After dominant win at UFC Vegas 23, what’s next for Marvin Vettori?

This past Saturday at UFC Vegas 23, The Italian Dream Marvin Vettori (17-4-1) was looking to pick up his fourth consecutive win. Vettori took on one of the fighters of the year in 2020 Kevin Holland (21-7).

Originally, Vettori was supposed to fight Darren Till (18-3-1) at UFC Vegas 23 in the main event. However, just a little over a week before the fight, Till broke his collarbone in training and had to pull out of the fight.

Kevin Holland had just headlined UFC Vegas 22 against Derek Brunson. That night, Holland saw his five-fight winning streak come to an end. However, he didn’t take a lot of damage. He immediately volunteered to step in for the injured Till.

The promotion quickly put the fight together. Holland came into Saturday night more focused than we’ve seen him in a long time. However, The Italian Dream was willing to do whatever it took to take one more step towards a UFC title shot.

While Holland had success on the feet, the story of UFC Vegas 23 was the wrestling of Marvin Vettori. Vettori was able to get Holland down at will and ended up setting a middleweight record for takedowns on his way to winning a lopsided decision.

What’s next after UFC Vegas 23?

After the fight was over, Vettori said that he wanted to face Israel Adesanya (20-1) in October for the UFC middleweight title. Vettori and Adesanya fought to a split decision in April of 2018.

The Italian Dream has two headlining UFC wins under his belt now and he’s definitely one of the options to face the champion next. However, is that going to be what’s next for Marvin Vettori?

Unfortunately for Vettori, there’s only one way I see him getting the next title shot. The only way I see him getting the next shot is if Kelvin Gastelum defeats Robert Whittaker (22-5) this Saturday night.

Robert Whittaker is the former middleweight champion and the only man to defeat him at middleweight is Adesanya. If Whittaker wins this Saturday, he would have three huge wins since he lost the title at UFC 243.

However, if Gastelum wins, there is a shot that Vettori will be next. If Vettori doesn’t get a UFC title shot next, one opponent I like for him is Derek Brunson (22-7). Brunson has won four in a row and he’s ranked fourth at middleweight. That could be an option or perhaps they try to make the Till fight again.

What’s next for Kevin Holland after his loss at UFC Vegas 23?

Kevin Holland

Entering 2021, there might not have been a hotter fighter in the UFC than Kevin Holland (21-7). After getting off to an okay start to his career inside the octagon, Holland exploded in 2020.

Holland was on the shortlist for fighter of the year in 2020 after going 5-0 inside the octagon. The UFC gave Holland his first main event last month when he took on Derek Brunson at UFC Vegas 22.

With how popular Kevin Holland had become, it wasn’t out of the realm of possibilities that he would have earned a title shot had he impressively defeated Holland. However, that didn’t happen.

Instead, Holland was relatively exposed by Derek Brunson. Brunson used his wrestling to take Holland down pretty much at will. While Holland had successful moments on the feet, Brunson walked to a decision win.

After the fight was over, Holland talked about moving to the UFC‘s welterweight division. However, when Darren Till fell out of the UFC Vegas 23 main event, Kevin Holland volunteered to face Marvin Vettori (16-4-1).

A win over Vettori would have put Holland back in the mix at 185 pounds. However, it was a very tall order in front of him as Vettori has been surging as of late. Kevin Holland went into Saturday with a different focus and he took this fight way more serious.

That said, it still didn’t matter. Holland had no answer for the wrestling of Marvin Vettori. Vettori ended up setting a UFC middleweight record for takedowns on his way to winning a lopsided 50-44 decision.

What’s next after UFC Vegas 23?

All of the momentum that Kevin Holland had in 2020 hit a brick wall to start 2021. The reality is that Kevin Holland has been completely exposed in his last two UFC matchups. With that said, what’s next?

The first thing is that Holland needs to take some time off. Holland has fought seven times in the last eleven months. He needs to slow things down and really focus on improving his wrestling before taking his next fight.

On top of that, I believe he should pursue the UFC’s welterweight division. Unless Holland plans on bulking up, I feel like welterweight could be the spot for him. He consistently weighs in under the limit at middleweight.

Holland could be a force at 170 and there are plenty of great matchups there. I think he needs to take some time to improve his wrestling and then take a fun matchup for his UFC welterweight debut. I don’t think this is the end for Kevin Holland, I just see it as a speed bump.

Marvin Vettori dominates Kevin Holland at UFC Vegas 23

In the main event of UFC Vegas 23, we saw a fun matchup in the welterweight division. The Italian Dream Marvin Vettori (16-4-1) was looking to continue his winning streak against the entertaining, Kevin Holland (21-6).

Kevin Holland had about as good of a 2020 as you could have. Holland was a perfect 5-0 and he capped the year by knocking out Jacare Souza at UFC 256 in December. Winning that vaulted him into his first UFC main event.

Standing on the opposite side of him was Derek Brunson at UFC Vegas 22. Brunson used his wrestling and pretty much dominated Holland. Holland thought about dropping to welterweight, but a main event slot opened up against Marvin Vettori, he jumped back in.

Marvin Vettori was originally supposed to fight Darren Till at UFC Vegas 23. However, Till broke his collarbone and had to pull out of the fight. Vettori didn’t care who the opponent was, he just wanted to compete.

The last time we saw Marvin Vettori was in December in a headliner against Jack Hermansson. Vettori dominated the fight and earned the biggest win of his UFC career. A win today would put him right in the conversation for a title eliminator.

UFC Vegas 23 Recap

Round 1

There was no touch of the gloves to start the UFC Vegas 23 main event. Holland gets the striking started with a couple of leg kicks. Holland is very active with the kicks to start and one lands low. A very colorful response from Marvin Vettori after the low kick.

The two resume and Holland goes right back to work with his kicks. Vettori is moving forward, but the speed of Holland was impressive early. A clean right counter lands for Kevin Holland which forces Vettori to clinch.

Vettori continues to press forward after they separate. Again, Vettori goes back to the clinch and a body lock. Vettori tries hard for a takedown, but Holland was defending well. Vettori then switches levels, but he couldn’t get the takedown.

Holland started talking to Vettori and the separate. A few combinations from both men and Vettori once again goes back to the clinch. Vettori gets a body lock and uses a trip to finally land the takedown.

One minute left in the round and Vettori starts working his ground strikes. Holland uses a beautiful reversal to get top position and get back to his feet. Vettori goes right back to the pressure and the round closes. Close round, but I think it’s 1-0 Vettori at UFC Vegas 23.

Round 2

The second round at UFC Vegas 23 started with more pressure from The Italian Dream. A nice straight left lands for Vettori to start the striking. However, a nice combination and a big straight right hand lands for Kevin Holland.

Immediately, Vettori went right back to the wrestling. Vettori got deep on a double and landed the takedown. Holland kept looking for opportunities to escape, but Vettori was heavy on the pressure. Vettori lands a couple of clean ground strikes.

Holland throws his legs up against the fence looking for a submission, but Vettori stacked him and landed some good shots. Vettori settled back into Kevin Holland’s guard and went back to his ground and pound.

Holland again tried to use the fence, but he couldn’t do anything with it. Vettori lands some big shots on the ground, but Holland is able to get up after a brief scramble. However, Vettori immediately dragged him right back down. The round closes and it was a dominant one. 2-0 Vettori at UFC Vegas 23.

Round 3

Entering the third round at UFC Vegas 23 and Kevin Holland needs to keep this fight standing. Holland’s eye was closing as the round starts and Vettori right after the takedown as soon as the round started.

Vettori landed the takedown and immediately started to work his ground shots. Holland looked tired and Vettori immediately advances to the mount. Vettori gets an arm triangle and he’s going for the finish.

However, Holland remained composed and Vettori let it go. Holland then uses a scramble to get back up. A big straight hand lands for Marvin Vettori and he immediately chains it into a takedown.

Holland defended well and the fight stayed standing along the fence. The two separate with a minute left. Both men look very tired and Vettori goes right back to the body lock. Holland separates and lands some good shots before the bell. Still, a dominant round for Vettori. 3-0 Vettori after three at UFC Vegas 23.

Round 4

Entering the fourth round at UFC Vegas 23 and Marvin Vettori is looking a little tired. However, it doesn’t stop him from coming forward with a big 1-2. Holland throws some big shots back and lands on Vettori.

A wild exchange forces Vettori to shoot for a takedown and he gets it. Holland tries to force a scramble, but Vettori just stacked him and went right back into the guard.

Vettori takes Holland’s back as Holland tried to scramble. However, Holland was able to get back up. Vettori went right back in for a takedown and lands one. Vettori immediately landed in the mount and looked for the arm triangle choke again.

However, Holland defended well and got Vettori back to half guard. Holland was staying active on his back, but he couldn’t get Marvin Vettori off of him. The round comes to a close and it’s another dominant round for Marvin Vettori. 4-0 Vettori entering the final round at UFC Vegas 23.

Round 5

Entering the final round at UFC Vegas 23 and Kevin Holland needs a miracle to win this one. Vettori definitely looks more fatigued entering the final round. Holland lands a couple of clean shots to open the striking and Vettori is hurt.

However, Vettori shoots for a desperation takedown and he lands it. Holland uses the fence to briefly stand back up, but Vettori immediately drags him right back down.

Kevin Holland just has no answer for the takedowns of Marvin Vettori. This was the same thing we saw a couple of weeks ago against Derek Brunson. Vettori starts passing the guard of Holland with two minutes left in the round.

Vettori gets the mount on Kevin Holland. However, Holland uses an explosion to get back up. Marvin Vettori goes right back in for a takedown and he gets it. With that, he just set a UFC middleweight record with his eleventh takedown.

Holland tries one more time to get to his feet, but he couldn’t get any separation. The final bell sounds and it’s going to be a lopsided decision for The Italian Dream in this one.

Marvin Vettori def. Kevin Holland by Unanimous Decision (50-44, 50-44, 50-44)

UFC Vegas 23 Preview: Marvin Vettori – Kevin Holland

We have a fun one tomorrow night in the main event of UFC Vegas 23. The Italian Dream, Marvin Vettori (16-4-1), looks to continue his rise to the top of the middleweight division as he meets the entertaining Kevin Holland (21-6).

Originally, Vettori was set to take on Darren Till in the main event tomorrow night. However, just over a week ago, Till broke his collarbone and had to pull out of the fight. That’s when the UFC turned to Kevin Holland.

Holland was one of the fighters of the year in 2020. The Trailblazer went a perfect 5-0 which landed him a main event slot at UFC Vegas 22 against Derek Brunson. However, that is where the winning stopped and Brunson won a lopsided decision.

After the fight was over, Holland said he was leaning towards moving to welterweight. However, when the UFC Vegas 23 main event fell through, The Trailblazer stepped up and offered his services. 

While he earned some major points with the promotion, he’s got an extremely tough task in front of him. Marvin Vettori continues to look better and better and he’s souring towards a UFC title shot. He got his first main event slot in December where he dominated Jack Hermansson.

UFC Vegas 23 Prediction

When it comes to the main event at UFC Vegas 23 main event, it’s a really tough challenge for Kevin Holland. Holland is very good on his feet and we’ve seen him show off his power and slick strikes.

However, we’ve also seen him throw a little wild which throws him off balance. When he’s off balance, he’s even more susceptible to takedowns which he doesn’t do a good job of defending anyway.

Holland is a black belt in jiu jitsu, but we haven’t really seen him show off his submission game. Then you look at his opponent at UFC Vegas 23. Marvin Vettori is looking more and more like the complete package.

Yes, he has good striking and showed very good power in his last fight. However, we’ve also seen him show off his wrestling. In his fight with Israel Adesanya, he was able to land takedowns which brought the fight to a split decision.

If Vettori can take Adesanya down, he’s going to be able to take Kevin Holland down. Vettori has never been knocked out and I don’t see Holland doing it. I think this is going to be a pretty lopsided decision at UFC Vegas 23 and another win for The Italian Dream.

Prediction: Marvin Vettori by Unanimous Decision

Kevin Holland steps in to take on Marvin Vettori at UFC Vegas 23

Kevin Holland

UFC Vegas 23 has a new headliner. Kevin Holland (21-6) broke the news on his Twitter page today that he is stepping in for Darren Till to take on Marvin Vettori (16-4-1) in the main event.

Just a couple of days ago, we learned that Darren Till broke his collarbone and had to pull out of the main event. The UFC immediately started looking for replacements and Holland offered his services.

Holland just fought back at UFC Vegas 22 a couple of weeks ago. The Trailblazer took on Derek Brunson in the main event. Holland entered the contest having gone 5-0 in the UFC during 2020.

Had Holland won a couple of weeks ago, he’d be right in the title picture. However, that didn’t happen. Derek Brunson used his wrestling to put a stop to the Kevin Holland hype train.

After the fight was over, Holland said he was contemplating a move to the UFC‘s welterweight division. However, when Till pulled out of next weekend’s main event, he saw it as a perfect bounce back opportunity.

UFC Vegas 23’s New Headliner

Marvin Vettori is no stranger to last minute opponent changes. If you recall, Vettori was actually supposed to take on Jacare Souza back at UFC 256 and Kevin Holland was supposed to take on Jack Hermansson.

However, Holland tested positive for COVID and needed to be pushed back. The UFC put Vettori in to face Hermansson and they gave Jacare Souza to Kevin Holland. Both Vettori and Holland won impressively.

The Italian Dream has won four in a row since his split decision loss to UFC middleweight champion, Israel Adesanya. Every time Vettori enters the octagon, he’s showed a ton of improvement.

He’s proved himself and shown that he’s going to be a dangerous contender at 185 pounds. This is a huge fight for both men. If Holland wins, he gains back all the ground that he lost at UFC Vegas 22.

On the flip side, if Vettori wins, it would be his fifth win in a row. The UFC would likely put Vettori in a title eliminator which means he would be only one win away from a shot at the middleweight title. Should be a fun buildup to next weekend’s new main event.

BREAKING: UFC headliner between Marvin Vettori and Darren Till is off

A pivotal headliner in the UFC‘s middleweight division is off. ESPN’s Ariel Helwani was the first to report that the upcoming headliner between Darren Till (18-3-1) and Marvin Vettori (16-4-1) is off.

Darren Till suffered an injury to his collarbone and had to pull out of the fight on April 10th. This is the second straight headlining matchup that Till has had to pull out of.

Marvin Vettori took to Twitter and said that he is willing to fight anyone who’s willing to step in on two weeks notice. At this time, the UFC is currently exploring replacement options to keep Vettori in the headliner.

This Fight Night was set to be the second UFC Fight Night on ABC. The matchup was pivotal given the fluid middleweight division. The winner could have produced the next title challenger for Israel Adesanya.

UFC’s Options

The UFC had huge middleweight matchups booked for April and two headliners have been called off. On April 17th, Robert Whittaker and Paulo Costa were set to fight in a title eliminator.

However, Costa had to pull out of the fight. Now, that event was saved as Kelvin Gastelum stepped up to take on Whittaker on short notice. Now, the UFC has to try and find a new opponent for The Italian Dream.

So what options are available to the UFC? I doubt this is a possibility, but the promotion could always give Derek Brunson (22-7) a call. Brunson just won a headliner against Kevin Holland (22-6) 10 days ago, but that was his fourth win in a row.

If he’s willing to do a Donald Cerrone-like turnaround, this is the matchup that makes the most sense from a rankings perspective. Holland has also said he would step in on Twitter. The only other option could be either Chris Weidman (15-5) or Uriah Hall (16-9).

Those two are scheduled to fight at UFC 261 so one of them could choose to step up and take the main event spot. This situation is very fluid and it’s one to keep your eyes on over the next few hours.

UFC books headliner between Darren Till and Marvin Vettori

The UFC is making moves with their middleweight division. Last night, we learned that the promotion had finalized a bout between Paulo Costa and Robert Whittaker that would headline a Fight Night on April 17th. 

Today, ESPN’s Brett Okamoto was the first to report that the UFC has finalized another incredible middleweight matchup. On April 10th, Darren Till (18-3-1) and Marvin Vettori (16-4-1) will headline another Fight Night.

This is going to be a massive seven day stretch for the middleweight division. Darren Till last fought back in July when he took on former UFC champion, Robert Whittaker (22-5).

The fight was extremely close, but Whittaker pulled out a decision. Till was originally supposed to headline a card against Jack Hermansson (21-6) in December, however he ended up injured and the promotion moved to Kevin Holland (21-5).

However, Holland ended up testing positive for COVID and he was pulled from that fight. That is when Marvin Vettori stepped into the picture. Vettori had another fight booked, but stepped up for the UFC and took that fight against Hermansson.

UFC’s Middleweight Division

Marvin Vettori looked sensational in December when he fought Hermansson. In his first UFC headliner, Vettori dropped and hurt Hermansson early on. He went on to dominate the fight for all five rounds.

The win was a massive statement and the fourth straight for Vettori. Vettori now finds himself fourth in the UFC’s middleweight rankings one spot behind Darren Till. However, Vettori has expressed frustrations with being ranked behind Till.

Nevertheless, now the two will get a chance to prove who is the better fighter. As mentioned, this is a huge seven day stretch for the middleweight division. Let us not forget that Kevin Holland and Derek Brunson (21-7) are also headlining a Fight Night on March 20th. 

This stretch from March through April has big implications for the middleweight division. Israel Adesanya (20-0) is moving up to challenge for the light heavyweight title, however, upon his return to middleweight, there should be a lot of clarity with all these matchups.

State of the UFC’s middleweight division entering 2021

Last night, we learned that the UFC‘s middleweight champion is officially moving up in weight for his next fight. Israel Adesanya (20-0) is moving up to light heavyweight to fight Jan Blachowicz (27-8) for the light heavyweight title at UFC 259. 

Adesanya is trying to become just the fifth fighter in the promotion’s history to hold two belts at the same time. There have been a lot of questions surrounding Adesanya’s future at 185 with him moving up.

The UFC middleweight champion has been very vocal about his desire to potentially fight Jon Jones (26-1, 1 NC) in 2021. If the UFC makes that fight should Adesanya win the light heavyweight title, the middleweight strap would be on ice.

However, Adesanya has said that he will definitely return to the UFC’s middleweight division no matter what. He stated that 185 is his natural weight class and where he feels the best. This move is to just challenge himself and further his legacy.

In all honesty, the move is actually a good thing for the middleweight division. There are great fights inside the division, however, Adesanya has defeated most of the fighters that sit inside the top ten.

UFC’s middleweight division in 2021

The top contender in the middleweight division is former UFC champion, Robert Whittaker (22-5). Whittaker went on an incredible run to grab the middleweight title, but was easily defeated by Adesanya last October.

Since then, Whittaker took out two of the more compelling contenders in the division. He defeated Darren Till (18-3-1) and Jared Cannonier (13-5) by decision. Both of those fighters were guys Adesanya was interested in fighting.

However, Whittaker turned them away. With the way Adesanya defeated Whittaker last year, the champion isn’t motivated for the rematch at this time. The word is that the UFC is looking to book Whittaker against former title challenger, Paulo Costa (13-1).

Costa was just knocked out by Adesanya at UFC 253. Prior to that, many thought he was the most dangerous contender in the division. There is preliminary talk about that fight being for an interim title, but that’s far from confirmed.

The two fighters I have my eyes on entering 2021 is Marvin Vettori (16-4-1) and Kevin Holland (21-5). Vettori has busted through in 2021 on the heels of four straight wins to fifth in the middleweight rankings.

The Italian middleweight has already lost to Adesanya, but he lost by split decision. One big win for Vettori in 2021 could make him next in line. Kevin Holland was our breakout fighter of the year in 2020.

Holland has become a star after going 5-0 this year. The entertaining middleweight gets his first main event opportunity against Derek Brunson (21-7) in March. Should he win that, he could be just a win away from a title shot.

If Holland can get a couple of wins, he’s probably the most compelling UFC challenger at 185 for Adesanya. There’s a little beef there already, and the fight’s buildup would be a lot of fun. Should be an interesting year at middleweight.

State of the middleweight division after UFC Vegas 16

This past Saturday at UFC Vegas 16, there was some movement in the middleweight division. Fourth ranked Jack Hermansson (21-6) took on thirteenth ranked, Marvin Vettori (16-4-1) in the main event.

Vettori was the third opponent that was scheduled to face Hermansson, but The Joker was ready no matter who he fought. However, it was evident from the opening bell that he might have bit off more than he could chew.

Vettori was incredibly impressive at UFC Vegas 16. He dropped and nearly finished Hermansson in the first round of their fight. The rest of the fight, outside of the third round, Vettori controlled the action. He seemed to take the third round off for rest.

In his first UFC main event, Vettori shined. After the win over the fourth ranked fighter in the division, you should expect to see Vettori jump into the top five when the rankings come out this week.

In other middleweight news, the fifth ranked middleweight in the UFC, Yoel Romero, was recently cut by the promotion. The four-time title challenger is just one of many big cuts coming from the UFC according to Dana White.

UFC Middleweight Division Outlook

The middleweight division is in an interesting spot right now. There is a clear number one contender and that’s Robert Whittaker. The former UFC middleweight champion has only lost one fight in the last six years.

That fight was to the current UFC champion, Israel Adesanya. A rematch between the two will happen eventually considering Whittaker is 2-0 since the lost and defeated both men Adesanya was interested in fighting.

However, Adesanya is moving up to light heavyweight for his next fight to challenge Jan Blachowicz. We don’t know when Adesanya will return to middleweight, but the UFC champion insists he’ll be back to 185 eventually.

After Whittaker, there are a couple of matchups which could really make an impact on the division. Vettori is likely going to face Derek Brunson or Paulo Costa next. Whoever wins those fights might be right behind Robert Whittaker.

Jack Hermansson is still in the mix, but he needs to bounce back. A potential matchup for him could be the winner of the Chris Weidman – Uriah Hall fight in February. Or he could potentially fight Darren Till. Lots of moving parts, but exciting times in the UFC‘s middleweight division.

What’s next for Jack Hermansson after UFC Vegas 16?

This past weekend at UFC Vegas 16, Jack Hermansson (21-6) took on Marvin Vettori (16-4-1) in the main event. Vettori was the third scheduled opponent for Hermansson for the headlining fight.

Originally, Hermansson was set to take on Darren Till. Then he was supposed to face Kevin Holland. However, both of those fights fell through which is how Marvin Vettori got the main event shot against The Joker.

I really thought that Hermansson’s grappling was going to be the difference at UFC Vegas 16. However, I was wrong and underestimated the defensive skills of Marvin Vettori. Hermansson was never able to get Vettori to the ground for any significant portion of time.

The fight remained on the feet for the majority of the time. While Hermansson had moments here and there, the standup was clearly controlled by Marvin Vettori. Vettori even dropped and almost finished Hermansson in the first round.

In the end, the judges gave four of the five rounds to Marvin Vettori. Hermansson suffered his second loss in his last three fights at UFC Vegas 16. With that in mind, what’s next for The Joker after his loss on Saturday night.

What’s next after UFC Vegas 16?

When you take a look at the UFC‘s middleweight rankings, there are a few options for Hermansson. One of the clearest options is taking on the winner of the rematch between Chris Weidman and Uriah Hall.

Those two men are scheduled to fight in February. Weidman and Hall are on the backside of the top ten in the UFC‘s middleweight division. A win for either man would vault them closer to the top five where a guy like Hermansson could be waiting.

Another option for Hermansson could be Darren Till. As mentioned above, Till was originally set to be Hermansson’s opponent before a knee injury derailed the fight. Both men are coming off losses so a fight between the two could make sense.