New York Giants’ offense needs to step up against Dallas Cowboys

New York Giants, Austin Mack, Jason Garrett

The New York Giants are entering a must-win, Week 17 matchup against the Dallas Cowboys. With a loss, the Giants will be eliminated from the playoffs. With a win, New York will need some help from Philadelphia, but they could earn their first playoff birth since 2016.

First and foremost, the Giants have to beat the Dallas Cowboys in Week 17 to make the playoffs. Despite Dallas’ 6-9 record, this will be no easy task for the Giants. The Giants narrowly lost their last matchup with the Cowboys by a score of 37-34 in Week 5. This game is significant for the Giants because it is the only game this season in which New York was able to top 30 points.

The Giants’ offense has been terrible this season. The Giants are averaging only 17.1 points per game this season, the second-worst average in the NFL behind only the New York Jets. A functioning offense has been rare in New York this season.

The Dallas Cowboys, on the other hand, have a pretty high octane offense. The Cowboys are only 6-9, but their record is not a reflection of poor offensive play. Dallas is averaging 25.1 points per game this season. Andy Dalton and the Cowboys’ offense has been on a hot streak over the last three weeks, though. Over this three-game winning streak, Dallas is averaging 36 points per game.

The Dallas Cowboys are bound to put up a high volume of yardage and points in Week 17. The New York Giants have an excellent defense, but there is only so much they will be able to do against Dalton and Dallas. The Cowboys are bound to put points on the board and the Giants’ offense is going to need to match and surpass that total.

If Jason Garrett and the Giants’ offense cannot keep up with Mike McCarthy and the Cowboys’ offense, then the Giants will not be playing football in the second week of January.

New York Giants are quickly running out of time in head coaching search

New York Giants considering Matt Rhule for head coach.

Two years ago, the New York Giants took their sweet time finding a head coach to lead them into the future. In fact, they took so long, they were forced to settle on Pat Shurmur, letting all of the premium candidates slip away. Fast forward to the present day, and the Giants are reenacting their mistake from two years ago — failing to make a decision quickly and grab their guy.

Reality is striking quickly, as Ron Rivera has signed on with the Washington Redskins and Mike McCarthy with the Dallas Cowboys, two of the most proven coaches available this offseason. Now, the Giants have to make a decision, unless they already have.

The fact that the Giants didn’t pounce on McCarthy should tell us everything we need to know — they have their sights set elsewhere. With Matt Rhule preparing to interview on Tuesday, it’s becoming clear that the Giants have a preference, but they’re losing immense leverage with every passing day.

The New York Giants need to be prepared to give power to their next head coach:

It’s expected that Rhule will want more control of the team, which would force GM Dave Gettleman to take a step back and let the head coach implement his style. While we can speculate whether Rhule will want more control, the Giants still have to go through the formal interview process and find their man.

There are still quality candidates remaining, despite Rivera and McCarthy finalizing deals elsewhere. Kansas City Chiefs’ Eric Bieniemy remains a quality option (check out this article on him), Don “Wink” Martindale is also a potential fit, considering his defensive mentality.

I like the defensive-minded head coaches, opposite of what Shurmur brought to the Giants. It allows the offensive coordinator to have a more impactful role and focus on a single system, rather than trying to lead every unit with benevolence. The head coaching options this time around are far more systematic and grounded than Shurmur, who is known as the “quarterback whisperer.”

The development of Daniel Jones is something that Shurmur can be credited for. However, his coaching ability in-game was abysmal. Giants ownership will be looking to bring in a coach who can establish a sense of discipline and toughness.

New York Giants have an underrated head coaching option in Eric Bieniemy

New York Giants, Eric Bieniemy

With the New York Giants prowling the free agent pool of head coaches, several options have risen to the top, including former Green Bay HC Mike McCarthy, and program head for Baylor, Matt Rhule.

Both have their respective pros and cons, with McCarthy being the most experienced among the available options, with the exception of Jason Garrett, who’s expected to be on the market as well.

The New York Giants have an underrated option:

Current Kansas City Chiefs’ offensive coordinator, Eric Bieniemy, is a target that might offer fresh blood and fantastic knowledge for Big Blue. Bieniemy doesn’t have any head coaching experience in the NFL, but he has been learning behind Andy Ried, one of the league’s premier coaches.

Here’s a look at Bienmiey’s coaching history:

During his early collegiate years, the Chiefs’ OC served as the running backs coach for the Colorado Buffaloes from 2001 to 2002, and then at UCLA from 2003 to 2005. He then made the jump to the Minnesota Vikings in the NFL, serving as their running backs coach, helping maximize Adrian Peterson in his prime. Peterson led the NFC in rushing yards with 1,341 in 2007 and 2008 with 1,760 yards. In 2010, Bieniemy was named the Vikings’ assistant coach for the offense.

After a lengthy stint in the NFL, he returned to Colorado as the team’s offensive coordinator under head coach Jon Embree. In 2013, he made his way to Kansas City as the running back coach and was promoted in 2018 to offensive coordinator. In his first season as OC, the Chiefs were first in the NFL in yards per game and points scores, thanks to Patrick Mahomes and a deadly group of running backs.

Bieniemy’s success with the Chiefs have made him an excellent candidate to take the next step and become a head coach in the NFL, but his lack of experience concerns, as it should be. The Giants hired Pat Shurmur after a short stint as head coach with the Cleveland Browns, and that backfired immensely.

If New York Giants co-owners John Mara and Steve Tisch are looking for fresh blood and a coaching style that would maximize Saquon Barkley and Daniel Jones, Bieniemy shouldn’t be overlooked.

New York Giants: Comparing HC Candidates Mike McCarthy and Matt Rhule

Will the New York Giants consider Mike McCarthy as their next head coach?

The New York Giants are conducting interviews this week for their vacant head coach position. After going 9-23 over the past two seasons, the Giants fired head coach Pat Shurmur. There are plenty of strong candidates this time around, and the Giants will be conducting a complete and thorough head coach search to ensure they hire the right guy this time.

So far, the Giants’ top two candidates are Matt Rhule and Mike McCarthy. The two are very different. McCarthy has tons of NFL experience and is a well-renown offensive play-caller. Matt Rhule is a college head coach that has experience coaching both sides of the ball. Both candidates have definite pros and cons.

Comparing Experience:

Mike McCarthy

As far as NFL head coaching experience goes, the Giants are not going to find a candidate with more pro experience than Mike McCarthy. Mike McCarthy has been coaching in the NFL since 1993 and served as head coach of the Green Bay packers from 2006 to 2018.

McCarthy has an impressive career record, too. His regular-season head coaching record stands at 125–77–2 (.618). On top of that, the offensive guru has a 10–8 (.556) playoff record along with a Super Bowl XLV victory. If the Giants want a proven, experienced head coach, Mike McCarthy is the best candidate.

Matt Rhule

However, Matt Rhule has plenty of coaching experience at the collegiate level and appears ready to make the jump to the pros. Matt Rhule began his coaching career in 1998 and worked his way up to a job in the NFL in 2012 as the New York Giants’ assistant offensive line coach.

Rhule then received a promotion to the head coaching level by Temple. Matt Rhule’s tenure with Temple lasted from 2013 to 2016 before he left to take the head coaching job at Baylor in 2017. Baylor has been led under Matt Rhule’s command since then, though that might change this offseason as he has garnered plenty of interest from NFL franchises.

Matt Rhule has a career head coaching record of 47-42. But, to be fair, Rhule has had to coach some disaster-programs in college. He took over a weak Temple football team in 2013 and went 2-10. By 2015, Rhule had led Temple to 10 wins and did so again in 2016. Rhule’s tenure at Baylor has a similar story. Baylor went 1-11 in 2017, improved to 7-6 in 2018, then 11-3 in 2019. Rhule has proven that he can quickly turn around lousy football teams.

Making the jump from college to the NFL is not always pretty. It is an arduous task for head coaches, but many believe that Rhule has proven himself ready for the pro game. Either way, the edge in this category easily goes to McCarthy. Mike McCarthy coached the Green Bay Packers in over 200 games and won a Super Bowl. His pedigree is hard to beat amongst coach candidates.

Comparing Their Different Coaching Styles:

Mike McCarthy’s New Offensive Approach:

As stated earlier, these coaches have very different coaching styles. Mike McCarthy is an offensive-coordinator turned head coach. He called plays for the Green Bay Packers offense through his twelve years with the organization. Unfortunately, McCarthy’s offense and coaching style, in general, got “stale” towards the end of his time in Green Bay, which led to his eventual firing in 2018.

Over the past year, Mike McCarthy has taken the time to reinvent himself as a head coach. He has remade his offensive system and placed a great emphasis on embracing analytics. Additionally, the former Packers coach has enacted a plan termed “The McCarthy Project.” ESPN described this project as McCarthy “and several of his former colleagues — including former Saints head coach Jim Haslett, former Packers quarterbacks coach Frank Cignetti and former Packers linebackers coach Scott McCurley — have done extensive and high-tech studies on both their own previous experiences and on what happened from week to week around the NFL.”

While Mike McCarthy will still be an offensive-minded head coach that calls plays, his scheme might look a lot different in 2020. If all the reports hold true, Mike McCarthy has remade his playbook and will shift towards a more modern approach in his next head coaching stint.

Matt Rhule’s Versatility:

One significant advantage that Matt Rhule has in his coaching resume is the fact that he has experience coaching both sides of the ball. Rhule has coached defensive lines, linebackers, quarterbacks, offensive lines, and more positions before becoming a head coach.

Rhule does not call plays like Mike McCarthy, but he oversees the entire team’s operations. He has a knowledge of offense and defense, which gives Rhule the ability to progress talent all over the field that other coaches do not possess. Rhule is also an excellent leader that is well respected by his players and peers. With holes all over both sides of the Giants’ roster, Matt Rhule is an excellent choice as a head coach who will fix both sides of the ball.

WATCH: New York Giants’ HC candidate Matt Rhule shows incredible leadership ability in speech

New York Giants considering Matt Rhule for head coach.

While the New York Giants wait for Baylor head coach and program head, Matt Rhule, to return from a well-deserved trip to Mexico, they will continue their search for a head coach.

With former Green Bay Packers’ HC Mike McCarthy emerging as a solid option after a reinvigorating video emerged, the Giants have several impressive options to choose from, however, there are a few other teams in the market for a head coach. Both the Carolina Panthers and Cleveland Browns are searching, and they’re all expected to take a long, hard look at the options available.

Rhule rejected an invitation to interview for the Browns’ vacant spot, likely due to the clattering mess the organization conjured up in 2019, let alone the last decade. He is reportedly interested in the Giants’ position, though, as one report notes it would be his “dream job.”

What personality fits the New York Giants?

General manager Dave Gettleman made it apparent that ownership is looking for a disciplined head coach that can lead their players into battle. A fiery coach with an outgoing personality would fit the bill, which is exactly what Rhule brings to the table, take a look at the speech he gives in this video.

The Baylor coach harps on toughness, whether it’s mental or physical. The importance of staying in the game and not giving up no matter the score or situation is important, as it contributes towards prolonged success. The Giants saw players lack essential effort during games once the season was lost.

Most humans would agree that consistent losing is catastrophic to one’s spirit, but the will to fight on and give 100% is what separates good from the bad. Rhule seems to be the ideal coaching fit for a Big Blue team that’s young and still working out their college kinks. His impressive pedigree is something the Giants will evaluate, but it’s his intangibles that make him such a great option.

WATCH: New York Giants’ head coach candidate Mike McCarthy has reinvented himself

Will the New York Giants consider Mike McCarthy as their next head coach?

With the departure of head coach Pat Shurmur, the New York Giants are now in the market for his replacement. Baylor’s Matt Rhule, New England’s Josh McDaniels, and former Green Bay Packers’ HC Mike McCarthy lead the charge for the Big Blue, who are looking for a coach with strong leadership abilities and disciplinary tactics.

Shurmur faltered in several categories during his two-year stint with the Giants, struggling to improve in his time-management, personnel decisions, and extraction of value. He did succeed in rookie quarterback Daniel Jones’ progression, as the young passer had several games with four touchdowns passes or more.

However, somebody needed to be the fall-guy for a team that won nine total games over two seasons. General manager Dave Gettleman has survived the axing of Shurmur, and he will now play a significant part in finding their next head coach.

Of the three coaches mentioned above, McCarthy is the option with the most head coaching experience, but his conservative style has put him under fire in the past. Recently, though, he has detailed the improvements he’s made in his personal development and studying he’s conducted with other coaches to prepare him for his next opportunity better.

McCarthy details the selfish nature of being a coach in the NFL, as it involves plucking his family from their home and moving them around the country. His future success depends on his ability to refine his skills and create a modern scheme that elevates his players. Failure is a difficult pill to swallow, as it often forces families of coaches to relocate frequently. Having prolonged success allows them to create a grounding and establish a sense of ‘home.’

The Giants can offer McCarthy a chance at re-establishing himself among the top coaches in the NFL, but it ultimately requires him to re-invent his abilities. One of his biggest downfalls was his offensive scheme and how it hindered Aaron Rodgers to a degree — predictable play-calling, basic route concepts, etc.

With Saquon Barkley and Daniel Jones featuring on the Giants’ offense, finding a coach that can help them reach peak performance is essential, and it’s possible that McCarthy could be their guy.


New York Giants: Former Packers Coach McCarthy To Receive Interview

The big question going into 2020 for the New York Giants has to do with who the head coach will be, but there’s a number of names who have been linked to the Giants as candidates and there’s no completely clear answer at this point. It looks like Baylor’s Matt Rhule will get a shot at the position, but there’s no guarantee at this point, and many think it would be a better idea to bring in an experienced NFL head coach rather than a college coach who only has a limited amount of time spent at a high level program.

With Jason Garrett being an unpopular option to fill the “experienced NFL head coach” role, former Packers coach Mike McCarthy looks like a dark horse option at this point.

According to Adam Schefter, McCarty is expected to interview with the Giants this weekend, presumably for the head coaching job which was left vacant by the firing of Pat Shurmur on Monday. They aren’t the only team looking into McCarthy, with the Browns also bringing the coach in this week for an interview.

But some might argue that the Giants job is more of an attractive one than the Browns. The Giants may have gone through a lot of chaos over the past couple of years, but at the end of the day they don’t have the same history of being a coaching graveyard that Cleveland has had in recent years.

McCarthy’s previous experience working with quarterbacks including Aaron Rodgers makes him an interesting potential choice, as it’s well known that the Giants are building around rookie quarterback Daniel Jones right now and will likely go for a head coaching candidate who can get the most out of him, after spending the high price of the number six overall pick to bring their new quarterback in.

A lackluster past couple of seasons have gotten McCarthy fired after a string of playoff appearances and losses in the years following the Packers’ last Super Bowl win, but it’s hard to deny one thing: there is some appeal in the Giants having a Super Bowl winning head coach with a history of division victories rather than an unproven coach coming right out of the college game.