After defeating Tecia Torres at UFC 273, who is next for Mackenzie Dern?

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This past Saturday on the main card of UFC 273, we saw a pivotal matchup in the women’s strawweight division. Top ten contenders battled it out as Mackenzie Dern (12-2) took on The Tiny Tornado, Tecia Torres (13-6).

Both of these ladies were looking to take a step towards title contention with a win. Going into the fight, everyone thought that if the fight touches the ground, Dern would pull off a submission. However, the fight on the feet was going to favor Torres.

We saw that in the first round. While Dern was being extremely aggressive, Torres remained composed and was doing a good job of landing counters. Dern was looking a little frustrated and I personally thought that Torres won the first round.

In the second round, the fight hit the mat. I immediately thought that Dern would get the submission win at UFC 273, but Torres defended extremely well and survived the round. However, she definitely lost the round and I had it all square.

The final round was back and forth with both fighters having their moments. Personally, I thought that Tecia Torres did enough to get the decision. However, the judges sided with Dern and Dern picked up a split decision win at UFC 273.

What’s next after UFC 273?

This win at UFC 273 was a big deal for Dern as it was her first fight since she lost to Marina Rodriguez last year. Dern had knee surgery following that loss and she needed a win to get things going down the right path in 2022.

Regardless of how you feel about the decision, Dern got her hand raised. With that in mind, what should the UFC do with her next? Well, I think there are a few options and one option would be looking at the main event in a couple of weeks.

Jessica Andrade will be taking on Amanda Lemos. Whoever wins that fight could be a good opponent for Dern. However, if Andrade wins, she will likely get her third fight with Rose Namajunas should Namajunas successfully defend her title at UFC 274.

Last week we also learned that Joanna Jedrzejczyk and Zhang Weili will be running things back in June. Whoever wins that fight might be in a good spot for a title shot. However, the loser would make for a great opponent for Dern. There are some good options and the UFC will get her a quality fight next.

Mackenzie Dern edges Tecia Torres at UFC 273

On the main card of UFC 273, we saw a pivotal matchup in the strawweight division. Top ten contenders battled it out as they looked to take one step closer towards a title shot as Mackenzie Dern (11-2) took on the surging Tecia Torres (13-5).

For Dern, she was looking to bounce back after a loss to Marina Rodriguez in her last fight. Prior to that, she had won four straight fights, finishing three of them. There’s always been a lot of hype surrounding Dern in the UFC and she was looking to take another step towards the top tonight.

However, standing in her way was Tecia Torres. The Tiny Tornado went through a rough stretch from 2018 to 2019 where she lost four fights in a row. However, it’s important to remember her competition. Three of the losses came against former UFC champions and one was to top contender Marina Rodriguez.

After the Rodriguez loss, she’s won three straight fights to earn this shot against Dern. Both ladies had a lot to prove in their fight this evening.

UFC 273 Recap

Round 1

The UFC 273 strawweight contest kicked off with a touch of the gloves. Dern opens with some wild hooks but nothing lands. Lots of pressure from Dern to open this one. Nice right hand counter lands for Tecia Torres. Leg kick from Torres and Dern tries to get a body lock, but Torres shrugs her off.

Dern looking to work the jab. Torres is being very evasive here in the first couple of minutes. Nice right hand lands for Dern and she uses that to get a body lock. However, Torres reverses the position and she’s controlling Dern against the fence.

Nice cage pressure from Tecia Torres here. Good knee to the body from Dern and the two separate. Nice right hand over the top lands for Torres. Good leg kick from Torres and she’s doing a good job of landing as Dern advances.

Dern looks a little sloppy here as she tries to close the distance. She’s trying to work her jab, but Torres is landing more here. Low kick from Torres. Dern looks for a big right hand but it misses the mark.

Good body kick from Dern and she lands a big power shot behind it. Torres was wobbled there for a second. Side kick from Torres grants her some separation. Round comes to a close and I lean towards Tecia Torres in the first at UFC 273.

Round 2

Entering the second at UFC 273 and the first round could have gone to either fighter. Dern immediately presses forward and looks to work the jab to start the second. Both ladies exchange kicks in the middle of the octagon.

Torres and Dern end up in a body lock. However, as soon as they are there, Dern hops on Torres and starts working for submissions. Dern attacking a kimura here. They end up on the ground and Dern is cranking the submission, however, Torres is defending well.

Torres survives, but Dern is chaining submission attempts. We are in Dern’s world right now and Torres is just trying to survive. Torres is stacking Dern here trying to prevent her from getting any leverage here.

Dern switches to attacking the leg and she’s working a knee bar. Torres still surviving and defending well with 30 seconds left in the round. Nice ground and pound here from Dern and it looks like Torres is going to survive. The second is in the books at UFC 273 and it could be all square going into the final frame.

Round 3

Entering the final round at UFC 273 and whoever wins this round should win the fight. The final round is underway and these two waste no time. Both open with a big exchange where they both partially landed.

Nice side kick from Torres but Dern counters with a big body kick of her own. Low kick from Torres. Dern is heavy on the pressure here trying to close the distance. Nice side kick to the leg from Torres but Dern walks right through it.

Nice 1-2 lands for Dern. Wheel kick lands for Torres but Dern is able to catch a leg. Nice trip from Dern and she gets a takedown. However, a nice upkick from Torres immediately gets Dern off her and Torres quickly gets back up.

90 seconds left in the round and this is still anyone’s fight. Big right hand over the top from Dern. Body kick lands for Torres. Torres pushing forward and she lands a couple of shots and follows up with a low kick.

Body kick lands for Torres and she’s throwing a lot here in the final minute. Torres much more active than Dern in the final round and she should get the win here but it’s going to be very close.

Mackenzie Dern def. Tecia Torres by Split Decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

UFC working on booking Mackenzie Dern – Tecia Torres

The UFC is off and running for their booking of 2022. Immediately out of the gates, they have been booking some incredible fights in the female divisions and they are working on finalizing another big time matchup. MMA.Ideas was the first to report that the UFC is closing in on a fight between Mackenzie Dern (11-2) and Tecia Torres (13-5).

The bout would take place in the spring, however, there’s no date lined up just yet. The word is that verbal agreements are in place for this UFC matchup. Tecia Torres is getting back in the limelight with this matchup and it’s a chance for her fourth straight win.

Back in 2019, Torres suffered her fourth consecutive loss when she lost to Marina Rodriguez. However, those losses don’t look that bad when you examine her competition. Rodriguez is a top contender and the other three losses came against former UFC champions.

In Torres’ UFC career, she’s only lost to Rodriguez and four of the five strawweight champions in the history of the promotion. Simply put, despite that losing streak, she’s one of the best in the UFC and now, she gets a big time chance to win her fourth straight.

UFC strawweight matchup

Back in 2018, Mackenzie Dern entered the UFC with a ton of hype. She won her first two fights before becoming pregnant with her first child. The pregnancy kept Dern out of action for a year and a half and she lost her return bout to the talented Amanda Ribas.

However, that loss lit a fire underneath Dern. Following the loss, Dern won four consecutive fights. That winning streak led her to a main event against Marina Rodriguez. Ultimately, Rodriguez won that one and now Dern is looking to reset when she takes on Torres.

Whoever wins this fight is going to be in an excellent position in the strawweight division. It should be a good year for the UFC’s 115 pound weight class.

After falling short at UFC Vegas 39, what’s next for Mackenzie Dern?

This past Saturday in the main event of UFC Vegas 39, we saw a pivotal matchup in the strawweight division. Top contenders battled it out as Mackenzie Dern (11-2) took on Marina Rodriguez (15-1-2).

Heading into the matchup, the path to victory seemed relatively clear for both ladies. For Dern, she was going to need to get the fight to the ground. She arguably has the best jiu-jitsu out of any female fighter in the UFC.

She has improved striking, but Rodriguez is so much more seasoned on the feet. Rodriguez needed to keep the fight standing where she was going to have a massive advantage, especially from range.

One of the things that concerned me about Dern going into the fight was her takedowns. Despite all of her submission wins, Dern is not effective at all with her takedowns. Coming into UFC Vegas 39, she was only succeeding at a 10% clip.

While the fight did touch the mat a few times on Saturday, Dern’s inability to take the fight down ended up being her downfall. Rodriguez controlled most of the fight on the feet and survived the grappling exchanges to win a decision.

What’s next after UFC Vegas 39?

For Dern, this fight is a reset. The surging contender had won four fights in a row and she was looking to become the star that the UFC believes she can be. As mentioned, she’s becoming more well-rounded, but she’s still a little too one-dimensional.

With the loss, Dern falls to 6-2 in eight fights in the UFC. She’s still one of the better strawweights in the world, but she has to continue to improve her striking and she definitely needs to improve her offensive wrestling.

If Dern can become a fighter who’s dangerous with takedowns, she can easily become a world champion. Now that her winning streak is snapped, who should be next for Mackenzie Dern?

Well, one fighter I like for Dern is a little down the rankings in Tecia Torres (13-5). Torres is just inside the top ten and she’s won three fights in a row. She’s been begging the UFC for a top contender and I think Dern fits the bill.

She showed great striking in her last fight, but she’s been known throughout her career for her wrestling. It would be an interesting stylistic matchup and it would be fun to see how both ladies would approach it. For Dern, it would be the slight step back she needs while still taking on a tough customer.

After impressive win at UFC Vegas 39, what’s next for Marina Rodriguez?

This past Saturday in the main event of UFC Vegas 39, we saw a battle between two of the best strawweights in the world. Top ranked contenders Marina Rodriguez (15-1-2) took on Mackenzie Dern (11-2).

Heading into the fight, I kept thinking that the path to victory was pretty clear for both fighters. For Dern, it was going to be vital getting Rodriguez to the mat. Dern is not someone you want to go to the mat with and if you do, you’re likely going to tap.

For Rodriguez, she needed to keep the fight standing. While Dern had made significant improvements in her striking, she doesn’t have the distance control and preciseness that Rodriguez had. I figured a striking battle would show some holes in her stand up game.

Well, at UFC Vegas 39, we saw a lot of striking. While the two ladies were on the feet, it went exactly how I thought. It was fairly one-sided with Rodriguez landing the much better shots and controlling the range well.

Where I was wrong is how the fight went on the ground. I figured if it touched the grown, Dern would pick up the win. However, despite getting on top a few times, Dern couldn’t find the submission at UFC Vegas 39 and Rodriguez went on to win a decision.

What’s next after UFC Vegas 39?

This was a massive win for Rodriguez and perhaps puts her only a fight or two away from getting a crack at the UFC strawweight title. With that in mind, who should the promotion pair her with next.

In terms of rankings and winning streaks, the one opponent that makes sense is a rematch with Carla Esparza (18-6). Esparza is a former UFC champion and is the only woman to have defeated Rodriguez in her professional career.

However, I don’t see the former UFC champion taking that fight. I think she’s set on waiting for the winner of the rematch between Zhang Weili and Rose Namajunas. That’s a shot Esparza deserves and I think she’ll get it.

The fight the UFC should make is between Rodriguez and Joanna Jedrzejczyk (16-4). The former champion is hoping to return early next year and who wouldn’t want to see this battle between these two technical strikers.

Not sure that Jedrzejczyk would take it if the UFC offers, but that’s definitely the fight that I’d try to make next.

UFC Vegas 39 Preview: Mackenzie Dern – Marina Rodriguez

Tonight in the main event of UFC Vegas 39, we are going to see a pivotal showdown in the strawweight division. Top contenders will battle it out as Mackenzie Dern (11-1) takes on Marina Rodriguez (14-1-2).

Rodriguez will be making the walk for the eighth time in her UFC career. After entering the octagon for the first time a perfect 10-0, Rodriguez has gone 4-1-2 through her first seven fights.

Heading into UFC Vegas 39, she’s on a two-fight win streak. In her last fight, she fought Michelle Waterson, but the two fought at 125 pounds. It was an entertaining fight that Rodriguez pulled off by decision.

Standing across from Rodriguez tonight will be Mackenzie Dern. Dern has everything the UFC is looking for a in a potential star and she’s really coming into her own. Known for her tremendous jiu jitsu, it’s been her striking that has impressed in her last few fights.

After losing her first career fight to Amanda Ribas, Dern has gone on a four-fight win streak. She continues to look better and better and at UFC Vegas 39, she’s going to look to put herself in title contention.

UFC Vegas 39 Prediction

To me, this is a really tough main event to predict. On one hand, you know that if the fight touches the mat at UFC Vegas 39, Dern becomes a massive favorite. Marina Rodriguez doesn’t want to come close to touching the mat against Dern.

That said, will the fight ever get there is the question. Dern is not the best when it comes to landing takedowns. Despite her impressive wins by submissions in the UFC, she’s only succeeding on a little over 10% of her offensive takedowns.

Her submissions have come when others have shockingly taken her down or followed her to the ground. Rodriguez is not going to do this. In her last few fights, Rodriguez has looked like a sniper at range and I expect her to strike from the outside.

You should expect a lot of pressure fighting from Dern at UFC Vegas 39. She doesn’t want this to be a technical striking match because she will lose. She wants this fight in close and best case scenario it touches the mat.

I really thought I’d pick Dern in this spot, but I have a suspicion that Rodriguez pulls this off tonight. I think she’ll be able to land some nice counters and big shots from distance which will be just enough to score a decision. However, don’t be shocked at all to see a Dern submission if the fight goes to the ground.

Prediction: Marina Rodriguez by Decision

Mackenzie Dern on path to stardom ahead of first UFC main event

UFC strawweight Mackenzie Dern is unlike most other Americans in many ways (just listen to her speak), but the way she is perhaps most profoundly different is that she has found a way to flourish professionally during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dern has enjoyed a solid push from the UFC brass ever since she debuted as an undefeated fighter back in 2018, finding herself fighting on main cards in 6/7 of her bouts for the promotion so far.

Yet, only one of those took place on an actual PPV event, while this will also be her first time ever headlining a UFC show in any capacity.

Despite many labeling Saturday night’s upcoming UFC Vegas 39 event as a serious contender for weakest card of 2021, there is still always something to be said for anyone headlining any event for the leading MMA company on the planet.

Up until this point, it has been generally believed that Mackenzie Dern’s popularity – both within the UFC brass and amongst fans – has mostly been based around her looks and social media presence (she currently boasts almost 1M followers on Instagram).

While that may have some truth to it, anyone would be a fool not to recognize Dern as the elite prospect (now entering her prime) that she really is. The Brazilian National heads into this fight against a super game Marina Rodriguez (14-1-2) with a stellar 6-1 record in the UFC (11-1 overall).

The BJJ prodigy also has recorded four finishes (all coming in the first round and by submission) which is a very high finishing percentage, especially compared to other female fighters.

The women’s strawweight division is universally recognized as the toughest, deepest division in all of women’s MMA and the #4-ranked Dern has a chance to make another statement in the biggest spot of her career.

Will a win at UFC Vegas 39 lead Dern to a title shot?

With plenty of attention being focused on the upcoming 115-pound title rematch between Rose Namajunas and Weili Zhang taking place on November 6th at UFC 268, Mackenzie Dern could do well for herself to score an impressive finish this weekend.

Taking out the very formidable, and #6-ranked 115’er in a main event spot could potentially be enough for the BJJ Black Belt to earn herself a title shot sometime in 2022.

More than likely, though, it’ll take one more win after this one to sew that shot up.

Crazier things have surely already taken place in the UFC, and you can bet Dern believes she is just one more fantastic submission away from getting her first shot at UFC gold.

UFC targeting Mackenzie Dern – Marina Rodriguez next

The UFC is close to finalizing a pivotal matchup in the women’s strawweight division. Dana White announced on TMZ Sports over the weekend that rising star Mackenzie Dern (11-1) will be fighting Marina Rodriguez (14-1-2) next.

Dern and Rodriguez are both inside the UFC‘s top six at strawweight. As of now, the promotion doesn’t have an exact date, but White indicated that the fight is agreed to. An official announcement is expected in the coming weeks.

Marina Rodriguez looks like she wants to become the killer of the UFC‘s social media darlings. Just this year, Rodriguez knocked out Amanda Ribas and then she defeated Michelle Waterson by decision.

Now, she has her sights set on stopping Mackenzie Dern. Rodriguez has incredible striking and very good power for the strawweight division. She looks like she can become a future UFC champion.

So far, she is 4-1-2 in her seven octagon appearances. her lose loss came against Carla Esparza on Fight Island last July by Split Decision. Other than that, she’s been a very tough out in the UFC and she looks to be a big challenge to Mackenzie Dern.

Next UFC women’s star?

Over the last year, Mackenzie Dern has really turned the corner in the UFC. At one point, Dern was looked at as someone with a ton of talent, but she was looked at as someone who lacked the dedication to becoming a star.

All of that talk has been thrown out the window. Dern gave birth to her daughter in 2019 and immediately came back to fight Amanda Ribas. She fell short by decision, but ever since that loss, she’s looked like a different fighter.

Dern has finally been putting it all together and she’s 4-0 with three first round submissions in her last four UFC appearances. Her striking is progressing to go along with her world class skills on the ground.

The way Mackenzie Dern looks now, it’s going to be hard to stop her. This matchup is putting together two of the rising stars in the strawweight division. Whoever wins this matchup looks to be in a great position in terms of the strawweight title.

After impressive victory at UFC Vegas 26, what’s next for Marina Rodriguez?

This past Saturday at UFC Vegas 26, Marina Rodriguez (14-1-2) took on Michelle Waterson (18-9) in the main event. The fight came together on short-notice, but both of these ladies threw down for five minutes.

With a full camp, I really liked Marina Rodriguez in this matchup. She’s much bigger than Waterson with more powerful striking. However, I wasn’t sure how she would hold up under the short-notice circumstances.

Waterson just fought in a short-notice UFC main event back in September. That combined with her grappling ability, I thought she could pickup a decision. However, Marina Rodriguez looked sensational.

The two top ten strawweights both had their moments throughout the fight, but it was clear that Rodriguez was getting the better of the exchanges. Ultimately, all three judges gave the win at UFC Vegas 26 to Marina Rodriguez.

It’s a massive win for Rodriguez who has bounced back strong from her first UFC loss last July. Now, Rodriguez has won two in a row and she’s looking towards the top of the strawweight division.

What’s next after UFC Vegas 26?

After UFC Vegas 26, it’s time for Rodriguez to take the next step up in competition. Having won two fights in a row, Rodriguez is now 4-1-2 in her seven fights inside the octagon. However, she’s looking better every time she steps in there.

So who should the UFC pair her up with? Rodriguez and others have hinted at a potential matchup with former UFC champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk (16-4). Jedrzejczyk is looking to make her comeback soon and a matchup with Rodriguez does make sense given their standing.

Not too mention the fact that it would be an incredibly fun matchup stylistically. Another option that could be out there is Mackenzie Dern (11-1). Dern has been surging having won four fights in a row.

A matchup between Rodriguez and Dern could present the UFC’s strawweight division with a fresh title contender. Either one of these ladies would be a perfect next opponent for Marina Rodriguez.

What’s next for Nina Nunes after her loss at UFC Vegas 23?

This past Saturday at UFC Vegas 23, Nina Nunes (10-7) returned to the octagon for the first time since 2019. Waiting for her was the surging strawweight contender and BJJ world champion, Mackenzie Dern (11-1).

Heading into UFC Vegas 23, the key for Nunes was keeping the fight standing. While Dern has made a ton of improvements in her striking, the general thought was that if the fight was on the feet, Nunes would have the advantage.

I also thought it would be important for Nunes to stay patient. When you’ve been out for a lengthy amount of time, it takes a couple of minutes to get adjusted to being back in the fire. So for Nunes, it was going to be key to not rush things in the cage.

On the flip side, Dern needed to push the pace at UFC Vegas 23. She needed to be in Nunes’ face to not let her get comfortable and that is exactly what she did. Her aggressive nature allowed her to land some good shots and get a takedown in the first round.

Once Dern had the fight on the ground, she was in full control. I will say, I was impressed with how Nunes defended for the majority of the round. However, in the end it didn’t matter. Dern locked up an armbar late in the round and took the victory at UFC Vegas 23.

What’s next after UFC Vegas 23?

As mentioned, this was Nina Nunes’ first fight since mid-2019. After taking last year off to give birth to her daughter, it was a lot to ask of her to take on someone like Mackenzie Dern in her UFC return.

Now that she’s got this first fight under her belt, I think she could get a quality opponent in her second fight back. There is one fight that I’m looking at for her next which seems like a very quality matchup.

For her next bout, I wouldn’t be shocked to see the UFC book her against Tecia Torres (12-5). Torres has won back-to-back fights which has put her tenth in the UFC rankings. Even with the loss, Nunes is seventh. Torres wants a step up in the rankings and Nunes needs a quality opponent. The matchup makes sense.