New York Giants news, 10/20 – Predicting score of Giants vs Cardinals week 7, more

New York Giants, Saquon Barkley

Good Morning, New York Giants Fans!

With running back Saquon Barkley returning to the field for the New York Giants, there’s extended hope that the offensive unit will increase production after scoring just 28 points over the last two weeks. Given, the two defenses they played were the Minnesota Vikings and New England Patriots, two top-5 defenses in the league.

Rookie quarterback Daniel Jones had never faced such quality units defense, but the Arizona Cardinals will be no comparison. The Cardinals ranks 30th in the league, just two spots ahead of the Giants who sit at 28th in total defense. Jones and Co. will have a far easier time managing the game against a bottom-tier unit, but their defense must rise to the occasion against Kyler Murray and his latest bout of success.

The Cardinals have won their last two games, beating lackluster team in the Cincinnati Bengals and Atlanta Falcons. The most impressive thing about those wins is the 60 total points they accrued. However, they also allowed 56 total points against weak defenses.

The Giants, though, will gain back their two biggest playmakers on offense in Barkley and tight end, Evan Engram. Both are essential to the Giants’ success and will be focal points for head coach, Pat Shurmur.

This will be a high scoring game, but since the Giants’ defense is just a lick better, they will edge this one out in Arizona. New York Giants kicker Aldrick Rosas will hit a game-winning field goal as time expires. Stopping Kyler Murray will be the key to stopping the Cardinals, as he’s been on fire lately, throwing for 593-yards and three scores the last two weeks. He has added 135 rushing yards and a score on the ground as well. Stopping him will be difficult, and the linebacker will play a big part in that.

Final score prediction: 36-33


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New York Giants Defense Can’t Wait To Get At Kyler Murray

New York Jets, Markus Golden

Sunday’s game between the New York Giants and the Arizona Cardinals will have big effects for both teams, with the Giants in particular having a chance to move back to one game behind .500 or to fall three games back from even instead. There’s going to be a lot of factors going into the result, including the performance of both quarterbacks and the injuries for the Giants and how well the team can manage to perform without a full roster of weapons on offense, but there’s one factor in specific that stands out.

That factor is top draft pick Kyler Murray, who like Daniel Jones, has found himself playing as a starter during his rookie year. Despite the two players being taken close together in the draft and playing the same position, though, Murray is a very different type of player from Jones – and most quarterbacks for that matter, which only adds to the threat that he poses to opposing defenses.

Russell Wilson has been one of the top quarterbacks in the league this season, and in the buildup to the game, defensive coordinator James Bettcher made a direct comparison to the Seahawks quarterback.

“I have spent 10 games playing against Russell Wilson in Seattle, so I have seen some guys like this that can buy time with their feet who are accurate and can deliver the ball on time and on schedule, then create some off-schedule plays. They’ve created a good amount of explosives in the pass game off of that,” Bettcher said, speaking of Murray.

And the comparison is one that has spread to more than just Bettcher. Outside linebacker Markus Golden also made the comparison, and even said that Murray is better in one area.

“[Murray] reminds me a little bit of Russell Wilson, but he’s probably a little quicker. He’s pretty quick. He’s like a running back back there playing quarterback, so you’re going to have to keep an eye on him and you’re going to have to have a game plan to be able to get after him. Everybody is going to have to work together because he’s a solid player,” Golden stated.

Murray has seven touchdowns to this point, compared to five touchdowns and six interceptions to this point from Jones, although Murray has an inherent advantage in having played more games. What will the two quarterbacks look like statistically after Sunday’s game? That remains to be seen – but the battle between the two might just decide the game entirely.

New York Giants: Kyler Murray Could Cause A Lot Of Problems For The Giants Defense On Sunday

The New York Giants will host the Arizona Cardinals this Sunday in a week seven matchup at 1:00 p.m. The game will feature a duel between the 2019 NFL Draft’s first overall pick and sixth overall pick, both quarterbacks.

Daniel Jones will be trying to keep the Giants in the playoff hunt on Sunday, but it will really be up to his defense to contain Kyler Murray and help the Giants get this crucial win.

Kyler Is Tough To Catch

In week six, the Arizona Cardinals did not allow a single quarterback hit on Kyler Murray. Murray has only been sacked once in the last two weeks, but 20 times in the 4 games prior. Logically, the Cardinals have won their last two games when they have protected Murray. In those 4 games with 20 sacks, the Cardinals have lost three of them and tied one.

Kyler has really come into his own these last two weeks and has begun to look worthy of the first overall draft pick that the Cardinals selected him with. Kyler is one of the fastest quarterbacks to ever play in the NFL, even though he did not run at the NFL Combine, it was predicted that Murray would run a sub 4.4s forty-yard dash, possibly even sub 4.3s.

Kyler can be seen on this play putting his extreme speed and agility to work in the pocket, avoiding the sack, extending the play, and delivering a strike deep downfield:

Kyler Has A Plethora Of Weapons

The New York Giants’ defense has been struggling all season so far. The Giants’ secondary is arguably the worst in the league, ranking 31st in passing yards allowed. The Giants have let quarterbacks throw against them at will.

According to Pro Football Focus, there are 15 cornerbacks in the league who have allowed 300 or more yards on receptions as the primary coverage defender so far this season. The New York Giants have three of them — Deandre Baker (394), Janoris Jenkins (351) and Grant Haley (315).

This weekend, the Giants’ struggling secondary will be matched up with a strong receiver group. The Cardinals’ receivers are finally starting to create real chemistry with Kyler Murray.

Murray has been accurate as a rookie, completing 64.3% of his passes with 7.0 yards per attempt. He is throwing to the veteran legend Larry Fitzgerald and the young and talented Christian Kirk. So far, Larry has caught 35 passes for 427 yards and 2 touchdowns, being Murray’s primary receiver. Christian has yet to score a touchdown this season but has been playing a solid second receiver role with 24 catches for 242 yards. The Giants will also have to keep an eye on the Cardinals’ running back, too.

David Johnson is one of the best running backs in the NFL. After dealing with an injury in 2017 and the worst offense in the league in 2018, Johnson has finally returned to form in 2019. David is a dual-threat running back who has rushed the ball 76 times and caught 30 passes. Johnson has accumulated 613 total yards from scrimmage and 5 total touchdowns through six games.

The Giants’ defense is going to have its hands full, but it is coming off of an impressive performance against the New England Patriots. Things fell apart in the second half, but in the first half, the Giants forced the Patriots’ offense to turn the ball over three times and held their offense to only 14 points (since 7 of their 21 came off of the Giants’ special teams debacle).

The Giants’ defense will have their hands full against the explosive Cardinals offense. But luckily, they have some solid pass-rushers playing at a high level. Markus Golden has recorded at least a half-sack in each of the last five games and Dexter Lawrence is PFF’s highest-graded rookie defender of the season so far. Pressuring Kyler Murray and not giving him enough time to get the ball into the hands of his dynamic playmakers is the key to beating the Cardinals this week.

Kyler Murray vs. Daniel Jones, a look at who has the edge leading up to their week 7 matchup

The NFL community was quite accepting when Kyler Murray was selected first overall in the 2019 NFL Draft. When Daniel Jones was drafted only five spots after Murray (6th overall) that was a different story. After a hot 2-0 start as a starter, New York Giants fans became more accepting of their new quarterback.

There’s optimism surrounding both of these young signal-callers, but who has the edge when they face off this Sunday at 1:00 p.m.?

Looking at what they’ve done so far is step one and both have been impressive considering how hard it is to play quarterback as a rookie.


Kyler Murray has completed 64.3% of his passes with 7.0 yards per attempt.

Daniel Jones has completed 60.7% of his passes with 6.6 yards per attempt.

Both have also dealt with 5 dropped passes, giving Kyler an edge here. Not only is a near 4% difference significant but Kyler is averaging .4 more yards per attempt as well.


Kyler Murray averages 277 yards per game with 7 total passing touchdowns.

Daniel Jones averages 184 yards per game with 5 total passing touchdowns.

Murray’s passing yards per game are well above Jones’. Ironically, that hasn’t led to an edge in scoring through the air. Both have 1 more passing TD than games they’ve started, sharing the same exact touchdown-rate as passers.


Kyler Murray has started in 6 games and has 4 interceptions. Certainly a respectable mark for any rookie, he’s on pace for finishing under 13 interceptions. Murray has been sacked on 8.1% of his dropbacks.

Daniel Jones hasn’t fared as well protecting the football, he’s thrown 6 interceptions in 4 starts. He’s currently on pace to throw 15+ interceptions by seasons end. Jones has been sacked on 6.7% of his dropbacks.

Not all sacks are due to the quarterback’s decisions. However, for how often Jones is critiqued for hanging around in the pocket too long it’s interesting to see Murray is actually sacked more often. Arizona’s offensive line is also more of a liability than what Daniel Jones has around him, giving Murray more of a pass as far as handling the pressure.

Rushing Ability:

Kyler Murray has 39 rushing attempts with 283 rushing yards. With 6.5 rushing attempts per game, this will obviously be a larger part of Murray’s game than Jones’.

Daniel Jones has 15 rushing attempts with 86 yards. He only has 3 attempts per game but averages 5.7 yards per attempt.

Jones averaging not even a whole yard less than Murray on the ground is quite impressive but the difference in volume does remain a factor. While the volume is an argument in Murray’s favor in YPA (yards per attempt) Jones has scored the same amount of touchdowns on the ground (2) on 27 fewer carries.

Based on results so far Kyler Murray has an edge and it’s not just because he’s collected more stats with a 2 game head-start on Jones.

His completion percentage is higher while throwing further down the field on average. He’s also thrown 2 fewer interceptions in 2 more games played.


When comparing the play of 2 quarterbacks their opponents need to be considered as well.

Here’s a list of defensive rankings Kyler Murray has been up against so far:

Detroit Lions:

Defensive pass yards allowed: 28th

Passing touchdowns allowed: 11th

Baltimore Ravens:

Defensive pass yards allowed: 26th

Passing touchdowns allowed: 6th

Carolina Panthers:

Defensive pass yards allowed: 9th

Passing touchdowns allowed: 10th

Seattle Seahawks:

Defensive pass yards allowed: 23rd

Passing touchdowns allowed: T-12th

Cincinnati Bengals:

Defensive pass yards allowed: 15th

Passing touchdowns allowed: T-12th

Atlanta Falcons:

Defensive pass yards allowed: 27th

Passing touchdowns allowed: 30th

In 4 of 6 matchups, Kyler Murray was matched up against defenses who surrender plenty of passing yards. Only 2 of their opponents ranked better than 23rd in the league in pass yards allowed. His 7 passing touchdowns is an adequate mark but it’s important to note 3 of them came in week 6 against Atlanta’s bottom-third secondary. The other teams have been stingy across the board, all ranking in the top 12 in passing touchdowns allowed.

Here’s a list of defensive rankings Daniel Jones has been up against so far:

Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

Defensive pass yards allowed: 32nd

Passing touchdowns allowed: 23rd

Washington Redskins:

Defensive pass yards allowed: 20th

Passing touchdowns allowed: 29th

Minnesota Vikings:

Defensive pass yards allowed: 7th

Passing touchdowns allowed: 19th

New England Patriots:

Defensive pass yards allowed: 2nd

Passing touchdowns allowed: 1st

Daniel Jones capitalized on a weak unit in Tampa Bay with 4 total touchdowns. Based on Washington’s pass defense his 1TD-1INT passing-line against them isn’t super impressive. His next 2 games, however, were practically deaths-row for a rookie quarterback. He went up against 2 top 10 units in the Vikings and Patriots, ultimately creating a 2TD-4INT passing-line against the teams collectively. Throwing a touchdown in Xavier Rhodes’ coverage and throwing the first touchdown against Bellichick’s defense in week 6 were still signs of encouragement during his current slump.

Facing Each-other’s Defenses:

Kyler Murray will be facing the Giants defense who currently ranks:

• 31st in passing yards allowed

• 19th in passing touchdowns allowed

• 24th in rushing yards allowed

• 20th in rushing touchdowns allowed

• 12th in sacks

• 8th in interceptions

Daniel Jones will be facing the Cardinals defense who currently ranks:

• 30th in passing yards allowed

• 31st in passing touchdowns allowed

• 26th in rushing yards allowed

• 3rd in rushing touchdowns allowed

• 14th in sacks

• 32nd in interceptions

Both rookie quarterbacks have a juicy matchup on Sunday but Daniel Jones looks set up to have a better afternoon against the weaker defense. Patrick Peterson does return this week but he’s only one man in a secondary that has struggled across the board. Murray has been the more impressive player so far but there’s less of a gap between Murray and Jones compared to the Arizona and New York defenses.

New York Giants Preparing For Jones vs Murray QB Battle

Should the New York Giants draft Oklahoma star, Kyler Murray?

It’s not every season that some of the top quarterbacks drafted in the same class get to meet each other early on in their rookie seasons, with scheduling and roster decisions often making us wait to see these matchups, but that’s not the case this time as the New York Giants take on the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday.

There was plenty of speculation around this year’s NFL Draft about whether Kyle Murray or Daniel Jones would be the higher drafted player – obviously, we know how that turned out now. The Giants drafted Jones, while the Cardinals spent their top pick on Murray despite the question marks around him.

Now, Murray is starting for the Cardinals and has thrown for seven touchdowns this season, while Jones surprised everyone by also claiming the starting job after the Giants began the year with back to back losses. Both players are set to meet on Sunday during their rookie seasons.

But it’s not the offense and Daniel Jones that will have to deal with Murray, at least directly. That job falls to the Giants’ defense, and in the buildup to the game, and multiple players have taken note of the difficulties that may be experienced tying to contain the dual threat quarterback.

“He’s a real elusive guy. He’s quick. He can make plays outside of the pocket down the field. We have to be aware of that and keep him in the pocket. We have to rush him aggressively,” pass rusher Oshane Ximines told NJ Advance Media about Murray. 

“You’ve got to be aware of where you are in relation to him,” Ximines added. “So you don’t want to get too high on him or get underneath too quickly which allows him to escape outside. He uses his legs to create even more opportunity for his arm. We have to just get him on the ground.”

According to defensive tackle Dalvin Tomlinson, patience will be one of the keys in handling Murray’s threatening ability on the ground. “The biggest thing is that you have to be disciplined. You have to be gap-disciplined, and you can’t just run around and get unbalanced in your rush because he’ll find a gap and just take off on you and capitalize on it.”

Sunday will show just how disciplined the Giants’ defense really is, after a poor showing in the later stages of the game against the Patriots. Will the Giants be able to bounce back? The answer might just depend on how well they handle the threat of Kyler Murray.

2019 Mock NFL Draft Until The Giants Went And Ruined It

The New York Giants have drafted Daniel Jones with the 6th overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft.

So we are a mere 10 hours or so from the draft and teams are all doing their best to create intrigue and not let anyone know their plans. That is every team other than the New York Giants who are telling everyone they’re fine with one more year of a decomposing Eli Manning throwing wounded ducks to the opposition and begging the refs to blow the whistle before he gets hit like Popke from the Texas State Armadillos.

Unfortunately for the Giants and their fans, Dave Gettleman is fine with this, and there’s a 40% chance he may actually try Scott Bakula at QB before drafting a new one. At least he traded OBJ for 20 cents on the dollar and didn’t offer the number 17 pick to Seattle for Frank Clark. If they get Clark, they can take a QB at 6 or trade down, get extra picks and still get a premier pass rusher(one who will be better than anyone they’re going to draft this season, since they are in win-now mode.) Maybe they’re tanking for Tua, which would be fine if they weren’t wasting what could be 1/2 to 1/3 of Saquon Barkley’s prime.

Enough about a team that has quietly become an NFL laughingstock here’s my mock draft:

1. Arizona Cardinals-Nick Bosa

Kyler Murray will be the best player from this draft, and they have already alienated Josh Rosen. Steve Keim is working on a masterful shitty GM run so not taking Murray and bringing back a disgruntled Rosen is totally the move for him. Adding Bosa will help the team lose 21-3 vs 35-3 most games, so guess it’s a sabremetric pick.

2. SF 49’ers Quinnen Williams

Adding him to a young and developing defensive line is the right move for SF with Bosa off the board. A trade down is possible if Murray is still on the board and a smart team wants to move up and grab him.

3. NY Jets Jonathan Allen

Who gives a shit?

4. Oakland Raiders  Kyler Murray

This scenario scares me the most as a Giants fan. David Carr is the worst case scenario for a trade and is the exact type of stop-gap solution that Gettleman constantly seems to take. If they can convince Eli to ride off into the sunset and bring in Carr and his eyeliner I’m going to start following the Toronto Argonauts.

5. Tampa Bay Bucs     Devin White

Replacing one athletic linebacker who can’t diagnose plays or call a defense with another….cool. Doug Martin was the super hamster because the Bucs are stuck on a metaphorical hamster wheel as a franchise. At least their being led by W eater and Uber connoisseur Jameis Winston.

6. NY Giants    Ed Oliver

I can totally see them taking OT Jawaan Taylor here and further alienating their fanbase, but Oliver seems to be the consensus best available player. Maybe they’ll go linebacker and look at Devin Bush, or maybe Gettleman will trade the pick for Malik McDowell and Germaine Ifedi and say he got two first rounders back, the possibilities are endless.

7.  Jacksonville Jaguars  T.J. Hockenson

Building their offense around a middling QB, an injury prone RB, and alienating your best young defensive players? It’s a Tom Coughlin throwback team!! With Nick Foles playing Eli Manning, Leonard Fournette as a rich mans Brandon Jacobs, and just look at the back and forth between Coughlin and Ramsey. Taking a target for Foles to toss 10-yard outs to will totally help erase the memory of Big Play Blake.

8. Detroit Lions  Rashaan Gary

Haloti Ngata retired, Ziggy Ansah is gone and someone has to try to play defense for these guys right?

9. Buffalo Bills  Jawaan Taylor

If Josh Allen isn’t upright who will throw 50/50 balls 40 yards down the field? I still think they should have stuck with Nathan Peterson.

10. Denver Broncos  Drew Lock

Paxton Lynch, Brock Osweiler, Trevor Siemian,  Case Keenum….Lock is absolutely the next guy in that succession of sub-mediocre QB’s. When does John Elway start feeling the heat for wasting a great defense’s prime?

11. Cincinnati Bengals Rashaan Gary

The Red Rifle rides again and the Bengals will be without Vontaze Burfict which makes them 80% less crazy and 30% less effective. Gary is a solid pick to restock the coffers.

12. Green Bay Packers Noah Fant

Make the offense look a little better up until Rodgers gets his now annual season-altering injury. Maybe they should take Dwayne Haskins to play the 8 games Aaron Rodgers misses.

13. Miami Dolphins Cody Ford

I guess an offensive lineman is the least likely pick to get wins. This team is so obviously tanking their new coach is already pissed off about it. Can NFL trade picks for cash like the Phoenix Suns use to do all the time? Or draft players to stash in Europe…I think the Dolphins are going to take one of those options if available.

14. Atlanta Falcons Clelin Ferrell

They’re set up the middle so why not get an edge rusher to pair with the eminently blockable Vic Beasley? It doesn’t matter who they take Matt Ryan turned into Texans era Matt Schaub after blowing the Superbowl.

15. Washington Redskins Dwayne Haskins

Washington gets to take a QB who was so good he took a national championship contender and managed to lead them out of the playoff picture. Haskins is going to be the biggest bust in the draft, which makes him a perfect selection for Washington.

16.  Carolina Panthers Devin Bush

Thomas Davis is aging and Luke Kuechly and his concussions are scary. The perfect player to slide in to replace them falls all the way to 16 and there is no giant unathletic receiver to tempt the Panthers.

  1. New York Giants Daniel Jones

Uggh…..I don’t want to do this anymore…



New York Giants: Kyler Murray Could Drop to No. 6 – What Then?

Could the New York Giants grab Kyler Murray with the 6th overall pick?

If the New York Giants are keen on overhauling their offense and changing their entire ideology, drafting Kyler Murray would be the perfect move. The expectation is that the Arizona Cardinals will draft him with the 1st overall pick of the 2019 NFL Draft, but rumors have bubbled to the surface indicating they may take another route.

The New York Giants would need a little luck to a chance at Kyler Murray:

The teams drafting before the Giants – Arizona, San Francisco, Jets, Oakland, Tampa Bay, all of the franchise quarterbacks or are looking to fill other needs with impact players. That means a quarterback-hungry team will have to trade up into the top five to grab Murray. The probability of Murray dropping to Big Blue increases exponentially if Arizona passes on the talented passer.

What does Murray offer to the Giants?

Murray offers significant value in the passing and running game, as he racked up 4,361 passing yards and 1,001 rushing yards in 2018. He earned a total 54 touchdowns. His dual-threat style of play would revolutionize the Giants’ offense and make them one of the most unpredictable units in the league.

However, he does represent a great risk in terms of size and strength. If the offensive line can protect him, he will be deadly. Murray, though, would have to be open to sitting for a season behind Eli Manning, something he might not be too interested in.

If Kyler did drop to No. 6, the Giants would have to evaluate a few things – can they grab another option like Dwayne Haskins or Drew Lock with the 17th pick? And is there a premium pass rusher available at no. 6?

The defensive front will be without Olivier Vernon in 2019, after being traded to the Cleveland Browns. This leaves a void at pass rusher and will likely indicate a draft pick being spent at the position.

Securing a top-talent would immediately upgrade the defense and provide the team with security at a high-price spot. Vernon was expected to make around $19M this upcoming season, and they would theoretically be lowering that cap-hit to around $4.3M. That fact alone promotes the drafting of a top defender in a talented crop of pass-rushers.

The bottom line:

The Giants would likely be better off grabbing a quarterback with the 6th pick as they need to begin considering Eli Manning’s age and deterioration. Whether it be Murray or Haskins with the selection, ensuring they grab their top option and not run the risk of losing out at No. 17, they must prioritize the most important position on the team.



New York Giants: CBS Mock Sends Wilson To NY, Murray To Seattle

Should the New York Giants draft Oklahoma star, Kyler Murray?

With the NFL Draft drawing closer and closer, it’s not hard to find trade predictions ranging from the likely to the outlandish. Perhaps between the two extremes is the one laid out by the latest CBS Sports mock draft, which predicts that the New York Giants will go for quarterback Russell Wilson over picking any player in the first round this year. Is it likely? Maybe not, given the moves the Giants front office has made so far.

But out of the veteran options for trades, it looks like Wilson is the one that has the most ‘connection’ to New York and the Giants already, so to speak.

Here’s the specifics of the scenario:

New York gives up its two first-round picks this year (No. 6 and No. 17) as well as a second-round pick this year AND a second-round pick in 2020 in exchange for Wilson. That’s four pretty darn good picks and about as close as the Seahawks will get to the hypothetical three first-round selections they want for Wilson.

The mock draft has the Seahawks taking Kyler Murray with the third pick as their replacement for Wilson. But in reality, of course, the Jets are picking third overall. In this scenario, the Seahawks trade their second round pick and the number six overall pick to the Jets, who take offensive lineman Jawaan Taylor from Florida.

While this scenario would fix the quarterback problems for the Giants, it doesn’t seem like a likely route. The team would inherit the problems that the Seahawks are having right now with figuring out the problem of paying Russell Wilson, and it doesn’t look like the Giants bothered acquiring another first round draft pick as part of the Odell Beckham Jr. trade just to trade that pick to move out of the first round entirely.

The most likely route is that the Giants don’t acquire a quarterback at all or go for a rookie one over a veteran this year. But if they did make the move to bring Russell Wilson in? That would definitely restore some interest in this season and would be a sight to see.

New York Giants: Victor Cruz Advocates For Kyler Murray As Best QB

Ask a number of people who the best quarterback in the 2019 NFL Draft is and you’re sure to get a number of different answers. Ask which quarterback the New York Giant should take, and whether or not they should even take one at all, and you’ll get even more answers that vary wildly from one another.

Kyler Murray has been a speculated option for the Giants ever since Murray declared for the draft and decided to play football at the next level instead of taking more of a sure thing by going to the MLB, where he was already drafted by the Oakland Athletics and had plenty of money waiting.

But there’s plenty of concerns about whether Murray is actually the best quarterback in the draft, even while being mocked to the Cardinals at number one overall by some experts. There is one famous player, however, that thinks that Murray is the top member of the quarterback class. That would be recently retired former New York Giants receiver Victor Cruz, who supported Murray when asked about the best quarterback prospect in the upcoming draft.

“I’m a guy that loves things that don’t show up in the stat sheet, things that guys see when they put their film on, ‘are you a winner?’ and things of that nature,” Cruz told the New York Post, after complimenting Murray’s intangibles. “He pretty much checks all those boxes, although he’s not 6’4″, he definitely checks all those boxes for me.”

Murray would be the shortest starting quarterback in the league if he does end up in such a role following the draft. Intangibles are also hard to base draft choices off of. After all, plenty of players have been leaders in college but failed to make a splash at the next level, especially at the quarterback position. Just ask Tim Tebow.

But Murray looks to have more than just intangibles, winning the Heisman Trophy during his last year with the Oklahoma Sooners. Will the New York Giants consider putting Murray behind Eli Manning this season if they spend the sixth pick on him to strengthen the team’s future at quarterback? It doesn’t seem like the most likely option and Murray may very well be off the board by the time they pick at number six overall.

Still, the Giants front office has been anything but predictable this offseason. And if there’s one thing to take away from that when dealing with General Manager Dave Gettleman, it’s to expect the unexpected.

Kyler Murray Joins List Of Players To Visit New York Giants

The New York Giants are definitely looking at all the options when it comes to the upcoming NFL Draft. The team’s most high profile visits have been with quarterbacks and it was news recently when they hosted West Virginia star Will Grier for a visit. Now, more information has come out and it looks like the team brought in Oklahoma quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner Kyler Murray on the same day.

According to Ian Rapoport, the Giants had Murray for a visit on Thursday. Murray joins the ranks of others who have visited the Giants, which includes not just the aforementioned Grier but also local outlier Trace McSorley and non-quarterback players such as Rashan Gary and Clelin Ferrel.

Murray was one of the best players overall during the college season but has some question marks coming into the NFL such as his size, standing at only 5’9″ or so. But while the height is the most publicized trait of Murray’s, there’s also other question marks such as the offense that Murray is coming out of, which isn’t very similar to an NFL style offense, and the fact that Murray will not be able to rely on superior teammates in the NFL like at Oklahoma.

Despite those question marks existing, though, Murray has been linked with the number one overall pick by a number of mock drafts and there’s plenty of talks about the Arizona Cardinals trading Josh Rosen to acquire Murray as their new starter instead.

Until recently, the Giants were often named as a part of those trade rumors. Murray looks like an outlier in terms of draft options for the team. There’s not a guarantee Murray makes it past the first pick, and if he does, there’s a number of questions keeping Murray from becoming Eli Manning’s successor.