New York Giants: Will 2020 Be The Year That Dave Gettleman Finally Trades Down?

New York Giants, Dave Gettleman
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The NFL Scouting Combine kicks off this week with the 2020 NFL Draft just around the corner. This will be another crucial draft for the New York Giants as they are once again picking inside of the top-ten. This year, New York holds the fourth overall pick and is in prime position to trade down to a quarterback-needy team to accumulate a king’s ransom of draft capital.

Trading down might be a reliable option for the Giants, but is it a real possibility? General manager Dave Gettleman has never traded down in a draft before. He recently received heavy criticism for this by NBC Sports’ Peter King in his latest “Football Morning in America” column:

A GM who has made 45 picks has never traded down to accumulate more picks from any of the 45. That is borderline negligent. Maybe not even borderline. I am incredulous about that. As I documented last week, GM John Schneider of the Seahawks used last year’s 21st overall pick and traded down six times to accumulate six picks, one of whom was wide receiver DK Metcalf, who, as it turned out, produced better value than a 21st pick in most drafts as a rookie. And four other players from the trade played for the Seahawks last season. Trying to not make too much of that, but wow. Just wow. – Peter King, NBC Sports

Peter King makes some fair points. Trading down is a proven strategy that reaps significant benefits. The 2018 Indianapolis Colts can attest to that. Many Giants fans are pounding the table, begging Dave Gettleman to finally trade down in 2020. For those fans, there is reason to believe that he just might do it this year.

The Giants are “Open for business.”

With the 2020 NFL Scouting Combine kicking off this week, Dave Gettleman fielded questions from the media on Tuesday. He was, of course, asked about the potential of trading down from fourth overall in the 2020 NFL Draft. Dave Gettleman responded, saying, “We’re open for business.”

This was Dave Gettleman admitting that he is open to trading down in 2020 and that it is a real possibility this year. He also said, “Whatever we do is gonna be in our best interest.” Gettleman also conceded that the likelihood of a trade down is higher this time around, according to Paul Schwartz of the New York Post

New head coach Joe Judge is also open to the possibility of trading down in this year’s draft:

“Whatever the scenario that comes to be that’s best for the Giants, if that’s trading back, we’re open to listen,” Judge said. “We don’t have to do anything, but we’ll listen to anything.” – Joe Judge, via Paul Schwartz of the New York Post

Despite making it clear that the Giants are open to trading down, Gettleman also cautioned that there is risk involved with such an action:

“Trading back has its danger,” Gettleman warned. “We’re at four. Let’s say you trade back to eight. There’s only four players we like, what if they’re all gone? Now what are you gonna do? Are you gonna trade back again? You can trade yourself back out of good players but, we’re open.” – Dave Gettleman, via Paul Schwartz of the New York Post

So the Giants are “open for business.”

Well, kind of. Dave Gettleman still seems to be pretty skeptical of the whole trade-down concept. It looks like the franchise is open to it under specific circumstances.

However, I wouldn’t bet on a trade down from fourth overall at this point. Regardless, it is an incredibly strong draft class this year. The Giants will be landing an elite prospect at fourth overall if they decide to stay put. But maybe they will land an elite prospect, and a few extra draft picks after trading back. Time will only tell.

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