UFC: Pedro Munhoz contemplating a move to flyweight

Pedro Munhoz, UFC

It looks like one of the top ten contenders in the UFC‘s bantamweight division is considering a change in weight. For the last several years, Pedro Munhoz (19-6, 1 NC) has been one of the toughest outs in the bantamweight division.

Munhoz made his UFC debut back in 2014 at UFC 170 when he took on top contender Raphael Assuncao. That night, Munhoz lost by decision and suffered the first loss of his career.

Since that night, Munhoz has gone 9-5, 1 NC in ten fights with the UFC. Granted three of those losses were razor close split decision losses. Every loss that Munhoz has had in the bantamweight division has come against top competition.

Starting in 2016, Munhoz went on the best run of his career. He went 7-1 with his lone loss coming by way of split decision to former title challenger John Dodson. However, two of the wins he had during that stretch really stand out.

Munhoz submitted Rob Font in the first round and he also knocked out former UFC bantamweight champion Cody Garbrandt in the first round. However, since that Garbrandt victory, Munhoz is just 1-3 in his last four fights.

UFC contender moving down?

Most recently, Munhoz took on former UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo at UFC 265 a couple of weeks ago. Aldo used his speed and precision striking to fluster Munhoz over the course of three rounds.

While Munhoz had his moments here and there, the fight was largely dominated by Aldo. Today, the UFC released their “Thrill and Agony” video that they normally release following a PPV card.

The behind the scenes video highlights the emotions of fighters on both the winning and losing end of a fight. During the video, the camera caught up to Aldo and Munhoz talking after their fight at UFC 265.

Munhoz said to Aldo, “I might go down to flyweight.” Aldo then said to Munhoz that he thought it might be a good idea. While Munhoz hasn’t stated anything publicly, the move would seemingly make sense.

Munhoz is not a very big bantamweight compared to some of the other guys in the UFC. He definitely looks like he can make 125 pounds. If he does move, he would follow Cody Garbrandt who also moved down to 125 pounds.

Garbrandt has his UFC flyweight debut against Kai Kara-France booked for December. If Garbrandt picks up a win in that matchup, perhaps the UFC runs things back between Munhoz and Garbrandt at 125 pounds.

After UFC 265 performance, will Ciryl Gane be the favorite against Francis Ngannou?

Ciryl Gane UFC

Last weekend at UFC 265, we saw a new interim heavyweight champion crowned. Ciryl Gane (10-0) took on Derrick Lewis (25-8, 1 NC) in front of Houston, Texas which is the hometown of The Black Beast.

Gane looked incredibly composed and confident as he walked out to “Still Tippin” by Houston rapper Mike Jones. The crowd erupted in boos as Gane made his way to the octagon with a big smile on his face.

It was almost like Gane had a secret heading into UFC 265. From the opening moments of the fight, it was very apparent how the fight was going to go. Gane used his sleek movement and speed to fluster Lewis.

Lewis could never get close enough to land a signature power shot on Saturday night. Gane completely dominated all aspects of the fight and in the third round, he really turned things on. The Frenchman unleashed a vicious combination that put Lewis down and crowned Gane the interim UFC champion.

Favored Over the UFC Undisputed Champion?

Being crowned interim UFC champion is basically having a belt and being the number one contender. Now that Gane has the interim title, he’s earned himself a matchup with the undisputed champion, Francis Ngannou (16-3).

Ngannou has been a freight train on his way to capturing the UFC heavyweight title. He became the undisputed champion back in March when he knocked out the great Stipe Miocic in the second round.

That win was the fifth straight knockout win for Ngannou. With a champion like that, you would think he would be the favorite against any man that he steps in the octagon with. I mean Ngannou was even the big favorite over Jon Jones when that potential fight was being discussed.

However, after UFC 265, the betting lines are dead even. If you ask most people in the MMA community, many are saying that Gane should be the favorite when he takes on his former teammate Francis Ngannou.

The argument is that the style and distance control of Gane is the perfect style to defeat the UFC champion. I can see the point, but I still believe that the betting favorite heading into title unification bout should be the undisputed champion. However, the odds in either direction should be incredibly close.

Vicente Luque continues to rise after UFC 265

This past Saturday at UFC 265, we saw a pivotal matchup in the welterweight division. Top six welterweights went head-to-head as Vicente Luque (21-7-1) took on Michael Chiesa (17-5).

Chiesa was unbeaten in the UFC‘s welterweight division heading into Saturday night. Luque on the other hand has been one of the top welterweights in the division over the last few years who has just stumbled twice since his promotional debut.

Vicente Luque looks like he can become a UFC champion. He has tremendous striking, a fun style, and he’s very slick on the ground. However, his ground skills are rarely talked about considering how good he is on the feet. Well, at UFC 265 we saw how good his grappling was.

In the first round, Michael Chiesa landed a big takedown. Once he got on top of Luque, he was able to get to his back. Chiesa tried to lock in a choke and for a moment, it appeared that Chiesa was going to get the win at UFC 265.

However, Luque powered through and ended up on top. Both men started a scramble and Chiesa left his neck exposed. Luque locked in a d’arce choke and shocked everyone by submitting the ground specialist in the first round.

What’s next after UFC 265?

This was another huge win for Luque who has won four fights in a row. In his last 16 UFC fights, Luque holds an astonishing record of 14-2. The only two losses he’s had have come against Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson and Leon Edwards (19-3).

In thinking about what comes next following UFC 265, there’s one fight that stands out for me. That’s a fight with Leon Edwards. In reality, Edwards has done enough to earn himself a UFC title shot.

That said, if he wants to fight for the title next, he’s going to be waiting a while. Kamaru Usman and Colby Covington are fighting in November for the title. If Edwards wants a UFC title shot, he’s likely not going to get it until spring of 2022.

With how inactive Edwards has been, he needs another fight. Luque is currently ranked fourth in the welterweight division and a fight between the two men would give the division a clear number one contender after Covington. Neither has fought for the title either so it would make a ton of sense.

These two did fight back in 2017 with Edwards picking up the decision win. This is a great matchup and I think the UFC would be wise to try and book this one.

After sensational performance at UFC 265, what’s next for Jose Aldo?

This past Saturday at UFC 265 in the co-main event, Jose Aldo (30-7) took on Pedro Munhoz (19-6). Aldo was looking to pickup his second win in the bantamweight division while Pedro Munhoz was looking for the biggest win of his UFC career.

Heading into this fight, the betting odds were basically dead even. We’ve seen Pedro Munhoz perform at a high level in the bantamweight division for a while now. Munhoz held wins over the likes of Jimmie Rivera and former UFC bantamweight champion Cody Garbrandt.

While Aldo is a legend of the UFC, he’s still relatively unproven at bantamweight. The former featherweight champion was 1-2 in three fights leading into UFC 265. Granted, he should be 2-1, but he was robbed against Marlon Moraes.

This fight with Munhoz was going to tell us a lot about the former champion and the fight did just that. Aldo put on one of the best performances he’s had in a long time at UFC 265.

For all three rounds, his lightening fast combinations proved to be too much for Munhoz. Munhoz had success here and there, but for the most part, Saturday night was all about The King of Rio.

What’s next after UFC 265?

After the fight was over, there was one name that Aldo had in mind. Aldo wanted a shot against former UFC bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw (17-4). He wanted the two of them to fight in a title eliminator.

While that doesn’t sound like a bad idea, it won’t be able to happen. Dillashaw tore some ligaments in his knee during his win over Cory Sandhagen a couple of weeks ago. Dillashaw is sidelined three months and when he returns, he’s getting a UFC title shot.

With that, Aldo will have to look at a different opponent. To me, there are two names that make a lot of sense. Rob Font (19-4) is one of the names that stands out. Font has won four fights in a row to put himself right into the title picture.

He’s known for his sensational boxing and a matchup between him and Aldo would be must-see. Another option for Aldo could be a fight with Dominick Cruz (23-3). At one point, Cruz vs Aldo was considered to be a UFC superfight.

However, both are in much different spots in their careers now. Aldo is near the top of the division at 135 and Cruz is making his way back up the latter. Perhaps the UFC decides to have these legends fight it out for a shot at a title eliminator next.

What’s next for Michael Chiesa after UFC 265?

One of the more highly anticipated fights at UFC 265 was the welterweight contest between Michael Chiesa (18-5) and Vicente Luque (20-8-1). Both men were looking to make the jump into title contention with a win.

Michael Chiesa had struggled for years to make the UFC‘s lightweight limit of 155 pounds. Eventually, Chiesa decided to scrap fighting at 155 and moved up to the welterweight division.

That decision has really paid off for Chiesa. Chiesa started out a perfect 4-0 in the welterweight division which included a five-round win over Neil Magny. Those four straight wins put him in there with Vicente Luque.

At UFC 265, the fight started out extremely well for Chiesa. Chiesa actually was able to land a couple of really good combinations on the feet. However, after Luque buckled his leg with a vicious kick, Chiesa decided to take the fight to the ground.

Chiesa had no troubles taking down Luque. Once they were on the ground, Chiesa was able to get the back of Luque and he started working on a submission. He almost had a rear-naked choke in and after the fight, Luque said the choke was about 80% in.

However, Luque battled through and they ended up in a scramble. Once there, Chiesa left his neck exposed and Luque locked in a d’arce choke. Chiesa fought it, but ultimately tapped and suffered defeat at UFC 265.

What’s next after UFC 265?

This is a really hard loss for Chiesa to swallow. It’s a difficult loss because he had the win right there for the taking and just couldn’t finish the submission. Then leaving his neck exposed ended the fight.

After suffering his first loss in the UFC’s welterweight division, what should be next for Chiesa? Well, Chiesa isn’t going to drop far especially considering him and Luque are both top six welterweights.

I believe the perfect next opponent for Michael Chiesa is Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson (16-5-1). Wonderboy was just in a similar position as Chiesa fighting Luque’s best friend and training partner Gilbert Burns.

Like Chiesa, Thompson fell short, but he’s still in the top six of the UFC’s welterweight division. With both being in such a similar position, it just makes sense to put them together in a fight.

How does Francis Ngannou fare against Ciryl Gane after UFC 265?

Francis Ngannou

This past Saturday at UFC 265, the interim heavyweight title was on the line. The undefeated Ciryl Gane (10-0) was taking on heavyweight knockout artist Derrick Lewis (25-8, 1 NC) in Lewis’ hometown of Houston, Texas.

An extremely interested observer on Saturday night was the undisputed UFC heavyweight champion, Francis Ngannou (16-3). Ngannou just won the title back in March when he knocked out Stipe Miocic.

After the win, he took some time to visit Africa and didn’t arrive back in the US to start training until June. The UFC wanted Ngannou to turn right around and face Lewis in Houston to headline UFC 265.

Ngannou said he would fight in September, but turned down the August fight because he would only have six weeks to train. As a result, the UFC made an interim title and put Ciryl Gane in there with Derrick Lewis.

Gane is a former teammate of Francis Ngannou. The Frenchman completely dominated Lewis on Saturday night to become the interim UFC champion. Ngannou had a simple message for Gane after the fight, “See you soon boy

How does the UFC champ fare against the interim champ?

Ciryl Gane is a nightmare for most heavyweights in the UFC. Gane has a complete skillset and brings a level of athleticism that’s very rare for the heavyweight division. He’s incredibly long and he’s light on his feet like someone in the middleweight division.

The UFC commentators talked about the fact that he will be a problem for Francis Ngannou. That said, I believe that Francis Ngannou is the only guy who can bring all this Ciryl Gane talk to a screeching halt.

While Derrick Lewis holds a win over Francis Ngannou, the two are not on the same level. Ngannou is very fast, extremely strong, and he’s very long. In fact, his reach is a couple of inches longer than Ciryl Gane’s.

The champion has the ability to close the distance fast enough and he’s long enough to land the power shots that Lewis simply couldn’t. Nobody should take the UFC 265 fight between Lewis and Gane and apply it to breaking down the fight with Ngannou.

Ciryl Gane just might have the perfect style to stifle the champion. However, if there’s anyone in the division who can catch Gane and put him to sleep, it’s Francis Ngannou. Going into their fight, I believe that Ngannou should still be the favorite, and I personally would still bet on the UFC heavyweight champ.

What’s next for Derrick Lewis after coming up short at UFC 265?

This past Saturday at UFC 265 in the main event, the interim heavyweight title was on the line. Derrick “The Black Beast” Lewis (25-8, 1 NC) was fighting in his hometown as he was taking on the undefeated Ciryl Gane (10-0).

The winner of the interim title would earn a shot at the undisputed UFC champion Francis Ngannou (16-3). Going into UFC 265, the game plan was pretty obvious for both men.

For Derrick Lewis, it was going to be about finding that one shot that would put Gane out. Lewis has ungodly power in his hands and he’s proven that he just needs to hit you one good time for the show to be over.

For Ciryl Gane, it was going to be about being elusive and striking from the outside. Well, one of those game plans was executed perfectly. The fighter who executed perfectly at UFC 265 was Ciryl Gane.

Gane kept Lewis on the outside all night long. Lewis never really got close to landing anything significant and it was domination from Gane. Gane ended up stopping Lewis in the third round.

What’s next after UFC 265?

This is a tough one to swallow for Lewis who was fighting for the UFC title in his hometown. All week long, Lewis talked about how much pressure was on his shoulders to perform in front of his friends, his family, and his city.

To be completely honest, I think the moment got to Lewis a bit. Combine that with the sheer brilliance of Ciryl Gane and you had the perfect recipe for disaster for The Black Beast at UFC 265.

From here, where does Lewis go? Well, for anyone who’s quick to write of Lewis, I’ll remind you that he’s still one of the very best heavyweights in the UFC. Remember, he did just knock out Curtis Blaydes a few months ago.

There’s two opponents that I’m looking at for Derrick Lewis next. The first one is Stipe Miocic (20-4). Let’s be honest, Miocic wants and likely deserves an immediate rematch for the UFC heavyweight title. However, we know the promotion isn’t doing that.

If Miocic wants to be active, he should take a fight with Lewis. It would be a massive fight for both men and for fans. The other opponent I’m thinking about is Alexander Volkov (33-9).

Volkov and Lewis fought before at UFC 229 and Volkov dominated most of the fight before a last second Lewis knockout. If Volkov wins his fight against Marcin Tybura, I’m sure fans would love to see that rematch for The Black Beast.

Ciryl Gane dominates and finishes Derrick Lewis at UFC 265

Ciryl Gane UFC

In the headliner of UFC 265 we saw two top heavyweights battle it out for the interim heavyweight title. The hometown favorite Derrick Lewis (25-7, 1 NC) was taking on Ciryl Gane (9-0) in Houston.

The Black Beast entered the octagon as the second ranked heavyweight in the UFC. He’s on a four-fight win streak, but his last performance really put him over the top. Back in February, he knocked Curtis Blaydes out cold to earn this shot.

Standing across from Lewis is Ciryl Gane. Gane has a perfect record and he’s been dominant since joining the UFC. Gane made his debut with the promotion back in 2019 and he’s gone 6-0.

This year alone, Gane has had two headlining fights against Jairzinho Rozenstruik and Alexander Volkov. In both of those fights, Gane used his footwork and incredible striking technique to pickup two lopsided decision wins.

UFC 265 Recap

Round 1

The UFC 265 main event gets started with a touch of the gloves and here we go. Gane immediately on his toes as he takes the center of the cage. Lewis is sitting on the outside already looking to time a power shot.

Big head kick attempt from Lewis gets blocked by Gane. Gane pushing forward and Lewis has his back against the fence. Jab lands from Ciryl Gane. Three straight low kicks land for Gane.

Gane very light on his feet here in the first. Lewis starts plotting forward looking for his opening. However, Gane is remaining elusive here in the first. Nice jab lands for Gane. He follows it with a nice kick and another jab.

Low kick for Gane. Lewis trying to cut off Gane, but Gane lands a kick and gets out of the way. Another jab from Ciryl Gane. Lewis goes for a body kick and it lands low and we have a break in the action.

Lewis circles on the outside as we get back to the action. Gane light on his feet and Lewis tries to explode and land a bomb. However, Gane avoided the power. More shots from Gane land in the final seconds and the round comes to a close. 1-0 Ciryl Gane here at UFC 265.

Round 2

Entering the second here at UFC 265 and both guys still look fresh here. Gane bouncing again to start the second and he lands a couple of low kicks. Power jab lands for Ciryl Gane that backs up Derrick Lewis.

Big leg kick lands for Lewis, but he’s still not able to find any shots up top. Good 1-2 lands for Gane over the guard of Lewis. Lewis explodes forward, but again, can’t find the bomb that he’s looking for.

High kick from Lewis just misses. Low kick and jab lands for Gane. Gane tries for a jump knee and the two men end up in a clinch. Lewis gets pushed back to the fence by Gane and Gane starts landing knees to the thigh.

The crowd is becoming a little restless here and the two men separate. Another kick lands for Gane. Lewis tries for a big right hand, but he’s a too far out of range. Two good jabs land for Gane and he follows it up with a big right straight.

The two clinch briefly and Gane lands a vicious elbow on the break. Lewis tries to land a counter right hand, but he misses wildly. The second round comes to a close and it’s 2-0 Gane here at UFC 265.

Round 3

Entering the third round at UFC 265 and Lewis needs to get it going here. Lewis starts the striking with a body kick, but Gane immediately pushes him back with pressure. Gane lands two powerful leg kicks and he follows it with a big right hand.

Another huge kick from Gane finds it’s home and Lewis’ lead leg. Gane is completely chopping down Lewis’ lead leg here in the third round. Another kick lands and Lewis tries pushing forward, but Gane just shrugs him off.

We are halfway through this fight and it’s been completely one-sided. Lewis gets a body lock and tries for a takedown, but Gane defends well. Gane breaks and he lands a jab to the body. Lewis explodes and it looks like his leg buckles.

Gane hurts Derrick Lewis badly and he starts pouring it on. Lewis tries to blast back, but there’s nothing there. Gane is beating him up and Lewis goes down. Follow up shots are not answered and the referee calls a stop to the action. Domination by the new interim UFC heavyweight champion.

Ciryl Gane def. Derrick Lewis by TKO – Round 3

Jose Aldo outclasses Pedro Munhoz at UFC 265

In the co-main event of UFC 265, we saw big time matchup in the bantamweight division. Former featherweight champion Jose Aldo (29-7) returned as he took on Pedro Munhoz (19-5).

Pedro Munhoz was looking for the biggest win of his UFC career. The last time we saw Munhoz was back in February when he took on Jimmie Rivera. That night, Munhoz used a steady diet of leg kicks to get the win.

That win snapped a two-fight skid for Pedro Munhoz. The former UFC featherweight champion is in a very similar position as Munhoz. The last time we saw Jose Aldo was back in December when he defeated Chito Vera by decision.

That win by Aldo snapped a three-fight losing streak including his first two fights at bantamweight. Granted, I’ll still maintain to this day that Jose Aldo defeated Marlon Moraes in his UFC bantamweight debut.

UFC 265 Recap

Round 1

The UFC 265 co-main event kicked off with a touch of the gloves. Munhoz starts the striking with a spinning back kick tot he body. Lots of pressure and volume early from Pedro Munhoz. Leg kick from Munhoz as Aldo is remaining patient.

Munhoz looks to move forward behind two jabs. Aldo rips to the body to get his striking started. Nice jab lands for Aldo and he checks a leg kick from Munhoz. Munhoz throws another spinning kick, but easily blocked by Aldo.

Aldo is block and checking every kick Munhoz is throwing right now. Nasty knee to the body lands for Jose Aldo. Aldo rips to the body with a hook. Speed advantage early on belongs to the former UFC featherweight champion.

Good right hand lands for Aldo. He follows that up with a check left hook that lands on Munhoz. Munhoz tries to land a right as Aldo circles, but falls short. Another vicious shot to the body lands for Jose Aldo.

Steady body work from Aldo here late in the round. Munhoz just misses a huge right and Aldo counters with two big hooks to the body. Both exchange big shots as the round ends. Good moments for both, but should be 1-0 Aldo at UFC 265.

Round 2

The first round at UFC 265 was pretty close, but Aldo’s speed is definitely an advantage heading into round two. Aldo doubles up on the jab to start the striking in the second. Munhoz lands a nice left hook to start his striking.

Powerful low kick lands for Aldo. Munhoz steps in and lands a good body shot of his own. Aldo lands three straight left hands on Munhoz. Munhoz tries to push forward, but Aldo rips a vicious combination to the body.

Spinning kick for Munhoz misses it’s mark. Munhoz steps forward with an uppercut that grazes Aldo. Aldo pops him with a jab, but Munhoz lands a really nice right hand. Another stiff jab from the former UFC champion.

Leg kick for Munhoz and Aldo is looking a little tired here in the second round. Powerful kick lands for Aldo and Munhoz tries to counter over the top. Nice jab for Aldo lands, but Munhoz keeps pushing with a ton of pressure.

Both men push the other back with stiff jabs. Another vicious combination to the body lands for Aldo. Aldo outlanding Munhoz as the second round is nearing it’s end. Big right lands for Aldo at the end of the round and it should be 2-0 Aldo at UFC 265.

Round 3

Entering the final round at UFC 265 and Pedro Munhoz needs a finish on my scorecard. Both men embrace to start the final round and here we go. Pedro Munhoz moves forward, but Aldo landed three insanely powerful combinations to start the striking.

Amazed that Munhoz was able to take all of those shots from Aldo. Munhoz keeps pushing forward and he tries a jump kick that misses badly. Leg kick lands for Jose Aldo. Aldo keeps Munhoz at distance with his jab.

Nice shot to the body lands for Aldo. Three minutes left and Aldo lands a big leg kick and he follows it with three jabs. Another huge combination from Aldo, but Pedro Munhoz just eats it and keeps pushing forward.

Aldo unloading on Munhoz here in the third. Munhoz then lands a massive right hand of his own that gets respect from Aldo. Aldo drops Munhoz with a powerful leg kick and throws a combination as Munhoz gets up.

Huge right hand from Aldo and Aldo follows it with a combination. The speed of Aldo is something to behold here at UFC 265. One minute left and Munhoz is going to need a miracle here.

Munhoz pushes forward, but he isn’t throwing much here. Another miss on a spinning kick from Munhoz. Aldo rips a massive combination and lands on Munhoz. The chin of Munhoz was tested, but he makes it to the end.

Jose Aldo def. Pedro Munhoz by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Vicente Luque submits Michael Chiesa in the first at UFC 265

On the main card of UFC 265, we saw a pivotal matchup in the welterweight division. The fifth and sixth ranked welterweights went head-to-head as Michael Chiesa (18-4) took on Vicente Luque (20-7-1).

Luque was looking to pick up his fourth consecutive win at UFC 265. Luque has been fighting with the promotion since 2015 and he’s consistently been one of the best. After losing his UFC debut, he’s gone 13-2.

Standing across from Luque was Michael Chiesa. Chiesa has completely changed his career after moving to the welterweight division. For years, Chiesa struggled to get down to lightweight. Eventually, he decided to move up to his natural weight class of 170 pounds.

Since making that move, Chiesa has been sensational. He’s gone 4-0 in the UFC‘s welterweight division. Back in January he had a dominant five-round victory over Neil Magny to setup this fight with Vicente Luque.

UFC 265 Recap

Round 1

The UFC 265 welterweight contest kicked off with a touch of the gloves. Chiesa circled on the outside as Luque pushed forward with pressure to start. Both men flick out jabs to start their striking.

Nice leg kick lands for Luque. Another powerful kick lands for Luque as Chiesa keeps circling on the outside. Chiesa lands a nice left hand which snapped the head back of Luque. Chiesa steps forward with a 1-2, but Luque counters with a leg kick.

Another beautiful 1-2 from Chiesa and Luque is busted open. Luque lands a leg kick that buckles Chiesa. Chiesa shoots deep on a takedown and he gets it. Doesn’t take long before Chiesa gets the back of Luque.

Chiesa is close to getting a choke, but Luque powers through. A scramble and Luque ends up on top. Out of no where, Luque locks in a d’arce choke and it’s deep. Chiesa tries to fight it, but he’s forced to tap. Huge win at UFC 265 for Vicente Luque.

Vicente Luque def. Michael Chiesa by Submission (D’Arce Choke) – Round 1