Yankees’ acquisition of Anthony Rizzo could spell the end for Luke Voit | Is a trade on the way?

New York Yankees, Luke Voit

The New York Yankees made two massive moves to improve the batting order, injecting slugging left-handed batters. Acquiring Joey Gallo from the Texas Rangers and Anthony Rizzo from the Chicago Cubs will contribute more offensive production immediately.

Both players are expected to join the team against Miami on Friday, as Rizzo will take over at first base, and Gallo will host an outfield spot.

However, the acquisition of Rizzo could make Luke Voit expendable, as the Yankees have drawn interest in the power righty.

Jack Curry of the YES Network has indicated that the Yankees could trade first baseman, Luke Voit:

Luke Voit has drawn interest in trade discussions the Yankees are having with multiple teams. Voit is on the verge of returning from the IL. Led the majors with 22 HRs last season, but has been limited to 29 games this season.

Unfortunately, while Voit is a key piece to the lineup and has been one of the most exciting players for the Yankees the past two seasons, he was simply replaced due to injury.

Voit is currently on his third stint on the injured list due to left knee inflammation. Having signed a $4.7 million deal this past off-season, the Yankees could theoretically get his money off the books and add a bit more wiggle room to acquire a pitcher, whether it be in the bullpen or starting rotation.
There is always the possibility that the Yankees utilize Voit as their DH upon his return, which would give them one of the best home run hitting lineups in baseball if they don’t have it already. With team control until the 2024 season, Voit is an extremely valuable piece, and they might be inclined to retain him, given Rizzo is on the final year of a seven-year, $41 million contract. The Cubs are paying his entire $16.5 million this season but gained a solid haul of prospects in return.
On the year, Voit has only made 29 appearances, hitting .241 with three homers and 11 RBIs. However, he’s only one year removed from leading the MLB in homers with 22 and hosting a .277 average. He was arguably the Yankees’ top player last season, which shouldn’t be forgotten as Brian Cashman is looking to acquire value after the acquisition of Rizzo.

New York Yankees Analysis: Yankees are addressing lack of left-hand hitters

yankees, joey gallo

The New York Yankees have killed two birds with one stone. They have finally addressed a lack of contact hitting and left-hand batters. In as many as two days, they have added two left-hand bats to the lineup. They acquired lefty Joey Gallo from the Texas Rangers and lefty Anthony Rizzo from the Chicago Cubs. This season’s Yankees’ primary problem is a lack of hitting from an underachieving lineup. Part of that problem is that the lefties they have outside of Rougie Odor have not been producing. Brett Gardner has a batting average of .196. Tyler Wade at .191, and Odor at .227.

At the beginning of July, when it comes to the left side, New York is dead last in the majors in batting average (.168), OPS (.540), BABIP (.204), wOBA (.249), and wRC+ (58). Yankees lefties are only a few steps from the cellar regarding runs, home runs, RBI, and ISO. Although not superstars Gallo and Rizzo will greatly increase those figures even if they don’t play well. Their combined batting average is in the .240s with 39 home runs and almost 100 RBI’s. The addition will also make it more difficult for opponent pitchers to navigate the Yankee lineup.

The New York Yankees now have the option of putting out 4 lefties in the lineup when it is called for.

Joey Gallo:

Gallo has had a fine career for nine years with the Texas Rangers. Gallo is both a contact and power lefty. The 27-year-old is also a fine defensive player that is versatile. Primarily, he can play any outfield position, but he can also defend at the infield’s corners. This season he is batting .223 with 25 home runs, more than any Yankee hitter. He also has 55 RBIs. Going into a 3 game series with the Miami Marlins; fans will likely see Gallo somewhere in the middle of the lineup and out in left field.

Anthony Rizzo:

Rizzo is an eleven-year veteran who has spent all but one year with the Chicago Cubs. He doesn’t have the power he once had but will be a valuable contract hitter for the Yankees. His batting average this season is .248 with 14 home runs. He, similar to DJ LeMahieu, gets on base and moves runners. He is an excellent defender at first base. He will likely find himself somewhere in the middle of the lineup, possibly breaking up Stanton and Sanchez. With two successful lefty hitters now in the Yankees lineup, it entirely changes the lineup dynamics and may turn around a season for the team.

Notes: Previous to the Gallo and Rizzo trade, the Yankees acquired Glay Holmes, a righty reliever. He is 28 years old, the Yankees, even with his elevated ERA, see Holmes as a righty assassin. The Yankees acquired him from the Pirates. He made his Yankee debut last night in the ninth inning, pitching a scoreless in for the Yankees.

With the trade deadline drawing to a close at 4 pm today, the Yankees still have $4 million to spend without going over the luxury tax threshold. Stay tuned to EmpireSportsMedia.com for all the latest developments.

Yankees add two monster lefty bats to lineup, changing the righty narrative

anthony rizzo, yankees

The New York Yankees are diving deep into their farm system to add lefty batters to the lineup. With a batting order that is heavily right-handed, general manager Brian Cashman prioritized diversity with the trade deadline on Friday.

Yankees add two big lefty bats:

Joey Gallo:

The Yankees acquired outfielder Joey Gallo and relief pitcher Joely Rodriguez from the Texas Rangers on Thursday morning. Gallo will feature against Miami on Friday with his new team, providing a much-needed lefty power bat in the middle of the order.

The deal sent four minor-league players to Texas, including Ezekiel Duran, Trevor Hauvevr, Glen Otto, and Josh Smith. Texas will consume Gallo’s entire salary for the 2021 season, which keeps the Yankees below the $210 million luxury tax threshold.

On the year, Gallo is hitting .223 with 25 homers and 55 RBIs. He hosts a 32.2% strikeout rate and 19.1% walk rate. As one of the best offensive power bats in baseball, he fits the Yankees’ mold perfectly and can also feature as a regular outfielder. Gall is a reliable player based on his health history, which is a great sign for the Bombers.

Anthony Rizzo:

Most thought the Yankees were done after signing Gallo, but they managed to pull off a trade for Anthony Rizzo of the Chicago Cubs as well. Over 92 games this season, Rizzo is hitting .248 with 14 homers and 40 RBIs. He has hit double-digit homers his entire career and hosts a 15.7% strikeout rate, an exceptional number.

Defensively, Rizzo isn’t the most refined player but offers plenty of run production and quality at the plate. This will likely keep DJ LeMahieu at second base but could supplant Luke Voit as he deals with consistent injuries this season.

Rizzo is the definition of a rental, as he is currently on the final year of a seven-year, $41 million contract. The assumption is that Chicago will take on the rest of his contract this season but will likely gain a few talented minor leaguers in the process.

BREAKING: New York Yankees acquiring Anthony Rizzo

anthony rizzo, yankees

Last night, the New York Yankees made a serious power move when they acquired Joey Gallo from the Texas Rangers. The Bombers have been historically bad by their standards from the left side of the plate and Gallo was set to provide a much needed boost.

Today, the Yankees had the opportunity to sweep the Rays. However, they were blown out and the day seemed like a down one for fans in The Bronx. However, Brian Cashman just did something that will turn that frown upside down for Yankees fans.

Jack Curry was the first to report this evening that the Yankees were closing in on a deal to acquire Anthony Rizzo from the Chicago Cubs. This deal came completely out of no where and now the Yankees are adding another power bat from the left side.

The Yankees Get Their Guys

Rumors started spreading today that the Yankees were looking to shop Luke Voit to potentially free up more salary. There were also rumors going around that the Yanks were still in talks with Colorado regarding Trevor Story. 

It was clear that the Yankees were looking to continue to add even after acquiring Joey Gallo. Anthony Rizzo has been a popular name on the block in recent weeks, but the bombers were never really tied to him.

The fit is obvious with Rizzo and he just looks like someone who should be wearing pinstripes. Earlier today, it appeared that the Red Sox had the inside track in acquiring the first baseman. However, Brian Cashman and the Yankees came out of no where to close the deal.

At this time, there’s no word on what’s going back to the Cubs in this deal. Rizzo is set to become a free agent after the season is over, but I wouldn’t be shocked if the Yanks make a move to extend him. Fun times are back in Yankee land after today’s loss.

Former GM calls Gallo a ‘perfect fit’ for the Yankees, encourages Bombers to get a reliever

yankees, joey gallo

Wednesday night was a busy one for the Yankees. After a few hiccups that changed the original deal (one that brought reliever John King and had the Bombers sending six prospects), New York ended up trading four prospects to the Texas Rangers for outfielder Joey Gallo and bullpen arm Joely Rodriguez.

Speaking on SNY (link to NJ Advance MEdia article here), former New York Mets’ general manager Jim Duquette expressed his approval for the Yankees’ move, and went so far as calling it a “perfect fit.” Indeed, Gallo’s light-tower power will definitely play in Yankee Stadium’s short right-field porch, and his on-base abilities will fit nicely in the lineup.

Duquette says that the four prospects the Yankees sent, none of them in the preseason’s top 10 list, was a “small” cost.

The Yankees should get another bullpen arm

Speaking about what he thinks the Yankees should do next, here is what Duquette said:

“They’re going for this, obviously, even if it’s for the Wild Card. I’d like to see them find themselves another bullpen arm at some point. I know they picked one up the other day that I kind of like from the Pirates, (Clay) Holmes. He gets righties out. But I’d like to see another bullpen piece of some kind or maybe it’s a back-end starter. The rotation is thin and it’s getting healthy, hopefully, here over the next couple of weeks for them. But I still think they need another pitcher or two moving forward. They’re up against the luxury tax. They don’t have a lot of room there. … It’s not going to be easy to do. But I do think their next move is going to be some kind of bullpen piece.”

There are lots of relievers potentially available near the deadline: Ian Kennedy, Jose Cisnero, Richard Rodriguez, Daniel Bard, Joakim Soria, Taylor Rogers (currently injured), Craig Kimbrel, and more.

About Gallo, Duquette also provided his insight and talked about his fit with the Yankees.

“I think it’s a small cost for a guy like Joey Gallo. He’s got a high strikeout — we’ve seen that. But the power is real. This is a 40-home run bat to go in the middle of the lineup, and since the change in the illegal substances that the pitchers haven’t been able to use, his numbers have gone up significiantly, especially on the four-seam fastball and his home run rates. He’s a really good athlete and, oh, they finally got a left-handed bat to go in the middle of that lineup to break up all the right-handed bats. He can play all the positions in the outfield. He’s a good enough athlete that you would occasionally play him in center. He’s really a perfect fit for the Yankees. It’s one of those you wish you were able to do sooner. It’s getting close to the deadline so these deals finally get consummated.”

Yankees’ trade for Joey Gallo is even better than meets the eye, as luxury tax is saved

yankees, joey gallo

The New York Yankees finalized a big trade with the Texas Rangers on Wednesday evening, adding big lefty slugger Joey Gallo to the lineup. The trade will likely become official on Thursday after the MLB approves, but the Bombers not only added a big player, they also had the majority of his contract paid for this season.

In exchange for Gallo and relief pitcher Joely Rodriguez, the Yankees offered up Ezekiel Duran, Trevor Hauver, Glen Otto and Josh Smith. With the Yankees dipping into their farm system to acquire established players, there was a chance the Rule 5 draft would’ve seen alternative clubs steal them regardless during the winter meetings.

However, the Yanks now have a starting outfielder at 27 years old. The former first round draft pick in 2012 is on a one-year, $6.2 million deal. Prior to the acquisition, the Yankees sat just $4 million below the $210 million luxury tax threshold. This is why Texas will be paying the majority of his remaining deal this season, allowing the Yankees to stay below that number.

Adding a bit more financial wiggle room, that has inserted the Yankees back into the mix for Colorado Rockies star shortstop Trevor Story. The financial portion of this deal is great for New York, who traded away players that will likely never see the big leagues anyway.

They have plenty of farm talent to work with, but as they desperately try to make the postseason, they’re banking their future on it. Considering that Gallo is only on a one-year contract and is preparing to hit arbitration for the third time in 2022, the Yankees will have to find a way to extend him or let him walk in two seasons.

In addition to adding Gallo, Rodriguez is an experienced veteran, having spent the last two seasons in the MLB with Texas. This season, he hosts a 5.93 ERA over 31 games, but posted a 2.13 ERA over 12 games last year during the abbreviated 2020 season. Hopefully, wearing the pinstripes and joining a relatively-winning team will spur better performances.

Cashman traded away Justin Wilson and Luis Cessa to the Cincinnati Reds this past week, so the team is likely in the market for another relief pitcher. Essentially, they replaced Wilson and Cessa with Rodriguez and Clay Holmes from Pittsburgh.

New York Yankees still in on Trevor Story even after acquiring Joey Gallo

Yesterday, Brian Cashman and the New York Yankees finally did what the fans were begging for. They went out and made a big splash on the trade market. The Yankees agreed to a deal with the Texas Rangers to acquire lefty slugger Joey Gallo.

The deal is still being finalized and has not been announced yet by either club. However, at this point, the only thing that’s being reviewed is medicals. The Yankees will get Gallo and reliever Joely Rodriguez for four prospects.

Mark Feinsand reported this morning that the Rangers will be paying most of Gallo’s remaining Salary. That gives the Yankees a little wiggle room to go out and make another deal before the deadline which they are planning on doing.

Most reporters were vocal about the fact that the Yankees were not done after acquiring Gallo. He was the big one in terms of the deals they wanted to get done, but the Yankees are still looking to upgrade the team.

Brian Cashman has apparently realized the drastic need to shakeup the club. The Yankees finally have a little momentum and it’s feeling good in Yankee Land right now. While I figured they would focus on pitching, they are apparently still in on a Colorado shortstop.

Yankees still going after Story?

Jon Heyman reported this morning that even after acquiring Joey Gallo, the bombers are still interested in bringing in Trevor Story. While Gallo is controlled through next season, Story will be a free agent after the season.

It’s worth noting that in the Gallo deal, the team didn’t give up a single top ten prospect to make the deal happen. With the Rangers paying most of Gallo’s salary, the Yankees have financial room and still have the best prospects in their system.

Those two things gives the bombers a ton of flexibility in terms of what they want to do next. I’m a bit surprised to hear that they’re still in on Story. It appears that the Yankees are on the warpath and are looking at all options to improve the club.

I was told yesterday and it was also reported that that Giants are serious players for Story. My hunch is that he ends up there, but the Yankees do like him and see him as a big improvement for the infield.

While the Yankees already completed a big deal, they are far from done. This should be a really fun winddown to the 2021 trade deadline.

Sound Off: Do you want the Yankees to get Trevor Story or should they focus on pitching?

New York Yankees Breaking: Yankees acquired Texas Rangers Joey Gallo

yankees, joey gallo

A few weeks ago, Joey Gallo seemed to be high on the list of New York Yankees trade targets. However, the heat on that conversation seems to have cooled the closer we get to the trade deadline. Gallo would have given the Yankees a solid middle of the lineup power hitter that has been healthy all season. The Yankees have also worked with the Rangers before in obtaining Rougie Odor.

Tonight Jeff Passan has reported that Gallo has indeed been traded to the New York Yankees depending on a medical review. Follow EmpireSportsMedia.com for more details.

New York Yankees: Yankee trade targets are quickly evaporating

Could the New York Yankees pursue Max Scherzer in a trade?

The New York Yankees have made many inquiries ahead of the July 30, 4 pm deadline. So far, they have only brought right-hand pitcher Clay Holmes to the Yankees. So far, they have a net loss to the team struggling to hold on to a wild card slot. The Yankees had to deal shortstop Diego Castillo and Shortstop Hoy Park to Pirates for Holmes. So they have pretty well cleaned out their shortstop prospects for a not very good pitcher.

In a puzzling move, the New York Yankee front office announced that they had traded long-time long-haul reliever Luis Cessa to the Cincinnati Reds at the end of last night’s game. Also included in the trade was Justin Wilson, and they got back nothing except a player to be named later.

Cessa has been the go-to long reliever for the last two New York Yankee managers. In his eleven seasons, he has a 55-54 record and an ERA of 3.74, which is very good for a reliever that usually enters the game with runners on base and has to give the team several innings of long relief.

This season has been his best with the Yankees. The 29-year-old is inducing ground balls at a massive 56.8% clip this year. Statcast shows he’s been among the top twenty percent of pitchers in suppressing opponents’ average exit velocity, hard contact, and barrels. In 38 1/3 innings, this season he has earned a career-best 2.82 ERA.

The only explanation I can come up with to get rid of Cessa involves Justin Wilson, who has not pitched well for the Yankees; he has an ERA of 7.50 in 18 innings of work and a contract that costs the Yankees close to $3 million. This amounts to a Yankees salary dump; unfortunately, the Yankees lose Cessa in the deal. Yankee fans can only hope that the salary dump brings something good to the team later this week. It must have been quite a shock to Cessa, who has spent his last six years in the majors with the New York Yankees.

Max Scherzer

The New York Yankees really would have liked to have the Washington Nationals ace to follow Gerrit Cole in the rotation. Unfortunately for the Yankees, Scherzer, who has a no-trade clause, doesn’t have Yankee Stadium on his list for places he wants to pitch.

Joey Gallo

A few weeks ago, Joey Gallo seemed to be high on the list of Yankees trade targets. However, the heat on that conversation seems to have cooled the closer we get to the trade deadline. Gallo would have given the Yankees a solid middle of the lineup power hitter that has been healthy all season. The Yankees have also worked with the Rangers before in obtaining Rougie Odor.

Starling Marte

Most recently, Starling Marte of the Miami Marlins seemed to be the most likely trade target to fill the centerfield gap and provide a lefty in the lineup. Also, a plus was that the Yankees work well with the head of operations for the Marlins, Derek Jeter, but just today, the Marlins traded him to the Athletics for left-hander Jesús Luzardo. He is a lousy 6.87 ERA pitcher this season. So the Yankees really must have offered next to nothing to get Marte.

Trevor Story

Yankee hitter DJ LeMahieu is trying to push the Yankees to trade with the Colorado Rockies to get Trevor Story. The big question here is if the Yankees want to absorb the remainder of the $9 million half-season rental. He is a free agent after this season. But, possibly with Marte out of the picture, they may reconsider.

Max Kepler

Joel Sherman of the New York Post has reported that Cashman talks with the Minnesota Twins about several players. The Twins are 41-55 this season, 17 games behind in the AL Central. Several of the players that are being talked about are lefty outfielder Max Kepler. Kepler, in 62 games, has 12 home runs and a .217 batting average. In addition, Kepler has a good arm, is a good defender, and can play any outfield position well. The Yankees are also looking at Twins pitchers Jose Berrios and ex-Yankee Michael Pineda.

Kris Byant

The Chicago Cubs also has an outfielder that the Yankees may be interested in. Kris Bryant a 29-year old that can also play third base. He is a righty that is in the last year of his contract. His relationship with the Cubs has soured after losing a grievance and will likely not return to the Cubs.

Whit Merrifield blockbuster

This wild blockbuster trade will most likely not happen, but it makes sense for both teams. The Yankees acquire Whit Merrifield, former Red sox Andrew Benintendi and pitcher Josh Staumont from the Royals. The New York Yankees give up Miguel Andujar, Gleyber Torres, and Michael King. Whitfield can play centerfield and in the infield. Benintendi would add a great left-hand bat to the lineup. Also, pitcher Josh Staumont is a better fit for Yankee Stadium the King is. The Kansas City Royals would really like to have Torres, and sweetening the deal with King and Andujar could make this deal done.

Kansas City sits at the bottom of the AL Central. At this point, the loss of Torres would not be a huge blow to the Yankees; Gold Glove like Gio Urshela has already proven he can play at short. Whit Merrifield is versatile and has great speed. He has also been one of the most productive players in the past few years. He seldom strikes out and hits for contact, very LeMahieu-like. Benintendi not only will add power to the Yankees lineup, but he can be a starter in left field.

Asher Wojciechowski

Along with Cessa and Wilson, the Yankees lost another pitcher. New York Yankees sent RHP Asher Wojciechowski outright to Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders. Wojo instead opted for free agency.

Yankees could be targeting Twins slugger, as Joey Gallo rumors fade

max kepler, yankees

New York Yankees general manager Brian Cashman has made a few bewildering moves in recent days. Trading relief pitchers Luis Cessa and Justin Wilson for a player to be named later with the Cincinnati Reds undoubtedly creates a bit of confusion. Cessa has been performing well this year, hosting a 2.82 ERA over 29 games.

Considering the lack of bullpen depth, trading away two players doesn’t entirely scream efficiency, but Cashman must have a strategy in mind to replace them in the near future. With the trade deadline on Friday, the Yankees still have a few days to make additional moves, but one big lefty that could be on his way to the Bronx.

This time around, it’s not Joey Gallo who’s found himself in limbo between contract extension talks and a potential trade to an alternative club. The rumors have died down regarding the Yankees’ interest in Gallo, as Minnesota twins outfielder Max Kepler has emerged as a target.

Kepler signed a five-year, $35 million deal in 2019, and he’s heading into the third season of his contract. He is set to earn $6.5 million next year, a solid number that wouldn’t hurt the Yankees long-term. This season, he’s hitting .215 with 13 homers and 39 RBIs. He’s currently striking out 21.1% of his at-bats, which is his highest since the 2017 campaign.

Traditionally, Kepler is a solid power bat, hitting 36 homers in 2019 with a .252 average, the highest of his career. He doesn’t offer much regarding contact hitting and getting on base, but he does hover around the 10% walk-rate range, an adequate number. He’s an average defender but would provide depth at centerfield and diversity in the batting order as a lefty.

Kepler is 6’4″ and 225-pounds, providing another big body to help put runs on the board. He fits the Yankees’ slugger addition and has remained relatively healthy throughout his career. At this point, the best ability is availability for the Yankees, and they need players who don’t struggle with injury issues.