Giants’ rookie corner shines against Lions in joint practices

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The New York Giants have been making headlines with the standout performances of their young prospects, particularly 6th-round pick Tre Hawkins and first-round selection Deonte Banks. Their athletic prowess and potential are stirring excitement among fans and coaching staff alike.

Tre Hawkins: A Promising Start With the Giants

Hawkins, a potential late-round gem, has been turning heads during training camp. His tangible traits and stellar performance have allowed him to work his way into the first team on multiple occasions, signaling great promise.

Deonte Banks: Shining Against the Detroit Lions

While Hawkins is a name to watch, it was Deonte Banks who caught the eye in joint practices against the Detroit Lions. Here’s a detailed look at Banks’ remarkable qualities:

Superior Athleticism

The Giants and defensive coordinator Wink Martindale have high expectations for Banks, widely regarded as one of the best athletes at the cornerback position in the past decade. His record stands out:

  • Third-best athletic score in the past 10 years
  • Highest-rated athlete at corner in this year’s draft class
  • 4.35 40-yard dash and 1.49 10-yard split

Banks not only possesses superior athleticism but also the essential makeup to be an elite cornerback in the NFL.

Great Corner Support

If there’s a talent that Martindale is renowned for identifying, it’s great corners who can support his man coverage-heavy scheme. Banks fits this profile perfectly:

  • NFL Prospect Grade: 6.37, indicating an above-average corner in the future
  • Last Year’s Performance: Only 258 yards given up across 60 targets, with 26 receptions allowed
  • 12 forced incompletions, grading as one of the top corners in the draft class

Dominant Performance Against Detroit

During Wednesday’s practice against the Detroit Lions, Banks’ abilities were on full display. In 7V7 drills:

  • He blanketed star Lions receiver Amon-Ra St. Brown, a top slot option
  • Disrupted wide receiver Josh Reynolds, forcing an incompletion

His great size and length stood out against a quality offense, showcasing his readiness for NFL-level competition.

The Preseason Game Against Detroit

Although the Giants are likely to rest most of their starters for the first preseason game on Friday against Detroit, Banks’ rookie status means that live action could be beneficial for his development. Fans may expect to see him on the field for the first series, though the Giants will certainly handle their primary starters with caution to minimize injury risk.

The Future Looks Bright

The remarkable performances of Tre Hawkins and Deonte Banks have placed them firmly in the spotlight, and New York Giants fans are rightfully excited about their future prospects. With a blend of athleticism, skill, and potential, Banks, in particular, is poised to become a key player for the team, demonstrating qualities that are sure to make him an elite NFL cornerback.

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