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The New York Yankees lost the wild card game to the rival Boston Red Sox and are sitting back watching other teams reach for their dreams, while they are still licking the wounds of another failed season, not advancing in the postseason. But baseball goes on for four teams. The Atlanta Braves lead the Lost Angeles Dodgers two games to none as they travel back to Los Angeles to play the next three games if necessary. The Houston Astros travel to Fenway Park where they are 1-1 in their seven-game contest with the Red Sox.

Even with all this on-field action still going on, don’t think for a minute that the Yankee front office is dormant, it’s not. Although many of the players are back home watching games from their couches the front office is full steam ahead planning improvements for the upcoming 2022 season.

The Yankees make coaching changes

The New York Yankees, even before the end of the World Series have already made some major changes to the staff. Hitting coach Marcus Thames will not be returning in 2022. Also highly thought off third base coach Phil Nevin, will also not have his contract renewed, after a very bad mistake ushering Aaron Judge home and being called out by at least twelve feet. ESPN has also reported that Assitant Hitting Coach P. J. Pilittere’s contract will not have his contract renewed either.

It’s no secret that the Yankee players hitting was darn right awful this year, except for Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton. Everyone wondered what was going on with one of the most powerful lineups in baseball, that went through long periods of lackluster hitting. At the end of the season, fans wondered who would be held responsible, Cashman, Boone, or Thames; it appears the hitting department is paying the price.

The Yankees may trade some major players

Since the end of the Yankee season, several names have come up as being possibly traded including Gleyber Torres, Gary Sanchez, Luke Voit, and Joey Gallo, mostly due to not performing as expected. The Torres and Sanchez situation has gone on for more than one season. Neither has grown as a Yankee and their performance is still suspect. Voit is a different situation, he can’t stay healthy, and now with the addition of Anthony Rizzo is more of a loose end than anything else. Joey Gallo is still a different scenario. He has batted under the interstate and many fans want to see him go.

Will the Yankees re-sign Anthony Rizzo?

When the Yankees acquired Anthony Rizzo at the trade deadline, they did so knowing that he was a free agent at the end of the season. Now the question is, did he play well enough for the Yankees to be re-signed. Two things are evident, Rizzo wants to play for the Yankees, but the question is; if the Yankees want to pay him enough to stay around.

Few players play for one historic franchise to play for yet another. Rizzo thought he would play out his career in Chicago, after all, he played for the Cubs for a decade and won a World Series ring with them, as he blossomed into one of the best players to play the game. But, then he came to the Yankees. Upon his arrival, he played better than anyone would have guessed, but as the season wore on he wasn’t as good. Nevertheless, he is an elite first baseman with some pop that the Yankees haven’t seen since Mark Teixeira. Now the Yankees have to decide if they want that defense and production that they have been missing for years.

To keep Rizzo on the team, it will probably cost the Yankees in the neighborhood of $12-20 million a year, according to the length of the contract. Rizzo is 32 years old. He has made it clear in interviews that he would like to end his career in the Bronx.

Yankee minor leaguers to get major upgrade

Anyone that follows baseball knows that there have been some big changes in the minor leagues. A complete re-aligning of the teams themselves, drastically reducing the number of affiliates, and upgrades to remaining locations. Minor leaguers also got a pay raise from $290 a week to $500 a week for the most junior players. This is far from a living wage causing six or more players to rent one apartment with many of them sleeping on mattresses on the floor, and sharing expenses. For some that run out of money they find themselves sleeping in their cars while they juggle second jobs just to get by.

Living in situations like this causes both physical and mental problems that could also cause problems with their on-field performance. Luckily, this problem will mostly go away for the 2022 season. MLB, with the agreement of all 30 major league owners will now provide either lodging or stipends to cover housing expenses for most minor leaguers. The Houston Astros on their own rewarded their minor league players during the 2021 season. Over the years obtaining affordable housing has been the major problem facing these young players while they pursue their dreams of playing in the majors.

Some abritation eligible players will make big money in 2022

The New York Yankees have a boatload of players that are now abritation eligible, some are going to bring in the big bucks. According to; 19 Yankees are eligible for raises after this season. They have also provided the project amounts of those new raises. Here are some of the most notible:

  • Aaron Judge: $17.1 million
  • Joey Gallo $10.2 million
  • Gary Sanchez $7.9 million
  • Gio Urshela $6.2 million
  • Gleyber Torres $5.9 million
  • Luke Voit $5.4 million
  • Jordan Montgomery $4.8 millon
  • Chad Green $4.7 million
  • The other 11 are less, all the way down to Tyler Wade @ $700K.

Pete Rose rips Yankees’ slugger Joey Gallo: ‘Ray Charles wouldn’t strike out that much’

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The New York Yankees acquired outfielder Joey Gallo before the trade deadline, in a transaction with the Texas Rangers. The slugger, famous for his tape measure home runs and his penchant for strikeouts, struggled in his first 2+ months in pinstripes, with a .160/.303/.404 line, 13 homers, a .707 OPS and 88 punchouts in 188 at-bats.

He is, however, a productive hitter overall when one considers his power and patience to draw walks. Even with all the strikeouts, he has managed to be a well-above average performer over the course of his career, not to mention a sneaky-good athlete and a terrific defender in the outfield.

But it’s not a secret that his stint with the Yankees, to this point, hasn’t gone well. The fan base has been fairly critical of his performance, and one former MLB star in particular bashed him in a recent media appearance.

Harsh words for the Yankees’ slugger

“That was the worst f–king lineup they could have put on the field,” Rose said to USA Today, per NESN (link to the New York Post article here). “Their 6, 7, 8, 9 hitters were all out-men. They had to have (Aaron) Judge and (Giancarlo) Stanton do something. If they didn’t, all of the pressure was on Joey Gallo. You saw how that worked out.

“How does someone who didn’t play every day strike out 213 times? Ray Charles wouldn’t strike out that much. I just can’t imagine striking out 213 times without killing myself,” he stated.

Despite the disrespectful tirade, it should be noted that Gallo is under contract with the Yankees for at least one more season, and he is capable of big things both at the plate and on the field. At the moment of the trade, in late July, he was hitting .223/.379/.490 with a .869 OPS with the Rangers.

As a fun fact, Gallo’s career .822 OPS is significantly better than Rose’s .784 mark.

Yankees’ Joey Gallo silences critics: ‘I know I’m a really good defender’

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New York Yankees’ left fielder Joey Gallo had a couple of rough defensive plays recently, one against the Boston Red Sox in which he dropped an easy popup, and another one against in the Toronto series, failing to call off Gio Urshela in a play that resulted in a double.

A small portion of Yankees and other teams’ fans criticized him over the Internet for his defensive miscues, but make no mistake: the reality is an entirely different one. Gallo is still one of the premier outfield defenders in the league, and a couple of isolated plays won’t change that.

His talent was on full display on Friday, for example. He made a crucial diving catch and also threw out a runner at third base in the Yankees’ 4-3 loss to the Tampa Bay Rays.

“I know I’m a really good defender,” Gallo said to NJ Advance Media. “I think people don’t obviously know that or give credit to that, but I know that.”

The Yankees’ slugger is also a solid fielder

He needed to have a great day with the glove to remind people that he is far more than a one-dimensional slugger.

“It was good to have a nice day out there and make some plays, especially after a trip of dropping a ball and whatnot,” Gallo said.

Perhaps the error against the Red Sox exposed him more than your average game because it was on national TV, against the Yankees’ archrivals.

“Sunday Night Baseball, that’s probably a terrible time to do that,” Gallo said.

“It’s just kind of part of it,” Gallo said. “I really haven’t thought too much about it. … You’re going to make mistakes and sometimes things aren’t going to go your way, but you’ve got to keep playing aggressively and I always believe in myself out there.”

The numbers are actually on Gallo’s side. He is in the 91st percentile in Outs Above Average, with 6, and he is also in the 90th in Outfield Jump.

Yankees: Bad injury news for Luke Voit, DJ LeMahieu, Joey Gallo escapes with negative scans

New York Yankees, Luke Voit

The New York Yankees recorded one of the most important wins of the season against the Toronto Blue Jays on Thursday evening. After falling in the second game of the series, the Yankees bounced back with Corey Kluber on the mound, giving themselves a two-game cushion in the Wild Card over the Boston Red Sox and Seattle Mariners.

Luckily for the Yankees, Boston fell to the Baltimore Orioles, but Seattle extracted a victory, finding themselves tied for second place behind the Bombers. The Yankees, though, have an extremely important series coming up against the Tampa Bay Rays, who have had their number this season and have locked down first place in the AL East standings.

Tampa lost their most recent game to the Houston Astros, dropping two of three in a three-game series. Starting at 7:05 PM on Friday night, the Bombers will host Nestor Cortes on the mound, who has a 2.85 ERA this season over 80 innings pitched. The Rays will feature Shane McClanahan, who has been one of the best young starters in the league this year, with a 3.44 ERA over 120 days. He has given up just one home run more than Cortes (14 compared to 13) — a much larger sample size.

Despite having the better pitching matchup, the Rays likely won’t see Joey Gallo, DJ LeMahieu, or Luke Voit in the Yankees’ batting order, presenting major losses for the Bombers.

Voit was placed on the 10-day injured list with a sore left knee, as skipper Aaron Boone indicated he wasn’t feeling too great on Thursday.

“He woke up pretty stiff today and he’s limping around pretty good,” Boone said. “We think it’s kind of a bone bruise that can be a result of the surgery. That’s kind of been on and off for him.”

LeMahieu has right hip soreness and will likely take the next few days to rehabilitate and give it some rest before the postseason starts, given the Yankees can hold onto their slight advantage.

“I think it was affecting him more at the plate tonight,” Boone said Thursday. “Hopefully like last time, having a little treatment and just managing it as best we can, we’ll see if he’s back in there tomorrow or not.”

As for Gallo, x-rays and CT scans indicated that his left forearm didn’t suffer any significant damage, which is a great sign for a team that needs their lefty batters healthy. In the 6-2 win over Toronto, Aaron Judge powered the offense forward, recording two hits and two RBIs, both of which were homers.

New York Yankees: 3 Major takeaways from Yankees series win over the Rangers

New York Yankees, Jordan Montgomery

The New York Yankees entered last night’s game with the Rangers with the same urgency that they did in game one, knowing that a wild-card berth was on the line in that race that both the Red Sox and Toronto presently own. The Yankees had only 11 games to get back into it. The Yankees came away with their second win over the Rangers 7-1.

Montgomery gets the job done

Yankee pitcher Jordan Montgomery did a fine job last night holding down the Texas Rangers. “Monty” had all his pitches working. Montgomery pitched into the sixth inning, allowing 4 hits and one earned run while striking out six Rangers with only one walk. Montgomery got the win in the 7-1 game.

Yankees reliever Michael King retired cleanup batter Adolis Garcia with a runner on second to hold the Rangers at 3-1 in the sixth and then struck out all three batters in the seventh looking.

The home run is king again

Last week in a game against the Cleveland Indians, the Yankees hit five home runs in the same game. Brett Gardner homered. Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton hit homers. However, Joey Gallo topped them by hitting two long balls. Last night Gallo again was among three Yankees to hit homers in the 7-1 win over the Texas Rangers. Giancarlo Stanton and Aaron Judge also hit homers in the game. When Stanton and Judge homer in the same game the Yankees are 15-1.

In the past two weeks, the New York Yankees have hit 33 home runs in 14 games. That’s 2.4 home runs per game. It is often said when the Yankees hit home runs, they win games. Seven of those home runs are from one player, Joey Gallo. If the Yankee power-hitting continues it bodes well for a wild card berth.

The Return of a superstar

Last night was the joyous return of 2018 ace Luis Severino. Severino was 14-6 during the 2017 season and 19-8 in 2018 making him the Yankees best pitcher in those seasons. Then came 2019, the righty pitched in only 3 games before requiring Tommy John surgery. So with the shortened 2020 season, he was expected not to pitch. However, most thought he was to be back to pitch sometime before the All-Star break this year. But that was not to be as he was beset by setbacks.

Last night he made his triumphant return to the Yankees. After being activated on Monday, he appeared in this first game yesterday after not pitching in a major league game for over 700 days. He saved the Yankee bullpen by pitching the final two innings of the game. He allowed two hits, no walks while striking out two. He looked great in his 2021 debut outing and was showered with applause from the Yankees faithful in the stands.

Although he is not stretched out, he could play a pivotal role out of the bullpen for a spot opening role in the remaining games and in the postseason should the Yankees participate.

New York Yankees Recap: Luis Severino returns, Yankees win 7-1 with three homers

New York Yankees, Luis Severino

The New York Yankees won the first game last night against the Texas Rangers in a close 4-3 victory. Tonight they were looking to win a second game and create a streak that would regain a wild-card berth in the AL East. Jordan Montgomery was on the mound for the Yankees and Dane Dunning for the Rangers. Montgomery got the job done, helped by three home runs. New York Yankees 7 Texas Rangers 1, as the Yankee took the series.

Leody Taveras led off for the Rangers at Yankee Stadium facing Montgomery to start off the game, and he went down on strikes. Isiah Kiner-Falefa went down looking. Andy Ibanez hit the first pitch to no man’s land in center for a single. Adolis Garcia ground out to short to end the half.

At the bottom, DJ LeMahieu led off for the Yankees and grounded out to third. Anthony Rizzo advanced on a hit by pitch. Aaron Judge doubled to the center-field wall, and Rizzo made it to third. With two on and one out, Giancarlo Stanton ground out to short with Rizzo scoring, Judge held up at second. Joey Gallo went down on strikes, but the Yankees put a run on the board. New York Yankees 1 Rangers 0.

The second inning was led off by Nick Solak, who punched one out to right for a single. Willie Calhoun ground out into a double play. Charlie Culberson ground out to second to end the scoreless half. Gleyber Torres led off the bottom of the inning and walked. Gary Sanchez lined out to short. Gardner doubled, moving Torres to third. Gio Urshela, with two on and one out, couldn’t hold up and struck out. LeMahieu ground out to short to end the inning. Yankees 1 Rangers 0.

Jose Trevino led off against Montgomery and flew out to Gardner in shallow center. Yonny Hernandez stuck out. Kiner-Falefa closed out the inning by grounding out. At the bottom of the inning, Giancarlo Stanton hit his 31st home of the season. It was a line drive to left field that left the bat at 118.5 mph and landed 415′ into the left-field stands. New York Yankees 2 and the Texas Rangers 0.

In the top of the fourth, Andy Ibanez singled off a fly ball to right with Kiner-Falafa going to third base. Adolis striking out. Ibanez went to second on a wild pitch from Jordan Montgomery; Nick Solak ended up driving in the Ranger’s only run of the game. The Yankees were scoreless in the bottom. Yankees 2 Rangers 1.

The Texas Rangers were quiet in the top of the fifth inning. In the bottom, with Gio Urshela on second and DJ LeMahieu on first, Anthony Rizzo singled, driving Urshela as the Yankee tacked on another run. LeMahieu moved to second base but was stranded there. Yankees 3 and the Rangers 1.

The top of the sixth saw Montgomery throw his 93rd pitch of the game and the end of his night for the Yankees. He ended his outing only giving up 4 hits, and one earned run. At the bottom of the inning, Joey Gallo hit his 38th homer of the season to give the Yankees the 3 run lead in the game. New York Yankees 4 Texas Rangers 1.

The sixth inning was scoreless for both teams. With Michael King on the mound in the seventh inning, he continued his hitless outing, pitching a clean seventh. The Yankees blew the game open when Aaron Judge hit his 36th homer of the season, a long fly ball into the center-field stands. It was a two-run shot scoring both DJ LeMahieu and Anthony Rizzo. The New York Yankees 7 Texas 1.

The highlight of the night, home runs aside, was Luis Severino’s joyous return in the eighth inning after not pitching for over 700 games. Severino finally returned from his Tommy John surgery and setbacks to pitch in a major league game. He saved the Yankee bullpen by pitching the final two innings of the game. He allowed two hits, no walks while striking out two. He looked great in his 2021 debut outing.

The final score was the New York Yankees 7 and the Texas Rangers 1. The winning pitcher was Jordan Montgomery, and the loser was Dane Dunning that only lasted 2.2 innings. Unfortunately, the Yankees did not advance in the wild-card standings as both the Toronto team and the Red Sox also won their games.







Yankees News: Joey Gallo picks up injury at worst time, Wild Card is a battle of the AL East

joey gallo, yankees

With the season winding to an end, every game has extreme importance for the New York Yankees in the Wild Card standings. Now sitting in fourth place in the AL East, the Bombers are desperately fighting to stay in the race at the top of the WC.

Sitting 0.5 games back, Toronto and Boston currently hold the top two spots, and after an unfortunate loss to Cleveland on Saturday, things are only getting more difficult for the Yankees. Allowing 11 runs is unacceptable for a team that has postseason expectations. Starting pitcher Luis Gil gave up three hits and two earned runs over 4.1 innings. The bullpen was equally as inconsistent, as Albert Abreu allowed five runs in less than an inning and Andrew Heaney gave up three runs and five hits over 3.0 innings.

The Yankees miss Jonathan Loaisiga dearly, and there is a possibility he is unable to make it back in time to help his team close out the season. However, the Bombers are expected to return Luis Severino in the coming days, and he will offer them a solid option out of the bullpen to get his season started.

Speaking of injuries, the Yankees also saw slugger Joey Gallo pick up a neck issue. They have him listed day-to-day.

“He was trying to work through it all morning with different stretches and stuff, but I think after his first at-bat, it was just barking too much on him,” manager Aaron Boone said. “He got some more treatment during the game, so we’ll see where we’re at.”

Gallo has struggled since joining the Yankees this off-season in a trade with the Texas Rangers. He’s hitting .204 with 37 homers and 75 RBIs. He’s quickly closing on his career highs in the HR category, hitting 41 in 2017, a personal record. He’s walking a career-high 18.5% the season but is striking out 34.3% of his at-bats. Overall, he’s had several small streaks of success but otherwise had been inconsistent for the Bombers.

New York Yankees Report Card: A look at players that could be impactful in the postseason

New York Yankees, Aaron Judge, Gleyber Torres, Giancarlo Stanton

The New York Yankees have certainly had a roller coaster 2021 season. It’s actually a tale of two different teams when you look at the first half and the last half. If the Yankees don’t make the postseason, they can look back on the first half of the season as the primary reason why.

The Yankees starting pitching other than ace Gerrit Cole was average, although the bullpen was stellar in the first half. The real culprit was the Yankees’ lineup itself. Outside of Aaron Judge trying to carry the team on his back, the rest of the lineup was awol for the most part. The games were boring as the Yankees seemed just to be going through the motions. Fans looked for who to blame, as no one seemed to be able to motivate the team.

Then in two series between the Red Sox and the Phillies in late July when they won four games in a row, a new team seemed to be emerging. So much so that in August, the Yankees were the winningest team in baseball. Since then, they have put themselves in jeopardy, possibly losing a place in the playoffs. But in the past week, the Yankees may be turning things around. But yet their last two games are a microcosm of the whole season; a shut out of the Indians only to be annihilated by them the following night. So here’s a look at how some of the Yankees are playing.

Gerrit Cole: A

Without question, Gerrit Cole has been the best Yankee starting pitcher all season long. He is actually much better than his 15-7 record would suggest. His ERA or 2.75 and 224 strikeouts show that. But suffering from only 3.81 runs of support in his games, he has lost or had no-decisions in games that could have been won.

Corey Kluber: B

After not pitching for nearly two years, Corey Kluber got off to a slow start with the Yankees but gradually got better to the point he had a no-hitter.  But then Kluber went to the IL with a shoulder strain that would keep him out for three months. Since his return, he struggled. . Last night, he showed a huge improvement. He looked like an ace, pitching six full innings only allowing 4 hits in his scoreless outing.

Jordan Montgomery: B

Montgomery is not Gerrit Cole, and because of that, his lack of run support has been more impactful on his record. He has pitched better than his 5-6 record would suggest. He has a respectable 3.63 ERA with 149 strikeouts.

Nestor Cortes Jr.:  B+

Cortes Jr. has been a Godsend for the Yankees; taking over for Kluber when he was on the IL, Cortes did nothing but impress.  The Yankees have won 5 of his 8 starts since August. He has a 2.00 ERA for September.

Luis Gil: B-

The Yankee prospect Gil has been beneficial starting games that the Yankees had no one to start. In his first three starts, he was magnificent, not allowing a single run. But in his last two starts, he has stumbled. First, in a start against Toronto, he lasted only 3.1 innings giving up three runs. Then, against the Twins, he gave up 5 runs, but the Yankees won in extra innings. As Aaron Boone said, Gil may have a bright future, but right now he is not the finished product.

Chad Green: C –

Most recently, the wear and tear of a 162 game season and being overused Green has become undependable in the late going. The transition from a 60 game season to a 162 game season and being overused has been unkind to him through no fault of his own. (see Wandy Peralta).

Lucas Luetge: B

After not pitching in the bigs for nearly six years, the Yankees bet on Luetge to help the bullpen. He has done that and more. The Yankees hit gold in employing him. He has been one of the Yankees’ most dependable relievers, even finishing 13 games for them with one save. He has a .667 winning percentage.

Wandy Peralta: B+

On April 27, 2021, the Giants traded Peralta to the Yankees for outfielder Mike Tauctman. Peralta has been an asset replacing Justin Wilson and Zack Britton. He is the guy Boone goes to most frequently when Chapman fails. He has pitched in 51 games and has five saves. One has to wonder how much better he and Chad Green could have been had the Yankees not traded Luis Cessa away. Cessa was a workhorse and doing marvelously with the Reds with a 2.35 ERA in 48 games.

Aroldis Chapman: C

Aroldis Chapman has been one of the Yankee’s greatest disappointments this season, somewhat of an enigma for the Yankees. After starting the season stellar, his second half has been anything but. Fans cringe when he has to enter a close game. He has lost control of his firebrand fastball. C is not a very good rating for a supposed championship team’s closer.

Aaron Judge: A+

Aaron Judge, for the most part, has carried the team on his shoulders, he has been the best performer in the lineup all season with consistent hitting. He has a .288 batting average, is second in home runs, and leads with 85 RBIs.

Joey Gallo: A-

After being acquired before the trade deadline, Joey Gallo got off to a slow and spotty start with the Yankees. But, most recently, he has really heated up, leading the Yankees with 37 home runs. Last night he hit two home runs; it was the second time he managed the feat this month. He has 7 home runs in 13 games during September.

Giancarlo Stanton: A-

Outside of Aaron Judge, Stanton has been the most dependable hitter this season. He had a .327 average in August and .281 this month. He is third in home runs with 30 and, for a change, doesn’t lead the team in strikeouts. In addition, his excellent play in the outfield has given manager Boone more options.

Brett Gardner: B+

Gardner’s first half was disappointing, to say the least, making the Yankees wonder if resigning him was a wise decision. But his second half has been significantly better. More recently, he, as in past years, has really heated up in the postseason run. This month he has hit two multi-run homers. In addition, his baserunning and excellent defense have made him an everyday player.

Gleyber Torres: D-

Torres has been a disappointment all season long. He has never regained the power that he showed off in 2018 and 2019. But the biggest disappointment is his team-leading number of errors. The Yankees even rearranged the infield for him so he could return to second base. Unfortunately, that hasn’t worked out well either, and he has had two significant errors at second base.

Anthony Rizzo: B-

Anthony Rizzo has been hot and cold since joining the Yankees. He started gangbusters but then cooled off. He has had two home runs during September, but his biggest asset to the Yankees is his excellent defense at first base.

Gary Sanchez: C+

Gary Sanchez has had a somewhat better season than last year. Other than Gleyber Torres, Sanchez is the team’s most controversial player. Although he shows hints of greatness with the fireball arm and powerful home runs far into the stands, he also makes bone head plays, running mistakes, and passed balls. Sanchez has trouble staying focused at some critical times.

I hesitate to rate Luke Voit, mostly because he had had so many injuries that he could never regain the form he had in 2020 when he led all of baseball in home runs. Last night he hit a two-run homer in a failed effort to sustain a rally when the Yankees lost to the Indians. I also have not rated DJ LeMahieu mostly because I don’t know what to make of the second baseman that will be a Yankee for the next five years. His performance this year is certainly average but not close to what Yankee fans expected of him.

There are also several pitchers and relievers that have not been rated, mostly because their injuries have not allowed them to be impactful this season, one way or the other.


Yankees’ Joey Gallo is heating up: ‘I knew I’d get going at some point’

joey gallo, yankees

Joey Gallo won’t ever hit for a high average. Joey Gallo’s slumps are ugly. New York Yankees’ fans are impatient. Those three sentences are undoubtedly true. However, that doesn’t mean his stay in the Bronx can’t be a success.

After slumping for a few weeks, the Yankees’ premier deadline reinforcement is once again heating up, at the best possible time. By going 3-for-4 with two solo home runs on Friday night series opener against Cleveland, he led the way in New York’s latest victory.

Even if his time with the Yankees has been a struggle at times – .167/.311/.447 with a .758 in the Bronx – he is up to 37 homers in the season, 12 of them with New York. Over his last seven games, he has five long balls and seven RBI, slashing an impressive .389/.400/1.222.

His first homer of the night broke a scoreless tie in the second inning, and the second blast helped seal the game.

For the season as a whole, Gallo is hitting .204/.357/.476 with 37 home runs and 75 RBI, but also with 196 strikeouts.

The Yankees’ slugger is seeing the benefits of his hard work

He kept working hard and now the Yankees are reaping the benefits of his hot stretch.

“Just working with our guys here, out hitting coaches here, is just kind of looking at video and over the years of when I was taking my best swing,” Gallo said, per SNY. “I was a little bit more opened up with my stance, kind of getting into that back leg a little bit more as well and getting into my legs. And watching video from a few weeks ago, it was more kind of flailing a little bit. I didn’t have much strength. I wasn’t in my legs as much. So being a big guy, that’s (how) you can create a lot of power and torque from being in your legs.

“So that’s kind of what we did. And obviously just confidence-wise — I knew, at some point, I would get going and things would start going my way. It’s just how the game of baseball works. But credit to our hitting coaches. They definitely helped me a lot.”

New York Yankees 9/18: 3 Major takeaways from a powerful win over the Indians

New York Yankees, Corey Kluber

Last night after a disappointing loss to the Baltimore Orioles and falling out of a wild-card berth, the New York Yankees entered a new series with the Cleveland Indians. The Yankees had a new urgency and a mission to get back into wild-card contention; they did that and, in a big way, shutting out the Indians 8-0. The Yankees can take away several positives in the win.

Corey Kluber returning to form?

After not pitching for nearly two years, Corey Kluber got off to a slow start with the Yankees, but gradually got better and better to the point he had a no-hitter, the Yankees first since David Cone’s perfect game 22 years ago. But then Kluber went in the IL with a shoulder strain.

Kluber ended up nursing that shoulder for three months before he returned to the team, missing half of the season. Since his return, he struggled. In his second to the last start, he showed some early improvement. Last night he showed a huge improvement. He looked like an ace, pitching six full innings only allowing 4 hits in his scoreless outing. Last night Kluber showed he could be impactful as a number two starter should the Yankees reach the postseason.

Michael King for two innings and Lucas Luetge were masterful in relief.

The nail-biting disappeared for once

The New York Yankees have been winning games all season long by just a run or two, creating nail-biting win after nail-biting, many not decided until the ninth inning or beyond. The Yankees have won 84 games this season, 72 of them by 1 or two runs.

Last night that changed in a big way; the Yankees shut out the Indians, hitting five home runs in the game; it was the second time in a week that they beat their opponent by five or more runs. This is encouraging as the Yankees are starting to look like the Bronx Bombers again. Last night the hot Brett Gardner homered. Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton hit homers. However, Joey Gallo topped them by hitting two long balls. For Gallo, it was his fifth homer in as many games.

Yankees looking forward to the postseason

Last night the Yankees got back a wild card berth as they won big over the Cleveland Indians while the surging Toronto Blue Jays lost to the Minnesota Twins. This is good news but make no mistake about it; the Yankees have much more to do. The first step is getting back the home-field advantage in the wild card. To do that, they must keep winning games. With only fourteen games left in the regular season, they have to win all of their remaining series at least.

The Yankees have reasons to believe this can happen. First, they have found that ace Gerrit Cole is not injured, and the second starter in the rotation, Corey Kluber, seems to be returning to form. Although still inconsistent, there are signs that the Yankee’s powerful lineup is again becoming powerful. Also, on the pitching front, it appears that ex-ace Luis Severino will be ready to be supportive in the bullpen by the postseason. There are also pitching arms Domingo German and Clarke Schmidt who could help shore up a fatigued bullpen. Jonathan Loaisiga is still a question mark.