What’s next for Andrei Arlovski after UFC Vegas 19?

Andrei Arlovski

This past Saturday at UFC Vegas 19, former heavyweight champion, Andrei Arlovski (30-20, 2 NC), was tasked with taking on Tom Aspinall (10-2). Aspinall is being looked at as one of the best prospects in the UFC‘s heavyweight division.

The 42 year old former champion is no stranger to taking on top prospects. Just in 2020 alone, Arlovski took on Tanner Boser and Philipe Lins. Both of these guys were looked at as hyped contenders in the UFC‘s heavyweight division.

However, the former champion defeated both of them in 2020. Arlovski was going to be a big test to see just where Aspinall was in his progression. As it turns out, Aspinall was very much up to the challenge.

In the first round, Arlovski was hurt on the feet by Aspinall. Aspinall rushed in to try to finish, but the former UFC champion stayed composed. Arlovski was able to survive the first round onslaught from Aspinall.

In the second round, Arlovski actually landed some decent shots. However, Aspinall showed off his grappling ability with a swift takedown that he chained into a rear-naked choke. Arlovski was forced to tap and his UFC winning streak came to a close.

What’s next after UFC Vegas 19?

Despite no longer being a top contender and being 42 years old, I don’t see Andrei Arlovski going anywhere. I believe that the former UFC heavyweight champion has a few more fights before he hangs up the gloves for good.

The question now is what will the promotion do in terms of booking his next fight? I actually think that another fighter on the UFC Vegas 19 card would make for a good opponent. That opponent would be the 43 year old, Alexey Oleynik (59-15-1).

Oleynik just suffered his second consecutive knockout loss this past Saturday. The loss dropped Oleynik from the official rankings and now he’s in an interesting spot. In actuality, a very similar spot as Arlovski.

Neither one of these men are going to be contender for the UFC title. Neither one are in the rankings, but both have good name recognition. I believe it would be a great matchup to pair these two against each other at this stage in their careers.

After big knockout at UFC Vegas 19, what’s next for Derrick Lewis?

This past weekend at UFC Vegas 19, the heavyweights took center stage. In the main event, “The Black Beast” Derrick Lewis (25-7, 1 NC) took on Curtis “Razor” Blaydes (14-3, 1 NC). Both men carried winning streaks into the octagon on Saturday night.

Curtis Blaydes was the heavy betting favorite on Saturday night. Blaydes was the second ranked heavyweight in the UFC and outside of Francis Ngannou, nobody has been able to touch him inside the octagon. Most expected a heavy dose of wrestling from Blaydes on Saturday night.

Derrick Lewis is the heavyweight knockout king. He stands alone atop the UFC‘s heavyweights when it comes to knockouts. The Black Beast has freak power and for that reason, many expected Blaydes to focus on the wrestling and grappling. We’ve seen Lewis struggle there before.

However, early on in the fight, Blaydes was content with standing with Lewis. Curtis Blaydes seemed apprehensive and tentative to shoot with the power of Lewis. Derrick Lewis seemed to be trying to time an uppercut on a shot from Blaydes.

In the first round, Curtis Blaydes actually got the better of the standup. The range was really bothering Lewis and Blaydes seemed to find a rhythm on the feet. In the second round, Blaydes tried to transition to his wrestling. However, Lewis defended the first takedown and they stayed standing.

On the second takedown attempt, Lewis landed the uppercut that he was trying to time. A lifeless Blaydes flopped to the floor and ate a few follow up shots. Another knockout win for the UFC‘s heavyweight knockout king.

What’s next after UFC Vegas 19?

When the UFC rankings come out tomorrow, I would fully expect Derrick Lewis to be ranked second. He’s now on a four-fight win streak and he also holds a victory over current top contender, Francis Ngannou.

While many focus on just his knockouts and his interviews, Lewis has put together quite the run in the UFC’s heavyweight division. If Jon Jones wasn’t moving to heavyweight, The Black Beast would be getting the winner of Miocic/Ngannou 2 which happens next month.

However, with Jones getting the next shot at the title, the UFC will have to do something else with Lewis. The perfect fight for Lewis is the winner of this weekend’s main event at UFC Vegas 20.

Jairzinho Rozenstruik and Ciryl Gane are battling it out and whoever wins will be ranked in the top five. Lewis hasn’t fought either of those top contenders so a matchup between them would make perfect sense. Perhaps that would be the co-main event to the Jones heavyweight title fight later in the summer.

After big win at UFC Vegas 19, what’s next for Tom Aspinall?

This past weekend at UFC Vegas 19 was a card of the heavyweights. Out of the six main card matchups, half took place in the heavyweight division. The fight that opened the card was one that a lot of folks were paying attention to.

One of the best prospects in the division, Tom Aspinall (10-2), took on former UFC heavyweight champion, Andrei Arlovski (30-20, 2 NC). The matchup was incredibly intriguing and had a great story behind it.

UFC 70 took place in England and a young Tom Aspinall was in attendance. He was just a kid and he got to witness Andrei Arlovski fight Fabricio Werdum in the co-main event. Watching Arlovski made Aspinall want to become a mixed martial artist.

Fast forward 14 years and Aspinall was fighting the very man who inspired him to become a professional fighter. Sure, Arlovski is not the same anymore at 42 years old, but he had just won two straight in 2020 over top heavyweight prospects.

The fight was going to be a tough test for Aspinall. Aspinall is so exciting due to how well rounded he is. He’s known for his incredible striking, however, his ground game is sensational and he showed that off at UFC Vegas 19.

In the first round, Aspinall hurt Arlovski on the feet. For a minute, it looked like he was going to get his third straight first round knockout in the UFC. However, Arlovski stayed composed and the fight continued.

In the second round, after some back and forth on the feet, Aspinall shot in for a beautifully timed takedown. While along the fence, Arlovski tried to stand and Aspinall locked in a rear-naked choke for the win. If you would’ve blinked, you would’ve missed Aspinall’s third UFC finish.

What’s next after UFC Vegas 19?

Aspinall made his debut with the UFC back in July and he’s already 3-0 with three stoppages. As mentioned, he’s got sensational striking and he just showed how slick he is on the ground. He looks to be the total package.

After the fight was over, Aspinall called for one of the other heavyweight winners on the card. He said he knows he wouldn’t get the winner of the main event, but any other winner would do as he builds up.

Personally, I think that one of the other winners from UFC Vegas 19 makes for the perfect fight. That winner would be Chris Daukaus (11-3). Daukaus made quick work of top ten contender, Alexey Oleynik on Saturday night.

Like Aspinall, Daukaus is now 3-0 with three stoppages in his UFC career. Daukaus earned a contract on The Contender Series and he hasn’t looked back. Both of these men look like great prospects for the heavyweight division and I would love to see them square off.

After brutal knockout loss at UFC Vegas 19, what’s next for Curtis Blaydes?

Curtis Blaydes, UFC

This past Saturday at UFC Vegas 19, Curtis Blaydes (14-3, 1 NC) and Derrick Lewis (25-7, 1 NC) went head-to-head in the main event. Blaydes entered the contest as a huge betting favorite, however, Derrick Lewis was always one shot away from changing those odds.

Early on in the fight, Curtis Blaydes was actually getting the better of the striking. I was very impressed with his ability to control distance and he was doing a fantastic job of mixing in jabs with calf kicks.

A few times it appeared that Lewis was actually hurt by Blaydes at UFC Vegas 19. However, Blaydes was playing with fire by not going to his bread and butter which is his wrestling. In the second round, Blaydes did try going to his wrestling.

However, Lewis defended the takedown well and the two went back to striking. Blaydes tried again for another takedown and Lewis put his lights out with a brilliant uppercut. The knockout loss at UFC Vegas 19 snapped a four-fight winning streak for Curtis Blaydes.

What’s next after UFC Vegas 19?

Curtis Blaydes has only lost to two men inside the UFC. The down side for him is that those two men make up 50% of the heavyweight contenders ranked in front of him. Another problem for Blaydes is that he’s already defeated many of the contender ranked behind him.

To give him a fresh look, I think we should look to this upcoming weekend’s main event for his next fight. UFC Vegas 20 is being headlined by Jairzinho Rozenstruik and Ciryl Gane. Blaydes has fought neither one of these men.

I think a great next fight for Blaydes would be fighting the loser of that matchup. Whoever loses will still be a top ten contender and will be in a similar position as Curtis Blaydes. I fully expect Blaydes to bounce back after this loss. He’s still one of the best heavyweights in the UFC without question.

Derrick Lewis puts Curtis Blaydes to sleep at UFC Vegas 19

In the main event of UFC Vegas 19, we saw a heavyweight clash between two of the best in the world. Derrick Lewis (24-7, 1 NC) and Curtis Blaydes (14-2, 1 NC) were both looking to continue their winning streaks tonight.

The Black Beast became the UFC‘s heavyweight knockout king in his last performance. Derrick Lewis had won three fights in a row and he was looking to make a big statement with a win over Curtis Blaydes.

Lewis is known for his incredibly power and is fun personality. However, grappling and cardio are not two of the things he’s known for. He would need to show improvements in both of these areas to get the win.

Standing across from Lewis at UFC Vegas 19 was Curtis Blaydes. Blaydes is easily the third best heavyweight in the world right now. Only Francis Ngannou has gotten the better of him and he’s done it twice.

Outside of Ngannou, Blaydes has been a puzzle that nobody has been able to crack. Blaydes has sensational wrestling and he was very clear about his game plan leading into tonight’s main event.

UFC Vegas 19 Recap

Round 1

The UFC Vegas 19 main event kicked off with a touch of the gloves. Lewis took the center of the octagon anticipating the takedown attempt from Blaydes. Blaydes came in and tried to strike and Lewis cracked him with some big shots.

Blaydes immediately backed away and looked to reset. Lewis was calm and just appeared to be timing Curtis Blaydes. A lot of pressure from Curtis Blaydes found Lewis’ back against the cage.

Blaydes tried to work his way in, but he was tentative to engage. He started to work his jab while Lewis was still looking to time him for big shots. Blaydes steps in to engage and he actually tagged Lewis with a couple of big shots as Lewis swung wildly.

Then Blaydes started mixing in some good low kicks. A nice jab lands for Cutis Blaydes and the distance was starting to be a problem for Lewis. Blaydes was really connecting well from distance. The first round at UFC Vegas 19 was all striking and Curtis Blaydes takes it.

Round 2

The second round at UFC Vegas 19 kicked off with a lot of pressure from Blaydes. Both men exchanged big shots and then Blaydes shot in for a takedown. However, Lewis defended well and the two men went back to striking.

Blaydes was dominating the striking early on. Again, the range was a problem and Lewis was being a little wild. Just as I say that, Blaydes shoots in for a takedown and a clean uppercut lands for Derrick Lewis. Blaydes is out and eats a couple more clean bombs for his troubles. Another knockout for The Black Beast!

Derrick Lewis def. Curtis Blaydes by KO – Round 2

UFC Vegas 19 Preview: Ketlen Vieira – Yana Kunitskaya

In the co-main event of UFC Vegas 19 we have a big time matchup in the women’s bantamweight division. Top ten contenders, Ketlen Vieira (11-1) and Yana Kunitskaya (13-5, 1 NC) go head-to-head tomorrow night.

Vieira’s UFC career started out very strong. She made her octagon debut back in 2016 and she started out her UFC career 4-0. It wasn’t just started out 4-0, but it was the fact that she had wins over bantamweights like Sara McMann and Cat Zingano. At one point, Vieira was the second ranked bantamweight in the UFC.

Vieira is a black belt in jiu jitsu as well as judo. She’s very good on the ground and she is very good in the clinch. Vieira loves to strike and she has very good power. However, she can be a little too wild with her striking at times.

Standing across from Vieira tomorrow night is Yana Kunitskaya. Kunitskaya made her UFC debut back in 2018 and she’s gone 3-2 so far inside the octagon. However, her two losses came against Aspen Ladd and Cris Cyborg. However, she’s represented herself well in all her fights.

Kunitskaya has a very decent all around game. She has good striking and she has very good top pressure. There are a number of things that Kunitskaya does well that can cause problems for Vieira tomorrow night.

UFC Vegas 19 Prediction

For Kunitskaya to be successful at UFC Vegas 19, she’s going to have to keep this fight standing. As mentioned, Kunitskaya does have good grappling and good top control. However, she’s going to be at a disadvantage in this one. Vieira is very strong in both of those positions.

Vieira is going to have the power advantage tomorrow, but Kunitskaya is going to have the technique advantage on the feet. For Vieira to pickup the win tomorrow, she’s going to have to make this more of a grappling matchup and I believe she will force a lot of clinches tomorrow.

When it comes to a prediction for UFC Vegas 19, I really like Ketlen Vieira. While Kunitskaya is very good, I don’t think she has the power to keep Vieira off of her tomorrow. While I’m expecting Kunitskaya to have some success, I just don’t see her keeping this fight on the feet. With that, I think Vieira is getting her hand raised tomorrow.

Prediction: Ketlen Vieira by Unanimous Decision

UFC Vegas 19 Preview: Andrei Arlovski – Tom Aspinall

Andrei Arlovski

Tomorrow night at UFC Vegas 19, we will see an intriguing matchup in the heavyweight division. Former heavyweight champion, Andrei Arlovski (30-19, 2 NC) will be taking on top prospect, Tom Aspinall (9-2).

Aspinall will be making his third appearance in the UFC. While he’s already had two fights, we haven’t seen him long inside the octagon. In his first two fights, Aspinall was able to score first round finishes. Neither of those two fights went more than 95 seconds.

Aspinall is a very intriguing heavyweight. He’s a black belt in jiu jitsu, but he’s really known for his striking. One of the things that makes him so interesting is the fact that he trains with the boxing heavyweight champion, Tyson Fury. You can imagine Aspinall gets great work in at the gym.

Standing across from Aspinall in his third UFC fight is a former champion. Andrei Arlovski has been in the game for a very long time and he’s a former heavyweight champion. Arlovski made his professional debut back in 1999 and he became the UFC heavyweight champion in 2005.

He has a wealth of experience and he will bring a lot to the cage on Saturday night. Arlovski is now training at American Top Team and you can see the more measured approach he’s taken. In his last fight, he defeated another solid prospect in Tanner Boser by decision.

UFC Vegas 19 Prediction

When it comes to the fight at UFC Vegas 19, Arlovski is going to have to be very crafty. At this stage in the game, I’m not expecting him to go out and outstrike Tom Aspinall. I just don’t believe that Arlovski has that in his bag anymore.

However, Arlovski does have a lot of tools at his disposal. We’ve seen Arlovski have a willingness to mix in his wrestling during his fights. He’s going to have to have a diverse approach in order to get the win tomorrow. However, even with that approach, he has a very tall order in front of him.

Yes, Arlovski is a former UFC champion, however, I just don’t believe this is a great fight for him. Aspinall is not a guy who’s going to go all out for the finish early and gas himself out. I’m expecting a very measured approach and with that, the right shot will come.

I wouldn’t rule out Arlovski having his moments early, however, I believe they will be few and far between. I’m expecting Aspinall to have a signature performance tomorrow and get this one done in the first round.

Prediction: Tom Aspinall by TKO – Round 1

UFC Vegas 19 Preview: Derrick Lewis – Curtis Blaydes

Tomorrow night the UFC returns for their 19th Fight Night from the APEX. In the main event of the evening we are going to see to of the best heavyweights in the world battle it out as Derrick “The Black Beast” Lewis (24-7, 1 NC) takes on Curtis “Razor” Blaydes (14-2, 1 NC).

In reality, this should be a title eliminator in the heavyweight division. However, with Jon Jones being guaranteed the next UFC heavyweight title shot, the winner of this fight is going to be in a bit of a state of limbo.

Nevertheless, it’s a massive fight for both men. Both heavyweights will walk into UFC Vegas 19 with winning streaks. Derrick Lewis is going to be looking to pickup his fourth consecutive win tomorrow.

Lewis is known for his entertaining style and of course, his interviews. The Black Beast might not have the best technique or the best cardio, but his raw power is something to behold. He’s always just one shot away from putting your lights out.

Nobody can question how good Curtis Blaydes is. Blaydes, in my opinion, is easily the third best heavyweight in the UFC. However, he’s in a bit of a tough spot because his only two losses are to the same man, Francis Ngannou.

Blaydes is known for his great wrestling. He might have the best pure wrestling in the heavyweight division and he has been very vocal about how he plans to use it tomorrow. Either he will dominate with his wrestling or The Black Beast will have to catch him with a big shot.

UFC Vegas 19 Prediction

The headliner at UFC Vegas 19 is relatively easy to pick in my opinion. The fight is going to go one of two ways. Either Derrick Lewis is going to catch Blaydes and knock him out, or we are going to see a wrestling clinic with Blaydes getting his hand raised.

If Lewis wins tomorrow night, UFC fans will be talking about a knockout. If Blaydes wins, we will be discussing his efficiency and his dominant wrestling. There is a chance that Blaydes can get a TKO finish tomorrow night. However, only if Lewis completely gasses out.

If Derrick Lewis is going to win tomorrow night, he’s gonna have to catch Blaydes coming in. If he can’t catch him, I don’t see the fight going well. Lewis struggles with wrestlers and Blaydes is arguably the best in the division. I can definitely see Lewis catching him, but smart money is on Blaydes.

Prediction: Curtis Blaydes by Unanimous Decision

UFC: Curtis Blaydes only cares about what the win, not what fight fans want to see

Curtis Blaydes, UFC

Tomorrow night in the headliner of UFC Vegas 19, Curtis “Razor” Blaydes (14-2, 1 NC) will be going for his fifth straight victory. Standing in front of him is “The Black Beast” Derrick Lewis (24-7, 1 NC). The fight is shaping up as a classic hero vs villain type of fight.

For Curtis Blaydes, the path to victory tomorrow is pretty clear. While he’s certainly shown improved standup over the years, the path to a victory at UFC Vegas 19 lies within his wrestling. Blaydes might be the best wrestler in the UFC‘s heavyweight division at the moment.

When he’s on, he’s incredibly difficult to get off of you. Blaydes has tremendous strength and shows great control once the fight does get to the ground. Once it’s there, he also does a fantastic job of landing vicious strikes. Just ask Alistair Overeem about that.

The only real way for Derrick Lewis to win tomorrow is by knocking Blaydes out on the feet. Blaydes knows this and he doesn’t plan on playing with that fire. He knows the fans want to see a heavyweight war at UFC Vegas 19, but his inner “pettyness” won’t give in to what the fans want to see.

UFC wins is all Blaydes cares about

Blaydes took to the mic at yesterday’s press event and talked about his strategy. Blaydes said, “I’m very petty. The more you don’t want me to do it (wrestle), the more I’m going to be like ‘FU’ I’m going to do it. I know people don’t wanna watch it. You’re going to watch it.”

The top UFC heavyweight brought up some great points in giving his reasons. He brought up the fact that his current contract is paying him $100,000 to show and $100,000 to win. Blaydes said he will take whatever path necessary to win to provide the best future for his daughter.

Blaydes also brought up the fact that he will not give in to fans who won’t care about him once he walks out of the cage. In reality, he makes a lot of strong points. Blaydes is one of the best heavyweights in the UFC and he’s earned that distinction by doing it his way and not giving in for the purpose of entertainment.