” – Mike Kafka via

Daniel Jones’s career has gotten off to a shaky start. He showed promise as a rookie after being a surprise top-ten draft pick in 2019. Jones showed flashes in 2020, but things went off the rails in 2021. This past season, Daniel Jones only managed only 10 touchdown passes in 11 starts with a 4-7 record as the starting quarterback of the Giants. The New York Giants’ offense averaged 15.2 points per game this past season. Brian Daboll and Mike Kafka intend to turn things around and steer New York’s offense back toward competency.

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