Thankfully, the New York Knicks didn’t make this trade

New York Knicks, Julius Randle

There were a lot of rumors swirling for the New York Knicks before the trade deadline.  All the rumors are usually just rumors but they pulled the trigger on one trade, Marcus Morris.

The Knicks were able to get a first-round pick for Morris as well as Maurice ‘Moe’ Harkless.  That was the only trade for the Knicks.  However, there was one trade that people internally within the organization wanted.

According to SNYs Ian Begley, here this gem of a trade.  The Knicks would send Julius Randle, Dennis Smith Jr. and a future first-round pick to Charlotte.  In return, they’d receive Terry Rozier and Malik Monk.  This trade would’ve gotten Steve Mills fires for sure.

A lot of Knicks fans wanted to trade Randle because he didn’t fit the system. But after the Morris trade, he was the number one guy on offense.

This trade wouldn’t have be that bad if it wasn’t for the first-round pick.  The Knicks finally have multiple first-round picks, no need to trade them away.  That should be off the table entirely.

Rozier would’ve been the Knicks number one point-guard.  Most likely, he’d be paired with RJ Barrett or even Elfrid Payton.  Rozier would’ve gave the Knicks a scoring point guard with the ability to push the ball and distribute.

Monk, on the other hand, is consider to be a bust, by some. He could need a change of scenery but New York is not the place.  There’s constant pressure to succeed, ask Kevin Knox. Monk has played well in the Garden when the Hornets come to town but nothing to suggest he’s a star.

Even if this trade went through, this wouldn’t improve the Knicks.  The point guard position would be an upgrade but Monk for Randle is a downgrade.  As much as Randle forces shots and is lazy on defense, he was averaging 19 points and 9 boards before the suspension.  The New York Knicks made a smart decision by not pulling the trigger on this trade.

Like Drummond, the New York Knicks are, again, “linked” to this player

The New York Knicks are always in the mix around the trade deadline.  That is the only thing that they are in the mix with this season.  They’re out of playoff contention despite what any fan may think.

Just like Andre Drummond being linked to the Knicks each trade deadline, so is Malik Monk.  There were rumblings last year that the team wanted to acquire Monk but that fell through.

Monk is 21-years-old and fits into this young Knicks core.  The team doesn’t have a true shooting guard or go to scorer.  Marcus Morris and Julius Randle try to bet that ‘go-to’ scorer but it hasn’t made a difference in the games outcome.  The Knicks currently sit at 12-33 playing the veterans player over the youth.  Not ideal.

Monk is averaging 8 points off the bench but could be an immediate starter for the Knicks as they struggle scoring points.  His numbers aren’t spectacular but the offensive capabilities are there.  Maybe a different system would work but the bright lights and pressure of New York might be a lot, as it is for many.

Morris and Randle’s names have been swirling around in trade rumors.  Morris wants to stay with the Knicks to help develop the young players and Randle doesn’t really care about it.

If Morris is to be traded, he’s going to a contender.  So going to Charlotte for Monk might not be in play.  However, if the Knicks do want to trade for Monk, Randle should be the main player involved.  While he has been playing well for the Knicks, the negatives out way the positives.

Maybe the Garden lights and pressure of being in New York is to much?  Or is Randle just to lazy, especially on the defensive end?  Randle thrived in New Orleans where the market wasn’t as big and pressure was smaller.

Monk could be the opposite for the New York Knicks.  If the Knicks don’t want to part ways with their draft picks then trading away Randle should be first.  It hasn’t been working out like they hoped.

Morris is a free agent after this season and doesn’t fit with the younger players for the future of the Knicks.  And while trading away players quickly isn’t the answer, someone needs to be another fall guy whether it’s Morris or Randle.