New York Giants: With trade deadline three weeks away, who should be on the chopping block?

New York Giants, Dave Gettleman

The New York Giants are sitting with a pitiful 0-5 record. According to Tankathon, if the season ended today, the Giants would own the first overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. With such a grim outlook ahead, New York is likely in need of a roster rebuild once again.

Three weeks from today, a highly-important day in the NFL will occur: the 2020 NFL Trade Deadline. The rumor mill is already starting to heat up with Jets running back Le’Veon Bell already being shopped around the league. New York was involved with the 2019 NFL Trade Deadline, making a trade to acquire Leonard Williams days before the deadline passed.

This begs the questions: will the New York Giants be active at this year’s trade deadline? Will they be buying, or more likely selling? If selling, who is on the chopping block?

Buying or Selling?

At 0-5, the New York Giants need to be selling, not buying. No 0-5 team has ever bounced back and made their way into the playoffs. The Giants’ season, unfortunately, is over. It is time to start looking towards the future.

The best way for an NFL team to plan for their future is to acquire draft capital; turn under-performing veteran players into young, high-potential players via the NFL Draft. The last thing the Giants need is to give up draft capital for veteran players. New York needs to rebuild this team and focus on their future, not remain in win-now mode.

Evan Engram

Giants tight end Evan Engram has not had the breakout 2020 campaign that many fans expected him to have. Engram is a talented player that has struggled with injuries throughout his career. In his most healthy season (2017), Evan played 15 games and totaled 64 receptions for 722 yards and 6 touchdowns.

Through the first five weeks of the 2020 NFL season, Engram has been targeted 32 times and totaled 18 receptions for 147 yards and 0 touchdowns. It has been a disappointing start to Engram’s fourth career season. With his contract expiring next year, the Giants need to decide whether or not Engram has a future on this team. With as much raw talent and athletic ability that he has, he would certainly have a trade market if the Giants decide to ship him out of New Jersey.

Dave Gettleman

General manager Dave Gettleman’s seat is flaming hot. Gettleman was nearly fired in the 2020 offseason but was kept around to prove his worth for one more season. Considering the Giants’ season is off to a historically bad start, it is reasonable to assume that Gettleman’s seat is hot, once again.

Last year, Gettleman made the controversial decision to trade for Leonard Williams ahead of the trade deadline. This left New York without a third-round pick and cost them the opportunity to secure more young talent. Gettleman cannot make a decision like this again. The Giants should not afford Gettleman the opportunity to trade for players this season. If he is not willing to sell assets, he should not be making any trades.

Golden Tate

After two years with the Giants, it seems like the writing is on the wall for wide receiver Golden Tate. Tate has struggled to make an impact in the Giants’ offense this year. The former “YAC King” has only averaged 2.6 yards after the catch per reception.

Teams around the NFL could find Tate to be a solid veteran option to line up in the slot. Tate has reliable hands, he has just struggled to separate and make plays in space. The New England Patriots were a potential landing spot for Golden Tate in free agency before he signed with New York. Maybe New England would be willing to give up a draft pick to improve Cam Newton’s weapons for the final stretch of the season.

New York Giants: Where Are The Strengths On Gettleman’s Roster?

New York Giants, Dave Gettleman

The New York Giants, once again, are 0-3. Here we are, in September, talking about who we should take with our top-five pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. Out for blood are disgruntled Giants fans, campaigning to begin the Tank for Trevor Lawrence.

These are dark times for New York’s prolific football franchise. The Giants are, historically, one of the greatest franchises in NFL history (arguably in the history of all sports). But for years now, the Giants have been at the bottom of the barrel.

New York has changed head coaches like supermodels change outfits at the Met Gala. Ben McAdoo was hired in 2016 and fired in 2017. Shurmur was hired in 2018 and fired in 2020. Joe Judge was hired this offseason to be the team’s next head coach, but things have gotten off to a very shaky start.

In addition to the firing of Ben McAdoo in 2017, New York also fired general manager Jerry Reese. To replace the two-time Super Bowl champion Jerry Reese, John Mara and the Giants brought in a familiar face: Dave Gettleman. Gettleman previously worked with the Giants from 1999-2012. When Mara promised “wholesale changes,” Gettleman is not the man many had in mind.

Worse Under Gettleman

Three years into the Gettleman era, the Giants have seen little- actually, no improvement. New York is 9-26 since Gettleman took over the roster in 2018. In Jerry Reese’s final 35 games, the Giants were 14-21. Dave Gettleman has run the Giants into the ground; it is time for everyone to realize this.

What Are The Strengths?

Gettleman, admittedly, inherited a bad roster in 2018. But what has he done with that roster? Has he turned any of its weaknesses into strengths?

When looking at the Giants’ roster, it is hard to find any real strengths. The Giants have invested a lot into their offensive line and defensive line, but only one of those two units have performed as a strength for the Giants.

New York has invested a slew of assets into their defensive line. Those investments have paid off, for the most part, as Leonard Williams and Dexter Lawrence combine with Dalvin Tomlinson to form an impressive front line of defense.

But the investments on the offensive line have not found the same success. Andrew Thomas looks like he has the makings of a franchise left tackle, but nearly every other position on the offensive line is a weakness. New York has allowed Daniel Jones to be pressured on 41.5% of his dropbacks through the first three games of the season.

One strength that could also be pointed out is the running back position. Well, that could have been pointed out before Saquon Barkley went down with a season-ending knee injury. The Giants’ receivers have struggled to gain separation this season. Evan Engram has been wildly disappointing. So it is hard to identify any of the skill positions as a strength.

The Giants’ defense has some bright spots. Blake Martinez has been a top-performing at the inside linebacker position and James Bradberry has been lockdown on the outside at cornerback. But the rest of the secondary has struggled and the pass-rushers have not maintained their impressive level of play from Week One.

Overall, Dave Gettleman has built a roster that lacks impact players for the Giants. Every positional unit could use an injection of talent. The quarterback position is also a giant question mark as fans are campaigning for the team to tank for Trevor Lawrence and replace Daniel Jones.

Given the current state of the Giants’ roster, it is hard to see this team being competitive this season, despite the division being the worst in the NFL. Additionally, it is inexcusable on Dave Gettleman’s part for the Giants’ roster to be as bad as it is. His seat is flaming hot and it seems like the writing is on the wall for Dave Gettleman’s impending doom.

New York Giants still confident that team is ‘right there’ after blowout loss

New York Giants, Leonard Williams

If there’s one loss that puts Dave Gettleman’s job in doubt, it’s this one. The New York Giants took on the 49ers who were missing plenty of players due to injury, and they were still dealt a blowout defeat. The Giants had their own injuries, sure. Saquon Barkley is out for the season and Daniel Jones had more rushing yards than his replacement. But few expected the final score to be as lopsided as it was.

Nor did they expect the Giants to have as bad a second half as they did. They only scored 3 points in the second half and none of the Giants’ running backs had more than 10 rushing yards. A performance like this gives something for detractors of Gettleman to point to. It’s an example of the team at its worst, during a year where Gettleman appears to be on his last chance.

But it’s still the same narratives from the players. Specifically, the idea that the Giants are close to fixing their problems and they just need a little more time. That they’re one step away from getting better.

Leonard Williams claims Giants are right on the edge of success

“I do think we do have a really good team and a tough team, and I never see any quit in this team. I believe that we’re right there and we just need to fix a few pieces and a few little gaps here and there and stop beating ourselves,” Leonard Williams spoke after the game. “It’s already hard to beat a team and it’s going to be harder when we’re making mistakes on ourselves as well, so I just think that we need to overcome a few of those mistakes that we’ve been making and just keep playing hard.”

The Giants have been trying to stop beating themselves for years. That narrative can only stick around for so long before no one believes it anymore. The team is in their first year under a new head coach, but perhaps more change is needed. If only because changing the head coach wasn’t enough.

It might be too late to bounce back much this season, but a loss like this and an 0-3 start may show that it’s time for the team to clean house in the entire organization… Not just within the coaching staff.

The optimism of the players on the field probably doesn’t come from an intentionally misleading place. All players in the NFL are confident in their skills, after all. But there’s a point when only the most diehard optimists can believe the team is really one step away from improving. This might be that point for the Giants.

New York Giants announce Logan Ryan signing

New York Giants, Logan Ryan

The New York Giants announced on Friday that they’ve signed cornerback Logan Ryan.

Ryan, 29, spent the last three seasons with the Tennessee Titans. He started 16 games in 2019, totaling four interceptions, four and a half sacks and 113 combined tackles. Across his seven-year NFL career, Ryan has totaled 17 interceptions, 11 sacks and 494 combined tackles.

The Rutgers product was selected in the third round of the 2013 NFL Draft by the New England Patriots, where he resided for the first four seasons of his career.

The Giants signing Ryan comes in the wake of a handful of defensive backs being absent from training camp. DeAndre Baker has been charged with four counts of robbery with a firearm; Sam Beal opted out of the 2020 season; Xavier McKinney suffered a fractured foot last week.

Giants general manager Dave Gettleman said in a Wednesday press conference that Ryan “fills a lot of roles” on defense (quotes via

“One of the things you guys will see once we start playing games, we’re going to be pretty multi-dimensional on defense. You are going to see a lot of stuff and Logan fills a lot of roles. It’s at a point where, what does being a starting player mean? It means probably playing 75, 80 percent on defense. He’ll be well up there. We see him as a fit in a lot of different roles. He had quite a year last year, you guys know that. Tennessee used him a little bit differently and it certainly gives you ideas about how to use him. He’ll be fine.”

The Giants active defensive backfield depth chart includes Ryan, James Bradberry, Jabrill Peppers, Julian Love, rookies Darnay Holmes and Chris Williamson and Isaac Yiadom, who was acquired on Wednesday from the Denver Broncos.

The Giants open the 2020 season at home against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Monday, Sept. 14.

New York Giants: Dave Gettleman details one frustrating aspect about Daniel Jones

New York Giants, Daniel Jones

The New York Giants have a tumultuous road ahead toward relevancy, mainly due to the fact that they are still in the middle of a full roster rebuild. Aside from the players, they turned over the entire coaching staff this off-season, so there are a lot of unproven commodities in place.

New head coach Joe Judge is in his first gig as a lead dog, and Jason Garrett is where he started at offensive coordinator. A lot of work must be done before success is in the immediate future, but they are on the right path with a foundation built out of youth, and several veterans sprinkled across the roster.

However, a lot of the team’s potential lies on the back of sophomore quarterback Daniel Jones. Jones had a successful rookie campaign, throwing 24 touchdowns and 3,027 yards with a band of misfits toys representing his weapons.

Can the New York Giants trust Daniel Jones with his ball security?

While Jones did show optimism in multiple categories, he did struggle in one, fumbles. General manager Dave Gettleman referenced his fumbles as a major concern last season, but he has worked tirelessly to improve that part of his game. In last week’s intrasquad scrimmage, pass rusher Lorenzo Carter popped the ball free from Jones on a would-be sack, who showed little awareness in the pocket. That has been his kryptonite since day one

“I’m comfortable and confident with [Jones] right now,” Gettleman said. “The only thing that was a little frustrating last year were the turnovers, the fumbles. He had a solid rookie year. He did things that no other rookie quarterback has ever done. For some reason, I just feel like the fumbles have overshadowed all of that stuff.”

Gettleman is right, 18 fumbles and losing 11 of them would overshadow any player. It was an insane number to consider and dampened his production significantly. Adding 9 pounds of healthy muscle mass this off-season and working tirelessly on gripping the ball with two hands should help him in the long run, and even cutting his fumbles back by half would be a great sign.

New York Giants: Dexter Lawrence Ready To Break Out In 2020

New York Giants, Dexter Lawrence

The New York Giants have built one of the best, young defensive lines in the NFL since 2018. General manager Dave Gettleman has put a heavy emphasis on building through the trenches, investing tons of assets into the defensive line. Since 2018, here is what the Giants have invested into their defensive line: a 2018 third-round pick, a 2018 fifth-round pick, a 2019 first-round pick, a 2019 seventh-round pick, a 2020 third-round pick and 2021 fifth-round pick in a trade to acquire Leonard Williams, and a $16.1 million franchise tag on Leonard Williams. Additionally, the Giants already had a 2017 second-round pick invested in Dalvin Tomlinson.

This long list of investments has paid off for the Giants. Their defensive line is loaded with talented players entering 2020. The Giants’ defensive line could be dominant in 2020. But the most exciting player in this position group is Dexter Lawrence. Lawrence was a first-round pick for the Giants just last year but he already looks like one of the team’s best players.

Why Dexter Lawrence Will Break Out This Year

Dexter Lawrence was great as a rookie in 2019. But he will be even better in 2020. Last season, Dexter Lawrence played and started in all 16 games, totaling 38 combined tackles, 3 tackles for loss, and 2.5 sacks. Dexter was an underrated pass-rusher coming out of college, and he definitely flashed some potential as a pass-rusher last season.

But Dexter Lawrence’s biggest strength is his performance in run defense. Dexter received the honor of making Pro Football Focus’s 2019 All-Rookie Team. PFF states that Lawrence’s 76.3 run-defense grade ranked 21st among 117 qualifying interior defenders last season.

Lawrence uses his ginormous stature to dominate in run defense. Last year, Dexter was logged in at 6 feet 4 inches and 340 pounds. But according to the man himself, that will not be his playing weight in 2020. Losing weight was something Lawrence focused on this offseason:

“I got a personal trainer, we focused on eating, portion control, I got a chef. I didn’t really like my build last year (when his listed weight was 342 pounds). This year I tried to focus on losing a little bit of weight just so I can be better on the field. I’m out there running a lot better than I did last year. That’s just the goal for me each year. Feel better and be better.” – Dexter Lawrence via 8/18/20

This is potentially big news for Dexter Lawrence. Being lighter on his feet will allow Dexter to improve as a pass-rusher. It could also improve his stamina and make him more efficient in the fourth quarter, something he mentioned to the media. Dexter Lawrence will break out in 2020 with a leaner build and improved skills with a season of experience under his belt.

New York Giants: Has GM Dave Gettleman been given too long to piece together the offensive line?

New York Giants, Dave Gettleman

The New York Giants hired general manager Dave Gettleman three off-seasons ago when the team was in need of a rebuild but instead took a more expedited angle toward resurrection. They drafted Saquon Barkley with the second overall pick and reinforced the offensive line with Nate Solder at left tackle.

Gettleman has been given ample time to solve the primary issues the Giants faced when he took over. A lackluster blocking scheme, a poor running game, and inconsistent defense, etc. In the 2018 draft, the Giants landed Will Hernandez, Lorenzo Carter, and BJ Hill in the first three rounds.

The anticipation was that these players would help immediately, and that was the case with Barkley and Hernandez. Even Hill contributed a tad to the overall production of the team, which wasn’t much.

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The question is, has Gettleman been given too much time to piece together the New York Giants’ offensive line?

The answer isn’t so simple. After investing $62 million over four years on Solder, the Giants also had Hernandez at left guard. At center, they had Spencer Pulley and right tackle Chad Wheeler. At right guard, they had Jamon Brown, who was formally selected in the third round by the St. Louis Rams in 2015.


Jabrill Peppers’ top 3 plays from 2019

2 rookies fighting for a roster spot during training camp

Nate Solder could opt-out of 2020 due to coronavirus

The right side of the line was extremely inadequate, despite Saquon Barkley managing to produce anyway. Over 16 games in his rookie campaign, he logged 1,307 yards on the ground, 721 yards through the air, and 15 total touchdowns.

Fast forward to 2019, and the line did experience a bit more success. With Mike Remmers at right tackle and Kevin Zeitler at right guard, the primary issue was Solder at left tackle. He allowed 11 sacks and five penalties in his worst season to date. This forced the Giants to draft Andrew Thomas with the fourth overall pick and spend a third-round selection on University of Connecticut tackle Matt Peart.

While three offseasons should be enough to solve the line, it is impossible to predict personal issues, like the ones Nate faced with his son dealing with cancer treatments. That inadvertently affected Hernandez and his performance as well as Halapio at center.

Finding Nick Gates as an undrafted free agent in 2019 should help the continuity of the unit exponentially, especially in the financial department. If he can lock down a starting position, whether it is at right tackle or center, the New York Giants should be in better shape. In addition, Cameron Fleming, who has experience at both left and right tackle, should serve as adequate depth.

If the offensive line takes a significant step forward in 2020, it will justify Gettleman’s retention with Big Blue. However, if they struggle once again and require change, the time on his internal firing clock will quickly tick away.


New York Giants’ Offensive Line Ranked 20th In The NFL By PFF

New York Giants, Nate Solder, Jon Halapio, Mike Remmers

If you ask any New York Giants fan, they will tell you that their team had one of the worst offensive lines in the NFL last season. In 2019, the Giants’ quarterbacks were sacked 43 times. However, Pro Football Focus disagrees.

According to PFF, “the Giants weren’t as bad as the perception last season.” The Giants’ offensive line finished 17th in PFF’s regular-season rankings for 2019, which is about average. Now, heading into the 2020 NFL season, Pro Football Focus has ranked the NFL’s offensive lines once again. This year, the Giants rank 20th out of the 32 NFL teams.

Is 20 Too High or Too Low?

The New York Giants did invest a lot into their offensive line this offseason. Dave Gettleman and company spent the fourth overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft on Georgia offensive tackle Andrew Thomas. PFF had Thomas as the highest-ranked offensive tackle on their draft board. Andrew Thomas played 1,075 pass-block snaps in his collegiate career. On those snaps, Thomas allowed only 37 total pressures. He also has not allowed more than 2 pressures in a game since 2017 (his freshman season at right tackle).

Andrew Thomas is a significant improvement for the Giants at left tackle. Nate Solder, the man who has played that position for the last two years, had a career-worst season in 2019. Solder allowed a league-high 56 pressures and 11 sacks last season while also ranking just 70th out of 89 qualifiers with a 52.9 run-blocking grade according to Pro Football Focus.

It is surprising that the Giants’ offensive line ranked 17th in PFF’s 2019 rankings despite Nate Solder and Mike Remmers allowing a combined 96 pressures. However, there was a solid performance on the team’s front line that might have boosted the ranking. Right guard Kevin Zeitler continued to be a consistent, reliable offensive lineman. Zeitler earned a 76.4 overall grade ranked seventh of all offensive guards.

The Giants’ other offensive guard, though, did not perform as well. Will Hernandez regressed in 2019 after a promising rookie season in 2018. However, PFF did mention Big-Will as a potential breakout candidate entering his third season.

The center position is arguably the biggest question mark on the Giants’ roster right now. Jon Halapio struggled at that position last season and held the team back significantly. Now, entering 2020, there is a position battle brewing. Spencer Pulley, Nick Gates, and rookie Shane Lemieux will all be competing to earn the starting center job. An improvement at that position could be what puts an end to the Giants’ offensive line struggles.

The Giants have made improvements to their offensive tackle positions and there are reasons to expect a solid outing from the offensive guards in 2020. It is fair for PFF to rank the team’s line at 20th overall at this point, but if there is an improvement at the center position, the Giants could rise through the rankings.

New York Giants: Is Leonard Williams Worth His Reported Asking Price?

New York Giants, Leonard Williams

The New York Giants placed their franchise tag on newly acquired defensive lineman Leonard Williams this offseason. That franchise tag will pay Williams $16.1 million for the 2020 NFL season. Williams was acquired in a midseason trade that cost the Giants a 2020 third-round pick and a 2021 fifth-round pick. General Manager Dave Gettleman prioritizes the defensive line and felt this to be a worthy trade, despite the negative reaction amongst fans.

One of the main criticisms of the Leonard Williams trade was Leonard’s impending contract status. Williams was set to be a free agent in the 2020 offseason. With his contract expiring, many fans did not understand why Gettleman felt the need to trade for him midseason when the Giants could have just bid on Williams in free agency instead.

Leonard Williams Contract Update

Critics of this trade are getting more justification with the latest news. According to a report by Ralph Vacchiano of SNY, Leonard Williams is asking for crazy money from the New York Giants. The report states that Williams is “seeking a deal worth $18-$20M per season.” The deadline for the Giants and Williams to agree to a long-term deal is July 15th and the two sides reportedly are “not close” to reaching an agreement.

Is Leonard Williams Worth His Asking Price?

If the Giants do pay Leonard Williams that salary, it will be a highly controversial decision. An $18-20 million dollar salary will make Williams one of the highest-paid interior defensive linemen in the NFL. Currently, Aaron Donald is the highest-paid IDL with an average salary of $22.5 million. A salary of $18-20 million would make Leonard Williams the third-highest-paid interior defensive lineman in the league. At that price point, Williams would be paid more than the likes of J.J. Watt, Fletcher Cox, Grady Jarrett, Geno Atkins, and many other highly-talented defensive linemen on their second contracts.

Leonard Williams is not the only interior defensive lineman looking to secure a big bag right now. Chiefs defensive lineman Chris Jones is also seeking a contract worth $20 million annually. Jones’s contract dispute with Kansas City could lead to a trade. The difference between Chris Jones and Leonard Williams, though, is that Chris Jones is a much better player.

Chris Jones is a legitimate pass-rushing threat from the interior. In 2018, Jones totaled 15.5 sacks and 49 pressures. He followed that up with a 9 sack, 27 pressure performance in 2019. According to Pro Football Focus, Jones ranks third among interior defenders in pass-rushing grade over the past four seasons. He also has recorded 212 pressures in that time span, fourth-most (PFF). Production like that is worth a premium price. Compare that to Leonard Williams’s 17.5 career sacks, and it is hard to justify paying these two players the same salary.

Leonard Williams is a talented defensive lineman and does have value as one of the ten best players at his position. However, he is not a top-three player at his position and it would not make much sense for the Giants to pay him like he is.

Leonard Williams Stats and Highlights

The Giants do have one of the best defensive lines in the NFL. Leonard Williams is arguably the best player on the team’s defense. He has been a great run-defender throughout his entire career but he has not been a consistently good pass-rusher. However, PFF has discussed why Williams might be underrated as a pass-rusher:

“Among 87 interior defenders with 200 or more pass-rushing snaps, Williams ranked 13th in pressure rate at 11.3% but his one sack in 424 pass-rushing snaps put him near the bottom of the list in sack rate. On the other hand, Williams led the position with 19 quarterback hits. A few fractions of a second faster on several of those plays and that sack total looks a whole lot more respectable.” Pro Football Focus on Leonard Williams’s pass-rushing ability.

Williams does get consistent quarterback pressure. He recorded 17 pressures in 8 games with the New York Giants in 2019. But is this reason enough to justify a $20 million dollar contract? The Giants have other players that they will soon need to consider paying large contracts to, such as Saquon Barkley, Jabrill Peppers, Daniel Jones, and Evan Engram. It might be wise for the Giants to save their money for those players, rather than pay Leonard Williams like he is one of the best players in the NFL when he simply is not.

New York Giants: Dalvin Tomlinson A Long-Term Building Block

New York Giants, Dalvin Tomlinson

The New York Giants have quickly built one of the best young defensive lines in the NFL recently. Since taking over as general manager in 2018, Dave Gettleman has invested the following into the defensive line: 2018 third-round pick, 2018 seventh-round pick, 2019 first-round pick, 2019 seventh-round pick, 2020 third-round pick, 2021 fifth-round pick, $16.1 million franchise tag.

Interestingly enough, one of the best players on the Giants’ defensive line was not a Dave Gettleman acquisition. Jerry Reese’s 2017 second-round draft pick, Dalvin Tomlinson, has been the most consistent and reliable defender on the Giants over the past few years. Soon enough, the young defensive lineman will be due for a new contract.

What Might Tomlinson’s Contract Look Like?

The interior defensive lineman position is growing particularly expensive. Aaron Donald, the league’s best at the position, signed a record-breaking contract worth $22 million on average annually in 2018. Now, Chris Jones of the Kansas City Chiefs is searching for a contract north of $20 million and could find himself on the trade block because of it. With this considered, Dalvin Tomlinson’s contract could be north of $10 million per year. However, there is reason to believe he is fully worth that contract value.

Dalvin Tomlinson Stats and Highlights

Dalvin Tomlinson is as consistent as a defensive lineman can be. In 2019, Dalvin only missed 3 tackles, a missed tackle rate of only 5.8%. In 2018 he was even more consistent, missing just one tackle (1.7%). Tomlinson has played and started in all 16 games in each of his three NFL seasons.

The 2019 season was the best of Dalvin Tomlinson’s young career. In 2019, Dalvin recorded 49 combined tackles, a career-high 7 tackles for loss, and a career-high 3.5 sacks, 13 pressures, and 7 quarterback hits.

2020 could be an even better season for Tomlinson. Tomlinson compared the Giants’ new defensive scheme to the scheme he used at Alabama in college:

“The technique kind of reminds me of my Alabama days. You can only pick up so much on virtual meetings and things like that so I feel like I’ve picked up the playbook pretty well over the virtual meetings,” Tomlinson said to Sirius XM NFL Radio.

Tomlinson has tried his best to learn the Giants’ playbook remotely, however, the COVID-19 pandemic has made that increasingly difficult for the Giants. The Gmen have a new head coach and new schemes to learn on both sides of the ball. If Dalvin Tomlinson is able to learn the new scheme by the start of the season, he could break out for another career-year.