Jose Aldo outclasses Pedro Munhoz at UFC 265

In the co-main event of UFC 265, we saw big time matchup in the bantamweight division. Former featherweight champion Jose Aldo (29-7) returned as he took on Pedro Munhoz (19-5).

Pedro Munhoz was looking for the biggest win of his UFC career. The last time we saw Munhoz was back in February when he took on Jimmie Rivera. That night, Munhoz used a steady diet of leg kicks to get the win.

That win snapped a two-fight skid for Pedro Munhoz. The former UFC featherweight champion is in a very similar position as Munhoz. The last time we saw Jose Aldo was back in December when he defeated Chito Vera by decision.

That win by Aldo snapped a three-fight losing streak including his first two fights at bantamweight. Granted, I’ll still maintain to this day that Jose Aldo defeated Marlon Moraes in his UFC bantamweight debut.

UFC 265 Recap

Round 1

The UFC 265 co-main event kicked off with a touch of the gloves. Munhoz starts the striking with a spinning back kick tot he body. Lots of pressure and volume early from Pedro Munhoz. Leg kick from Munhoz as Aldo is remaining patient.

Munhoz looks to move forward behind two jabs. Aldo rips to the body to get his striking started. Nice jab lands for Aldo and he checks a leg kick from Munhoz. Munhoz throws another spinning kick, but easily blocked by Aldo.

Aldo is block and checking every kick Munhoz is throwing right now. Nasty knee to the body lands for Jose Aldo. Aldo rips to the body with a hook. Speed advantage early on belongs to the former UFC featherweight champion.

Good right hand lands for Aldo. He follows that up with a check left hook that lands on Munhoz. Munhoz tries to land a right as Aldo circles, but falls short. Another vicious shot to the body lands for Jose Aldo.

Steady body work from Aldo here late in the round. Munhoz just misses a huge right and Aldo counters with two big hooks to the body. Both exchange big shots as the round ends. Good moments for both, but should be 1-0 Aldo at UFC 265.

Round 2

The first round at UFC 265 was pretty close, but Aldo’s speed is definitely an advantage heading into round two. Aldo doubles up on the jab to start the striking in the second. Munhoz lands a nice left hook to start his striking.

Powerful low kick lands for Aldo. Munhoz steps in and lands a good body shot of his own. Aldo lands three straight left hands on Munhoz. Munhoz tries to push forward, but Aldo rips a vicious combination to the body.

Spinning kick for Munhoz misses it’s mark. Munhoz steps forward with an uppercut that grazes Aldo. Aldo pops him with a jab, but Munhoz lands a really nice right hand. Another stiff jab from the former UFC champion.

Leg kick for Munhoz and Aldo is looking a little tired here in the second round. Powerful kick lands for Aldo and Munhoz tries to counter over the top. Nice jab for Aldo lands, but Munhoz keeps pushing with a ton of pressure.

Both men push the other back with stiff jabs. Another vicious combination to the body lands for Aldo. Aldo outlanding Munhoz as the second round is nearing it’s end. Big right lands for Aldo at the end of the round and it should be 2-0 Aldo at UFC 265.

Round 3

Entering the final round at UFC 265 and Pedro Munhoz needs a finish on my scorecard. Both men embrace to start the final round and here we go. Pedro Munhoz moves forward, but Aldo landed three insanely powerful combinations to start the striking.

Amazed that Munhoz was able to take all of those shots from Aldo. Munhoz keeps pushing forward and he tries a jump kick that misses badly. Leg kick lands for Jose Aldo. Aldo keeps Munhoz at distance with his jab.

Nice shot to the body lands for Aldo. Three minutes left and Aldo lands a big leg kick and he follows it with three jabs. Another huge combination from Aldo, but Pedro Munhoz just eats it and keeps pushing forward.

Aldo unloading on Munhoz here in the third. Munhoz then lands a massive right hand of his own that gets respect from Aldo. Aldo drops Munhoz with a powerful leg kick and throws a combination as Munhoz gets up.

Huge right hand from Aldo and Aldo follows it with a combination. The speed of Aldo is something to behold here at UFC 265. One minute left and Munhoz is going to need a miracle here.

Munhoz pushes forward, but he isn’t throwing much here. Another miss on a spinning kick from Munhoz. Aldo rips a massive combination and lands on Munhoz. The chin of Munhoz was tested, but he makes it to the end.

Jose Aldo def. Pedro Munhoz by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

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