New York Giants: Will 2020 Be The Year That Dave Gettleman Finally Trades Down?

New York Giants, Dave Gettleman

The NFL Scouting Combine kicks off this week with the 2020 NFL Draft just around the corner. This will be another crucial draft for the New York Giants as they are once again picking inside of the top-ten. This year, New York holds the fourth overall pick and is in prime position to trade down to a quarterback-needy team to accumulate a king’s ransom of draft capital.

Trading down might be a reliable option for the Giants, but is it a real possibility? General manager Dave Gettleman has never traded down in a draft before. He recently received heavy criticism for this by NBC Sports’ Peter King in his latest “Football Morning in America” column:

A GM who has made 45 picks has never traded down to accumulate more picks from any of the 45. That is borderline negligent. Maybe not even borderline. I am incredulous about that. As I documented last week, GM John Schneider of the Seahawks used last year’s 21st overall pick and traded down six times to accumulate six picks, one of whom was wide receiver DK Metcalf, who, as it turned out, produced better value than a 21st pick in most drafts as a rookie. And four other players from the trade played for the Seahawks last season. Trying to not make too much of that, but wow. Just wow. – Peter King, NBC Sports

Peter King makes some fair points. Trading down is a proven strategy that reaps significant benefits. The 2018 Indianapolis Colts can attest to that. Many Giants fans are pounding the table, begging Dave Gettleman to finally trade down in 2020. For those fans, there is reason to believe that he just might do it this year.

The Giants are “Open for business.”

With the 2020 NFL Scouting Combine kicking off this week, Dave Gettleman fielded questions from the media on Tuesday. He was, of course, asked about the potential of trading down from fourth overall in the 2020 NFL Draft. Dave Gettleman responded, saying, “We’re open for business.”

This was Dave Gettleman admitting that he is open to trading down in 2020 and that it is a real possibility this year. He also said, “Whatever we do is gonna be in our best interest.” Gettleman also conceded that the likelihood of a trade down is higher this time around, according to Paul Schwartz of the New York Post

New head coach Joe Judge is also open to the possibility of trading down in this year’s draft:

“Whatever the scenario that comes to be that’s best for the Giants, if that’s trading back, we’re open to listen,” Judge said. “We don’t have to do anything, but we’ll listen to anything.” – Joe Judge, via Paul Schwartz of the New York Post

Despite making it clear that the Giants are open to trading down, Gettleman also cautioned that there is risk involved with such an action:

“Trading back has its danger,” Gettleman warned. “We’re at four. Let’s say you trade back to eight. There’s only four players we like, what if they’re all gone? Now what are you gonna do? Are you gonna trade back again? You can trade yourself back out of good players but, we’re open.” – Dave Gettleman, via Paul Schwartz of the New York Post

So the Giants are “open for business.”

Well, kind of. Dave Gettleman still seems to be pretty skeptical of the whole trade-down concept. It looks like the franchise is open to it under specific circumstances.

However, I wouldn’t bet on a trade down from fourth overall at this point. Regardless, it is an incredibly strong draft class this year. The Giants will be landing an elite prospect at fourth overall if they decide to stay put. But maybe they will land an elite prospect, and a few extra draft picks after trading back. Time will only tell.

New York Giants: Top Prospects To Watch At The 2020 NFL Scouting Combine

The 2020 NFL Draft is right around the corner. The Draft will begin on April 23 this year. In preparation for the NFL Draft, the NFL Scouting Combine will begin this week.

The Combine is a crucial part of the draft process. Teams finally have the chance to meet and interview this year’s prospects. The New York Giants are picking fourth overall in this year’s draft and will have their pick at some of the top prospects in the class. With the 2020 NFL Scouting Combine about to kick off, let’s take a look at three of the top prospects to keep an eye on for the Giants in 2020.

Isaiah Simmons

One of the draft’s most hyped prospects is Clemson’s do-it-all linebacker, Isaiah Simmons. Simmons played nearly every position on Clemson’s defense and is an exceptional athlete. 

Dane Brugler of The Athletic said, “They might rename the combine after Isaiah Simmons after he is done with it.” According to Albert Breer of MMQB, one college scouting director forecast to Breer that Clemson LB Isaiah Simmons will run in the low 4.4s, and his “jumps are gonna be nuts.”

Isaiah Simmons is going to test extremely well in the Combine drills this week. He has the speed, size, and athleticism to drop jaws. Simmons has been linked to the Giants on many occasions, so expect them to keep an eye on the draft’s top linebacker.

Tristan Wirfs

According to Ralph Vacchiano of SNY, the New York Giants are “in love” with Iowa offensive tackle Tristan Wirfs. Wirfs is already expected to be one of the Giants’ top targets in the 2020 NFL Draft. But with a strong performance at the 2020 NFL Scouting Combine, Tristan could make himself a must-draft target for the Giants who have a severe need at offensive tackle.

Tristan Wirfs is expected to dominate the 2020 NFL Scouting Combine. He is a mammoth of a human being, standing at 6 feet 5 inches and weighing 322 pounds. Despite this, Tristan can move at a somewhat rapid pace. He is expected to run a sub-4.9s 40-yard dash. He would be only the fifth offensive tackle ever to accomplish this feat and the only offensive tackle to run a sub 4.9s while weighing 322 pounds.

Tristan Wirfs has been described as a “300-pound man that moves like a dancer.” But he also moves weights like ragdolls. Tristan broke Iowa’s hang clean record with four reps of 450 pounds last year. Wirfs is sure to impress during the 2020 NFL Scouting Combine and could make his way surging up teams’ draft boards.

Mekhi Becton

The Giants are in the market for an offensive tackle. Tristan Wirfs is undoubtedly one of the top options for the Giants in the 2020 NFL Draft, but there are others. Another offensive tackle to keep an eye on at the 2020 NFL Scouting Combine is Mekhi Becton.

Mekhi Becton is a massive human being. He is maybe the definition of the term “hog molly” that general manager Dave Gettleman is known to use. The Lousiville offensive tackle towers over the competition at 6 feet 7 inches. He also weighs in at a humungous 369 pounds.

Becton’s size is rare. But, what makes him so unique is the athletic ability he has combined with his otherworldly stature. Lance Zierlein of described Becton as an offensive tackle with an “enormous frame complemented by surprisingly nimble feet and functional athleticism to handle either tackle spot.” The Giants could draft Mekhi Becton to play left tackle or right tackle depending on how much they do or do not trust Nate Solder.

The Giants will be able to find a franchise building block in the 2020 NFL Draft. But that all starts with the 2020 NFL Scouting Combine. This is a crucial step in the draft process, and these three players will need to live up to expectations and impress New York if they want to get selected fourth overall.

What The New York Giants Could Get By Trading Their Fourth Overall Draft Pick

New York Giants, Dave Gettleman

The New York Giants are once again picking in the top-ten of the draft. This year, the Giants hold the fourth overall pick. Last year, New York secured its franchise quarterback, Daniel Jones, with the sixth overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft. While almost every fan is happy with this selection in retrospect, many of them wanted to see the Giants trade down in last year’s draft.

This year, trading down is a legitimate possibility. Dave Gettleman has never traded down in the first round of the draft as a general manager before. However, according to Jordan Raanan of ESPN, the Giants are “open to” trading down in 2020.

With multiple teams looking for new quarterbacks this offseason, the Giants could get a haul of picks for the fourth overall selection that they own. But what exactly could they get for this pick? Will they get offered enough to move down?

What The Fourth Overall Pick Is Worth:

According to the NFL Draft Trade Value Chart, the fourth overall pick in the NFL Draft is worth 1800 points. To put it into perspective, the first overall pick is worth 3000 points and the tenth overall pick is worth 1300.

Many Giants fans are not likely to be happy with a trade that lands the Giants outside of the top ten. But, luckily for the Giants, there are multiple quarterback-needy teams that are picking inside of the top-ten and will be looking to trade up to get their guy.

If going strictly by the NFL Draft Trade Value Chart, the Giants can get a top-ten pick and a second-round pick for the fourth overall selection. However, knowing what we know about the quarterback market, the Giants could get a lot more than that.

Recent Trades Suggest An Even Higher Price Tag:

While most teams are likely to only give up assets similar to the value from the trade chart, a bidding war could inflate the price of the Giants’ pick. The Dolphins and Chargers are teams that are definitely in the market for a quarterback. However, the Panthers, Colts, Raiders, and Buccaneers are examples of other teams that could possibly get their names in trade discussions for a new signal-caller.

Recent NFL Draft trades for quarterbacks suggest that the Giants would be able to get a king’s ransom for the fourth overall pick if a team is moving up to select a quarterback:

In 2012, the Redskins gave up: 6th, 39th picks in 2012, a first-round pick in 2013, and a first-round pick in 2014. The Redskins received: 2nd pick in 2012 (Robert Griffin III).

In 2016, the Eagles gave up: 8th, 77th, 100th pick in 2016, a first-round pick in 2017, and a second-round pick in 2018. The Eagles received: 2nd pick in 2016 (Carson Wentz), and a fourth-round pick in 2017.

In 2018, the Arizona Cardinals gave up: 15th, 79th and 152nd to the Oakland Raiders for the 10th overall selection in 2018 (Josh Rosen).

Most trades for quarterbacks involve multiple first-round picks in exchange for the pick to draft the quarterback. Whether trading up four spots or six spots, an additional first-round pick is usually offered in order to get the deal done. The Giants will be able to field offers from teams that currently have multiple first-round picks in 2020, like the Dolphins in Raiders. However, the teams that only have one first-round pick in 2020 will likely have to offer 2021 first-round picks in order to compete with other franchises in a bidding war.

Regardless of how far back the Giants move, they will be able to get a humungous haul of draft picks in exchange for fourth overall. If they are presented with the opportunity to trade back, they should take it (unless Chase Young is available). The Giants will easily be able to get an additional second-round pick for their selection and can likely get an additional first-round pick from the right team. If there was ever a year where the Giants should trade down, this is that year.

New York Giants: How Chase Young Can Become A Giant

New York Giants, Chase Young

The 2020 NFL Draft is right around the corner. NFL trade rumors are starting to heat up. Every year, the draft order of the first round changes drastically between February and draft night. Teams swap picks in order to pick from a different spot in the round. Recent rumors suggest that a big trade could be happening near the top of the draft.

According to radio talk show host Dan Sileo, the Washington Redskins have been called by the Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins hold the fifth overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft and are looking to trade up to second overall. A trade between these two teams could have a drastic impact on the first round of the draft.

The New York Giants would reap excellent benefits from the Redskins trading away the second overall pick. This trade would give the Giants a chance at landing the most highly-coveted non-quarterback prospect, Chase Young.

Chase Young Stats and Highlights

Chase Young is a phenomenal edge rusher out of Ohio State University. Young was a finalist for the Heisman trophy this year after dominating the competition and totaling 16.5 sacks. Chase Young had 46 combined tackles and 21 tackles for loss. He was also a playmaker, forcing 7 fumbles and being a strip-sack specialist.

How Chase Young Can Land In New York

If the rumors are true and a deal is made, the Dolphins would move up from the fifth pick to the second pick. The top two picks in the draft would be quarterbacks. The Detroit Lions hold the third overall pick. In this scenario, everything depends on what Detroit decides to do.
The Lions could easily draft Chase Young here and reinvent their defense. However, they could get a king’s ransom for the third overall pick. There are three coveted quarterbacks in the 2020 NFL Draft: Joe Burrow, Tua Tagovailoa, and Justin Herbert. The Lions are unlikely to draft a quarterback, but there are other teams in need of a new signal-caller.

The Chargers, the Panthers, and the Raiders are teams that could possibly be in the market for a new quarterback, according to various rumors and reports. If teams get into a bidding war, they will need to move up in the draft to get their guy. This could cause quarterbacks to get drafted first, second, and third overall. If this happens, Chase Young will fall right in the Giants’ lap.

New York Jets: Mock Draft Scenarios

New York Jets, Sam Darnold

With the NFL Draft rapidly approaching (weird to realize that the Super Bowl is only a week away), speculation is running rampant across every NFL team on who will pick who, including the New York Jets. Much is already known about the Jets’ immediate/most dire needs that will be addressed in free agency AS WELL as the draft, so let’s take a look at the current speculation surrounding the New York Jets draft picks.

ESPN Mock Draft

Mel Kiper Jr. sees the Jets going for Jedrick Wills Jr. of the Alabama Crimson Tide with the 11th pick in the first round. He addresses a very obvious need as an offensive tackle, but the biggest slight against him is his inexperience at left tackle. But, known for his strength in run defense, and showing drastic improvement in pass protection, the Jets may have to trade up to get their hands on Wills. Other mock drafts have Wills going 9th overall to the Jacksonville Jaguars, and some as high as 6th to the Los Angeles Chargers.

NFL Mock Draft

The NFL Network has the Jets selecting LSU’s K’Lavon Chaisson at 11. It adds some depth to an already strong defense. Clocking 6.5 sacks last season, 94 combined (forced and solo) tackles, and a forced fumble, he could be the choice the Jets go with if they decide to trade Jamal Adams.

New mock drafts will be rolling out every week from every possible entertainment source. The closer we get to the draft, the more likely these draft picks will be who the team goes with. We’ll see what happens in the coming months/weeks, especially when we get to free agency.

How The Philip Rivers News Helps The New York Giants

The NFL is going through significant changes this offseason. Multiple franchises are parting ways with their veteran quarterbacks. Eli Manning’s recent retirement came as no surprise, but Drew Brees is mulling retirement as well. Additionally, Philip Rivers and the Chargers are reportedly moving on from each other ahead of 2020’s free agency period.

Philip Rivers will be a free agent this March, leading many fans to speculate as to where the veteran signal-caller might end up playing next season. But, for fans of the New York Giants, the speculation will not surround Philip Rivers as much as it will encompass the Chargers’ next quarterback. The question is, whom will the Chargers’ next quarterback be?

Many assume that Los Angeles will get younger at the sport’s most important position. Like the Giants did last year with Daniel Jones, the Chargers are likely to draft their next franchise quarterback in the upcoming 2020 NFL Draft. This could be good news for the Giants as they hold a highly coveted draft pick.

Could The Chargers and Giants Strike A Draft-Day Deal Again?

The 2004 NFL Draft saw the Giants and Chargers both draft and subsequently trade rookie quarterbacks. Eli Manning was drafted first overall by the then-San Diego Chargers. The Giants drafted Philip Rivers. The two swapped quarterbacks in a draft-day trade that worked to the benefit of both teams (but more to the benefit of the Giants who saw their quarterback win two Super Bowls in his sixteen-year career).

Once again, the Giants and Chargers both possess top-ten draft picks in a year featuring a rich quarterback class. Unlike 2004, however, the Giants do not need to draft a quarterback with their first-round draft pick. This is where another draft-day trade could come to fruition.

Assuming Joe Burrow and Chase Young get drafted first, and second overall, the Giants and Lions will be in peculiar positions with their third and fourth overall draft picks. Teams will be looking to trade up for the next best quarterbacks in the class. Tua Tagovailoa and Justin Herbert both have the potential to be top-five picks in April.

Regardless of whether or not the Lions stay put or trade their pick away, the Chargers just made the Giants’ draft pick more valuable. If they want one of these top quarterbacks, they will need to trade up from their sixth overall pick.

Trading down with the Chargers could be a win-win situation for both teams. The Giants would move back only two spots while adding an extra draft pick, possibly an additional second-rounder. The Giants would still have the chance to land one of the big-names they would be considering at fourth overall, and the Chargers would get their future franchise quarterback.

New York Giants: The Draft Scenario Where They Can Land Chase Young

New York Giants, Chase Young

The 2020 NFL Draft is right around the corner. Mock drafts are abundant on the internet, and all of them usually start the same way. Typically, the first pick is Joe Burrow to the Bengals. Then, the second pick is Chase Young to the Redskins. After that, the picks can vary.

Burrow and Young are expected to be top-two picks, and if they are not, it would be a shocking turn of events. But what would that shocking turn of events look like, and how could it benefit the New York Giants?

A Team Trades For Tua

For Chase Young to end up with the Giants, the Redskins have to pass on drafting him. Now, there are plenty of positions of need for the Washington Redskins. It would not hurt to draft a new left tackle or even a wide receiver. However, Chase Young is the best player in the draft and cannot be passed up for any other prospect.

But, the Redskins might consider passing on Young for a haul of multiple prospects. Let’s assume the Bengals draft Joe Burrow at number one overall. This means the draft’s top quarterback is off the board. But still, there are at least three other teams that might want to draft a quarterback: the Dolphins, the Chargers, and the Panthers. So what will happen to those teams?

It is possible that a bidding war forms for the draft’s next best quarterback, Tua Tagovailoa. A team like the Miami Dolphins might want to trade up to the second overall pick to ensure that no one else trades ahead of them and steals Tua. The Redskins would easily be able to get two (maybe even three) first-round picks in exchange for the number two overall pick.

So, to play devil’s advocate in this scenario, let’s assume the Redskins are blown away by a trade offer for the number two overall pick by a quarterback-needy team. They trade down and receive a haul of draft picks while a team moves up and selects Tua Tagovailoa. This leaves Chase Young still on the board for the Lions with the third overall pick.

Three Quarterbacks In A Row?

There are two quarterback prospects in this class that are considered “elite.” That would be Joe Burrow and Tua Tagovailoa, the quarterbacks that, in this scenario, were just drafted first and second overall. But sometimes, teams draft for positional need and subsequently reach on quarterback prospects.

Enter Oregon quarterback Justin Herbert. The former-Duck is not considered to be nearly the same prospect as Burrow or Tagovailoa, but he still projects as an NFL starting quarterback. One of those three teams mentioned above that did not land one of the top two quarterbacks might settle on the draft’s third-best quarterback. 

The Lions are another team with multiple positions of need, not just one gaping hole in their roster. They could draft a linebacker, a cornerback, or Chase Young. But what if they too decide to trade down? A big haul of draft picks might entice them to pass on Chase Young.

This scenario sees quarterbacks get drafted with each of the first three overall picks in the 2020 NFL Draft. Burrow to the Bengals is a lock. However, trades would need to occur for picks two and three to be spent on a signal-caller. If they are, though, that would lead to a draft-day fall for the best player in the draft class.

Chase Young would be passed on for two quarterbacks and fall right into the lap of the New York Giants. With the fourth overall pick in this scenario, the New York Giants select edge rusher Chase Young. Chase Young racked up 16.5 sacks in 2019 en route to being a Heisman Trophy finalist. The top-tier pass-rusher would change the Giants’ defense and give opposing quarterbacks a reason to be afraid. This scenario is a long shot. But, it is the scenario for which Giants fans should be hoping.

New York Giants: Isaiah Simmons Perfectly Fits Joe Judge’s Mold

New York Giants looking at Isaiah Simmons in 2020 NFL Draft?

The New York Giants hold the fourth overall pick in the upcoming 2020 NFL Draft. The Giants finished 4-12 this past season and fired head coach Pat Shurmur. The Giants kept general manager Dave Gettleman and hired a new head coach, Joe Judge.

Joe Judge has expressed how important he considers versatility to be during his introductory press conference. When evaluating draft prospects in New England, Judge stated that he studied every prospect as “as a player and an athlete.” Judge continued, “I didn’t look at them as a receiver, I didn’t look at them as a tight end, I didn’t look at them as a linebacker… I’m used to looking at things from a big picture perspective on players in terms of what they bring to the team as a whole.”

Many Giants fans have taken this quote, amongst others, and applied it to one draft prospect in particular: Isaiah Simmons. The Clemson defensive star has played a multitude of positions at an elite level and is set to be a top pick in the upcoming draft.

Isaiah Simmons Is The Definition Of Versatility

In 2019, Isaiah Simmons played 738 snaps. 106 of those snaps were on the defensive line, 239 of them in the box, 256 of them at slot cornerback, 7 of them at wide cornerback, and 130 of them at deep safety. Simmons is a positionless player that lined up all over Clemson’s top-tier defense

Pro Football Focus explained how vital Isaiah Simmons’s versatility will be in an NFL defense:

The linebacker position has evolved unlike any other over the past decade. In 2009, defenses had five or more defensive backs in on only 35.7% of plays. This season, that number is 58.0%, and it’s only climbing. What was once a position with three starting slots available has dwindled to two, and in some defenses, to only one. -Michael Renner of Pro Football Focus.

With a decreased usage of box linebackers in NFL systems, coverage ability has greatly increased in importance. NFL teams opt for nickel and dime packages to get as many defensive backs on the field as possible. Having Isaiah Simmons on the field is like having both a linebacker and a defensive back on the field.

Isaiah Simmons is exactly what Joe Judge wants. He is not just a position, he is an athlete that can play any position. He is excellent in coverage, allowing only 6.0 yards per target (PFF). Simmons can make an impact as a pass-rusher with 7 sacks in his junior season. And Isaiah Simmons is no push-over in run defense, totaling 97 tackles and 14.5 tackles for loss in 2019.

The Giants would need to make the most of Isaiah Simmons’s rare versatility and athletic ability. He is not a player you fit into a scheme. Simmons is a player you build a scheme around. He can move all over the place and make plays from anywhere. This quote from Joe Judge is exactly why the Giants should draft Isaiah Simmons:

Don’t try to shove round pegs into square holes. Figure out what you have. Let them play to their strengths. -New York Giants head coach Joe Judge.

Isaiah Simmons Draft Stock

Most likely, if the Giants want Isaiah Simmons, they will need to take him with the fourth overall pick. There is a chance they could land Simmons if they trade back. But with inside linebacker being such a scarce position in the NFL, there will be a high demand for Isaiah’s talents and versatility.

Why The New York Giants Should Try To Trade Down With The Raiders In The 2020 NFL Draft

New York Giants, Joe Judge

The New York Giants are undergoing major changes this offseason. After going 9-23 over the past two seasons, the Giants fired head coach Pat Shurmur. His replacement, Joe Judge, has vowed to establish a winning culture and get the Giants back on track.

The Giants have one of the NFL’s least talented rosters. Not a single player on the Giants’ roster was selected to participate in the 2020 Pro Bowl. There is plenty of young talent on the roster that the Giants will need to continue to develop.

Rebuilding teams often feature a lot of youth since the way to correctly rebuild a team is through the draft. The Giants had an excellent 2019 NFL Draft class, securing their franchise quarterback in Daniel Jones and picking up a few solid starters in the later rounds. The Giants need to knock the 2020 NFL Draft out of the park to get this roster back on track. In order to do this, the Giants should trade back with the Oakland Raiders.

The Mock Trade

The Giants hold the 4th overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft. The Las Vegas Raiders currently hold two first-round draft picks. Vegas owns the 12th pick and the 19th pick. According to the NFL Draft Trade Chart by Pro Football Reference, the Giants’ pick is worth 1,800 points. The Raiders’ 12th pick is worth 1,200 points and their 19th pick is worth 875 points.

The Raiders’ two draft picks combine for 2,075 points, more than enough to move up to the 4th overall pick. In fact, the Giants would probably have to swap a couple of late-round picks with Vegas. But let’s take a look at the first round and examine the clear and obvious benefits of trading down with the Raiders.

The 12th Overall Pick

Rumors were swirling around the last offseason that head coach of the Raiders Jon Gruden was interested in trading up in the draft to select Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray. Some seem to believe that the Raiders are ready to move on from Derek Carr. If this is true, the 4th pick is a perfect spot to trade up to in order to draft one of the class’s top signal-callers, such as Tua Tagovailoa or Justin Herbert.

Trading back to the 12th overall pick will still allow for the Giants to secure a building block player. Many recent mock drafts currently have players such as Jerry Jeudy, Isaiah Simmons, and Tristan Wirfs being drafted on or near the 12th pick. Anyone of these players would solidify that position for the Giants as one of the strongest on the roster.

Isaiah Simmons would be the perfect player to build around on defense. He is a versatile linebacker that can line up anywhere on the defense and make plays in coverage, run defense, and even as a pass-rusher. Jerry Jeudy is an explosive receiver with elite route-running and dependable hands. Tristan Wirfs would be a massive upgrade at either one of the Giants’ offensive tackle positions.

Now, there is a chance that these three prospects are all off the board by the 12th overall pick. However, there are plenty of talented prospects that will be available with this pick. And the true benefit of trading down with the Raiders is that the Giants would be able to land, not one, but two first-round talents.

The 19th Overall Pick

If the Giants were to make this trade, they would be securing two starters in the first round of the draft. These two building-block players they could select would be the first step in creating a more complete and competitive roster.

Many mock drafts have players like Kristian Fulton, C.J. Henderson, and K’Lavon Chaisson. Kristian Fulton is a speedy cornerback who is excellent in man coverage out of LSU, a school known for producing elite defensive backs. C.J. Henderson is also a cornerback, though he has a bit of a different style. Henderson, out of the University of Florida, is a “long, gangly, and lanky” cornerback that has the physicality to make his presence known in run-defense, too. K’Lavon Chaisson is also a defensive prospect out of LSU. Chaisson is an uber-athletic edge rusher that showed flashes of excellent pass-rushing potential.

Regardless of who the Giants would opt to select with the 19th overall pick, the point is clear and obvious: New York has the opportunity to land two talented starters on rookie contracts if they trade down with the Raiders. With positions of need all over the field, this scenario allows the Giants to plug two holes at once and make strides in rebuilding their team.