UFC Atlantic City Recap: Chris Weidman gets decision win over Bruno Silva

Jul 22, 2017; Long Island, NY, USA; Chris Weidman (red gloves) reacts to fight against Kelvin Gastelum during UFC Fight Night at Nassau Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

On the main card of UFC Atlantic City, we saw the return of a former world champion. Former middleweight champion Chris Weidman (15-7) was making the walk potentially for the final time as he took on the dangerous Bruno Silva (23-10).

It’s been a wild ride for Chris Weidman over the past few years. After returning to the middleweight division successfully in 2020, he had a matchup with Uriah Hall in 2021. In that fight, he snapped his leg on his first big leg kick. The rehab was grueling but he was finally able to return last August. Unfortunately for Weidman, he lost to Brad Tavares. He was looking to reverse his fortunes tonight.

Standing in his way was Bruno Silva. After getting off to a hot start in the UFC with three straight wins, Silva was just 1-4 in his last five as he entered the cage tonight. He knew the crowd wasn’t on his side, but he was motivated to pickup the huge win and play the role of the spoiler.

UFC Atlantic City Recap

Round 1

The UFC Atlantic City main card bout kicked off with a touch of the gloves. Weidman takes the center and Silva is light on his feet. Body kick for Weidman starts the striking. Pressure here from Weidman early and he eats a left from Silva. Body kick from Weidman and he tries to get a body lock.

Another body kick from Weidman and he pushes forward. Both men throwing heavy in the pocket here. They clinch and Weidman is landing some huge knees here. Great start for the former champion. Weidman has Silva pressed up against the fence and he’s looking for a takedown. Big takedown from Weidman and he briefly gets the back of Silva.

Silva gets back up and he’s using the fence to try and get back up. Weidman is just riding him here halfway through the first round. Short shots here against the fence from Weidman. Silva is just being patient here against the fence with not a lot of action here.

90 seconds left in the round and Weidman continues working for a takedown. One minute left in the round and Weidman is still just controlling Silva against the fence. They might be here the rest of the round. The round comes to a close and it’s 1-0 Weidman at UFC Atlantic City.

Round 2

The second round begins and Weidman immediately takes the center. Power leg kick from Weidman and Silva lands a big counter right. Now it’s Silva who is starting to push forward a little. Body kick and now a leg kick from Weidman. Weidman throws a body kick and Silva just misses with a huge right. Big body kick from Silva.

Lead right from Silva and a body kick from Weidman. Combination from Silva and now another. Silva is building momentum and Weidman shoots for a takedown. Silva defense perfectly. Weidman lands a shot and Silva goes right back on the pressure.

Lead left now from Silva and a leg kick. Sharp 1-2 from Silva and an eye poke pauses the action. Back underway and Weidman immediately lands two kicks. Blitz from Silva but no offense landed. Right hand lands for Weidman and a takedown attempt. Silva sprawls perfectly. Both men trade jabs and then Weidman lands a big counter.

Combination from Silva and now he pushes forward. Weidman is taking the shots well and he fires back. Weidman lands three straight kicks and now a right hand from Silva. Big combination from Silva and a jab from Weidman.

Huge left from Silva and Weidman waves him on. Big right hand from Weidman. Heavy left hand from Weidman. Silva might be hurt and Weidman pours it on. The round ends and Weidman might’ve stole the round. Either 1-1 or 2-0 Weidman at UFC Atlantic City.

Round 3

Entering the final round at UFC Atlantic City and Bruno Silva has to go all out potentially being down 2-0. The final round is underway and both men are light on their fight. Jab attempt from Silva and a high kick from Weidman both miss. Sharp jab from Silva lands. Duel eye pokes pauses the action once again.

Combination from Silva upon the restart and a body kick from Weidman. Sharp jabs from both men. Nice jab from Weidman and Silva rushes forward with a combination. Big combination from Silva and Weidman backs up to the fence. Another nice combination from Silva as they get to space.

Right hand over the top from Weidman and a body kick from Silva. Silva gets dropped by Weidman. The referee calls the fight and it looks like it’s going to be a TKO win for Weidman. However, replays are showing it’s an eye poke so we might not have a definitive finish here at UFC Atlantic City.

The commission decided to go to the scorecards after the eye poke and Weidman was declared the winner by unanimous decision.

Chris Weidman def. Bruno Silva by Decision – Round 3

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