New York Giants: The ‘Key’ ingredient to a successful rebuild under GM Joe Schoen

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The New York Giants have a long way to go before they are considered a winning football team. After hitting rock-bottom in two consecutive seasons, the Giants made significant changes in the front office and overhauled their coaching staff.

Under the leadership of Joe Schoen and Brian Daboll, the expectation is that the Giants will correct course and revitalize their offense. Whether it be through the draft or free agency, the roster needs an influx of talent. However, new management can’t rely on the first round to be the team’s savior, as Dave Gettleman did during his tenure. My fellow fans, we’ve been conditioned to accept a fate of disgraceful drafting year after year — we don’t expect much after the first round, but that needs to change.

Every year, Giants fans hyper-focus on their first-round selections, hoping they can revolutionize the franchise and provide elite play-making ability.

Without adequate coaching, that is virtually impossible. With a new staff that is well respected, the likelihood of putting together a competent and disciplined team is more likely.

The New York Giants are modernizing, but the value remains the same:

Nonetheless, a successful rebuild starts in the middle rounds, not with the 5th and 7th overall picks, where the probability of hitting on a player is far greater. During Gettleman’s four-year stint with Big Blue, his success rate in the mid-rounds was abysmal, putting together a graveyard of picks.

In 2018, he selected Lorenzo Carter, BJ Hill, Kyle Lauletta, and R.J. McIntosh. Only one of those players currently plays for the Giants and is headed toward free agency with a massive question hanging over his head.

In 2019, he extracted value from Julian Love and Darius Slayton, but 3rd round pick Oshane Ximines was benched at the end of the 2021 season. Gettleman struck out on nearly every mid-round player during his first two drafts, which set the franchise back significantly in their rebuild.

That is not even to mention how poorly he drafted in the early rounds as well, with Saquon Barkley providing little to no help after his rookie season due to injury. Daniel Jones is still a big question, and Dexter Lawrence regressed significantly last season. If you remember DeAndre Baker, he ended up with the Kansas City Chiefs after getting into serious legal issues.

During his introductory press conference, new general manager Joe Schoen indicated that you often miss on the person, not the player. As an example, we can look directly at Baker, a player the Giants traded up for, passing on Byron Murphy, Rock Yeah-Sin, and Deebo Samuel.

Looking at the Buffalo Bills’ draft history, they hit on various mid-round selections once Schoen joined the team back in 2017. Names like Matt Milano, Tanner Vallejo, Dion Dawkins, Wyatt Teller, Dawson Knox, Jaquan Johnson, Gabriel Davis, Zack Moss, Tommy Doyle, Spencer Brown, and more stand out as impact players.

The secret ingredient to successfully building a team isn’t exactly a secret — it is to hit on players in the middle rounds, which make up a significant portion of the team’s depth. If you can extract above-average players in that area, you are well ahead of the pack.

Looking at the Giants’ draft history, they failed miserably to gain playmakers in that area under Ole Dave, recycling a strategy of high first-round picks to help smooth over the roster, but their salary hits were exponential, making it an unsustainable method.

New York Giants: Trading Odell Beckham remains the right move

Giants fans will possibly have to stomach OBJ hoisting the Lombardi Trophy, but it was still the right move for both parties moving forward.

Dave Gettleman’s tenure as the New York Giants’ general manager produced little, if any, moves that will impact the team in a positive way moving forward. Trading Odell Beckham Jr. remains one of the few exceptions.

Such a statement could sound bizarre as Beckham prepares to partake in Super Bowl LVI as a member of the hosting Los Angeles Rams on Sunday evening (6:30 p.m. ET, NBC). The preceding postseason has offered redemption for Beckham after a highly publicized divorce from the Cleveland Browns: the formerly embattled receiver is the second-leading receiver for the Rams on their path to the Super Bowl (no dishonor when the leader is Cooper Kupp) and earned some of most important catches the NFC title game had to offer.

The Browns have borne the brunt of the Beckham jokes, if only because his departure from the Cuyahoga River is more recent and there’s a polarizing face to attach to the proceedings in Baker Mayfield. But the Giants and their fans, whose recent seasons have pushed them toward an agonizing, Cleveland-esque new normal, are likely wondering what might’ve been as Beckham suits up in a different shade of blue for the Big Game. Their incoming coaching hires have undoubtedly inspired confidence, but they won’t be able to do anything during Sunday’s trophy presentation, which will see either Beckham or fellow fallen first-rounder Eli Apple (now a Cincinnati Bengal) hoist the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

But, in the interest of both parties, shipping Beckham off remains one of the few things the franchise has done right over the past half-decade.

What exactly would Beckham have changed?

One question anyone even remotely associated with Giants football over the past five years…other than “Where are we picking this year?”…is “What if?”. In the eyes of many, it’s the lowest form of football conversation, one where the interrogators cry over spilled Gatorade with no way of getting it back in its cup.

But, for Giants fans, the hypothetical is perhaps one of the few sources of hope they had left. The hirings of accomplished football minds like Brian Daboll, Joe Schoen, Mike Kakfa, and Don “Wink” Martindale are visible signs that there is a plan to make things right, but they’re still seven months away from the ultimate barometers of gridiron success. Hypotheticals (from both the past and future) will thus continue to dominate metropolitan football conversations until Week 1 of the 2022 season (presumably at 1:00 p.m. ET).

Such discussions often allow fans to stretch the truth to the absolute city limits of their imaginations. Just one year ago, for example, a small (but vocal) sect of Giants fans was convinced that Doug Pederson removing Jalen Hurts from 2020-2021’s final regular season game against the Washington Football Team was the one thing standing between their 6-10 team and a Super Bowl run.

But what about both the Giants and knowing what we know about Beckham has convinced fans that his prescience would’ve changed anything?

The Giants, as they were, were far from a mere “Beckham away” from contention. Nothing would’ve changed had he been retained. Since their last Lombardi Trophy host in 2012, the high points of Giants football have consisted of Beckham highlights tainted by the memory of the final score: Big Blue fans often neglect to mention his famous one-handed Sunday night grab was earned in a loss to the Dallas Cowboys. Just look at the one season where Beckham did stick around: his performance was attractive enough (1,052 yards and six scores over a dozen games) but the Giants had issues far beyond No. 13. This was the team, after all, that embarked on a disastrous two-year journey under Pat Shurmur (and later Joe Judge) and committed over $3 million to 17 yards of Jonathan Stewart. Simply put, the 2018 season proved that the Giants could go 5-11 with Beckham and could go 5-11 (or worse) without him.

Alas, style points don’t count in the NFL (though a trick catch competition has emerged as an attractive alternative to the Pro Bowl), so it’s safe to say that the rational side of the Giants’ fandom wouldn’t have been satisfied with dominating the SportsCenter Top 10 rather than the NFL’s top 14.

Beckham’s revival doesn’t erase his New York shortcomings

No one can deny that his California dreams allowed Beckham to reclaim the narrative on his NFL career. Even as it prepares to reach a victorious summit on Sunday, it’s worth exploring exactly why Beckham needed redemption in the first place.

In the grand scheme of things, animated antics from NFL personalities can be excused on one eternal condition: that the player in question shows up and does his job on Sunday. Rob Gronkowski has done so for years. On a championship note, Terrell Owens came back from injury to post one of the gutsiest Super Bowl performances of all time in the game’s 39th edition (albeit in a losing effort). Johnny Manziel couldn’t counter his off-field proceedings (which included legal issues) with Sunday results and is thus remembered as one of the most notorious busts in league history.

Even when things were supposedly “ideal” in New York, namely the 2016 season where it looked like the Giants had something of an optimistic future, Beckham wasn’t wholly satisfied. Some things were, as they tend to be in the NFL, overblown: the infamous “boat photo”, for example, served as a scapegoat to the Giants’ 2016-17 playoff loss in Green Bay, made to excuse an uncharacteristically poor defensive performance.

But it’s not fair to the Giants’ organization to act like Beckham’s New York exit was entirely on the team. While ridiculously covered, Beckham’s famous encounter with a kicking net he “attacked” during the 2016 campaign dominated the headlines and only ended when he capped it off with more ridiculousness (“proposing” to the net after scoring a crucial touchdown in a win over Baltimore). Beckham’s often firey displays on the sidelines also attracted the eyes of cameras on the sidelines (the same cameras whose viewers classified Tom Brady tirades as “motivational” but that’s another conversation entirely) also generated controversy, as did Beckham’s ability to appear on both Page Six of the New York Post and its sports section.

The jury’s still out on current franchise thrower Daniel Jones. But was the unpredictability of Beckham, unarmed with the results to justify his continued services, really something Eli Manning’s successor should’ve been saddled with?

The Beckham deal was necessary for both sides to move forward

The Giants and Beckham, both beleaguered at the time of the fateful trade in March 2019, were afforded an interesting rare opportunity upon his departure. It was a life preserver from the NFL’s unforgiving waters, an afforded opportunity for each side to get back on track. True to their 2020s form, the Giants even botched their end of the deal: Gettleman’s famous declaration of “we didn’t sign Odell just to trade him” became a chat of the damned as the New York losses continued to pile up.

The only difference is that Beckham has taken advantage of his press of the metaphorical reset button. The Giants have not.

Both the Giants and Beckham needed a fresh start, a change in fortunes. The Giants, after nearly three years, are starting to inch their way back toward respectability, though that will come down to their own abilities come September. Their recent hires offer the first legitimate hope the franchise has had since Mario Manningham made his famous catch from Eli Manning’s perfectly aimed arm during the 46th Super Bowl.

Many of the Giants’ modern moves have been made in the name of erasing any lasting trace of the Gettleman era. Beckham’s departure, despite the flaws associated, is a rare one that has the potential to leave a lasting legacy toward the team’s potential redmeption.

As Giants prepare their Super Bowl watch parties, undoubtedly sullied by the team’s recent fortunes, should well remember moving forward: the temporary pain of Beckham’s Lombardi Trophy lift could well prove to produce lasting joy later.

Geoff Magliocchetti is on Twitter @GeoffJMags

Overview of New York Giants’ 9 general manager candidates

joe schoen, giants

After what felt like an endless nightmare, Dave Gettleman’s tenure as the Vice President and General Manager of the New York Giants is over. Along with the end of the Gettleman era, Giants Head Coach Joe Judge has also been relieved of his duties. Finally, after four years of pain during Dave Gettleman’s 19-46, it’s starting to seem like there is a little bit of hope for the Giants due to the very impressive list of GM candidates that have been assembled so far.

The Giants have requested to interview 9 candidates with no prior ties to the franchise, a stark contrast to the 2017 GM search, which only contained one outside candidate: ESPN personality Louis Riddick.

Here’s a quick look at the 9 current GM candidates:

Joe Schoen – 43

Schoen is the current Asst. GM of the Buffalo Bills and was hired from the Dolphins, where he served as the director of player personnel from 2014-2017 after being internally promoted from being a college scout from 2009-2014. Schoen spent his first NFL years as a ticketing intern for the Panthers and later served as a scouting assistant until Miami hired him.

Schoen has just completed his first interview with the Giants; Co-owner Steve Tisch attended the meeting along with John and Chris Mara. The Giants are very intrigued by Schoen, and he seems to be the leading candidate as of now, partially due to his endorsement by former Coach Bill Parcells. Expect to hear his name come up often throughout this process, as the Vikings and Bears have also requested interviews.

Per uSTADIUM, Joe Schoen “crushed” his interview with the Giants.

Ryan Poles – 36

Poles took a job with the Cheifs back in 2009 and has been with the organization for the last 13 years, starting as a scouting assistant and working his way up to Director of Player Personnel.

The former college offensive lineman plays a key role in KC’s drafting strategy, serving as General Manager Brett Veach’s right-hand man in the war room. Poles was also involved in the rapid reconfiguration of the Cheifs O-Line following last year’s disastrous Super Bowl performance. Poles is especially attractive for a Giants organization that has been starving for good offensive line play and for a quarterback in Daniel Jones, who has been pressured practically as much as anyone in the NFL through his first three years.

Monti Ossenfort – 43

Currently, the Director of Player Personnel for the Titans since 2020, Monti Ossenfort has spent 16 years working his way through various scouting departments of the Patriots organization. According to Joe Rexrode, Ossenfort’s specialty lies in scouting college players, but he also manages the ready lists for the Titans.

Ossenfort had a strong relationship with former HC Joe Judge but is still a strong candidate without that connection. He was interviewed twice for the Panthers’ job opening last year and was also interviewed by the Browns in 2020.

Ryan Cowden – 43

Ossenfort’s Titans counterpart, Cowden, is in his 22nd NFL season and his 6th with the Titans. After 16 years with the Panthers’ organization, Cowden was offered to be the Director of Player Personnel for the Titans and was promoted to Vice President of Player Personnel in 2018. Cowden oversees all aspects of the Tennessee Titans scouting department and is widely considered to be in line for a GM job in the near future.

Adam Peters – 42

The 49ers’ Assistant GM is speculated to be one of the Giants’ top choices for their GM vacancy. Peters has 18 years of NFL experience, working his way up through the Patriots (2003-2008) and the Broncos (2009-2014) before becoming the 49ers VP of Player Personnel before the 2015 season. When current 49ers GM John Lynch was hired, he had no prior FO experience and hired Peters to be his right-hand man. According to John Barrows, “Peters has run the 49ers drafts since 2017.”

Ran Carthon – 40

Carthon has taken over Peters’ former position with the 49ers as the VP of Player Personnel during the 2021 NFL season. He previously served as the 49ers Director of Pro Personnel (2017-2020), the Rams’ Director of Player Personnel (2012-2016),  and cut his teeth as a pro scout for the falcons. The bears have also requested to interview Carthon.

Adrian Wilson – 42

Wilson is a former 5x Pro Bowl safety for the Arizona Cardinals and now serves as their Vice President of Pro Personnel. Previously, Wilson spent three years following his retirement from the NFL in 2015 as a scouting assistant for the Cardinals. Quickly rising through the Cardinals ranks, expect Wilson to be an active candidate during the Giants’ search.

Quentin Harris – 44

Harris, the Cardinals’ current VP of Player Personnel, was also a former Cardinals safety and has been with the front office for 14 years. According to the Cardinals, “Harris currently works alongside GM Steve Keim, managing both the college and pro personnel departments. His duties include evaluating the top college prospects nationally as well as the organization and implementation of the draft process. He oversees the pro personnel department, which includes player acquisition, evaluation, and assisting with player contract negotiations.”

Joe Hortiz – 47

Hortiz is currently in his 19th season with the Ravens’ Front Office and his 7th as the director of college scouting. Hortiz oversees all aspects of college scouting and is an especially attractive candidate due to the massive success that the Ravens have seen with their draft classes since he took over. Hortiz, who joined the organization in 1998, spent eight years as a scout for Baltimore before transitioning to a front office position.


Giants fire Joe Judge from head coaching position | Let the rebuild, commence!

new york giants, joe judge

The deed is done, the rebuild is on, the New York Giants have fired Joe Judge and “retired” Dave Gettleman.

The Giants officially announced that Judge was let go, including a message from co-owner John Mara:

“Steve (Tisch) and I both believe it is in the best interest of our franchise to move in another direction,” said team president John Mara. “We met with Joe yesterday afternoon to discuss the state of the team. I met again with Joe this afternoon, and it was during that conversation I informed Joe of our decision. We appreciate Joe’s efforts on behalf of the organization.

“I said before the season started that I wanted to feel good about the direction we were headed when we played our last game of the season. Unfortunately, I cannot make that statement, which is why we have made this decision.

“We will hire a general manager and that person will lead the effort to hire a new head coach.”

Fox Sport’s Jay Glazer stated after the Giants’ finale loss to Washington that people in the locker room wanted to see Judge gone:

“I’ve talked to people inside that locker room – they would like to see a move on from Joe Judge.”

Clearly, his reporting was right, as owner John Mara elected to move on from Judge on Tuesday evening, starting a new hunt for a general manager and head coach.

One of the most pained quotes from Judge’s tenure was:

“To disrespect the game by going out there and not competing for 60 minutes and doing everything you can to help those players win, we will never do that as long as I’m the head coach of the Giants.”

Against Washington on Sunday, Judge had so little confidence in his offense he ran back-to-back QB sneaks just to get in a better spot to punt the ball. By all accounts, that’s a clear indication of giving up. Judge may sell it as he has faith in his defense, but at some point you need to score points to win games.

The hunt is on!

Big Blue will now begin a comprehensive search for a new GM, including multiple candidates, one of them being Joe Schoen of the Buffalo Bills. Schoen is considered the be the candidate “to beat” moving forward and will have his first interview with Giants brass on Wednesday morning.

The Giants would like to find a top candidate to take over ASAP, given the flurry of head coaching job openings around the league.

New York Giants legend Bill Parcells is a fan of GM candidate Joe Schoen

A quote from Bill Parcells on Joe Schone: “I was impressed with Joe because he was a sharp guy and he had a good thought process when it came to evaluating players.” - Bill Parcells via The Athletic

The New York Giants have finally been relieved of the Dave Gettleman era. The team’s now-former General Manager announced his retirement this Monday, leaving the Giants with a vacancy in the front office. New York has acted quickly, though, requesting to interview a slew of strong general manager candidates. Joe Schoen, the assistant GM of the Buffalo Bills, “might be the one to beat” for the Giants’ GM job, according to Ian O’Connor of the NY Post.

Joe Schoen is an excellent talent evaluator that has worked in some of the best front offices in the NFL. He has worked as the right-hand man to Bills general manager Brandon Beane since 2017. Prior to his time in Buffalo, Joe worked in the scouting department for the Miami Dolphins.

During his time in Miami, Joe Schoen briefly worked under the great Bill Parcells. Parcells, a Hall of Fame head coach and two-time Super Bowl champion with the New York Giants, had great things to say about Joe Schoen when asked.

What Bill Parcells had to say about Joe Schoen

“I was impressed with Joe because he was a sharp guy and he had a good thought process when it came to evaluating players.” – Bill Parcells via The Athletic

By all accounts, Joe Schoen is an extremely hard worker. The Buffalo Bills’ assistant GM rose through the ranks, beginning his career as an intern in the Carolina Panthers’ ticket office in 2000. It was as a scout in Carolina that Schoen caught the attention of Brandon Beane. Beane worked in the Panthers’ front office from 1998-2016. Upon making the move to becoming a scout in Miami, Schoen grabbed Bill Parcells’s attention, too. Beane and Parcells have both praised Joe Schoen for his work ethic and talent evaluation.

For a more comprehensive breakdown on Joe Schoen, check out the video below and subscribe to Fireside Giants for more NYG news and content:

New York Giants finish season 4-13 losing season finale against Washington

giants, joe judge

The New York Giants‘ 2021 season is officially over. The Giants were eliminated from playoff contention weeks ago. Today, they played the last game on their regular-season schedule against the Washington Football Team. Washington came out on top of this contest, as they did in Week Two. The Giants have ended their season getting swept by Washington and falling to a putrid 4-13 record.

In this regular-season finale, the Giants hosted the Washington Football Team and lost with a final score of 22-7. New York did manage to score a touchdown this week, something they have failed to accomplish in recent weeks. However, the one measly meeting in the end zone was not enough to get the win against a competitive Washington Football Team that was playing with a chip on its shoulder.

Key stats

New York Giants

  • QB Jake Fromm: 15/31, 103 YDS, 1 TD, 2 INT
  • WR Darius Slayton: 2 REC, 29 YDS, 1 TD
  • LB Lorenzo Carter: 10 TAK, 1 SACK, 1 TFL, 1 PD

Washington Football Team

  • RB Antonio Gibson: 21 CAR, 146 YDS, 1 TD
  • WR Terry McLaurin: 4 REC, 93 YDS
  • S Bobby McCain: 3 PD, 1 INT, 1 TD

Going forward for the Giants

Much is still up in the air regarding the future of the New York Giants. According to most reports, General Manager Dave Gettleman will no longer hold his position with the team starting tomorrow. However, Head Coach Joe Judge’s status is now also in question. Some reports were indicating that Judge had a 50/50 chance of keeping his job entering Sunday’s matchup.

Tomorrow is “Black Monday” in the NFL. This is the day in which teams make their final decisions regarding head coaches, general managers, and others, and many lose their jobs. The Giants are certain to make a change in the front office. The question is, will Joe Judge also get his key card swiped on Monday?

Should the New York Giants pursue Ed Dodds for GM position?

The time has finally come. The New York Giants are expected to move on from General Manager Dave Gettleman this offseason. According to Chris Moore of CBS Radio Sports Network, Dave Gettleman will retire on Monday. Since 2018, the Giants have gone 19-45 under Gettleman’s management. Fans are eager to see who the Giants will hire as their next GM. Among the many candidates, Indianapolis Colts Assistant GM Ed Dodds is one of the favorite names.

Ed Dodds career history

Ed Dodds might be the top general manager candidate on the market this offseason. Dodds has had a long and wildly successful career in the NFL.

Before joining the Indianapolis Colts in 2017, Dodds spent 10 seasons with the Seattle Seahawks as a national scout and senior personnel executive. He is considered to be “one of the architects that helped build Seattle’s roster into a Super Bowl winner.” Ed Dodds was responsible for evaluating both college and pro talent during his time in Seattle as a senior personnel executive. With the Seahawks, Dodds was part of six winning seasons, five NFC West titles and 10 playoff wins in addition to two Super Bowl appearances (one win).

Ed Dodds is also considered by many to be “one of the best scouts and talent evaluators in the NFL.” For this reason, Colts GM Chris Ballard poached Dodds from Seattle in 2017 and made Ed his right-hand man in Indianapolis. Ed Dodds has been the Assistant General Manager of the Colts since 2017 and has continued to establish himself as one of the brightest minds in football. Dodds has collaborated with Ballard and built one of the best rosters in the NFL. Indianapolis led the league in Pro Bowl selections this season.

Ed Dodds strengths and weaknesses

Strength: Talent evaluation and career history

The New York Giants have struggled to build a winning roster in recent years. Much of the Giants’ struggles have occurred in the NFL Draft. New York has had a difficult time identifying college talent and developing players in the pros. Dodds’s biggest strength is arguably his history scouting both pro and college talent. Ed Dodds is a top-tier talent evaluator. If hired by the Giants, Dodds would likely drastically increase the quality of the team’s draft classes.

Ed Dodds’s career history speaks for itself. He has worked in two of the best front offices in the NFL (Seattle and Indianapolis) and helped construct two elite NFL rosters. He has a proven history as a scout and assistant general manager. Being around great programs, Dodds is sure to install a successful program as a general manager once he makes the leap with a new team.

Weaknesses: Media discourse and availability

If there is somewhere that Dodds falters, though, it is his personality with the media. Ed Dodds is not the most media-friendly front office executive. He prefers to work in the shadows and stay behind closed doors. This might make him an easy target for the New York media to pick on when things get tough.

Dodds is another candidate that is not so forward facing with the media, though, and that leads to little understanding of who Dodds is as a person and what role he’s played within the organization. – via Pride of Detroit

There are also questions regarding Ed Dodds’s desire to become a general manager. Dodds withdrew from the Carolina Panthers GM job last offseason when he was considered a top candidate. Ed Dodds has rejected GM jobs in the past and it seems possible that he could continue to decline these positions and remain in Indianapolis. After all, the Colts’ organization is one of the best in the NFL. Ed Dodds could continue a comfortable career with his current team.

Dodds has the talent and expertise to turn the Giants around. But if he is up for the challenges that come along with being a general manager, then Dodds should be one of the top candidates on the New York Giants’ list.

2 former Giants players rip into GM Dave Gettleman on social media after blowout loss to Chicago

New York Giants, Dave Gettleman

As if things couldn’t get any worse for the New York Giants, two former players publicly stated on Twitter their contempt for general manager Dave Gettleman and what he’s done to a once illustrious franchise.

Just this past week, a former Giant scout and current employee went at it via Twitter, airing dirty laundry that wasn’t meant for the public eye.

Every week things seem to get even worse for upper management, and wholesale changes might be on the horizon with the pressure mounting.

Former Giants TE Scott Simonson had some pretty harsh words for the Giants’ GM, who’s likely on his way out in just a few days:

“Dave Gettleman is an atrocious GM and not a good person IMO. The fact he’s had this much time to not be good at his job, while deciding others’ fates, and indebting one of the most historically respected franchises is embarrassing, and also a strong example of karma existing.”

Big decision loom for the Giants after the season ends:

The Giants have a long off-season ahead as they try to find a general manager who can lead them into the future.

Reports have indicated that ownership is keen on retaining head coach Joe Judge, but after five consecutive blowouts and regression compared to last season, it is possible they move on from him after just two years with the team.

The Giants lost their most recent game to the Chicago Bears by 26 points, as the offense tallied -10 passing yards and four turnovers. Saquon Barkley was a lone bright spot with 102 yards on 21 carries, but his efforts were moot given the lack of discipline and passion from the team as a whole.

After the game, Judge went on a lengthy tirade regarding his team’s effort and the general state of the franchise moving forward. He indicated that things behind the scenes are positive and heading in the right direction, but everything on the field says they are far away from being a competent team capable of pushing for a postseason appearance.

Aside from Judge, moving on from Gettleman should be the first point on a long laundry list ready for the cleaners. The former Carolina Panthers GM will leave the Giants in a state of darkness, leaving four years of inapt and lackluster drafting in his wake.

At this point, an entire rebuild might be necessary given the state of the roster, and while there are a few keepers, there are too many holes the team needs to fix before fans can feel appreciative of the product they are putting on the field every given Sunday.

New York Giants rank near the bottom of NFL in projected 2022 cap space

New York Giants, Dave Gettleman

The New York Giants are preparing for yet another messy offseason. The Giants are expected to make a change in the front office. New York is likely letting General Manager Dave Gettleman go and bringing in a new GM in the coming weeks. The new man in charge, however, will be inheriting a bit of a mess. The 4-11 Giants are closing out another season of major disappointment and are in a tight space when it comes to money this offseason.

According to Spotrac, the New York Giants are projected to have the fifth-lowest amount of salary cap space available in this upcoming 2022 offseason. The Giants are projected only $3,486,532 in cap space.

Recent contracts given out to the likes of Kenny Golladay, Adoree’ Jackson, and Leonard Williams are taking up a large percentage of the team’s salary. These big cap hits are going to make it difficult for the Giants to improve their team this offseason. As things stand, the Giants cannot even afford a draft class with only $3.5 million in cap space. Some good players are inevitably going to be cut or have their contracts restructured this offseason.

What does this mean for the GM search?

Dave Gettleman has created a bit of a mess with the Giants’ money. He made an effort to acquire talent through free agency and expanded the team’s salary in the process. Gettleman restructured many contracts to try and avoid a tight budget, but nevertheless, the sins of his past have caught up with the team.

Working alongside Dave Gettleman has been assistant GM Kevin Abrams. Many rumors suggest that Abrams could be in line to take over as the team’s next General Manager. This has confused and frustrated some fans due to the Giants’ messing cap situation. Kevin Abrams is a “contract guy” who started his career as a salary cap analyst. His primary job has been working with the money, and the Giants’ money is not in the best situation.

Any incoming General Manager candidates might think twice about taking the Giants’ job due to their money situation. There is not much money to spend and improve the Giants’ roster, despite the team possessing one of the worst rosters in the NFL. Thankfully, the Giants possess nine draft picks in the upcoming 2022 NFL Draft, including two picks in the first round. These draft picks should make the job a bit more attractive.

Inevitably, the Giants are going to need to trade and cut players and restructure contracts in order to prepare for the 2022 season. There is a long and crucial offseason ahead of the New York Giants, and getting the right general manager in place is the first step in the process of turning this team around.

Former Giants scout gives reason why team should look beyond Kevin Abrams for general manager fix

kevin abrams, giants

The New York Giants are seemingly ready to make a major change in the front office. Well, somewhat major. The Giants are expected to move on from general manager Dave Gettleman this offseason. It is believed that Gettleman will receive a “graceful exit,” like a retirement party instead of a firing. Giants fans are excited for this moment and eager for their team to find a new general manager. But a recent discussion has suggested assistant general manager Kevin Abrams as the next best candidate.

Former New York Giants kicker and Super Bowl Champion Lawrence Tynes recently made a controversial suggestion to the fanbase on Twitter. Tynes suggested that “Kevin Abrams should be the NEW Giants GM in 2022.” Many fans were outraged by this idea and quick to express their disagreement with the former Giants player. In fact, one former New York Giants executive scout expressed their disagreement with Lawrence Tynes’s idea on Twitter:

Former New York Giants scout chimes in:

Steven E Verderosa is a three-time NFL champion that spent 33-years in the league as a scout. He was an executive scout with the New York Giants from 1988 to 2020. Verderosa recently retired from the league and now works with Pro Football Network. Steven recently chimed in on the Kevin Abrams discussion on Twitter:

Steven is a credible football mind that has insight into the New York Giants organization. Being a former scout for the Giants, Verderosa has worked alongside Kevin Abrams in the past. He does not think Abrams is a good general manager candidate as he is a money guy and “not a football guy.”

Kevin Abrams career history

Kevin Abrams began his football career working for the NFL Management Council as a Salary Cap Analyst. He then continued as an intern in numerous football programs, such as Ohio University, the Buffalo Bills, the Washington Football Team, and the London Monarchs. Kevin Abrams has been with the Giants for his entire professional career, starting in 1999.

Abrams started out with the Giants as a Salary Cap Analyst (1999-2001) before being promoted to Assistant General Manager. Abrams filled that position from 2002 to 2017 before becoming the Interim General Manager to close out the 2017 season after Jerry Reese was fired from the General Manager position. Abrams interviewed for the Giants’ General Manager position, but the team selected Dave Gettleman instead. Abrams was kept on staff, though, as a VP of Football Operations and Assistant GM from 2018 till now.

Kevin Abrams is a two-time Super Bowl champion, winning two rings with the New York Giants (XLII & XLVI). He has been with the Giants for over two decades. If John Mara wants to go with an in-house hiring, Abrams makes sense. But as seen in his career history, Kevin Abrams has worked almost exclusively as a salary cap manager. Fans want a General Manager that can find and scout talent to build a competitive roster. Kevin Abrams will not be the hiring that fulfills that wish for New York Giants fans.