Ciryl Gane shuts out Jairzinho Rozenstruik at UFC Vegas 20

Ciryl Gane UFC

In the main event at UFC Vegas 20 we saw a battle between two top seven heavyweights. Jairzinho Rozenstruik (11-1) took on Ciryl Gane (7-0) and the winner of this matchup would put themselves in excellent position in the heavyweight division.

In his brief UFC career, there haven’t been many heavyweights as impressive as Ciryl Gane. Gane is 4-0 with three finishes in his career with the promotion, but it’s been the way he’s earned those stoppages that’s been impressive.

While Gane has an excellent striking pedigree, he has two submissions in his UFC career thus far. In fact, half of his wins that he’s finished have come via submission. That well-rounded game was something he was going to need in taking on a striker like Rozenstruik.

Jairzinho Rozenstruik has over seventy wins as a professional kickboxer and he’s shown off his finishing ability inside the UFC. All five of his wins inside the octagon have come via knockout. Only one out of his eleven victories has gone to the judges.

Rozenstruik looked like he was on the verge of a title shot in early 2020. However, he suffered a quick knockout loss to Francis Ngannou. Rozenstruik bounced back well at UFC 252 with a win over Junior Dos Santos and he was looking to continue that momentum this evening.

UFC Vegas 20 Recap

Round 1

The UFC Vegas 20 main event kicks off with a touch of the gloves. Immediately, Gane is very light on his feet. Rozenstruik throws a wild right hand to start things, but it doesn’t come close to landing. A nice stiff jab from Gane snaps Rozenstruik’s head back.

Rozenstruik blitzes forward, but nothing lands on Gane. Gane seemed extremely comfortable on the outside while Rozenstruik was just looking to time him. A nice calf kick lands for Gane and he follows it with a jab.

Gane lands a body kick and Rozenstruik was looking very patient in round one. A nice jab to the body lands for Gane. Gane throws a sloppy body kick and Rozenstruik blitzes with massive shots. However, nothing landed clean for Bigi Boy.

Gane steps forward with a left hand that lands, but Rozenstruik backs him away with huge power shots. Another solid shot lands for Gane and he shoots for a takedown. Rozenstruik defended well and kept the fight along the fence. Gane lands the takedown just before the round ends. 1-0 Gane at UFC Vegas 20.

Round 2

The second round at UFC Vegas 20 starts with a leg kick and jab from Ciryl Gane. Rozenstruik was staying patient and appeared to be looking for one big knockout shot here. Gane steps forward and lands a decent right hook.

Another nice jab and leg kick lands for Ciryl Gane. Rozenstruik’s head is snapped back by another jab from Gane. Rozenstruik looked a little frustrated by Ciryl Gane. Gane lands another nice shot then throws a huge power leg kick.

Rozenstruik pushes forward with a few punches that don’t land, but he lands a nice leg kick at the end. Gane goes back to work with leg kicks of his own. Another stiff jab lands for Gane. Rozenstruik pushes forward and Gane changes levels looking for a takedown.

However, Rozenstruik defended well and the two ended up along the fence. Gane goes for a throw and briefly gets the back of Rozenstruik. He tries to lock in a rear-naked choke and almost gets it, but Rozenstruik defended well. It’s 2-0 Ciryl Gane at UFC Vegas 20.

Round 3

After two rounds at UFC Vegas 20, it’s all Ciryl Gane. Rozenstruik couldn’t string anything together in the first two rounds, and his corner was incredibly frustrated. The third round starts with a big left straight from Ciryl Gane.

Gane was very light on the feet and he was mixing up kicks to all three levels. Every time Rozenstruik tried to move forward, Gane would slide out of range. Gane was working front kicks and jabs to keep Rozenstruik at range here in the third.

A big overhand right hand lands for Gane. Rozenstruik pushes forward and tries to land his own combination. He seemed to be getting more aggressive halfway through the third. A front body kick lands for Ciryl Gane.

Two nice jabs from Gane pop Rozenstruik’s head back. A straight left lands for Ciryl Gane and he ducks out of the way of a wild shot from Rozenstruik. A big combination lands for Ciryl Gane. The third round closes at UFC Vegas 20 and it’s 3-0 Gane on my scorecard.

Round 4

Jairzinho Rozenstruik needs to get something going as we enter the fourth at UFC Vegas 20. Gane lands two stiff jabs to start the striking in the fourth. Gane abandons a sloppy takedown attempt after Rozenstruik threatened with a massive uppercut.

Once back at range, Gane went back to work with his kicks. A big jumping knee to the body lands for Ciryl Gane and Rozenstruik tries to counter. However, nothing was home for Bigi Boy. Another nice jab lands for Gane.

Halfway through the round and there was very limited offense. A nice leg kick lands for Rozenstruik, but Gane counters with a couple of nice jabs. Another nice jab and a straight left lands for Ciryl Gane.

Gane pressured Rozenstruik against the fence and lands a jab. He goes for a jumping knee to the body, but it lands a little low which pauses the action. Rozenstruik tries to blitz once the action starts, but Gane countered well.

A massive left hook lands for Ciryl Gane which seemed to briefly stun Rozenstruik. Rozenstruik tries to throw heat back, but Gane slipped beautifully out of the way. Two straight stiff jabs land for Ciryl Gane and it’s 4-0 Gane at UFC Vegas 20.

Round 5

Entering the final round at UFC Vegas 20 and Rozenstruik needs a finish in this one. Both touch gloves to start the final round. A hard leg kick opens the striking for Ciryl Gane. After that, a nice jab lands for Gane. Gane was also pressuring Rozenstruik heavy in the final round.

Gane steps forward with a big elbow that doesn’t land, but he uses it to get the clinch. A nice knee lands to the thigh for Ciryl Gane. Rozenstruik shrugs off Gane and the two heavyweights go back to striking.

Halfway through the round and Rozenstruik needs to go. Gane has him pressured against the fence and he lands two more jabs. Big leg kick lands lands for Gane and Rozenstruik tries to blitz forward.

However, Gane used the momentum to get the clinch and push Rozenstruik against the fence. One minute left in the round and Gane is trying hard for a takedown. He briefly gets Rozenstruik down. However, Rozenstruik bounced right back up.

20 seconds left in the round and it’s do-or-die time for Bigi Boy. However, Rozenstruik can’t get Gane off of him at all. The bell sounds and this should be a shutout. Massive win at UFC Vegas 20 for Ciryl Gane.

Ciryl Gane def. Jairzinho Rozenstruik by Unanimous Decision (50-45, 50-45, 50-45)

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