BREAKING: Amanda Nunes tests positive for COVID-19; Out of UFC 265

UFC 265 has taken a hit today by losing the co-main event of the evening. ESPN reported today that the promotion’s two-division champion and the greatest female fighter of all time, Amanda Nunes (21-4), has tested positive for COVID-19.

Nunes was set to make her return to the bantamweight division to defend her UFC title against Julianna Pena (10-4). These two have some serious bad blood and many were looking forward to the fight.

However, the fight is going to be delayed. The UFC‘s chief business officer Hunter Campbell told ESPN that the plan is for the promotion to rebook the fight once Nunes is healthy and ready to go.

At this time there is no word on how Nunes is said to be doing after testing positive. However, given the language from Campbell, my guess is that she’s experiencing symptoms from COVID.

For now, it would appear that the new co-main event of UFC 265 will be the bantamweight contest between Jose Aldo and Pedro Munhoz.

Plans for the UFC title fight

As Campbell said, the UFC is fully planning on rebooking this fight when Nunes is ready to go. However, we really don’t have any idea of when that will be. We’ve seen some fighters be ready just two weeks after a positive test.

However, we’ve also seen some fighters experience symptoms that kept them out for extended periods of time. Khamzat Chimaev and Alexander Volkanovski are two that stick out.

Volkanovski was set to defend his UFC title against Brian Ortega in March, but after a positive COVID test, that fight was scrapped. Those two will now fight in September. In reality, September might be the target date for the Nunes – Pena title fight.

Another possibility could be November. At the beginning of November, the UFC is returning to New York for UFC 268 which is headlined by Kamaru Usman and Colby Covington. Don’t be surprised if you see this bantamweight title end up at MSG.

After being edged out at UFC Vegas 32, what’s next for Cory Sandhagen?

This past Saturday in the main event at UFC Vegas 32, we saw an instant classic in the bantamweight division. Former champion TJ Dillashaw (17-4) made his return as he took on the surging top contender Cory Sandhagen (14-3).

Heading into UFC Vegas 32, this was one of the most highly anticipated main events of the year. Dillashaw’s return combined with the rise of Sandhagen created a lot of intrigue around this main event.

Before the fight, I was expecting Sandhagen to pick up the win, but in a razor close fight. I just figured that he would be a bit sharper with having fought so much and I also just figured it was his time to shine.

TJ Dillashaw proved to be just as good as he was when he was champion on Saturday night. At UFC Vegas 32, Cory Sandhagen definitely did more damage overall when it comes to the striking.

However, Dillashaw did a great job of exploding when he needed to and utilizing a lot of control along the fence. Heading into the final round, it was truly anyone’s fight. I gave the final round to Dillashaw, but in reality, nobody lost at UFC Vegas 32.

What’s next after UFC Vegas 32?

Ultimately, two judges gave the fight to Dillashaw and he got the split decision win. However, as I said, there really wasn’t a loser on Saturday night. Yes, Sandhagen walked away with a loss on his record.

However, the match makers have already told him that he’s still only one win away from a title shot. While Dillashaw is getting the title shot next, Sandhagen is in virtually the exact same position as he was in before UFC Vegas 32.

So with that in mind, what’s next for The Sandman? To me, there’s only one fight that makes sense and it’s the fight the UFC should make. Cory Sandhagen needs to fight Rob Font (19-4) next.

Font has won four fights in a row and he’s ranked in the top five. Like Sandhagen, Font appears only one win away from earning a UFC title shot. The easy answer here is to have these two fight and the winner would get a title shot sometime in 2022.

After huge win at UFC Vegas 32, what’s next for TJ Dillashaw?

This past Saturday at UFC Vegas 32, we saw the return of the former bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw (17-4). Dillashaw was taking on arguably the best bantamweight in the division in Cory Sandhagen (14-3) in his return.

Sandhagen stumbled against UFC bantamweight champion Aljamain Sterling (20-3), however, he bounced back strong. Back-to-back knockouts had everyone believing that Sandhagen was on a war path to the UFC bantamweight title.

TJ Dillashaw never lost the bantamweight title inside the octagon. Dillashaw relinquished the belt after he tested positive for EPO and was suspended for two years. In reality, nobody really knew what to expect from the former UFC champion.

Given Dillashaw’s talent and skill, I figured he’d give Sandhagen a very good fight. However, I figured that Sandhagen would be a bit sharper and edge Dillashaw in a close one at UFC Vegas 32.

For the most part, that prediction looked really good. Through four rounds, I had the fight even. I leaned every so slightly towards Dillashaw in the final frame, but there’s no questioning the fact that Sandhagen did more damage over five rounds at UFC Vegas 32.

There was going to be no robbery either way in this one. Ultimately, two of the three judges gave the fight to Dillashaw and the former UFC champion successfully returned to the octagon.

What’s next after UFC Vegas 32?

After his win on Saturday night, TJ Dillashaw jumped right to the top of the UFC rankings at bantamweight. The only men ranked above him are the champion and the former champion, Petr Yan (15-2).

Yan and Sterling will run things back at UFC 267 at the end of the October. This rematch is occurring because of the controversary ending to their first fight back in March. Yan was dominating the fight, but a blatant illegal knee by Yan forced the fight to stop.

Sterling was awarded the title by DQ and now hopefully we will get some clarity. Dillashaw hurt his knee at UFC Vegas 32 and is going to have to have surgery to repair some damage. That said, it shouldn’t keep him out too long.

In fact, it should line up perfectly with fighting the winner of the UFC 267 main event. With that in mind, there’s only one thing that’s next for TJ Dillashaw after Saturday night: a shot at the bantamweight title that he never lost inside the octagon.

Stipe Miocic annoyed by the UFC

MMA, Stipe Miocic

The greatest heavyweight in UFC history is not happy with the promotion. It would appear that Stipe Miocic (20-4) is once again at odds with the promotion and he expressed his frustrations yesterday on Instagram. MMA Fighting caught Miocic’s comments about the UFC title picture.

Miocic is being asked to wait for the heavyweight title picture to iron itself out. In a few weeks, Derrick Lewis and Ciryl Gane will be fighting for the interim UFC heavyweight title. The winner of that fight will be next in line to take on the undisputed champion Francis Ngannou (16-3).

Miocic last the heavyweight title to Ngannou back at UFC 260 when he was knocked out by Ngannou in the second round. That fight was a rematch from their first fight a few years ago where Miocic completely dominated a very green Francis Ngannou.

The second fight was completely dominated by Ngannou. However, with the series being 1-1, Miocic is wanting to run it back to get his title back. He’s talked about bulking up and he even talked about returning to fight for the UFC title by the end of the year. However, he’s express frustrations with the way things look.

Not wanting to wait on the UFC

In a response to an Instagram comment, the former UFC champion said, “I shouldn’t have to wait for a winner. I have the most heavyweight title defenses of all time. We’re 1-1 but DC (Daniel Cormier) got instant rematches and trilogies against me?”

Miocic has a legit argument against the UFC. He holds the most title defenses in the history of the division and even Dana White would tell you that Miocic is the greatest heavyweight champion in the history of the promotion. However, things have not always been smooth between Miocic and the UFC.

After Miocic lost to Daniel Cormier in their first fight, it took over a year for him to get the rematch. That was because the UFC was trying to book a heavyweight title fight between Cormier and Brock Lesnar. After that fight fell through, Miocic got his rematch.

Now, Miocic has lost his title for the second time and instead of getting an immediate rematch, he’s being asked to wait again. Miocic even contemplated a move to ONE with everything that’s going on. I’m sure this situation between Miocic and the UFC will right itself, but you have to feel for the former champion.

UFC finalizes rematch between Kamaru Usman and Colby Covington

The UFC has finalized arguably the biggest rematch they can make right now. ESPN was the first to report today that the promotion had finalized the welterweight title rematch between Kamaru Usman (19-1) and Colby Covington (16-2).

The matchup is scheduled to headline UFC 268 which will take place on November 6th. The current plan is for UFC 268 to take place at Madison Square Garden, however, that is not finalized yet and with an ongoing pandemic, things can always change.

However, that is the plan as of now. The fight will be the second installment of this tremendous rivalry between the two best welterweights on the planet. Their first fight took place at UFC 245.

That night, we saw an absolute war between the two men. The fight was fought at a crazy pace and both men had a tremendous amount of success. Heading into the final round the scores were: 3-1 Covington, 2-2, 3-1 Usman.

The fight came down to the final round. In that final round, Kamaru Usman was able to get the stoppage win and retain his UFC welterweight title. The stoppage is something that Covington protests to this day.

UFC 268 at MSG

Now, nearly two years after their first fight, these two will run it back at MSG at UFC 268. Since the first fight, Covington has fought only once and that was last August against former champion Tyron Woodley.

Covington put a beating on Woodley and stopped him in the final frame. Kamaru Usman has successfully defended his title three times since their first fight including twice already in 2021.

It seems that Usman is getting better and better which each fight. His two title defenses this year really showed just how special Usman is. He stopped Gilbert Burns at UFC 258 then knocked out Jorge Masvidal at UFC 261.

Now, the world will get the rematch we’ve waited on. Colby Covington is always going to be the toughest fight for Kamaru Usman given his style. On the flip side, Kamaru Usman is always going to be an incredibly difficult fight for Colby Covington.

Make no mistake about it, these are the two best welterweights in the UFC. I’m very much looking forward to the rematch that we’ve been waiting for, for almost two years.

UFC Vegas 32 Results: TJ Dillashaw edges Cory Sandhagen in an instant classic

In the main event of UFC Vegas 32, we saw one of the most highly anticipated main events of the year. Former bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw (16-4) returned after a two-year suspension and took on top contender Cory Sandhagen (14-2).

Just a few years ago, TJ Dillashaw was on top of the world. He was the undisputed UFC bantamweight champion with aspirations of becoming a two-division champion. He decided to drop to flyweight to try and realize that dream.

However, to assist with dropping weight and not losing energy, Dillashaw took EPO. EPO is a strong performance enhancer and the UFC informed him of the positive test after he lost to Cejudo in January of 2019. Dillashaw was then suspended for two years.

Upon his return, Dillashaw wanted to take on the best that the division had to offer and it didn’t get better than Cory Sandhagen. Since making his debut with the UFC, Sandhagen has gone an impressive 7-1.

The lone loss came against the current champion Aljamain Sterling. However, since that loss he’s bounced back with back-to-back knockouts over Marlon Moraes and Frankie Edgar.

UFC Vegas 32 Recap

Round 1

The UFC Vegas 32 main event kicked off with a touch of the gloves. Dillashaw immediately pushed forward with pressure as Sandhagen circled on the outside. Leg kick for Sandhagen starts the striking.

Body kick lands for Dillashaw. Dillashaw pushes forward with a combination. Nice right straight lands for Sandhagen. Sandhagen throws a flying knee that lands and Sandhagen gets Dillashaw in an inverted triangle choke.

It’s deep, but Dillashaw survives. The former UFC champion lands a few good shots and Sandhagen works his way up to his feet along the fence. Dillashaw holds the clinch while kneeing the thighs of Sandhagen.

Both men exchange big shots as they separate. Low kick for Sandhagen lands. Beautiful left hook lands for Dillashaw. Another good low kick from Sandhagen. Dillashaw lands two straight hands and he gets a body lock.

Sandhagen tries to roll, but Dillashaw ends up on top. Dillashaw is looking to land shots as Sandhagen attacks submissions. Big right lands for Dillashaw. Sandhagen attacks a leg and Dillashaw lands big shots as the round closes. Great round, and I lean 1-0 to the former UFC champion.

Round 2

The first round at UFC Vegas 32 was insanely close and incredibly competitive. They touch gloves to start the second round. Sandhagen starts the striking with a couple of nice jabs. Dillashaw pushes forward and shoots for a takedown.

The two clinch along the fence and Dillashaw is heavy on the pressure. Sandhagen separates and Dillashaw lands a big body kick on the break. Dillashaw’s leg might be compromised from the leg attacks in the first round.

Huge 1-2 lands for Sandhagen and Dillashaw shakes it off. Nice left hook lands for Dillashaw. Both exchange jabs and Dillashaw keeps pushing forward. Sandhagen drops Dillashaw with a big left hook.

Dillashaw shoots for a takedown. The two separate and Sandhagen seems to have found his range here in the second round. Dillashaw is busted open and Sandhagen is really taking control here.

Big flying knee for Sandhagen and he lands another combination after. Dillashaw tries to land a combination, but he’s out of range. Sandhagen continues to land, but Dillashaw gets to the clinch and gets a brief takedown. The round ends and it was a big round at UFC Vegas 32 for Sandhagen.

Round 3

Entering the third round here at UFC Vegas 32 and I think it’s even after two. They touch gloves and Dillashaw pushes forward with a left hand. Big combination lands for Dillashaw.

Nice straight shot lands for Sandhagen. However, Dillashaw looks much better here in the third. Both men exchange body kicks. Dillashaw pushes forward and gets the clinch along the fence.

Sandhagen defending well as Dillashaw tries to drag him to the ground. Good knees to the thighs from Dillashaw. Nice elbow from Sandhagen and they break. Huge right hand lands for Cory Sandhagen.

However, Dillashaw keeps pushing forward and he lands a nice combination. Another big right lands for Sandhagen. Heavy calf kick from Dillashaw buckles Sandhagen briefly.

Sandhagen tries a spinning kick, but Dillashaw catches him and takes him down. Dillashaw briefly gets the back, but Sandhagen gets back up. Both men exchange big shots, but Dillashaw lands the better of the combination.

The UFC Vegas 32 main event is advertised so far. Sandhagen tries for his own takedown, but Dillashaw defends perfectly. The round closes with Dillashaw controlling the clinch. I have it 2-1 Dillashaw here at UFC Vegas 32.

Round 4

Entering the fourth round at UFC Vegas 32  and this is really anybody’s fight. Dillashaw pushes forward and lands the first shots of the round. Big leg kicks from Dillashaw. Dillashaw seems to have really found his second wind here.

Huge kicks from Dillashaw and Sandhagen seems to be slowing a bit here. Dillashaw times an entry perfectly and gets a clinch on Sandhagen. Heavy pressure from the former champion here.

Sandhagen is able to break and Dillashaw lands another leg kick off the break. Sandhagen starts pressing forward and trying to work off his jab. Big left hook lands for Cory Sandhagen. Here comes The Sandman here in the fourth round.

Nice left hook for Dillashaw finds it’s home. Huge body shot for Sandhagen and Dillashaw forces another clinch. Dillashaw gets a brief takedown and immediately Sandhagen pops to his feet.

Sandhagen spins and the two men break. A couple of nice jabs land for Cory Sandhagen and Dillashaw gets another clinch while looking for a takedown. Sandhagen breaks again and they strike to end the round. Good round for both men, but I lean Sandhagen here at UFC Vegas 32.

Round 5

Entering the final round here at UFC Vegas 32 and I think it’s all even. Both touch gloves and here we go. Dillashaw goes right to work on the legs. Lots of pressure here from TJ Dillashaw to start the final frame.

Sandhagen lands a good shot, but Dillashaw counters with a big combination of his own. These two are trading here in the fifth. Beautiful 1-2 lands for the former champion. Sandhagen lands a good shot of his own.

Dillashaw times Sandhagen beautifully and he briefly lands a takedown. However, Sandhagen gets right back up. Dillashaw again gets deep on a takedown attempt, but can’t get him down.

Nice jabs from Sandhagen and Dillashaw counters with his own shots. Right hands land for Dillashaw and Sandhagen circles on the outside. Both exchange big shots. Huge hook to the body from Sandhagen.

Another takedown attempt from Dillashaw and he presses Sandhagen against the fence. Sandhagen breaks, but Dillashaw lands nicely on the break. Beautiful straight lands for Sandhagen.

Big left hand for Dillashaw and he chains that into a takedown attempt. Again, he can’t get him down. Big leg kick from Dillashaw and a big body shot from Sandhagen. These two are going back and forth here at UFC Vegas 32.

Dillashaw pushes forward with big shots. These two swing to the finish and what a fight! I lean TJ Dillashaw in the final round, but this fight could literally go to either man.

TJ Dillashaw def. Cory Sandhagen by Split Decision (48-47, 47-48, 48-47)

UFC Vegas 32 will be a defining moment for TJ Dillashaw

Tonight in the main event of UFC Vegas 32, we will see a pivotal matchup in the bantamweight division. Former undisputed champion TJ Dillashaw (16-4) will be making his return after a two-year suspension for performance enhancing drugs.

Standing in Dillashaw’s way at UFC Vegas 32 is top contender Cory Sandhagen (14-2). Sandhagen is being touted as a future UFC champion. To prove he’s still one of the best in the world, Dillashaw is going to have to defeat The Sandman.

Tonight is a big moment for TJ Dillashaw. Dillashaw was on top of the world just a few years ago. He was the undisputed UFC bantamweight champion and he was ranked in the top five in the pound-for-pound rankings.

People were already calling him the greatest bantamweight that’s ever lived. It seemed that he had cemented his legacy as a future UFC Hall of Famer. After Dillashaw defeated Cody Garbrandt for a second time, Dillashaw wanted to achieve history.

Dillashaw wanted to move down and fight Henry Cejudo for the UFC flyweight title. The bantamweight champion got that shot but ultimately came up short. However, he tested positive for EPO which is one of the worst PEDs you can test positive for.

UFC Vegas 32’s Defining Moment

After being notified of the positive result, Dillashaw relinquished the UFC bantamweight title. He was suspended and his entire legacy was thrown down the drain. Dillashaw had turned to EPO after struggling to maintain energy while cutting to 125 pounds.

Now, it’s worth noting that Dillashaw had never tested positive while he was UFC champion. However, it really doesn’t matter at the end of the day. Dillashaw will always have that dark cloud hanging over his legacy.

That said, UFC Vegas 32 is a moment of retribution for Dillashaw. Dillashaw has been honest and transparent about everything that has occurred with him. He immediately owned up to the mistake he made and detailed exactly what happened.

Now, he’s reinstated and he’s ready to regain his spot at the top of the sport. While Dillashaw will never be able to wipe away the stain of that EPO test, he can prove to the world that he didn’t need it to be a special fighter.

If TJ Dillashaw defeats Cory Sandhagen at UFC Vegas 32 after a two and a half year layoff, it says a lot about how special TJ Dillashaw is as a fighter. While a win would showcase his talent, it will also be a moment of sadness knowing the mistake he made was completely unnecessary.

BKFC 19: VanZant vs. Ostovich special PPV features Chuck Liddell’s commentary

The BKFC 19: VANZANT vs. OSTOVICH Friday night in Tampa, Florida will have a special pay-per-view edition featuring UFC Hall of Famer “The Iceman” Chuck Liddell’s commentary.

Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship President David Feldman, Daniel Hollaway & Ross Patterson, co-founders of the Drinkin’ Bros Network, and Michael Weber, COO of FITE, announced Thursday the ground-breaking PPV edition of the broadcast, which will be exclusively on FITE.

“I’m excited to work with FITE and The Drinkin’ Bros to provide this unprecedented live viewing option for fight fans,” said Feldman. “Chuck Liddell is an icon in combat sports, and The Drinkin’ Bros is one of the most outrageous networks ever – we are always up to break boundaries and do things our way – so we feel this a perfect fit for BKFC and we appreciate
FITE for stepping up to make this happen.”

Joining Liddell in the special PPV booth are Holloway and Patterson.

The BKFC 19 main event features the return of the ultra-popular striker Paige VanZant in an epic ‘rematch’ with Rachael Ostovich. The pair last fought in UFC, with VanZant winning via second-round submission. The co-main event sees a heavyweight title fight between current BKFC Champion Arnold Adams and Thai Boxer and knockout artist Michael Terrill.

The BKFC 19: VANZANT VS OSTOVICH starts at 8:00 p.m. ET / 5:00 p.m. PT and is available for only $39.99. The “Drinkin’ Bros” featuring Chuck Liddell special edition of BKFC can be purchased on FITE at:

“This weekend, veterans don’t have to drink alone or watch fights alone,” said Hollaway. “We are honored to have this opportunity to present the Drinkin’ Bros edition of BKFC 19 to our fans and followers, and we are beyond excited for the fights. We’ve been big fans of BKFC since the start.”

This special collaboration is made possible by Jen Wenk, APR, STAR Public Relations, and Adam Roorda, principal, MMA Power Hour, who all served as concept originators and developers.

“FITE prides itself on its streaming technology, media, marketing, and partnerships,” said Kim Hurwitz, FITE’s Chief Marketing Officer. “When this opportunity arose, it seemed like something our FITE fans would enjoy, because we’re fight fans too.”

Also part of the live PPV card is Britain Hart in her first fight back since defeating VanZant in her much-hyped debut to bare knuckle fighting. Hart takes on Jenny “Savage” Clausius, who fans may remember from Dana White’s “Lookin’ for a Fight” web series. In a special attraction, famed rapper and former D2 college quarterback, Blueface (Tiktok: @bluefacebleedem) will make his bare knuckle premiere against the comedian and TikTok badboy, Kane Trujillio (@kane).

Tampa favorite Geane Herrera enters the BKFC squared circle once again to take on “The Nightmare” Abdiel Velasquez in a 125 lb. bout, followed by the 125 lb. female matchup Taylor “Killa Bee” Starling vs. Cassie “The Hulk” Robb, who is making her BKFC debut.

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UFC Vegas 32 Preview: Cory Sandhagen – TJ Dillashaw

Tomorrow night in the main event of UFC Vegas 32, we will see one of the most highly anticipated main events of the year. Former bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw (16-4) is returning after a two-year suspension and is taking on top contender Cory Sandhagen (14-2).

Just a few years ago, TJ Dillashaw was on top of the world. He was the undisputed UFC bantamweight champion with aspirations of becoming a two-division champion. Dillashaw decided to drop to 125 pounds to challenge Henry Cejudo for the flyweight title to realize his dream.

However, to assist with dropping weight and not losing energy, Dillashaw took EPO. EPO is a strong performance enhancer and the UFC informed him of the positive test after he lost to Cejudo in January of 2019. Dillashaw was then suspended for two years.

Obviously, Dillashaw relinquished the title, but it’s worth noting that he never truly lost that belt in the octagon. That’s why he wanted to go right back to the top upon his return and it doesn’t get much better than The Sandman, Cory Sandhagen.

Since making his debut with the UFC, Sandhagen has gone an impressive 7-1. The lone loss came against the current champion Aljamain Sterling. However, since that loss he’s bounced back with back-to-back knockouts over Marlon Moraes and Frankie Edgar.

UFC Vegas 32 Prediction

The two men in the main event of UFC Vegas 32 are very familiar with each other. In fact, the two men used to train together and Dillashaw has sang the praises of Cory Sandhagen in the past. However, tomorrow night is all business.

It’s worth noting that at bantamweight in the UFC, Dillashaw has been close to perfect. After losing in the finale of The Ultimate Fighter, Dillashaw has gone 12-2 in the division. The two losses were razor close split decisions and most believe he definitely won the Assuncao fight.

However, there are a ton of questions surrounding Dillashaw. Two years of his prime are gone and now he’s coming back to take on the best that the UFC has to offer. Sandhagen really looks like he’s coming into his own and doesn’t look like he’s going to be an easy challenge.

I think we are going to see a razor close fight tomorrow night. I’m expecting to see a very good version of TJ Dillashaw, but I’m not convinced he gets it done here. I think we might be getting ready to enter the time of The Sandman.

Prediction: Cory Sandhagen by Unanimous Decision

UFC: Justin Gaethje fires back at Michael Chandler

We seem to have a little bit of bad blood forming in the UFC‘s lightweight division. Earlier this week, top contender and former title challenger Michael Chandler (22-6) took to Instagram Live where he talked about what’s next for him.

Chandler last fought at UFC 262 when he came up short against Charles Oliveira for the lightweight title. The former Bellator lightweight champion said that he’s targeting a return in either November or December of this year.

Chandler said that without a doubt the guy that he wants to fight is former interim UFC lightweight champion Justin Gaethje (22-3). Gaethje is ranked second in the division and he last fought at UFC 254 when he lost to Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Chandler said that Gaethje has been ducking him and refuses to accept the fight. He went on to say that the UFC has offered the fight to Gaethje three or four times and Gaethje has refused to take the fight.

However, Gaethje has since responded on Twitter. Let’s just say that ‘The Highlight’ wasn’t too thrilled with Chandler’s comments and he made it very clear that he hasn’t been ducking Chandler at all.

Will the UFC make this fight happen?

I will agree with Michael Chandler when he says that the fight between him and Justin Gaethje is the fight to make. There is no questioning the fact that this is the fight that the UFC should make next.

Both men are coming off of losses in UFC title fights and both are ranked at the very top of the division. Not too mention the fact that stylistically, this is about as good as it gets when pairing any two lightweights against each other in terms of excitement.

Chandler and Gaethje would be fireworks and I think the UFC knows it. Dana White has mentioned that this is the fight that he wants to make and I think it happens. Whether it’s a Fight Night headliner or a co-main on a PPV, I’m expecting to see Chandler – Gaethje by the end of the year.