New York Giants Expected To Have 11 Picks In 2019 NFL Draft

New York Giants. Dave Gettleman, Pat Shurmur

The New York Giants are heading into the offseason with a disappointing 5-11 record. That record awarded them the 6th overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft. In this draft, the Giants are expected to have eleven total draft picks. With that kind of draft capital, the Giants should be expected to make some big moves this offseason.

Where Are The Extra Picks Coming From?

Typically, NFL teams have one pick per round, in each of the seven rounds. The Giants own their first round, second round, fourth round, and sixth round picks. That totals to four picks of their own and no pick in the third round. The Giants used their third round pick in the 2018 Supplemental Draft to take cornerback Sam Beal.

In addition to those picks, the Giants have acquired several picks via trades. The Giants received the Saints’ fourth round pick in the Eli Apple trade. They Also received the Lions’ fifth round pick in the Damon “Snacks” Harrison trade. Their two seventh round picks come via trade also. The first pick comes from the Vikings via the Brett Jones trade. The second seventh round pick was received from the Rams in the Alec Ogletree trade.

The Giants will receive two more picks in the fourth and fifth rounds. These are compensatory picks. The fourth round pick comes from the Giants losing Justin Pugh in free agency in 2018. The fifth round pick will be granted to the Giants due to Geno Smith signing with the Chargers in 2018 and Devon Kennard signing with the Lions in 2018.

With so many picks in the upcoming draft, the Giants will have many options. They could hold onto their picks and select multiple impact players, or they could trade their picks. They could trade these picks for veterans or for more draft picks. If the Giants like a specific prospect, they now have the draft capital to trade up and select him.

What Andrew Norwell Brings To The Offensive Line For The Giants

Everyone here remembers how great New York Giants‘ Justin Pugh performed on the offensive line before ending the season with a back injury, right?

Well, imagine Pugh on steroids, and that’s what we are getting in All-Pro guard Andrew Norwell. For comparison’s sake, let’s check out their PFF grades. Of course, PFF often does an awful job grading out players, since Pugh only garnered a 52.4 while Norwell earned an 88.8.

But, for shits and giggles, Norwell didn’t allow a single penalty or sack during the entire 2017 season. Impressed? You should be.

The Giants, or specifically general manager Dave Gettleman, is about to splash some serious cash on Norwell (somewhere in the $12-14 million per-season range).

The most enticing aspect of this signing is that we can officially confirm that the Giants are ‘finally’ committed to building through the trenches. If the Giants were to draft a quarterback and have him start behind a make-shift offensive line, it wouldn’t be good. Or, if they drafted Saquon Barkley and he didn’t have a single lane to run through… Disaster waiting to happen.


The cap-space will become an issue with the signing of Norwell, as the Giants will only have about $10 million remaining. So, what should they do?

Cut some players!

Releasing players such as Brandon Marshall, Dwayne Harris, Ray-Ray Armstrong, and maybe even Brad Wing, can open up some serious cap-space to be used on another offensive lineman, linebacker or even cornerback. Additionally, it’s possible that guys like Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie take a pay-cut to open up more cap-room. It’s essential that the Giants address positions of serious need like linebacker and offensive line.

We can assume that the positions the Giants fail to address in free agency, they will consider when the draft comes around. But for now, we can just enjoy the shiny new toy we are about to receive on the offensive line.