Chris Weidman aiming to make UFC return sooner than later

Chris Weidman

Former UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman (15-6) is starting to gear things up for his return to the octagon. It’s been almost a year since we’ve seen Weidman and the last time we saw him, he had to be carried out on a stretcher due to a horrific injury.

Weidman was taking on Uriah Hall at UFC 261. It was the first PPV event for the UFC where there was a full audience. Weidman was rejuvenated after the struggles he had in previous years. He was coming off of a big win against Omari Akhmedov and was looking to use the Hall fight to establish himself as a contender again.

However, the fight would end seconds after it started. Weidman opened with a powerful low kick that Hall checked. When Hall checked the kick, Weidman’s leg completely snapped in half. Weidman fell to the ground and it looked like his career could’ve been over.

However, Weidman had surgery and he’s been working hard on making a comeback. He’s had some setbacks, but the former UFC champion is closer than ever to making a return. He recently appeared on Fighter vs. Writer on MMA Fighting to talk about his return.

Weidman’s last UFC run

In the episode which can be listed to here, Weidman talked about his desire to make one final run. He talked about the fact that he’s looking sensational in the gym and he truly believes that he can compete with the best in UFC right now.

Weidman mentioned that he didn’t want to put a specific timeline on his return, but he said he would be returning this year no matter what. With that in mind, who should the UFC look at pairing Weidman with whenever he’s ready to make his return.

To me, there is one perfect fight if both men can make it happen with their health. The perfect fight for Chris Weidman would be a rematch with former UFC champion Luke Rockhold (16-5). Like Weidman, Rockhold is also working his way back from injury.

Rockhold was supposed to fight Sean Strickland in November but a back injury delayed his UFC return. Both of these legends match up perfectly and when they are ready to go, the promotion should put this one together.

Chris Weidman will document UFC comeback; hoping to inspire on his journey back

Chris Weidman

We are just about two weeks removed from UFC 261. An event that proved to be the worst night of Chris Weidman‘s (15-6) professional career. The former middleweight champion felt better than ever leading up to UFC 261.

Weidman had moved to South Carolina and was training regularly with his brother-in-law and UFC welterweight Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson. The former champion looked to be incredible shape ahead of his second fight since returning to the middleweight division.

Weidman explored light heavyweight for one fight before dropping back down to 185. It’s been a rough few years for the former UFC champion, but he still believes that he’s one of the best in the world and he was excited to show that.

Standing in front of Weidman was Uriah Hall (17-9). Hall has finally realized some of his potential and he’s been surging as of late. The two men fought very early in their careers with Weidman picking up the TKO victory.

Weidman was confident that he would once again win at UFC 261. When the fight started, Weidman looked incredibly focused. He threw a vicious leg kick to start his striking.

Weidman told ESPN’s Ariel Helwani that in the moment he thought he hurt Hall. Weidman said, “The first thing that went through my mind was, that was a super hard leg kick. He’s (Hall) not taking more than one or two of those.”

After that, things get blurry for the former UFC champion. Of course, we all vividly know what happened. Weidman’s leg snapped on the kick and it folded under him when he stepped back causing the fight to end.

Weidman wants to inspire with UFC comeback

A frustrated Weidman detailed the injury to Helwani and talked about his frustrations that it happened. Weidman said that he felt better than ever after this camp and he was so excited to show off just how good he is.

Admittedly, Weidman said that recovery is already more difficult than he ever imagined. The former UFC champion said that he deals with incredible amounts of pain just trying to go to the bathroom. He’s supposed to start physical therapy this week.

When asked about a UFC return, Weidman made it clear that he’s hopeful.

“It’s so frustrating and I know how much work it’s going to take. I know how good I am and I want to be able to prove it. I don’t have many more years to be able to prove that. My body never felt so good before this fight, I just can’t believe this happened. It sucks, I was really excited to show the world how good I am. If I can get my body back to where I feel like I’m that guy again, I 100% want to fight. I want to put on a show and be able to inspire other people.”

Chris Weidman on Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show

The former UFC champion also stated that he will document his rehab and comeback on his YouTube page. Weidman has always been one of the better guys in the sport, and I hope that he’s able to come back from this and put on a few more performances before hanging it up.

What’s next for Uriah Hall after UFC 261?

This past Saturday at UFC 261, we saw the middleweight rematch between Chris Weidman (15-6) and Uriah Hall (17-9). The two men met for the first time in 2010 with Weidman picking up the TKO victory.

While both men are the same age, their careers appear to be heading in opposite directions. Ever since Chris Weidman lost the UFC title a few years ago, he hasn’t been the same guy. Weidman had been knocked out five times in his last seven fights.

Meanwhile, Hall looked like he was finally living up to his UFC potential. Primetime had won three fights in a row leading up to UFC 261. A decisive win over Weidman would likely have earned Hall a top five opponent in his next fight.

While I thought Hall would pick up the win on Saturday night, I never thought I’d see what I saw. Weidman came forward and pawed his jab to start the fight. The first big strike thrown was a heavy leg kick from Weidman.

Hall perfectly checked the kick and Weidman’s leg snapped. Weidman folded back over it and the fight was called 17 seconds in. Hall became the first person in UFC history to pickup a win without landing a single strike.

What’s next after UFC 261?

Although it doesn’t feel like a win, at the end of the day, UFC 261 was still a win for Uriah Hall. Now, Primetime has won four fights in a row and he finds himself ranked eighth in the middleweight division.

In looking at the middleweight rankings, there is one fight that jumps off the page for me if the UFC can make it happen. That fight would be pairing Uriah Hall against England’s Darren Till (18-3-1).

Till was originally supposed to fight Marvin Vettori earlier this month but a broken collarbone forced him out of the fight. Till is currently ranked sixth in the middleweight division and he’s coming off of a close loss to Robert Whittaker.

I think this would be a fantastic matchup for the UFC to make. Both men have exciting styles and it would be fun to watch these technical strikers go head-to-head. Anyone in the top eight makes sense for Hall, but this is the matchup I want to see next.

After horrific injury at UFC 261, what does the future hold for Chris Weidman?

Chris Weidman

This past Saturday at UFC 261, there was a highly anticipated rematch in the middleweight division. Former middleweight champion Chris Weidman (15-6) was set to take on Uriah Hall (17-9).

This fight was a rematch from 2010. Way back when they first fought, Weidman got the first round TKO victory. It was just the third fight in the former UFC champion’s career. Both men have come a long ways since then.

It’s been a difficult few years for the former champion. After losing the title to Luke Rockhold at UFC 194, Weidman went just 2-4 in his next six fights. So going back to the Rockhold fight, Weidman was just 2-5 and all five losses were finishes.

In late 2019, Weidman moved to light heavyweight hoping to have a career resurgence. Instead, he was knocked out in the first round by Dominick Reyes. After that, the former UFC champion returned to middleweight.

In August of last year, he returned and picked up a good win over Omari Akhmedov. With that win, Weidman found himself back in the rankings at the eleventh spot. That win got him the fight with Uriah Hall.

By all indications, Weidman was more motivated than ever heading into UFC 261. He looked great all week and the odds actually swung to his favor before fight night. However, the fight ended up being a nightmare for the former champion.

Weidman came right out and looked to be aggressive. He pawed his jab trying to gauge the distance. The former champion unleashed a leg kick that was checked and his leg snapped. The former UFC champion crumbled and the fight was over.

What’s the UFC future for Weidman?

The injury that occurred at UFC 261 is so crazy and a little ironic at the same time. Famously, the same thing happened to Anderson Silva when he had his rematch with Weidman back at UFC 168.

Weidman checked Silva’s kick and the leg snapped. This has only happened three times in the history of the UFC and Weidman has now been apart of two of them. One time he was the checker and Saturday night he was the breaker.

The former UFC champion took to Instagram today to thank everyone for their support. He said that the doctors are telling him it will be six to twelve months before he can train again.

If we take the conservative number there, we likely won’t see Chris Weidman compete in the UFC for about 15-18 months. I don’t believe Chris Weidman’s career is over and he won’t be even 38 by the time he’s back.

However, there’s no telling as to how he will respond to the recovery. There are so many question marks surrounding Weidman’s future. I pray that he’s able to come back healthy, but at this point, no one knows if he will.

Uriah Hall snaps Weidman’s leg with a checked kick at UFC 261

The second fight on the main card at UFC 261 featured a middleweight showdown. Former middleweight champion Chris Weidman (15-5) was looking to pick up his second victory over the talented Uriah Hall (16-9). These two men first fought on the regional circuit back in 2010.

That night, Weidman was able to get the TKO victory. That was just the third fight in the career of Weidman and we all know where his career went from there. He rose to the top of the world and starting with two wins over Anderson Silva, he was the UFC middleweight champion.

After Weidman defended his title successfully twice, he lost it to Luke Rockhold. The Rockhold loss started a downward spiral for Weidman. After losing several in a row, he jumped to light heavyweight for one fight. After getting knocked out there, he returned to the UFC‘s middleweight division last August.

While Weidman’s career has been heading more in a downward direction, the opposite can be said for Uriah Hall. With Hall, the issue has never been his talent. He has just as much talent as anyone in the UFC‘s middleweight division. “Primetime” just needs to be able to put everything together. He was riding a three-fight win streak coming into UFC 261.

UFC 261 Recap

Round 1

The UFC 261 middleweight contest kicked off with a touch of the gloves. Weidman looks to work his jab as the striking starts. One massive leg kick is thrown by Weidman and it’s checked. Weidman’s leg snaps and this one is over. Wow, hard to believe what we just witnessed.

Uriah Hall def. Chris Weidman by TKO (Leg Injury) – Round 1

UFC 261 Preview: Chris Weidman – Uriah Hall 2

Chris Weidman

The second fight on the main card of UFC 261 is a rematch in the middleweight division. Former middleweight champion Chris Weidman (15-5) is looking to pick up his second straight win as he takes on “Primetime” Uriah Hall (16-9).

These two originally met way back in 2010. The fight was just the third fight for Chris Weidman and he was able to pickup the TKO victory over Uriah Hall. Of course, we know that Weidman went on to become a UFC champion so there was no shame in Hall losing that matchup.

In 2015, Weidman had an argument as the best fighter in the world. He was unbeaten and he held two wins over the former GOAT, Anderson Silva. However, that is when Weidman ran into Luke Rockhold. Rockhold took his UFC middleweight title and kicked off an awful streak for Weidman.

Weidman went 1-4 in his next five with all four losses coming by knockout. Last August, Weidman returned to middleweight after a failed stint at light heavyweight. The former middleweight champion picked up a win and now he finds himself back in the UFC‘s top 11 at 185 pounds.

Tomorrow night, he’s taking on Hall who is currently ranked ninth. Hall will look to pickup his fourth consecutive win as he continues his march towards the top of the division. With Uriah Hall, there’s never been questions surrounding his talent. All the questions have surrounded his mental focus on fighting and the UFC.

Right now, Hall looks better than ever. This is an extremely important matchup for both men and whoever wins will be in an excellent position at 185 pounds.

UFC 261 Prediction

In looking at this UFC 261 matchup, it’s very important to remember that this isn’t 2010 anymore. This is not the same Chris Weidman and this is not the same Uriah Hall. For both men, the game plan is going to be very clear tomorrow night.

For Uriah Hall, he’s got to keep this fight standing. He will have the speed advantage on the feet and I don’t see Chris Weidman giving him much trouble on the feet. That said, I believe that Chris Weidman’s path to victory lies within his wrestling.

If he’s able to make this fight dirty tomorrow, he can easily grind out a decision. Whether it’s landing takedowns or working in the clinch, the former UFC champion has a clear path to victory. However, I don’t see him getting his hand raised tomorrow night. My faith in Weidman is nearly gone and he needs to win tomorrow to prove to me that he’s back. I think Hall gets it done and I’m not sure it goes the distance.

Prediction: Uriah Hall by TKO – Round 3

UFC 258 co-main event between Chris Weidman – Uriah Hall is off; fight pushed back

Chris Weidman

UFC 258 has lost it’s co-main event. ESPN’s Ariel Helwani was first to report that the middleweight matchup between Chris Weidman (15-5) and Uriah Hall (16-9) has been called off.

The fight is a rematch from their first matchup that took place almost 11 years ago. Weidman got the better of that fight and he was able to stop Uriah Hall. That was long before either man was in the UFC.

Per Helwani, Weidman recently tested positive for COVID-19. Because of that positive test, the fight that was originally scheduled to take place in 15 days is being pushed back. The current plan is for the fight to take place at UFC 261.

The current target date for that fight is April 24th. Given the amount of time needed in between the two dates, one can assume that Weidman was pretty sick from his COVID-19 diagnosis.

Big UFC Middleweight Matchup

Both of these men currently rank inside the UFC’s top 11 at middleweight. Chris Weidman returned to the middleweight division in 2020 after a one-fight stint at the light heavyweight division.

The former UFC middleweight champion was able to grind out a decision over Omari Akhmedov in his return to middleweight. Going back to July 2017, Weidman is 2-1 in his last three middleweight contests including a submission over Kelvin Gastelum.

However, Weidman is just 2-5 overall in his last seven fights. More concerning is the fact that the former UFC champion was knocked out in all five of those losses. Nevertheless, Weidman seems dedicated and focused on one final run at 185.

Uriah Hall is such a unique fighter. He has always had the talent, but he couldn’t quite get over the hump in the UFC. He has some solid wins over guys like Anderson Silva, Gegard Mousasi, and Thiago Santos.

However, for the majority of his UFC career, Hall has come up short in the big fights. Since 2015, he’s lost four times, but all four times he was going against the elites of the division. The losses came against Robert Whittaker, Paulo Costa, Derek Brunson, and Gegard Mousasi.

Yet, Hall believes he’s the best he’s ever been. If he’s able to defeat Weidman at UFC 261, it would be his fourth straight victory. He would once again be ready to challenge someone in the top five. Maybe this will finally be the time he breaks through.

What’s next for Jack Hermansson after UFC Vegas 16?

This past weekend at UFC Vegas 16, Jack Hermansson (21-6) took on Marvin Vettori (16-4-1) in the main event. Vettori was the third scheduled opponent for Hermansson for the headlining fight.

Originally, Hermansson was set to take on Darren Till. Then he was supposed to face Kevin Holland. However, both of those fights fell through which is how Marvin Vettori got the main event shot against The Joker.

I really thought that Hermansson’s grappling was going to be the difference at UFC Vegas 16. However, I was wrong and underestimated the defensive skills of Marvin Vettori. Hermansson was never able to get Vettori to the ground for any significant portion of time.

The fight remained on the feet for the majority of the time. While Hermansson had moments here and there, the standup was clearly controlled by Marvin Vettori. Vettori even dropped and almost finished Hermansson in the first round.

In the end, the judges gave four of the five rounds to Marvin Vettori. Hermansson suffered his second loss in his last three fights at UFC Vegas 16. With that in mind, what’s next for The Joker after his loss on Saturday night.

What’s next after UFC Vegas 16?

When you take a look at the UFC‘s middleweight rankings, there are a few options for Hermansson. One of the clearest options is taking on the winner of the rematch between Chris Weidman and Uriah Hall.

Those two men are scheduled to fight in February. Weidman and Hall are on the backside of the top ten in the UFC‘s middleweight division. A win for either man would vault them closer to the top five where a guy like Hermansson could be waiting.

Another option for Hermansson could be Darren Till. As mentioned above, Till was originally set to be Hermansson’s opponent before a knee injury derailed the fight. Both men are coming off losses so a fight between the two could make sense.

UFC booking Chris Weidman – Uriah Hall 2

Chris Weidman

The UFC is finalizing a great middleweight contest that will take place early next year. ESPN’s Ariel Helwani is reporting that the promotion is closing to booking Chris Weidman (15-5) against Uriah Hall (16-9) on February 13th.

The fight is actually a rematch from ten years ago at Ring of Combat. That night, Weidman got the better of Hall, finishing him in the first round. Of course, both fighters are drastically different more than ten years later.

Former UFC middleweight champion, Chris Weidman, made his successful return to the middleweight division back in August. Weidman was able to win a decision over Omari Akhmedov which was just his second win since 2015.

Weidman went up to the UFC‘s light heavyweight division for one fight where he was knocked out by Dominick Reyes. A dejected Weidman decided to go for one final run in the middleweight division.

After defeating Akhmedov, Weidman found himself in the top ten of the middleweight division once again. In his next bout, he will be rematching Hall who is currently the ninth ranked middleweight in the UFC.

UFC Middleweight Battle

Uriah Hall is coming off of a knockout over his hero, Anderson Silva. It was a fight that saw Hall struggle early on with pulling the trigger. It was a criticism that has plauged the talented Hall throughout his career.

Since being on The Ultimate Fighter, there has never been anyone who has questioned the talent of Uriah Hall. The problem with Hall has always been pulling the trigger and putting everything together.

Hall has won three fights in a row to get him into good position within the middleweight division. Since 2015, the only men to have defeated Hall all rank inside the UFC‘s top ten at middleweight.

This fight is a massive fight for both of these men. If Hall is able to defeat the former champion, he will inch one step closer to the title while Weidman might look at hanging it up. If Weidman can win, he will show the world that this middleweight comeback means business.

UFC: Chris Weidman wants Khamzat Chimaev in January

Chris Weidman

For the longest time, the UFC was struggling to find a fight for their breakout star, Khamzat Chimaev (9-0). Chimaev has stormed onto the scene with three incredible fights and finishes here in the second half of 2020.

However, his impressive performance didn’t get him a spot in the UFC rankings. Most people believe Chimaev is one of the best in the world, but without a ranking, many fighters didn’t seem interested in taking the risk to fight him.

One of the fighters who was interested in the fight was the former UFC middleweight champion, Chris Weidman (15-5). Weidman just made his middleweight return back in August when he defeated Omari Akhmedov by unanimous decision.

When speaking to Submission Radio, Weidman says that he accepted the UFC‘s offer to face Chimaev next. “They offered me Chimaev. I said yes. Then I started to get really excited about it. Then I said, ‘I’ve got a little bit of a rib injury right now.’ I told them that I’d fight whoever in mid-January,” Weidman said.

Obviously, Weidman was one of the names the UFC was interested in for Chimaev. Since the talks with Weidman fell apart, the UFC moved on to book Chimaev against Leon Edwards on December 19th. 

Could the former UFC middleweight champion be next?

Weidman made the point that he still wants to fight Chimaev, but only if he’s able to win on December 19th. The former UFC champion said, “If he loses his next fight, the interest would just be completely gone. What’s the purpose of me fighting him?”

The All-American talked about the interest comes from the hype of Chimaev. Given the way the UFC has managed Chimaev’s career so far, I wouldn’t be shocked if he ends up fighting Weidman in January even if he wins on December 19th.

If Chimaev defeats Edwards who is the third ranked welterweight in the UFC, he’s likely going to get a title shot in his next fight. However, with Kamaru Usman – Gilbert Burns not fighting until early 2021, the timeline leaves open another fight for Chimaev.

Chimaev has talked about his desire to bounce back and forth between the welterweight and middleweight division. Don’t be shocked if the UFC still tries to make a fight with Chimaev and Weidman if Khamzat wins on December 19th.