After coming up short at UFC Vegas 20, what’s next for Jimmie Rivera?

This past Saturday at UFC Vegas 20, Jimmie Rivera (23-5) and Pedro Munhoz (19-5, 1 NC) went to battle for the second time. The two men had previously fought back in 2015 with Jimmie Rivera edging out a split decision victory.

It was apparent from the opening bell that this fight would go a little differently. Like the first fight, this fight was very competitive. However, from the first round at UFC Vegas 20, Pedro Munhoz had the advantage.

Rivera was able to land some big punches early on, but Munhoz was doing serious damage with calf kicks. By the end of the first round, Rivera was walking with a limp and was trying to disguise how badly he was hurt.

From that moment on, Rivera couldn’t get any momentum going. Munhoz seemed to be getting the better of the exchanges due to the fact that Rivera couldn’t plant down on his shots.

In the final round at UFC Vegas 20, Jimmie Rivera did go for it. He was swinging with everything he had trying to get the finish he needed, but it wasn’t enough. In the end, Pedro Munhoz walked away with a unanimous decision victory.

What’s next after UFC Vegas 20?

Jimmie Rivera started his UFC career at 5-0. At that point in his career, he was 21-1 heading into a matchup against Marlon Moraes. Since that matchup, Jimmie Rivera is just 2-4 in six matchups.

However, it is worth noting that all four of the losses came against guys who are inside the UFC’s top eight at bantamweight. Rivera has only lost to some of the elites in the division so it’s not time to write off El Terror just yet.

With the loss, I think you need to look down in the divisional rankings for his next matchup. One fight I would be interested in is seeing Rivera take on Chito Vera (16-7-1). Vera has looked great over the last couple of years and he’s 15th in the division.

He’s coming off of a loss as well so the timing makes sense. Another potential matchup could be Rivera against Merab Dvalishvili (12-4). Merab has won five in a row and he’s currently ranked 12th. From a rankings perspective, this could be the angle the UFC goes with.

After snapping losing streak at UFC Vegas 20, what’s next for Pedro Munhoz?

Pedro Munhoz, UFC

This past Saturday at UFC Vegas 20, we got to see the highly anticipated rematch between Pedro Munhoz (19-5, 1 NC) and Jimmie Rivera (23-5). The two men had previously met in 2015 and prior to this, their rematch had fallen through every time the UFC tried to book it.

Well, the rematch was worth the wait. From the opening bell at UFC Vegas 20, both guys were slinging heat. Rivera was able to crack Munhoz with some serious punches throughout the fight. However, Munhoz’s primary weapon was doing the most damage.

As soon as the fight started, Munhoz started working the low calf kick. This kick has revolutionized the sport over the last year or so and it made an impact very quickly on Saturday night. Rivera stands heavy on his front foot with relying on his boxing power.

This left his calf exposed for powerful kicks. Halfway through the first round, Rivera was already exploring with changing stances and limping. Throughout the rest of the fight, Munhoz continued to work that leg and it limited Rivera’s ability to attack.

While Rivera did have moments where he landed good shots, he couldn’t string together enough attacks. Munhoz peppered him throughout and was able to avenge his loss in their first fight and snap his two-fight losing streak in the UFC.

What’s next after UFC Vegas 20?

UFC Vegas 20 was a must-win for Pedro Munhoz. Munhoz wasn’t in danger of getting cut had he lost, but if he wants to be a serious contender, he couldn’t afford to lose three fights in a row.

With this win, Munhoz is in a little bit of an awkward spot in the division. Most of the guys in front of him are either coming off losses or are currently booked. I don’t believe he’s going to get a top five opponent unless that person is coming off of a loss.

With that in mind, I think the UFC will explore a couple of options. One option would be the winner of the Dominick Cruz – Casey Kenney fight. More than likely it would make sense if Cruz wins that fight.

Another potential option for Munhoz could be the loser of this weekend’s title fight. I’m sure the UFC will find Munhoz a great option for his next fight. He’s said that he wanted to fight TJ Dillashaw, however, I think the promotion has other plans for Dillashaw at this time.

After UFC Vegas 20 win, what’s next for Magomed Ankalaev?

This past Saturday at UFC Vegas 20, Magomed Ankalaev (15-1) and Nikita Krylov (27-8) went head-to-head in a pivotal match in the light heavyweight division. The winner of this matchup would only be a win or two away from a UFC title shot.

In the first round, Nikita Krylov was getting the better of the exchanges. Krylov was using his kicks nicely and his clinch control was impressive. All three judges gave the first round to Krylov. However, after round one, the momentum switched.

Magomed Ankalaev came out very aggressive to start the second round. There was a lot of pressure from Ankalaev and he started working his wrestling. Krylov couldn’t get anything going at UFC Vegas 20 once Ankalaev started going downhill.

Neither man did serious damage to the other throughout the fight. It was a tactical affair that was relatively easy to call once the final bell sounded. It was clear that Ankalaev had won the last two rounds with his forward pressure and his wrestling.

When the judges scorecards were read, Ankalaev won 29-28 on all three scorecards. After losing his UFC debut by a last second triangle choke, Magomed Ankalaev has now won six fights in a row at 205 pounds.

What’s next after UFC Vegas 20?

The hype train continues for the light heavyweight from Dagestan. Ankalaev looks to be the kind of contender that can challenge for the light heavyweight title in the next year or so. With that, what should the UFC do with him next?

Considering what is currently on the books, I think a matchup in April would provide the perfect opponent for Ankalaev. At UFC 261 in April, Anthony “Lionheart” Smith (34-16) will be taking on Jimmy Crute (12-1).

Smith is currently ranked sixth while Crute is ranked 12th in the light heavyweight division. Whoever wins this matchup would be the perfect next opponent for Ankalaev. I belive this is where the promotion will head. Whoever would win the matchup between the winner and Ankalaev might just be one victory away from a UFC title shot.

What’s next for Jairzinho Rozenstruik after UFC Vegas 20 loss?

This past Saturday at UFC Vegas 20, we saw a battle of top ten heavyweights in the main event. Jairzinho Rozenstruik (11-2) was tasked in trying to derail the hype train of the undefeated, Ciryl Gane (8-0).

Rozenstruik is one of the most powerful strikers in all of the UFC. Bigi Boy has over 70 professional kickboxing victories and he’s stormed through all competition inside the octagon outside of Francis Ngannou.

Both of these contenders were coming off of victories against former heavyweight champion, Junior Dos Santos. The fight was being built up as a battle of finishers and many didn’t think this fight would go the distance.

However, there was a lack of action on Saturday night and ultimately many were disappointed with UFC Vegas 20‘s main event. The main issue with the main event was the lack of aggressiveness from Rozenstruik.

Gane had a good game plan and was racking up points on the outside. While nothing had a ton of steam on it, Gane was popping Rozenstruik with jabs and kicks all night. Rozenstruik appeared to be waiting for one big knockout shot, however, there was no urgency.

Heading into the fifth round, Rozenstruik needed a finish to win. He had lost all four rounds on all three scorecards. When the final round started, there was still no urgency from Rozenstruik and Gane walked to a decision win. Bigi Boy is now 1-2 in his last three in the UFC.

What’s next after UFC Vegas 20?

While Rozenstruik didn’t get finished at UFC Vegas 20, his stock took a major hit. Rozenstruik appeared to be fighting with a similar strategy that Derrick Lewis fought Curtis Blaydes with, however, he wasn’t throwing when he had openings.

Instead, he seemed content with staying on the outside while he was getting outpointed by Gane. So what does the UFC do with Bigi Boy after this performance? Well, I think there are a couple of options for Rozenstruik.

A matchup I actually like is the rematch with Alistair Overeem (47-19,1 NC). The two men fought in late 2019 and Overeem was winning the entire fight. However, in the last ten seconds, Rozenstruik landed a bomb that gave him the knockout victory.

I believe a lot of people would want to see the rematch. I think another fun matchup could be Rozenstruik against Walt Harris (13-9, 1 NC). The Big Ticket has lost a couple in a row, but he always brings the fight to his opponent. I believe either of these matchups would be a fun next step for Jairzinho Rozenstruik.

What’s next for Ciryl Gane after his win at UFC Vegas 20?

Ciryl Gane UFC

This past Saturday at UFC Vegas 20, the heavyweights took center stage and were in the main event. Undefeated prospect, Ciryl Gane (8-0), took on Jairzinho Rozenstruik (11-2). The matchup between these two looked to be a pivotal matchup for the UFC’s heavyweight division.

Both Gane and Rozenstruik were being built up as finishers heading into this contest. Rozenstruik had the one punch knockout power while Gane had a repertoire that included elite striking and great submissions for a heavyweight.

After the Derek Lewis knockout at UFC Vegas 19, there was high expectations for this matchup. Well, it didn’t turn out to be the firefight that some people were expecting. However, it was incredibly one-sided.

It was apparent early on what the strategy was for both men. Rozenstruik was looking for one big shot to end the night while Gane was staying light-footed and striking from the outside. While Gane’s performance wasn’t flashy, it was incredibly effective.

Rozenstruik struggled to get any offense off during the five rounds. Gane stayed on the outside and just popped Bigi Boy with jabs and kicks. In the end, UFC Vegas 20 was a disappointment if you wanted to see a finish. However, if you’re a fan of Ciryl Gane, you had to enjoy his dominance.

What’s next after UFC Vegas 20?

When the scorecards were read at UFC Vegas 20, all three judges scored the contest 50-45 for Ciryl Gane. The French heavyweight stayed unbeaten and he is bound to be in the top four of the rankings at heavyweight when they come out tomorrow.

Dana White wasn’t thrilled with the performance, but at the end of the day, a dominant win is a dominant win. Gane did what he had to do and it was a complete shutout. You can’t fault the man for that.

So what will the UFC do with Ciryl Gane after this victory? Well, I think the perfect opponent for Gane would be the winner of the UFC Vegas 18 headliner. Alexander Volkov (33-8) should be next for Gane.

When the rankings come out tomorrow, both of these men should be ranked inside the top five. Both carry winning streaks and both probably need another win or two before they earn themselves a UFC title shot. I believe this is the path the promotion should go, and I believe they ultimately will go this route.

Ciryl Gane shuts out Jairzinho Rozenstruik at UFC Vegas 20

Ciryl Gane UFC

In the main event at UFC Vegas 20 we saw a battle between two top seven heavyweights. Jairzinho Rozenstruik (11-1) took on Ciryl Gane (7-0) and the winner of this matchup would put themselves in excellent position in the heavyweight division.

In his brief UFC career, there haven’t been many heavyweights as impressive as Ciryl Gane. Gane is 4-0 with three finishes in his career with the promotion, but it’s been the way he’s earned those stoppages that’s been impressive.

While Gane has an excellent striking pedigree, he has two submissions in his UFC career thus far. In fact, half of his wins that he’s finished have come via submission. That well-rounded game was something he was going to need in taking on a striker like Rozenstruik.

Jairzinho Rozenstruik has over seventy wins as a professional kickboxer and he’s shown off his finishing ability inside the UFC. All five of his wins inside the octagon have come via knockout. Only one out of his eleven victories has gone to the judges.

Rozenstruik looked like he was on the verge of a title shot in early 2020. However, he suffered a quick knockout loss to Francis Ngannou. Rozenstruik bounced back well at UFC 252 with a win over Junior Dos Santos and he was looking to continue that momentum this evening.

UFC Vegas 20 Recap

Round 1

The UFC Vegas 20 main event kicks off with a touch of the gloves. Immediately, Gane is very light on his feet. Rozenstruik throws a wild right hand to start things, but it doesn’t come close to landing. A nice stiff jab from Gane snaps Rozenstruik’s head back.

Rozenstruik blitzes forward, but nothing lands on Gane. Gane seemed extremely comfortable on the outside while Rozenstruik was just looking to time him. A nice calf kick lands for Gane and he follows it with a jab.

Gane lands a body kick and Rozenstruik was looking very patient in round one. A nice jab to the body lands for Gane. Gane throws a sloppy body kick and Rozenstruik blitzes with massive shots. However, nothing landed clean for Bigi Boy.

Gane steps forward with a left hand that lands, but Rozenstruik backs him away with huge power shots. Another solid shot lands for Gane and he shoots for a takedown. Rozenstruik defended well and kept the fight along the fence. Gane lands the takedown just before the round ends. 1-0 Gane at UFC Vegas 20.

Round 2

The second round at UFC Vegas 20 starts with a leg kick and jab from Ciryl Gane. Rozenstruik was staying patient and appeared to be looking for one big knockout shot here. Gane steps forward and lands a decent right hook.

Another nice jab and leg kick lands for Ciryl Gane. Rozenstruik’s head is snapped back by another jab from Gane. Rozenstruik looked a little frustrated by Ciryl Gane. Gane lands another nice shot then throws a huge power leg kick.

Rozenstruik pushes forward with a few punches that don’t land, but he lands a nice leg kick at the end. Gane goes back to work with leg kicks of his own. Another stiff jab lands for Gane. Rozenstruik pushes forward and Gane changes levels looking for a takedown.

However, Rozenstruik defended well and the two ended up along the fence. Gane goes for a throw and briefly gets the back of Rozenstruik. He tries to lock in a rear-naked choke and almost gets it, but Rozenstruik defended well. It’s 2-0 Ciryl Gane at UFC Vegas 20.

Round 3

After two rounds at UFC Vegas 20, it’s all Ciryl Gane. Rozenstruik couldn’t string anything together in the first two rounds, and his corner was incredibly frustrated. The third round starts with a big left straight from Ciryl Gane.

Gane was very light on the feet and he was mixing up kicks to all three levels. Every time Rozenstruik tried to move forward, Gane would slide out of range. Gane was working front kicks and jabs to keep Rozenstruik at range here in the third.

A big overhand right hand lands for Gane. Rozenstruik pushes forward and tries to land his own combination. He seemed to be getting more aggressive halfway through the third. A front body kick lands for Ciryl Gane.

Two nice jabs from Gane pop Rozenstruik’s head back. A straight left lands for Ciryl Gane and he ducks out of the way of a wild shot from Rozenstruik. A big combination lands for Ciryl Gane. The third round closes at UFC Vegas 20 and it’s 3-0 Gane on my scorecard.

Round 4

Jairzinho Rozenstruik needs to get something going as we enter the fourth at UFC Vegas 20. Gane lands two stiff jabs to start the striking in the fourth. Gane abandons a sloppy takedown attempt after Rozenstruik threatened with a massive uppercut.

Once back at range, Gane went back to work with his kicks. A big jumping knee to the body lands for Ciryl Gane and Rozenstruik tries to counter. However, nothing was home for Bigi Boy. Another nice jab lands for Gane.

Halfway through the round and there was very limited offense. A nice leg kick lands for Rozenstruik, but Gane counters with a couple of nice jabs. Another nice jab and a straight left lands for Ciryl Gane.

Gane pressured Rozenstruik against the fence and lands a jab. He goes for a jumping knee to the body, but it lands a little low which pauses the action. Rozenstruik tries to blitz once the action starts, but Gane countered well.

A massive left hook lands for Ciryl Gane which seemed to briefly stun Rozenstruik. Rozenstruik tries to throw heat back, but Gane slipped beautifully out of the way. Two straight stiff jabs land for Ciryl Gane and it’s 4-0 Gane at UFC Vegas 20.

Round 5

Entering the final round at UFC Vegas 20 and Rozenstruik needs a finish in this one. Both touch gloves to start the final round. A hard leg kick opens the striking for Ciryl Gane. After that, a nice jab lands for Gane. Gane was also pressuring Rozenstruik heavy in the final round.

Gane steps forward with a big elbow that doesn’t land, but he uses it to get the clinch. A nice knee lands to the thigh for Ciryl Gane. Rozenstruik shrugs off Gane and the two heavyweights go back to striking.

Halfway through the round and Rozenstruik needs to go. Gane has him pressured against the fence and he lands two more jabs. Big leg kick lands lands for Gane and Rozenstruik tries to blitz forward.

However, Gane used the momentum to get the clinch and push Rozenstruik against the fence. One minute left in the round and Gane is trying hard for a takedown. He briefly gets Rozenstruik down. However, Rozenstruik bounced right back up.

20 seconds left in the round and it’s do-or-die time for Bigi Boy. However, Rozenstruik can’t get Gane off of him at all. The bell sounds and this should be a shutout. Massive win at UFC Vegas 20 for Ciryl Gane.

Ciryl Gane def. Jairzinho Rozenstruik by Unanimous Decision (50-45, 50-45, 50-45)

Magomed Ankalaev grinds out decision over Nikita Krylov at UFC Vegas 20

In the co-main event of UFC Vegas 20, we saw a matchup between two top eleven contenders in the light heavyweight division. Eighth ranked Nikita Krylov (27-7) took on the eleventh ranked contender, Magomed Ankalaev (14-1).

Ankalaev has been on a roll in the UFC over the past couple of years. The native of Dagestan has now won five fights in a row with the promotion after losing his debut. That loss came to Paul Craig and it came just one second before the final bell.

Out of the last five wins for Ankalaev, four of them have been by stoppage. He scored a knockout over the talented Ion Cutelaba in his last fight which put the rest of the light heavyweight division on notice.

Standing across from Ankalaev was the talented Nikita Krylov. Krylov is actually on his second stint with the UFC. Krylov went 6-3 during his first run with the promotion, but they ultimately let him walk.

After a few impressive performances, the UFC resigned him. Since returning, Krylov has gone 2-2 but his two losses came against Jan Blachowicz and Glover Teixeira. If Krylov was able to pickup the win tonight, he could be getting closer to a UFC title shot.

UFC Vegas 20 Recap

Round 1

The UFC Vegas 20 co-main event kicked off with a touch of the gloves. Krylov pushed forward first with a nice body kick. Another body kick slams home for Krylov. Ankalaev takes the center, but Krylov lands a solid shot that he tries to chain into a takedown.

However, Ankalaev defended well at first. Krylov was heavy in the clinch and eventually worked Ankalaev to the ground. Ankalaev was able to use the fence to work his way up to his feet, but Krylov still held control in the clinch.

A nice knee to the body lands for Krylov and the two separate. Ankalaev lands a nice right hand as Krylov comes in. Krylov continued to look for body kicks and then he throws one up top. Ankalaev was doing well holding the center of the cage.

Another solid body kick lands for Krylov. A stiff jab lands for Krylov, but Ankalaev throws some heat back. Krylov lands another solid body kick on Ankalaev. Ankalaev then tries for his own takedown, but the fence saves Krylov. It’s 1-0 Krylov at UFC Vegas 20.

Round 2

The second round at UFC Vegas 20 started with more pressure from Ankalaev. Krylov throws a nice shot that he tries to transition into a takedown. However, Ankalaev just shrugs him off and goes back to the pressure.

A stiff check right hook lands on Krylov as he advances. The pressure was heavy from Ankalaev, but Krylov was holding his own. Another nice body kick lands for Nikita Krylov. Those body kicks were starting to do a little damage.

Ankalaev catches a body kick and forces a clinch where he lands a massive knee. He followed that knee with a big body kick. Another right hook lands for Ankalaev as Krylov tries to advance. Momentum was building for Ankalaev in the second round.

Ankalaev times a Krylov advance and lands a takedown. Krylov did a good job of controlling Ankalaev’s posture, but he couldn’t get off the ground. The round comes to a close and it’s 1-1 at UFC Vegas 20.

Round 3

Heading into the final round at UFC Vegas 20 and this fight is up for grabs. The two touch gloves and Krylov starts the striking with a nice body kick. Ankalaev lands a nice check hook as Krylov tries to advance.

Two more body kicks land for Nikita Krylov. A huge right hand for Ankalaev that snaps the head back of Krylov. Krylov shoots in for a takedown but Ankalaev just throws him aside and goes back to the pressure.

Ankalaev then shoots in for his own takedown attempt, but Krylov defended well. Krylov couldn’t get Ankalaev off of him along the fence. Ankalaev uses a beautiful trip to take Krylov down halfway through the round.

Krylov works his way back to his feet, but he couldn’t get Ankalaev off of him. Krylov tries spinning a couple of times to shake Ankalaev off, but he couldn’t do it. Ankalaev then lands another takedown with one minute left in the round.

It’s do-or-die time for Nikita Krylov here at UFC Vegas 20. Ankalaev pulls Krylov away from the fence and starts throwing a little ground and pound. The round comes to a close with Ankalaev on top. Should be a decision win for Magomed Ankalaev.

Magomed Ankalaev def. Nikita Krylov by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Pedro Munhoz chops down Jimmie Rivera at UFC Vegas 20

Pedro Munhoz, UFC

On the UFC Vegas 20 main card we got to see a matchup between two top ten bantamweights. Pedro Munhoz (18-5, 1 NC) took on Jimmie Rivera (23-4). This was actually the second time that these two met inside the octagon.

The two first met in the UFC back in 2015. that night, Rivera was able to win by split decision. The rematch has been scheduled a couple of times but fell through each time. This booking was originally supposed to take place at UFC 258.

However, a positive COVID test pushed the matchup back to tonight. Rivera was looking to pickup his second consecutive win and build his case towards a top five opponent. Jimmie Rivera has only lost three times in the UFC and those three losses were to Marlon Moraes, Petr Yan, and Aljamain Sterling.

Rivera has some big wins including the victory over Pedro Munhoz. Munhoz was looking for redemption against Rivera tonight and redemption against the judges from his last fight. The last time we saw Pedro Munhoz, he dropped a razor thin split decision to former UFC champion Frankie Edgar.

The loss was the second straight loss for Munhoz. At UFC Vegas 20, he was looking to get back on track and looking to get closer to the top five and an eventual title shot at 135.

UFC Vegas 20 Recap

Round 1

The UFC Vegas 20 bantamweight contest kicked off with a touch of the gloves. Munhoz opened with a big headkick and the two started fast. Rivera and Munhoz traded big calf kicks and then Rivera cracked Munhoz with a couple good shots.

Munhoz started looking for kicks while Rivera was content with swinging big punches. A clean combination from Rivera is countered by a big calf kick from Pedro Munhoz. These two were going for it in the first two minutes.

Munhoz is wobbled by a massive shot from Rivera. However, Munhoz quickly regained his composure. A big right hand lands for Jimmie Rivera. Both men then exchange another round of big calf kicks. A nice body shot lands for Pedro Munhoz.

Munhoz pushes forward and lands another nice body shot. The two men then sit down on their shots and exchange power punches. Another stiff calf kick lands for Munhoz and Rivera is hurt. A nice jab from Munhoz and Rivera can’t put pressure on his leg. Incredible first round, but I lean 1-0 Munhoz at UFC Vegas 20.

Round 2

The second round at UFC Vegas 20 started with more pressure from Pedro Munhoz. Munhoz went right back to looking for calf kicks. Rivera is able to land a takedown, however, Munhoz forced a scramble by going for a leglock.

Both men stood up and Munhoz landed a massive knee. Rivera then pushed forward with a couple of clean shots. Munhoz countered with another big calf kick. As Munhoz goes for a head kick, Rivera lands his own calf kick that drops Munhoz.

Munhoz gets immediately up and lands a nasty calf kick that really wobbled Rivera. Rivera immediately shot for a takedown, but he couldn’t land it. Munhoz was just plotting forward looking for his openings. Rivera was being very active with his strikes despite being hurt.

A massive calf kick and left hook lands for Pedro Munhoz. Rivera pushes forward, but Munhoz briefly drops him with another leg kick. Both men exchange big shots with thirty seconds left in the round. Good shot lands for Rivera before the final bell, however, it’s 2-0 Munhoz at UFC Vegas 20.

Round 3

Entering the final round at UFC Vegas 20, Jimmie Rivera needed a finish on my scorecard. He pushed forward to start the final round looking for that finish. He landed a few clean shots, but Munhoz took them well.

Munhoz retook the center of the octagon and he went right back to looking for calf kicks. A headkick from Munhoz just misses. Munhoz seems to be mixing up the kicks to all levels here in the final round. Rivera then pushed forward with a few big shots.

A big uppercut lands for Rivera that briefly stiffens up Munhoz. However, Munhoz went right back to pushing forward. A stiff jab lands for Pedro Munhoz. A big calf kick lands that caused Rivera to collapse. Rivera got up extremely gingerly.

Another nice jab lands for Pedro Munhoz. Rivera finally switches to southpaw and Munhoz lands a big body kick as soon as he does. Rivera moves forward and throws some major heat. A big left from Rivera hurts Pedro Munhoz.

However, Rivera couldn’t take advantage. Rivera throws a few more massive shots, but Munhoz counters with big shots of his own. Both men swing massively to end the final round and that fight was incredible. Pedro Munhoz should get the nod here at UFC Vegas 20.

Pedro Munhoz def. Jimmie Rivera by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

UFC Vegas 20 loses Angela Hill – Ashley Yoder

UFC Vegas 20 has lost one of it’s main card matchups. MMA Junkie was the first outlet to report that the anticipated strawweight matchup between Angela Hill (12-9) and Ashley Yoder (8-6) has been called off.

The officially reasoning is due to a COVID test. The UFC is no stranger to fights falling through due to COVID and neither is Angela Hill. This is her second matchup that has been scrapped during fight week due to COVID.

The matchup between Angela Hill and Ashley Yoder was a rematch from 2017. That night, Angela Hill won by unanimous decision. Hill was looking like a top contender in the strawweight division in early 2020.

“Overkill” had cracked the UFC rankings and she was taking on former title challenger, Claudia Gadelha. While the fight was razor close, the judges gave a split decision to Gadelha. A frustrated Hill was anxious to get back into the cage and she did in a five round main event against Michelle Waterson.

Unfortunately for Hill, the same thing happened. The fight was razor close and a split decision went to Waterson. Since these losses were both to top competition, Hill is still a fixture in the UFC rankings coming in at 12th.

What’s the UFC’s plan?

The UFC has decided to keep this fight together. The matchup is now being pushed back two weeks to the Fight Night that is currently scheduled for March 13th. That’s when Ashley Yoder will have her chance at redemption.

It hasn’t been smooth sailing for Ashley Yoder inside the UFC. She entered the octagon at 5-1 and she looked like she could be a top contender. However, Yoder has just gone 3-5 in her eight fights inside the octagon.

If Yoder is able to defeat Hill in a couple of weeks, it will be massive for her moving forward. She needs a signature win and Angela Hill would be just that. However, if she loses, she might be on the chopping block after going 3-6 in the UFC.

UFC Vegas 20 Preview: Nikita Krylov – Magomed Ankalaev

In the co-main event of UFC Vegas 20 we will see a battle between two top eleven light heavyweights. Top contender, Nikita Krylov (27-7), takes on Magomed Ankalaev (14-1) in a fight that promises to be entertaining tomorrow night.

Ankalaev will walk into the cage as the eleventh ranked light heavyweight in the UFC. A native of Dagestan, Ankalaev is 5-1 since he made his debut with the promotion back in 2018. The lone loss was a triangle choke loss to Paul Craig that came literally one second before the final bell.

Since that fight, it’s been smooth sailing for Ankalaev in the UFC. He’s 5-0 with four stoppages and he’s coming off of arguably his most impressive win at UFC 254. Ankalaev took on Ion Cutelaba in a rematch from earlier in 2020.

In the first fight, Ankalaev rocked (or appeared to rock) Cutelaba and the ref stepped in. Cutelaba was irate because he said he was playing possum. The UFC ran the fight back and Ankalaev left no doubts in the rematch knocking Cutelaba out cold.

Standing across from Ankalaev tomorrow night is Nikita Krylov. Krylov is actually on his second stint with the UFC. He made his original debut with the promotion back in 2013. Krylov went 6-3 and the promotion let him walk. After going 4-0 with four stoppages after that, the promotion brought him back.

Since coming back, Krylov has fought four times. He’s 2-2 but his losses are to the current champion and the current number one contender. He’s defeated Johnny Walker and avenged a loss from early in his career against Ovince St. Preux.

UFC Vegas 20 Prediction

The UFC Vegas 20 co-main event is going to be a lot of fun to watch and I’m expecting the fight to take place on the feet. Krylov has good grappling, however, Ankalaev’s takedown defense should neutralize any takedown attempts from Krylov.

With that in mind, I’m thinking about my prediction with this being strictly a standup fight. Both men are well-versed on the feet. With Krylov, I love his creativity and I love his use of kicks. You’ll see some high kicks with some spinning kicks thrown in at UFC Vegas 20.

I was really blown away with what I saw from Ankalaev in his last performance. The speed and power in his striking was impressive, but also his distance control and defense was something to behold.

I really believe that both of these light heavyweights are very evenly matched. I can see both men getting a decision with ranking up points in this one. However, I ultimately believe that Ankalaev will land the more powerful shots and that will allow him to get the win tomorrow night.

Prediction: Magomed Ankalaev by Unanimous Decision