Brian Cashman and New York Yankees playing with prospect fire, could they get burned?

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The New York Yankees made their first move of the offseason a couple of nights ago. New York traded Gio Urshela and Gary Sanchez for Josh Donaldson, Isiah Kiner-Filefa, and Ben Rortfedt from the Twins.

It was a little bit of a head-scratching move, but it makes some sense. The Yankees were ready to move on from Gary Sanchez and they needed a shortstop. In Josh Donaldson, they feel like they upgraded at third and upgrading across the board was worth taking on the Donaldson salary.

Yesterday, we saw one of the Yanks biggest offseason targets come off the board. From the moment the offseason began, there was chatter that the Yankees really wanted to make a trade with Oakland for superstar first baseman, Matt Olson.

However, the prospect haul would have to be big and Cashman seemed resistant. Well, the Atlanta Braves were willing to do it and they secured the start lefty. Now, the Yankees are still trying to figure out the first base position.

They are in on Freddie Freeman. However, most believe it’s going to be a steep hill to climb to get him. A reunion with Anthony Rizzo could be in the cards, but there’s something that’s struck me in the last couple of days about the Yankees approach this offseason.

Yankees Prospects and Holding on Too Long

A few years ago, Gary Sanchez could’ve been the centerpiece of a trade that brought a legit star to the Yankees. Clint Frazier, Chance Adams, and Miguel Andjuar were requested by the Pirates a few years ago for Gerrit Cole.

Deivi Garcia and Estavan Florial were asked about in trades for proven MLB starting pitchers. Gleyber Torres was asked about in many trades that could’ve brought stars back to the Yankees that could’ve drastically helped this club potentially win a World Series.

Brian Cashman turned down major trades over and over again to hold onto these prospects out of the fear of missing out. In the last few years, there’s really only been one prospect Cashman has held onto that’s turned out to be a star and that’s Aaron Judge.

Remember Greg Bird? Look, I absolutely love the fact that Brian Cashman truly believes in his guys. However, he has really developed a horrible habit of holding onto guys until they virtually have no value at all.

You will not find a bigger fan of Anthony Volpe than me. I also love Oswald Peraza and Jasson Dominguez. They all are sensational prospects. However, all three of them are far from guarantees and Yankees fans have to hope they pan out.

The Prospect Problem and Hopium

Let me ask you, if you were told that Jasson Dominguez and Oswald Peraza were traded for Matt Olson, but the Yankees won a World Series next year would you do it? I would hope many if not all would say yes.

Cashman has behaved like a GM who is half in and half out. Half of him wants to build for the future while the other half wants to win now. You can’t have it both ways and the Yankees are 13 years removed from a World Series as a result.

If Anthony Volpe turns out to be the next Derek Jeter and Dominguez turns out to be the next Mickey Mantle, Cashman is a genius. However, if they both flame out, Yankees fans will once again be left wondering, what if?

What if Gerrit Cole was traded to New York instead of Houston? What if the Yankees acquired Jose Ramirez or Francisco Lindor a couple of years ago for a package headlined by Gleyber Torres.

Yesterdays trade will be another what if? What if the Yankees had made the prospect package needed to acquire Matt Olson. Time will tell, but it’s a risky game that has burned Cashman more times than not in recent memory. I truly hope he’s right this time.

New York Yankees still targeting left-handed first basemen after big trade

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The Yankees made their first big move of the offseason tonight with a bit of a perplexing deal. New York acquired Josh Donaldson, Isiah Kiner-Falefa, and Ben Rortvedt for Gary Sanchez and Gio Urshela.

It was a deal that took many by surprise especially the acquisition of Josh Donaldson. Of course, immediately the wheels started turning in that this would likely be the first move of many from the Yankees.

Shortly after this deal was officially announced, Ken Rosenthal tweeted out that New York was still in the market for a left-handed first baseman. They still believe they are in the hunt for Freddie Freeman and they are still engaged with Oakland on Matt Olson.

Now, Jon Heyman tweeted out that Anthony Rizzo is a more likely option at this point. Rizzo would be the cheapest option on the free agent market and he wouldn’t cost the Yankees and capital in terms of prospects.

What will the Yankees do next?

I think the next big move you’re going to see from the Yankees is a Luke Voit trade. Whether Voit is in the package that ends up going to Oakland for Olson or not, I think that Voit’s days in New York are numbered.

From the very beginning, I never thought the Yanks were a viable option for Freddie Freeman. Yes, they could change course and offer him more money than God to bring him to New York, but I don’t see them doing that.

Freeman is likely going to return to Atlanta or sign with the Dodgers. If the Yankees had their preference, it would be to trade for Matt Olson. However, the prospect haul is going to be a steep price for Brian Cashman to pay and we know that Cashman loves his prospects.

Rizzo won’t cost a lot of money and he won’t cost prospects. My gut says that they end up reuniting with Rizzo while trading Voit for some pitching. Whether it’s a package for a reliever or starter, I think Voit goes for pitching. Stay tuned because the Yankees seem very active right now.

What will the New York Yankees do first once the hot stove is live?

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The news that Yankees fans have been waiting to hear for nearly 100 days dropped today. MLB and the MLBPA agreed to a new CBA that will end the lockout and the hot stove will officially go live later this evening once the deal is ratified.

There needed to be 20 votes out of 38 from player reps and the executive committee for the deal to go through. All eight executive members voted no and four teams dissented including the New York Yankees. However, 26 team reps voted yes and baseball is officially back.

I don’t even think you could classify what’s about to happen as the hot stove. This is going to be like the surface of the sun. MLB Spring Training is set to begin in just a few days and there are over 300 free agents that are still searching for a home including some notable Yankees targets.

Will the Yankees make a splash?

For the Yankees, the needs of the team haven’t changed since the beginning of the offseason. The lack of action from the bombers before the lockout means they still have their full plate of agenda items to take care of in a very short amount of time.

Obvious priority is the shortstop position. It’s been clear for a while now that the Yanks are not going to have Gleyber Torres manning shortstop in 2022. The Yankees engaged in conversations with Carlos Correa, Trevor Story, and Andelton Simmons before the lockout.

All of those players are still available to New York. Now, Simmons is the least sexy move the Yanks could make, but it might be a deal that comes together considering the talent in the farm system at SS. It will also depend on what happens with a few other positions including first base.

The Yankees are said to have serious interest in both Freddie Freeman and Matt Olson. Both would cost a lot in very different ways. I think Olson is more likely between those two, but I also wouldn’t rule out the Yanks reuniting with Anthony Rizzo after his time in the Bronx.

To me, Luke Voit is still a goner. I just can’t see New York bringing him back after last year which means a trade is likely going to go down soon with him. Does he bring back pitching or is he part of a deal that brings in Olson? Time will tell.

Pitching is always a need, but I think the Yankees will focus on suring up the infield right away. There’s no time to waste so I expect some deals to come together quickly. Don’t roll your eyes but a Brett Gardner extension might be one of the first dominos. Buckle up Yankees fans, it’s about to get hot.

Opinion: How will the New York Yankees act once the lockout ends?

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We could be getting closer to the return of the Yankees’ Hot Stove. For the first time since early December, MLB and the MLBPA are meeting today to discuss core economic issues to try and inch closer to an agreement to end the lockout. How today’s meeting goes will tell us a lot more about the length of the lockout.

If the meeting is extremely short and frustrating, we could be looking at a reality where the season doesn’t start on time. However, if there’s promise out of today’s meeting, we could see some positive momentum towards ending the lockout. I’m not holding my breath to be honest.

However, the fact that both sides are going to talk is encouraging. Let’s say today’s meeting goes well and let’s say that we are on track for the lockout to end at the beginning of February. How will the Yankees act once the lockout ends? Well, they are looking at a reality of only having a few weeks to act before pitchers and catchers report while having a ton to get done.

Yankees offseason outlook

When the offseason started, Yankees GM Brian Cashman said that they needed to figure out solutions for shortstop, center field, starting pitching, and first base. Obviously a ton to get done before the bombers take the field to start the 2022 season.

Fans, including myself, were incredibly frustrated with the lack of aggressiveness from Cashman before the lockout. A ton of big names like Marcus Semien, Corey Seager, Robbie Ray, and others fell off the board and the Yankees did nothing. Now, we understand that they likely didn’t do anything due to the lack of knowledge surrounding the next CBA.

We don’t know what the luxury tax situation will be and we know the Yankees care about the tax. Sometimes it feels like they care about the tax more than they care about doing what needs to be done in order to field a championship ballclub. Once the CBA is announced, expect action from the Yanks.

So what will they do? Well, I could see them making a play for Carlos Correa, but I don’t see them being a favorite. Just hard for me to see them making a big splash in signing him to a massive deal. Instead, I think they are much more likely to target Trevor Story perhaps on a short-term deal to re-establish his value.

This would also give them flexibility to allow their SS prospects to come of age on their on time. In terms of first base, it’s clear the Yankees like Freddie Freeman. However, I don’t see him leaving Atlanta. If he does, expect the Yanks to be right there. Anthony Rizzo is the favorite to return if they go the free agent route.

Trades coming?

One thing that’s for sure is you should expect some trades from the Yankees. I wouldn’t doubt it if we saw them move Gary Sanchez. However, I feel like they are going to ride that one out to the grave and let him walk in free agency after 2022. The one guy that is for sure getting dealt is Luke Voit in my opinion. Cannot see any scenario where they bring him back.

Will be interesting to see what they get in return. The deal all fans want is a trade for Matt Olson. To me, Olson remains the most likely biggest splash the Yankees will make in this offseason. Olson checks every box and Cashman has a great working relationship with Billy Beane and the A’s.

I wouldn’t rule out a big trade coming together featuring Olson and a starting pitcher. There are so many areas that need to be addressed and I’m very curious to see how this all plays out.

Here’s what I ultimately think happens. I think the Yankees land Olson and a starting pitcher from Oakland. They will acquire another outfielder for depth and I think they sign Trevor Story to a one-year deal. I don’t know if Story will take that, but if he will, I like the Yankees chances.

If they don’t land Story, expect a guy like Andrelton Simmons. I feel disgusted even writing that. Keep in mind, these are just my gut feelings. Let me know in the comments what you think the Yankees will do in the shortened offseason rush!

The latest on the New York Yankees first base situation

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The New York Yankees have had a very slow start to the offseason, much slower than many would’ve expected. Sure, they’ve made a few roster moves, but there have been no free agent signings or big trades thus far.

One major area of need is the shortstop position and that appears to be Brian Cashman’s top priority at the moment. However, there’s another very important infield position that Cashman will also be looking at and that’s first base.

The Yankees currently have Luke Voit, but all expectations are that the bombers are looking to move on from Voit. They tried hard to move him at the trade deadline this year and they have already put him on the block this offseason.

You’ll notice that when scenarios are thrown out about first base with the Yankees, Voit’s name is rarely discussed. So, what is the latest with the Yanks and first base? Well, there are a few options out there at the moment and Cashman is in on all of them.

Yankees First Base Options for 2022

The hottest offseason rumor for the Yankees is the proposed trade with the Oakland Athletics that would net the Yanks All Star Matt Olson. Oakland is looking to shed some salary and with Olson expected to make $12 million next year, they’ve made him available.

The Yankees and A’s have already had dialogue on the potential deal. However, they remain far apart and MLB Network’s Jon Heyman said that the A’s are ‘shooting for the moon’. They should given Olson’s production and the fact that he comes with two years of control.

The Yankees have also met with the representatives of Freddie Freeman. However, this is being looked at as more of a check the box type of meeting than a serious discussion. Nobody in the industry is expecting Freddie Freeman to leave Atlanta.

Then you have Anthony Rizzo. Cashman has already talked about a potential reunion with Rizzo with Rizzo’s agent early in the offseason. Rizzo is said to have really enjoyed his time with the Yankees and he checks a ton of boxes for New York.

Lockout Looming

However, the latest word is that New York and Rizzo are far apart in a potential deal. With the looming CBA lockout, it’s starting to look more and more like the Yanks aren’t going to do anything major before the lockout which is going to really put them in a time crunch. If a lockout occurs, most expect it to last until February.

The post-lockout timing could create havoc on the market. For free agency and for trades, teams are going to have a very short window to fill a ton of needs. This will drive prices even higher. In my opinion, it would have been much better for the Yankees to take care of some needs before the mad scramble in February.

The idea has been floated that DJ LeMahieu plays first next year, but I just can’t see that happening. I think the Yankees want a left-handed first baseman and I’m convinced that either Matt Olson or Anthony Rizzo will be at first next year. Currently, I’m leaning towards a Rizzo reunion being the most likely outcome.

Sound Off: Who do you want to see at first next year? Let us know in the comments!

New York Yankees favored to sign Justin Verlander? Decision could come soon


New York Yankees GM Brian Cashman said that the team would focus on upgrading shortstop along with examining first base, centerfield, and pitching this offseason. It’s clear that the Yanks intend to be very active this offseason.

This week is supposed to be an action-packed week for the front office. Tomorrow, we have the deadline for players who were extended qualifying offers. Later this week, we also have the 40-Man roster deadline which will force the Yankees to make some moves.

Right now, it appears that they are looking at making a bigger trade this week that would send multiple prospects back for one player. Brian Hoch mentioned this possibility on Jomboy’s Talkin’ Yanks podcast today. That said, the Yankees appear to be focused on pitching this week.

Earlier today, we saw the news that the Angels were signing Noah Syndergaard to a one-year deal. According to Joel Sherman, the Yankees were monitoring the Syndergaard situation but it’s not known whether or not they made an offer.

However, there is one starter who they appear to be locked in on and there is mutual interest. That pitcher would be former Cy Young award winner, Justin Verlander. At the moment, Verlander appears to be the top pitching target for the Yanks.

Yankees favorites for Verlander?

ESPN’s Jeff Passan alluded to this yesterday in saying that the Yankees might be the favorites to land Justin Verlander. The Yanks had multiple scouts in attendance to watch Verlander throw his bullpen session and they came away very impressed with what they saw.

There are rumors going around now that the Yankees are talking about a potential two-year deal with the former Cy Young winner. Verlander will be 39 years old by the time the season starts, but he’s made it clear that he intends to pitch for several more years if his arm holds up.

The Yankees seem serious about signing Verlander and Verlander appears very interested in New York. A decision could come as soon as tonight if not tomorrow, but the expectation is that we will know where Verlander is going regardless by the end of the week.

Now, one thing to keep in mind is what Noah Syndergaard signed for today. The deal he got surprised many in the industry and if he’s commanding that kind of premium, Justin Verlander is going to want more. Given the tight rope the Yankees are trying to walk, that could perhaps force them to balk at the price.

If that were to happen, I would expect New York to shift towards acquiring pitching via trades with the premiums on free agents being so high. This should be a fun week for Yankees fan and don’t be surprised if at some point you see that Verlander is going to be wearing pinstripes.

New York Yankees interested in a big deal with the Oakland Athletics

yankees, matt olson

The GM meetings are going on currently and the New York Yankees are preparing to act quickly this offseason. While some teams are taking the slow approach with the potential lockout coming, other teams are looking to strike early and often.

I’ve talked with a couple of people that are at the meetings who say the Yankees are giving off the vibe as one of those early and often teams. There are several big needs for the Bronx Bombers this offseason. Brian Cashman told the media yesterday that he’s already engaged in conversations with two top shortstops.

This has been confirmed by Jim Bowden to be Carlos Correa and Corey Seager. Buster Onley of ESPN said this morning that the Yankees appear to be zeroing in on the very top of the shortstop market. This shouldn’t surprise anyone given the talent at the top of the market.

One other area the Yankees need to address is first base. While they still have Luke Voit, all indications are that they are moving on from Voit this offseason. At the trade deadline, they acquired Anthony Rizzo who provided much better defense and balance to the lineup from the left side of the plate.

Cashman has said that the Yankees have already discussed a reunion with Rizzo’s agent. However, there’s another big name the Yanks are interested in at first base. That name is Matt Olson and by all indications, New York is interested in doing big business with Oakland.

Will the Yankees and A’s make a big deal?

If you know Brian Cashman, you know that he likes to make deals with the same GMs. Cashman and Billy Beane have a great relationship. If there’s a deal to be made, Cashman would rather do it with a guy like Beane who he trusts.

Jon Morosi of MLB Network has already confirmed that the Yankees have had discussions to acquire Matt Olson. Of course, nothing is imminent or even remotely close. However, the Yanks are interested in acquiring the superstar first baseman and for good reason.

I absolutely love Anthony Rizzo, but Matt Olson is better all the way around. He’s younger, under team control, and he just happened to hit 39 bombs last year from the left side of the plate. He’s also a two-time gold glove winner.

If a deal make sense, the Yanks preference would likely be to acquire Olson. However, if the prospect ask is too high, they do appear to be very in on resigning Anthony Rizzo to play first. If the Yankees were to acquire Olson from Oakland, the deal might not stop there.

Olson Plus Pitching?

Jon Heyman reported that Oakland is ready to sell this offseason and that they will listen to offers on starters Chris Bassitt, Frankie Montas, and Sean Manaea. The Yankees are in the market for starting pitching right now and are already in on Justin Verlander.

There is the possibility that the Yankees and A’s could do a huge deal that would involve Olson and one of the starters above. Of course, the deal would have to hurt from a prospect standpoint for New York. I would imagine that Luke Voit would also go back to Oakland in this kind of a deal.

At this point there’s no momentum towards a deal happening, but this is definitely something to monitor. Again, Cashman and Beane have a great working relationship. If there’s a deal to be had there, the Yankees could make a big splash early like they did when they got James Paxton in 2018.

New York Yankees scout free agent and former Cy Young winner Justin Verlander


The New York Yankees are preparing for a very active offseason this year. Granted, their activity might be hindered in the short-term based on the lockout that could occur, but nevertheless, the Yankees know they have to make some upgrades and plan on doing so.

One of the most obvious areas for upgrades would be the starting rotation. Right now, there are once again a lot of question marks surrounding the Bombers rotation. Of course, you have Gerrit Cole who will be starting game one next season.

Behind him, Jordan Montgomery and Luis Severino figure to have spots in the rotation. Severino hasn’t started a game in a couple of years, but he did return and looked solid out of the bullpen in 2021. The Yankees are planning on slotting him back into the rotation.

Jameson Taillon will be a part of the rotation at some point, however, offseason ankle surgery will prevent him from starting the season. After that, you have options like Nestor Cortes, Domingo German, and Clarke Schmidt among others.

With the lack of certainty, the Yankees are already looking into the starting pitching market. The first guy they’ve looked at so far this offseason is someone that fans should be very familiar with. That pitcher would be former Cy Young award winner Justin Verlander.

Yankees in on Verlander?

This week, Justin Verlander had a bullpen session that was scouted by many teams in baseball. The Blue Jays and Mets were among the teams that sent scouts to watch Verlander who was apparently touching 95-96 MPH on his fastball.

The Yankees were also among the teams that sent out scouts to watch Verlander per Joel Sherman. The Yanks did this last year with Corey Kluber and they ended up signing Kluber to a one-year deal. While Kluber had moments, including a no-hitter, injuries plagued his time in pinstripes.

Verlander was shut down and was forced to get Tommy John surgery after one start in 2020. In that one start, Verlander got the win by going six innings and giving up two runs. Verlander also missed all of 2021 while recovering from Tommy John.

His last full season came back in 2019 and he was sensational. Verlander edged Gerrit Cole for the Cy Young by going 21-6 with a 2.58 ERA and a historic WHIP of .803 while assisting in leading Houston to the World Series which included defeating the Yankees. The prior year, Verlander finished second in the Cy Young voting.

Verlander has stated that he’s ready to go and he’s actually said that he wants to pitch until he’s 45 years old. The former Cy Young winner will be 39 years old by the time of Opening Day next season. Despite missing the last two seasons, the Astros made Verlander a qualifying offer.

If the Yankees were to sign Verlander, they would have to give up draft compensation to Houston. At this moment, there’s no indication on how serious the interest is from New York. However, it is a very Brian Cashman-like signing. This isn’t Corey Kluber btw, I think if Verlander were to sign with New York, he would make a much bigger impact.

Could the New York Yankees acquire two players from the Minnesota Twins?

Today is expected to be a busy day for the New York Yankees front office. The team has an off-day and Brian Cashman is expected to be making calls throughout the day checking in on potential trade pieces.

One of those trade pieces is Max Kepler. MLB Network’s JP Morosi reported this morning that the Twins have started having discussions about trading the left-handed hitting Kepler. The Yankees have checked in with the Twins in recent weeks regarding Kepler’s availability.

Now, at this time it’s not entirely clear how interested they are in Kepler. What we do now is how bad the Yankees have been from the left side of the plate this year. They are one of the worst teams in baseball when it comes to left-handed production.

Kepler would not only assist them in that area, but he would also aid them in the outfield. Not too mention the fact that Kepler has a very team-friendly deal and would be under control for the next few seasons.

While Kepler’s numbers haven’t been sensational this year, we are just two years removed from him hitting 36 home runs. The Yankees could really use him at the plate and in the outfield.

The Yankees interested in reuniting with a Twins pitcher?

It is also being widely reported that the Twins are interested in moving Michael Pineda this week. Pineda is scheduled to start this week and there are expected to be a lot of eye balls on that start.

I wouldn’t rule out the Yankees as one of those teams interested. Obviously, the Yankees are very familiar with Michael Pineda. Pineda spend four years in The Bronx and made a total of 89 starts while he was with the Yankees.

So far this year, Pineda is 4-5 and pitching to a 3.93 ERA. Pineda is set to become a free agent at the end of the year. It’s widely known that the Yankees are also looking at pitching targets this week and perhaps they would entertain reuniting with Pineda.

At this time, there’s no word on if there’s any traction there. This is purely speculation considering the needs of the team and what Minnesota has available. I would expect the Yankees to remain engaged with The Twins throughout this week and perhaps a deal could materialize.

Sound Off: Would you be interested in the Yankees acquiring both Max Kepler and Michael Pineda from the Twins?

Exploring a blockbuster trade concept between the New York Yankees and Kansas City Royals

New York Yankees, Gleyber Torres

The New York Yankees are riding a fine line as we near the trade deadline. While the team has checked in on a number of fronts, the front office is still trying to decide exactly what they want to do at the deadline.

Should the Yankees go big and be buyers? The team certainly has the prospect capital and pieces to make some big moves happen. We will explore a potential blockbuster trade with the Royals in this article.

The Yankees could also stand pat. This is what we saw Brian Cashman do in 2019 despite the fact that the Yankees were a World Series contender. Cashman felt that the prices were too high and with Severino and Betances returning from injury at the time, he figured it was best to stand pat.

The Yankees have a number of players out right now so we might hear that same speech. The Bombers could also decide to sell at the deadline. Now, I don’t think they would sell in the same way that the Cubs will.

There will be no depletion of the roster, but you could see them unload a couple of pieces. Now, I believe they are more likely to stand pat and do nothing if I’m being honest. However, let’s say they go big and decide to buy. Well, the Kansas City Royals have a few pieces of interest.

Blockbuster Concept between the Yankees and Royals

I was scrolling through the Trade Simulator earlier to see what potential deals fans would like to see the Yankees make. I came across one deal that might surprise you at first, but makes a lot of sense when you think about it.

Yankees Acquire: Whit Merrifield, Andrew Benintendi, and Josh Staumont

Royals Acquire: Gleyber Torres, Miguel Andujar, and Michael King

Yes, the trade involves the Yankees dumping Gleyber Torres which might surprise some, but it really shouldn’t. On the simulator, this trade worked out to be a completely even trade between the two clubs.

Why the Royals would say yes?

The Royals are a last place team currently. While they had aspirations to potentially be a 500 club this year, it hasn’t come together and the team has drastically underperformed all expectations.

With that, there’s a lot of attention surrounding the Royals and whether they’d be sellers. The Yankees are a team that lines up with them. Whit Merrifield is a hot name on the trade market, but Dayton Moore has stated on numerous occasions that he will not part with Merrifield unless he’s blown away.

Moore has been hesitant to sell in the past, but he could do it for the right package, and the package proposed would be hard to turn down. Moore wants Major Leaguers, and he could get three here. The Royals could put Gleyber Torres back at second base and plan on a future with him and Bobby Witt Jr up the middle.

Getting Miguel Andujar‘s bat and Michael King‘s versatility would supplement the other pieces lost. The Royals like Andrew Benintendi, but they would part with him if it meant acquiring a package that features a Gleyber Torres.

Why the Yankees would say yes?

Why on Earth would the Yankees trade Gleyber Torres in a package like this? Well, the short answer is the fact that he’s not a shortstop. Yes, the defense has improved this year, but the offense has been a nightmare. Simply put, Torres is not the same player when he’s called to play short.

Gio Urshela has proved he can handle shortstop for the Yankees this season if needed. The Bombers also have an extremely healthy crop of young shortstops storming through the minor leagues right now. On top of that, the star studded shortstop free agent class this year could have Cashman thinking about a new shortstop on the open market.

Merrifield could slot in at second or in centerfield given the need for the day. Whit Merrifield has been amongst the leagues best hitters over the last few years. He doesn’t strike out a lot and he knows how to put the ball in play. Not too mention the fact that his speed would be a big boost for the Yankees. His contract is also cheap and you’d have him for next season as well.

Andrew Benintendi is a proven player in the AL East. He would allow the Yankees to get a left handed bat that they desperately need and he could be the starting left fielder moving forward for the next couple of seasons.

The Yankees have liked Michael King’s versatility, but they might be better suited with Josh Staumont. Staumont has electric stuff and would play nicely in the bullpen alongside Jonathan Loaisiga and Chad Green moving forward.

Odds of a deal like this?

While the trade simulator says it’s a good deal and both sides would have their reasons, the odds the Yankees and Royals make this move are very low. What’s crazy is I think the Royals might turn this down before the Yankees would.

From talking to folks in Kansas City, Dayton Moore really does not want to sell off his players. Even if the Yankees offered someone like Gleyber Torres, he might not budge. Meanwhile, Brian Cashman loves Gleyber Torres and any mention of Torres in trades might be a non-starter in the first place.

At this time of the year, it’s fun to ponder these potential trades. This would certainly be a wild one that would really shake up both teams, but it’s one that would theoretically work for both sides.

Sound Off: If you were the GM of the Yankees and were offered this deal, would you say yes?