New York Giants could already be out on top wide receivers in free agency

Allen Robinson, New York Giants

The New York Giants will be aggressive this off-season in adding offensive talent to assist Daniel Jones as he enters the third year on his rookie contract. If the Giants truthfully feel that Jones can be their franchise quarterback, giving him the weapons necessary is a priority, so we should expect them to be active in the free-agent market, but there could be some pushback by teams looking to retain the top receivers.

The consensus is that Allen Robinson of the Chicago Bears and Kenny Golladay of the Detroit Lions are the two top WRs on the market. With that being said, talented players are oftentimes franchise tagged by their teams to keep them around on a one-year deal. Both Robinson and Golladay could be doomed to this reality in the coming weeks, which would make their desire to hit free agency and sign long-term deals a bit more tumultuous.

CBS’s Jason La Canfora believes that Golladay will be tagged by Detroit:

Multiple league sources have told me Golladay will get the tag after his relationship with the prior regime in Detroit got rocky over prolonged extension negotiations. Could this be an eventual tag and trade? People around the league wouldn’t rule that out with the Lions rebuilding and trying to amass picks.

Golladay finished the 2020 season playing just five games, picking up 338 yards and two scores. He recorded a career-high 62.5% catch rate over the small sample size, but he would be a perfect fit with the Giants and coordinator Jason Garrett. As a big possession receiver, he can win 50/50 balls and dominate man coverage. Some would argue he is a proven receiver that has room to grow, and giving Jones a player of his quality would exponentially make him more effective.

As for Robinson, who is coming off a solid season with 1,250 yards and six scores, he will likely demand the most money on the market if he is not tagged. The expectation is that Chicago will do just that and potentially look to trade him for draft capital. However, this might be a good off-season for him to endure that reality, that way, he can cash in next year when the salary cap rises.

If both Kenny and Allen are off the board for the Giants, the mid-tier options are still somewhat attractive. Targeting Curtis Samuel and Corey Davis will likely be the Giants’ latter options, and I’m sure they’re preparing for that reality.


The franchise tag might spoil the New York Giants’ free agency plans and dreams

New York Giants, Dave Gettleman

The New York Giants are tight on cap space this offseason. However, the team is still looking to rebuild their offense and has been linked to a few expensive, big-name free agents. There are some elite impending free agents that could fill huge needs for the Giants in free agency.

However, just because these players are impending free agents, does not mean they will hit the open market. The Giants are going to be interested in upgrading their wide receiver and offensive tackle positions. Whether that be through free agency or the draft is dependent on who is actually available in free agency.

Giants fans have selected a few impending free agents that they want the Giants to sign. Players like Kenny Golladay, Allen Robinson, Taylor Moton, and Shaquil Barrett are all superb free agents that Giants fans would love to see their team sign.

However, it is very likely that none of these players will actually hit the open market. Their contracts are expiring and it seems likely that they depart from their current teams. But the teams do have one move to make to prevent their stars from leaving. Giants fans should not expect to see any of those players make it to free agency as they are likely to franchise tag candidates.

The Giants might lose their top free-agent targets to the franchise tag

If Kenny Golladay were to hit free agency, he would likely be the Giants’ top target. New York had an interest in trading for Golladay near the 2020 trade deadline. He is now an impending free agent and would be the perfect addition to the Giants’ offense. However, they might never get the chance to offer him a contract. According to reports, the Lions are likely to franchise tag the star wide receiver.

Another interesting name that connects to the Giants is Taylor Moton. This stud offensive tackle was drafted by Dave Gettleman during his tenure as general manager of the Carolina Panthers. Now, serving the same role for the New York Giants, a reunion would be a dream come true for the Giants. New York would get a top-shelf bookend on their offensive line if Moton were to sign with them in free agency. But, again, Moton is likely to be franchise tagged and the Giants will not have the opportunity to offer him a contract.

This will continue to be a theme as one starts listing off the top free agents in the 2021 free agency class. Teams are not willing to let their top players walk away for nothing. If New York really wants one of these players, they might have to trade for them while they are on the franchise tag.

Realistically, the Giants cannot afford to give up draft capital for these players either. Giants fans can hope and dream that their team lands a top-tier player like Kenny Golladay. But those fans should temper their expectations and expect to see the Giants shop a tier below. This free agency class is loaded with wide receiver talent. New York could target a less-expensive option like Curtis Samuel or Corey Davis.

If the Giants want to get their offensive playmaker, they will. But the franchise tag will likely prevent them from getting the best offensive playmaker. Alas, the Giants will target the best players they can in free agency, but the true roster-building takes place during the NFL Draft.

Should the New York Giants double dip at wide receiver in free agency and the draft?

New York Giants, Kenny Golladay

The New York Giants are in need of offensive reinforcements. General manager Dave Gettleman and co-owner John Mara promised fans that they would fix the offense this offseason. Finding weapons for Daniel Jones is going to be a top priority for the Giants and their front office.

Fortunately, there will be a boat load off offensive talent available this offseason. In free agency there will be numerous top-tier wide receivers that could hit the open market. This year’s NFL Draft class is also loaded with wide receiver and tight end talent. The Gaints have no excuses. They will have every opportunity to find an offensive playmaker this offseason, and they better take advantage.

Many fans and analysts are predicting that the Giants will sign a big-name wide receiver in free agency, like Kenny Golladay. This opens things up for the Giants and their draft strategy. Landing a playmaker in free agency would allow the Giants to focus on different positions, maybe even on defense, in the first round of the NFL Draft.

But what if the Giants did not alter their draft strategy in such a way? What if the Giants went best player available at eleven overall, whether that is an offensive playmaker or not? Well, the best player could potentially be one of the draft’s top wide receiver talents, such as Devonta Smith, JaMarr Chase, or Jaylen Waddle. The Giants could potentially double dip at the wide receiver position in the NFL Draft after signing a wide receiver in free agency.

Who could the Giants sign in free agency?

It seems like a very likely scenario for the Giants to land wide receiver Kenny Golladay in free agency. The only thing that could potentially stop Golladay from hitting the open market is if the Lions use their franchise tag on him. Golladay has already declined a lucrative contract offer from Detroit.

If Kenny Golladay hits the free agent market, the Giants should make signing him a top priority. The Giants had interest in trading for Kenny Golladay back in October. They inquired but no deal was made. Now, the impending free agency could be the Giants’ top target in free agency, and many analysts believe he will be. Many analysts are predicting that the Giants will, in fact, sign Kenny Golladay.

But even if New York does not land Kenny Golladay, there are other great wide receivers they could pursue. Names like Cory Davis and Curtis Samuel stand out as slightly cheaper options with different playing styles. Still, these players could be huge additions in the Giants’ pitiful, 17.5 points per game offense.

Double dipping in the draft

Assuming the Giants accomplish their mission and land a wide receiver in free agency, the likely next step would be to address a different position in the draft. But New York could go a different route and completely overhaul their offense. The Giants could double dip at the wide receiver position in the first round of the 2021 NFL Draft, depending on how the board shapes out.

If a player like Jaylen Waddle or Devonta Smith were on the board at eleven, those would be premiere offensive talents, extremely difficult to pass up on. Regardless of who the Giants sign in free agency, they should strongly consider drafting one of these top wide receiver talents if they have the chance to.

A wide receiver corpse featuring Kenny Golladay, Jaylen Waddle, and Sterling Shepard would be dominant. The more playmakers the better for Daniel Jones entering his third season.

Kenny Golladay is an elite wide receiver that could go for one thousand receiving yards and make plays at every level of the field. Jaylen Waddle has a ceiling so high no one can see it and could be a game-changing playmaker to stretch the field for the Giants’ offense. Sterling Shepard, now a savvy veteran, would be that underneath option to get open and make scrappy plays. The Giants cannot forget about Darius Slayton as well, who, in this scenario, would be an incredible fourth receiving option.

Throw this group of playmakers in alongside Saquon Barkley and the Giants’ offense could go from worst to first in a year. Sure, drafting a stud cornerback or edge rusher would be beneficial for the Giants’ defense in round one, especially if they sign a wide receiver in free agency. But if the Giants are going “best player available,” they cannot pass up on one of the top three wide receiver talents in this year’s draft. The Giants’ offense could receive a massive overhaul and turn things around in one short offseason.

Why Kenny Golladay should be the New York Giants’ top target in free agency

New York Giants, Kenny Golladay

The New York Giants will be looking to upgrade their offense this offseason. One position New York will target is wide receiver. The Giants’ receiving trio of Sterling Shepard, Darius Slayton, and Golden Tate underperformed in 2020. In 2021, New York will hopefully add a new face to the mix.

While the Giants are in need of a new receiving threat for Daniel Jones, they are entering a free agency period loaded with talent at the position they so desperately need to upgrade. Amongst the top free-agent wide receivers includes Pro Bowl talents like Allen Robinson, Kenny Golladay, and Chris Godwin.

One of those big three stands out amongst the rest as a perfect fit for the New York Giants. Kenny Golladay should be the New York Giants’ top target in free agency.

Why Kenny Golladay is a perfect fit for the Giants

The top three wide receivers in free agency are going to be expensive. New York is already tight on cap space, but will likely make cuts to free up space and make a run at one of these top receiving options. Allen Robinson will be the most expensive option and will likely be priced out of the Giants’ price range.

But just a peg below Robinson will be Kenny Golladay. Now, Golladay will also command a boat-load of money. But he is definitely going to be the more affordable option of the top two receivers. According to Spotrac, Golladay is projected to receive a contract worth around $17 million on average annually. Allen Robinson’s projected market value is around $20 million on average annually.

The Giants can save a few million dollars by bidding on Kenny Golladay instead of Allen Robinson but still receive a huge influx of talent. The Giants do not have a receiver like Kenny Golladay. Kenny is a true wide receiver who lines up all over the field and puts up big numbers.

Additionally, Kenny Golladay is a perfect scheme fit for Jason Garrett’s offense. Garrett loves a big-body wide receiver who can make contested catches as he had with Dez Bryant during their best years in Dallas. Golladay is one of the best contested-catch receivers in the NFL.

Kenny Golladay stats and highlights

Since 2019, Kenny Golladay has the fourth-highest contested catch rate in the NFL at 67%, per Pro Football Focus. Golladay’s 36 contested catches in 2019 and 2020 combined is the third-highest total in that time span, and he only played five games in 2020. Kenny is also the vertical threat that the Giants desperately need but do not have.

Golladay’s average depth of target in 2019 and 2020 was 15.8 yards, the fourth-highest amongst NFL wide receivers. Kenny proved to be one of the NFL’s elite wide receivers in 2019. He made his first Pro Bowl appearance after racking up 1,190 yards on 65 receptions and a league-high 11 touchdown receptions.

Kenny Golladay is a true number one wide receiver. The Giants reportedly inquired about a trade for Kenny Golladay in October of 2020. It makes sense why they were interested, and they should still be interested in entering the 2021 free agency period. If Golladay does indeed hit the open market this year, the New York Giants should make him their top target.

Why the New York Giants might draft defense at eleven overall

Micah Parsons

The New York Giants are entering another crucial roster-building offseason. The biggest point of emphasis for the GIants’ front office this offseason is to revamp the offense. New York’s offense was pitiful in 2020 and they need to fix that to find success in 2021.

This has led many fans and analysts to speculate that the Giants will spend their first-round pick in the 2021 NFL Draft on an offensive weapon. The Giants hold the eleventh overall pick in this year’s draft. This puts the team in perfect position to draft a top-tier wide receiver or tight end. But there are reasons to believe that the Giants could go defense with their number eleven pick in April.

Contingent on free agency

The Giants have a plethora of weaknesses on their roster. Ideally, fans would like to see the Giants add another talented cornerback to the mix and improve the pass-rush. Additionally, the Giants need to find their new offensive weapon. The Giants had interest in trading for Kenny Golladay back in October, so it is likely that they will pursue a wide receiver in free agency.

If the Giants do land one of those big-name free agent wide receivers, they could look to fill another one of those needs in the draft. The top of this year’s draft class features some prominent defensive prospects.

Deep wide receiver class

The Giants might not need to spend their first-round pick to get an offensive weapon. The 2021 NFL Draft class is loaded with wide receiver talent. There are prospects that will be available in the second and third rounds that have the potential to be quality starters in the NFL.

New York needs a new primary wide receiver for Daniel Jones to rely on in the passing game. If the Giants are unable to acquire one in free agency, it is likely that they will draft one in the first round, but it is not necessarily a guarantee. There are some very talented defensive prospects that the Giants could consider at eleven, before drafting a talented receiving option in the second round.

Micah Parsons, Caleb Farley, Gregory Rousseau, and other defenders might be enticing options for the Giants in the first round. Parsons is a rare linebacker prospect that could revolutionize the Giants’ defense. Farley is an intriguing cornerback option that could fill a huge hole in New York’s secondary. And Rousseau is a talented pass-rusher that could fill another need for the Giants on defense.

Taking one of these players in the first round would open up the possibility for the Giants to take a second-round wide receiver prospect. The electric Rondale Moore could be available in round two, as well as the human-joystick Kadarius Toney. This is a year where a team could realistically find a number one receiver in the second round. This could allow the New York Giants to draft a defensive prospect in round one.

New York Giants: 2 offseason additions to overhaul the offense

New York Giants, Kenny Golladay

The New York Giants need to allocate resources toward the offense this off-season, one way or another. Whether they look to free agency to acquire a wide receiver or the 2021 NFL draft, co-owner John Mara has already indicated they will be making moves.

Considering the offense ranked 31st in the NFL last season in points per game, at 17.5, we can assume the majority of their capital will go toward bolstering the unit. Second-year quarterback Daniel Jones had very little to work with, and offensive coordinator Jason Garrett did him very little favors.

While Sterling Shepard represents a solid WR2, they desperately need a receiver who commands more attention and the return of Saquon Barkley should only help. This off-season presents a fantastic opportunity to add significant pieces, and with the expectation that the Giants will have a top 10 defense in 2021, as long as their offense is average, they should be a playoff-caliber team.

Free agency holds multiple options they can consider, as well as the draft. Let’s take a look at one combination that would completely overhaul their offense this off-season.

Two offseason additions to overhaul the New York Giants’ offense:

1.) Kenny Golladay

It is no secret the New York Giants need a big body on the outside that Daniel Jones can rely on. Detroit Lions receiver Kenny Golladay could fit that role perfectly, as he stands at 6-foot-4 and 214 pounds. At just 27 years old, Golladay is coming off a tough season where he played just five games. However, he posted 338 yards and two scores during that small timeframe. In 2019, he earned a Pro Bowl appearance, remaining healthy the entire year and earning 1,190 yards and 11 scores.

With the cap expected to drop this off-season considerably, teams are going to have to cut bait. The Lions have fully committed to a long-term rebuild, so retaining Golladay might not be the most cost-efficient option. With that being said, if he hits free agency, he might be looking for a one-year, prove-it deal; that way, he can cash in, in 2022, when the salary rises again post COVID-19.

His ability to haul in balls in man-coverage and represent an elite deep threat for Jones makes him a perfect fit for the Giants‘ scheme under Jason Garrett. With Allen Robinson expected to land $18+ million per season as the top receiver on the market, Golladay will likely be a bit cheaper and represent ample value, given he remains healthy.

2.) Jaylen Waddle

The Giants have the 11th overall pick in the 2021 NFL draft, so there’s a fantastic chance one of the top three receivers drops to them. If that receiver happens to be Jaylen Waddle out of Alabama, the Giants shouldn’t think twice. Waddle is an elite play-maker with electrifying abilities in the open fields, and he would complement Golladay perfectly from a Z/slot position.

Waddle is best utilized with pre-snap motion, shifting him and giving him the momentum to beat man coverage and avoid press. Unfortunately, a significant ankle injury disrupted his 2020 season, but he is a stellar prospect with Henry Ruggs speed and even better route running abilities. He is a player you design your offense around, and adding Golladay plus the return of Saquon Barkley would make the Giants’ offense intimidating. It would truly be an overhaul compared to the disgrace they put on the field in 2020.

New York Giants: 3 wide receivers Dave Gettleman could target during the 2021 offseason

New York Giants, Kenny Golladay

The New York Giants were the second-worst team in the league in passing. The Giants averaged only 189.1 yards per game through the air. Quarterbacks Daniel Jones and Colt McCoy combined only threw for 12 touchdowns. The G-Men need to get another weapon or two on the offensive side of the ball.

The injuries with Jones this season a lot to do with the Giants’ lack of air attack combined with offensive coordinator Jason Garrett’s short passing scheme, which did not fit with Jones’ skill set.

Big Blue has some talented skill players on offense in Sterling Shepard, Darius Slayton, Golden Tate, and Evan Engram, but the Giants need to get another weapon. The Giants need to get Jones an No.1 receiver if the Giants want to see Jones’ full potential.

Here are three wide receivers the New York Giants need to consider in free agency:

Allen Robinson:

The 28-year-old wide receiver Allen Robinson will be the most highly looked receiver on the open market in March, that’s if the Chicago Bears let Robinson walk.

Robinson has been one of the most reliable receivers over the past two seasons with the Bears. Robinson has caught nearly 200 passes for 2,400 yards over the last two seasons. Robinson also racked up 13 total touchdowns with the Bears.

Robinson would come in and instantly become the New York Giants No.1 receiver and will instantly make Jones a better quarterback. This signing could be one of the biggest reasons why the Giants find themselves in the playoffs in 2021.

Kenny Golladay:

The same issue with Robinson is with Kenny Golladay. Golladay will be one of the most highly looked at receivers on the open market in March, that’s if the Detriot Lions let me walk.

The 6-foot-4 receiver has been hurt all season long, and with the NFL cap space decreasing by $20 million, it will be very difficult for the Lions to retain Golladay long term. If Lions could franchise tag him, but if not, Golladay will hit the open market.

Golladay has the sort of size and athleticism the New York Giants will want to give Jones. He will provide Jones with a big red zone and end zone target.

If Golladay hits the open market, he will not be cheap.

Curtis Samuel:

The Carolina Panthers have a surplus of wide receivers, there is no need for them to retain Samuel long term. Samuel and Dave Gettleman both have ties with each other as well.

Gettleman drafted Samuel in his last draft in Carolina. Gettleman signed James Bradberry last offseason, and Gettleman drafted him as well. Maybe, we could see Gettleman re-unite with another former draft selection.

Samuel will be a little cheaper than Robinson and Golladay but is not a true No.1. But getting Samuel and maybe drafting a receiver will significantly help this offense.

Samuel is coming off his best year as a pro with 851 receiving yards and over 200 yards on the ground. He is a playmaker, which the Giants need on this offense.

Should the New York Giants prioritize acquiring a slot or outside receiver?

New York Giants, Chris Godwin

The New York Giants confirmed that they will be looking for offensive playmakers this offseason. Daniel Jones needs help. But where will the help come from? Will the Giants sign a wide receiver in free agency or draft someone early on in the 2021 NFL Draft?

More specifically, what kind of receiver will the Giants target? It is a rich free agency class and an arguably richer draft class. But many of the top prospects in each class are slot receivers. Most fans assume New York will go after an outside wide receiver because the roster already includes Sterling Shepard and Golden Tate.

However, Tate is a potential cut candidate, and the inclusion of Sterling Shepard should not prevent the Giants from signing an outside wide receiver. Shepard has been primarily an outside receiver the past two seasons.

In 2020, Shep played 190 snaps in the slot compared to 356 snaps out wide. In the slot, Sterling recorded 20 receptions for 148 yards and one touchdown (only 7.4 yards per reception). Out wide, Shepard totaled 46 receptions for 508 yards and three touchdowns (11.04 yards per reception). Given Sterling Shepard’s efficiency lined up outside, should the Giants consider acquiring an elite slot receiver this offseason? Or should they move Shepard inside and get an elite outside receiver?

Slot or outside wide receiver?

Sterling Shepard was far more efficient while playing outside in 2020. Darius Slayton was inconsistent this season but typically plays on the outside. New York had a rotation in the slot that included Golden Tate, Austin Mack, CJ Board, and Sterling Shepard. Going forward, the Giants will have to reconfigure their wide receiver corps as they look to acquire more talent at the position.

Some of the top free-agent wide receivers this offseason are Allen Robinson, Kenny Golladay, Chris Godwin, and Curtis Samuel. Golladay and Robinson are outside wide receivers but Godwin and Samuel are primarily slot receivers. The first pair of receivers will likely cost more money than the second pair, which could make the Giants more attracted to one of those top slot receivers.

Furthermore, in the draft, there is a debate between two of the top receiver prospects. Jaylen Waddle and Devonta Smith, both Alabama products, will be first-round wide receivers in 2021. The Giants are likely to target a wide receiver, but if they go wide receiver in the first round, which one of the two Alabama boys will they prefer?

Whichever player they believe to be better, regardless of whether or not they play inside or outside, is who they should prefer. Smith played primarily outside in college. Waddle operating primarily from the slot. This has fans assuming that the Giants will target Smith and cross Waddle off their list. That is not and should not be the case.

If the Giants believe Waddle is the better player then they should absolutely target him. The Giants need an elite, number one wide receiver. Why must that receiver play outside? It is entirely possible to have your primary receiver play in the slot. Sterling Shepard is efficient at playing outside. When we interviewed his trainer David Robinson on Fireside Giants, Robinson indicated that Shepard is better and more comfortable playing outside.

If the Giants have the opportunity to acquire the likes of Jaylen Waddle or Chris Godwin, they should not shy away from these elite talents just because they are slot receivers. Having your primary receiver play on the outside is not a necessity. The Giants have the personnel to acquire a guy inside or outside. Sterling Shepard could move inside if he has to, but he just might be better off outside.

New York Giants: Are October trade rumors indicative of offseason plans?

New York Giants, Kenny Golladay

Way back in October, just ahead of the 2020 NFL trade deadline, the New York Giants were involved in some trade rumors. According to Jordan Raanan, the New York Giants reached out to the Detroit Lions, inquiring about a potential trade for wide receiver Kenny Golladay.

Of course, no trade was made, which was likely a good thing for the Giants, as Golladay went on to miss significant time over the last half of the 2020 regular season. Now, entering the 2021 offseason, general manager Dave Gettleman and co-owner John Mara have promised to add “playmakers” to the meddling Giants’ offense.

The Giants’ offense is, indeed, in dire need of some playmakers. After Saquon Barkley went down with a season-ending knee injury in Week 2, the Giants lacked offensive star power. That will, hopefully, change entering 2021.

Luckily for New York, this is a rich free agency class full of talented wide receivers, including Kenny Golladay. The Giants showed interest in Golladay in October, potentially indicating that they will make a push to sign him in free agency.

Should the Giants sign wide receiver Kenny Golladay?

First of all, in order for the Giants to even have a chance of signing Kenny Golladay, he needs to become a free agent. Golladay is indeed a pending free agent, but the Detroit Lions have a few months to negotiate a deal with the stud receiver. Additionally, if the two sides are not able to come to an agreement on a contract extension, the Lions will have the ability to place the franchise tag on Golladay.

There is certainly speculation surrounding the possibility of Golladay and the Lions potentially parting ways. If that happens, Kenny will have a huge market and there will likely be a bidding war between NFL teams for his talents. Many have predicted that the Giants would be involved in that bidding war, including Pro Football Focus.

Kenny Golladay will not come cheap, though. He is likely to receive a contract worth over $20 million on average annually. But if the Giants were to sign Golladay they would be filling a major need with a truly talented player.

Kenny Golladay is a six-foot-four wide receiver with the ability to make big plays downfield. According to PFF, “Golladay’s 628 yards on deep (20-plus yard) passes ranked second in the league in 2019.” Golladay only played in five games this season, though. But last season he led the NFL in receiving touchdowns with 11.

In 2018 and 2019 Kenny Golladay topped 1,000 receiving yards. He made his first Pro Bowl appearance last season as he racked up 65 receptions for 1,190 yards and 11 touchdowns. Golladay is the true number one wide receiver that the Giants are missing. Given their interest in him in October, there is a strong chance the Giants make a run at Golladay if he hits the open market.

New York Giants: Is Julio Jones a potential trade target for the Giants?

New York Giants, Julio Jones

One of the greatest wide receivers of this generation is rumored to be on the market this offseason. Could Julio Jones be a good fit for the New York Giants’ offense with Daniel Jones? The Giants should at least monitor the Julio Jones situation.

Jones is one of the best receivers in the NFL and has had an elite career thus far, but is getting up there in age. He is also coming off an injury-filled year. Should the Giants still consider making a move on Jones this offseason?

The Falcons have one of the best wide receiver duos in the NFL with Jones and Calvin Ridley. With the emergence of Ridley, he has shown wide receiver one numbers when Jones has been injured this past season. Matt Ryan, the Falcons’ quarterback, is also aging. Seems like Jones is the odd man out.

Once the new Falcons general manager is hired, he will assess the roster and whether to rebuild the Falcons or stay with the team as is and try to make a playoff push.

Jones has been on and off the field all year, playing only nine games this season. In those nine games, Jones has shown he still got it hauling in 51 catches for 771 yards but only three touchdowns. With Jones missing seven games, you would like to see more touchdowns, but Jones has been dealing with injuries all year.


The questions all Giants fans are asking right now are, why would we be interested in Julio Jones, and what is it going to cost the Giants to acquire a player like him?

The Giants need a difference-maker on the offensive side of the ball; Jones would be just that. Daniel Jones or any Giants quarterback, at that matter, needs a player they can trust that will go up and get the ball. Jones is faster, taller, and stronger than anyone the Giants currently have on the outside. He is a freak of nature, and from what he has shown this past year, he still can ball.

The cost to get Julio in New York is very hard to say. Jones is 31 currently and aging, it will be hard for the Giants to give up a first-round pick for an aging player. The Falcons traded wide receiver Mohommad Sanu to the New England Patriots for a second-round pick in 2019. If Sanu got traded for a second-round pick, I could only imagine what the Falcons would want for Julio Jones.

Not only will the Giants have to give up assets to get Julio Jones, but the Giants will also have to create a little bit more cap space as well. Jones’ cap hit in 2021 will be around $23 million dollars, which is very high for a wide receiver. In 2022 and 2023, the cap hit will get more affordable, being around $19 million dollars but after that, Jones has an opt-out in his deal.

Forget Julio Jones, draft a receiver:

Would you trade your first-round pick for Julio Jones or keep your first-round pick and draft one of two premier receivers in this year’s draft class? Some really want Ja’Marr Chase from LSU or Devonta Smith from Alabama. Which sounds better, Julio Jones or one of the two rookies?

If the Giants have a chance to go with one of the two premier receivers in this draft class, it will be hard to pass them up. If the Giants miss both of the receivers, that is when I think you could see the Giants try to make a play on a talent like Julio Jones.

Forget Julio Jones and drafting a receiver, sign one:

The Giants will also be looking to sign one of the top receivers in free agency if they do not decide to go with one in the draft. Allen Robinson, Kenny Golladay, Chris Godwin, Will Fuller, Curtis Samuel, and Corey Davis are some of the big-name receivers that could be hitting the open market this offseason.

Robinson is looking to win, which considering the state of the Giants, he might stay away. Golladay has missed 12 games this season and could take a one-year prove-it deal with the Giants. Godwin, in my opinion, will not hit the open market. The Buccaneers will either franchise tag or extend him this offseason. Fuller got caught with PEDs in the middle of the season, but his performance on the field is something the Giants could be interested in. Samuel is more of a number two receiver but could be a good outside receiver with Sterling Shepard in the slot and Darius Slayton on the opposite side. The last receiver we have is Corey Davis, he has ties with safety Logan Ryan from the Tennessee Titans. Davis has been injury-prone much of his career but will fit the Giants scheme if he stays healthy.

What should the Giants do?

The New York Giants have to bolster their wide receiver corps. If the Giants have to trade for a stud like Julio Jones, or sign a big-time receiver this offseason, and or go young and draft an absolute stud receiver. Either way, I do not think the Giants will not leave this offseason empty-handed.