Giants currently hold 2nd overall draft pick after getting blown out in Week 10

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At 2-8, the New York Giants currently hold the second-overall pick in the upcoming 2024 NFL Draft, per Tankathon. Ahead of them is only the 1-8 Carolina Panthers whose draft pick is owned by the Chicago Bears. As this season continues to spiral out of control for the Giants, the possibility of landing the first-overall pick in the draft becomes evermore realistic.

Arizona Cardinals help move the Giants up the draft board

Sunday’s blowout loss to the Dallas Cowboys dropped the Giants to 2-8 on the season, giving them the same record as multiple other teams vying for the top selection in the draft. New York’s record is tied with the New England Patriots and Arizona Cardinals, however, Big Blue has the tie-breaker with the lowest strength of schedule (.522), giving them the second-overall pick.

The Cardinals entered the week in possession of the first-overall pick in the draft as the G-Men held the third pick. But Kyler Murray’s return to the football field saw Arizona pick up their second win of the season, moving the Giants up in the draft order.

Of course, the draft order is subject to significant changes between now and the end of the regular season. However, it is very likely the Giants will be picking inside the top five and they could possibly find themselves owning the first-overall pick in the draft.

Is the first-overall pick a possibility?

In their 98-year history as an NFL franchise, the Giants have held the first overall pick in the draft only twice — first in 1951 and most recently in 1965.

It has been nearly six decades since Big Blue owned the top pick in the draft, but it could happen once again this upcoming offseason. The Panthers have a number of winnable games remaining this season with a .512 strength of schedule. Considering the poor quality of the Giants, it is difficult to envision them winning many more games this season.

If the Panthers can pick up a few wins down the stretch, they can very likely end the season with more wins than the Giants, leaving the first-overall pick in New York’s hands.

In 2018, the G-Men held the second-overall pick, drafting RB Saquon Barkley. They have picked inside the top 10 in four of the last six years with the most recent 2023 NFL Draft being the lone outlier outside of the top 20. But, after this disastrous season, the team is once again staring down a top pick in the draft order.

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