So What Exactly Did Beltran do on the Yankees Last season?

The New York Yankees employed Carlos Beltran as a special advisor to the team in 2019. Some people think it’s fair to heap some of the criticism the Astros and Red Sox got on the Yankees, unjustifiably.

What Beltran Did for the Yankees

What role he had was well within the confines of the rules for the game. He broke down the video for the Yankees, analyzing pitchers, and what the pitchers were giving away, and how the hitters could exploit that. It also worked for our starting pitchers. He analyzed their pitching performances to see if they were tipping their pitches to opponents.

For instance, after a rough outing James Paxton had in May (against Houston at Minute Maid Park), Paxton said this about an encounter he had with Beltran:

“I was talking to Carlos Beltran a little bit, he was in here, and he showed me some video and he said, ‘Look at these takes, look at this swing. They wouldn’t be making these swings or these takes if they didn’t know what was coming.’”

It seems like a weird thing to tell Paxton when the Astros would’ve known what was coming even if Paxton wasn’t tipping his pitches.

What Beltran DIDN’T Do for the Yankees

In the ALCS, the Yankees felt the Astros were cheating through whistling. Beltran, however, remained mum about the sign-stealing system he helped implement in Houston. Beltran probably stayed quiet for fear of what would happen to his future career if word got out he spilled the beans on the Astros to the Yankees. Maybe he didn’t want to implement the Yankees, should word about the cheating become public (which it inevitably did)?

Remember that inside the park home run he gave up while playing right field for the Yankees? Because I do. Knowing he sat on this information, rather than helping us out, it makes me wonder if he actually ever wanted to be a Yankee at all.

The New York Mets Managerial Malediction

New York Mets, Mets

The New York Mets have a manager problem. Again.

For the 4th time in 5 years, the Mets are looking for a new manager to lead the team. And with less than a month before pitchers and catchers report, it’s not like they’re going to have a lot of time to secure someone who can truly evaluate the team. Part of it was Brodie Van Wagenen’s fault, as he didn’t press Beltrán about his involvement in the Astros cheating scandal before he was hired, but that’s not important. What is important is trying to find the right person for the job in the span of a few weeks.

Lead Candidates for the Mets

In a report by Danny Abriano for SNY, Luis Rojas is reportedly the lead candidate right now being discussed internally by the team. Rojas is only 38 years old, but young managers are in vogue right now. What works to his advantage is that he’s a coach who’s worked his way up through the Mets system, from when he joined in 2006. Rojas would then have a closer relationship with homegrown stars like Jacob deGrom, Noah Syndergaard, Pete Alonzo, and Brandon Nimmo, who would get vets like Cano, Cespedes, and Betances fully on board. Three other potentials include Hensley Meulens, Tim Bogar, and Eduardo Perez.

Maybe Go Old School

It’s no surprise that front offices want managers who will abide by the analytical information provided by their analytics department. Which has resulted in managers like Buck Showalter and Bruce Bochy out of the game? With a mess like this, the manager got fired for his involvement in a cheating scandal, someone hard-nosed and old school may be just the kick in the pants an organization needs. The players on the Mets, Red Sox and Astros are all going to be distracted come Spring training by the added media attention around their former manager’s departure. Buck Showalter would be a perfect guy to keep a team focused, cut out all the noise, and get his men to focus on the task at hand. Getting to the 2020 World Series.

Why Carlos Beltran puts the New York Yankees in the line of fire

New York Yankees, New York Mets, Carlos Beltran

It seems as if all paths lead back to Carlos Beltran regarding the sign-stealing allegations made against the Houston Astros and other individual players/coaches. While these allegations have turned into full-flight consequential actions, people like Beltran are becoming targets, and their relationships with the teams are also being investigated. While the New York Yankees aren’t being investigated for any wrongdoings, Beltran, who has been heavily connected with the Astros’ cheating ways, he did serve as a special advisor for the team in 2019.

The New York Yankees were thrown under the bus by Alex Cora, as a deflection:

“I was joking with somebody that their biggest free-agent acquisition is Carlos Beltran. I know how he works. He’s helped them a lot,” said Cora after the final game there. “They’re very into details, and we have to clean our details. It was eye-opening, the last two days, from top to bottom.

Cora’s comments are concerning, primarily due to his direct involvement with the scandal and knowledge of Beltran’s activities. The Yankees being involved with the former player could make them a target, despite starting pitcher James Paxton’s experience with Beltran being completely legal.

“I was talking to Carlos Beltran a little bit, he was in here, and he showed me some video and he said, ‘Look at these takes, look at this swing. They wouldn’t be making these swings or these takes if they didn’t know what was coming,’” Paxton said. “That being said, I also didn’t throw the ball very well. I was over the middle of the plate too much, even when there were guys not on second base, so I need to be better at that as well.”

Overall, pitchers are the victim in the sign-stealing allegations, as they’re ultimately being taken advantage of due to the lack of unpredictability. If Beltran was working with the pitchers, there’s no foul, but if he was attempting to create an advantage with the hitters, that’s when there could be issues.

However, the Yankees’ players have generally been outgoing regarding the situation in baseball, supporting to the uncovering of these schemes. While it’s obvious no player would purposefully out themselves, most players would remain quiet if they had anything to hide. The Bombers, on the other hand, are right int the mix, enjoying the show.

Mets Players to Fans: We’ll be Ready for the Season

There’s a lot of turmoil going on in Flushing these days with manager Carlos Beltran and the New York Mets ‘mutely’ parting ways over his involvement in the Houston Astros’ sign-stealing scandal. Beltran’s role in the scandal turned out to be more than originally suspected and there was no way he could take the reins of the Mets – or any team for that matter – with this stigma of cheating attached to his name.

The Mets will find a new manager soon and the players are vowing there will be no lapse in their day-to-day lives, which makes sense since Beltran hasn’t run spring training or managed a single game.

Pete Alonso, the 2019 NL Rookie of the Year and Major League home run champion who has taken a leadership role on this club, assured fans that the Mets will be ready come the regular season.

Pitcher Marcus Stroman is another Mets player putting a positive spin on things. From WFAN:

Stroman responded to Alonso’s post with a similar sentiment, “I’m ready to rock my bro.” Stroman, earlier, took a moment to reflect on the latest developments, highlighted by the firing of Boston’s Alex Cora, Houston’s AJ Hinch and Beltran for their involvement in the scandal.


“This is crazy,” Stroman said. “Truly can’t believe all this s- coming out in baseball. Just going to sit back and see how it all plays out. I know my thoughts but those will stay internal. I’ve learned that “no comment” is the best option at times!”

Pitchers and catchers report on February 11 with the rest of the team coming in  on February 16. We’ll see then if they really are ready.

Mets’ legendary first baseman and television analyst Keith Hernandez believes the Mets will be just fine.


Report: Carlos Beltran Out as Mets Manager

Carlos Beltran will not be the New York Mets next manager after all. Sources are reporting that the organization has decided to go in a different direction after MLB released their findings in the Houston Astros sign-stealing scandal during their 2017 World Championship season.

Beltran was cited as a central figure in the scandal along with manager A.J. Hinch, general manager Jeff Luhnow and bench coach Alex Cora. Hinch and Luhnow were suspended by the league office for one year then were subsequently fired by the Astros earlier this week.

Cora, now the manager of the Boston Red Sox, stepped down this week before the Commissioner’s office could impose any discipline. Cora is also embroiled in another similar scandal in Boston and could end up getting banned from beabll altogether after this second investigation is completed.

Beltran was said to be safe, but the evidence against him have forced the Mets’ hand.

From Rick Laughland of

There’s reportedly been disagreements within the organization about how to handle the cheating scandal that Beltran has been implicated in. If New York moves on from the future Hall of Fame player turned manager, they’ll be in effect paying three managers in” Mickey Callaway, Beltran, and the newly hired skipper.


It’s not exactly an enviable position to be in, particularly with the current ownership not exactly being on stable financial footing. Many Mets fans are lukewarm on the Beltran hiring to begin with. After his epic strikeout on an Adam Wainwright salacious curveball in Game 7 of the 2006 NLCS that sent the Mets home packing and the Cardinals to the World Series, it appears Beltran will never live that down. Mets fans had Joe Girardi as their top choice before letting him leave their building without a deal and watching him sign with the Philadelphia Phillies.


The Mets bypassed several talented managerial candidates this offseason to hire Beltran, even though they knew this timebomb was ticking in the background. They had to know no matter which way this fleshed out that it would be a lingering distraction.


Shots Fired By Beltran’s Former Yankees Teammate Over Involvement in Houston

New York Mets to interview Carlos Beltran.

The New York Yankees have officially entered the debate over what the Mets should do with current manager, Carlos Beltran. And it comes from one of Beltran’s former teammates.

Mark Teixeira Takes a Stand on ESPN’s Get Up

ESPN baseball analyst, and former Yankee first baseman, Mark Teixeria, had very choice words about the current situation the Mets find themselves in over Beltran being named in the commissioner’s findings over Houston’s cheating. The first words out of Teixeria’s mouth were:

“I don’t think the Mets have a choice either. They have to fire Carlos Beltran.”

He would elaborate further:

“The only reason Beltran wasn’t punished…, was because of that immunity you just talked about.”

The immunity was brought up by show host, Mike Greenberg, earlier in the interview. Discussing the immunity, Teixeria continued:

“It’s really a loophole for Carlos Beltran because he immediately retired after that World Series.”

As we know, no Astros players involved in the sign-stealing scandal were punished by MLB after the conclusion of the investigation. When talking about his involvement with Alex Cora:

“Him and Alex Cora were the main culprits. Alex Cora got fired on the spot by the Boston Red Sox. The New York Mets are in an impossible situation. There’s no way that Carlos Beltran, especially in the pressure cooker of New York, there’s no way he can be the manager of the Mets!”

He concluded talking about how the tabloids would eat Carlos Beltran alive “every, single, day,” for being caught in this cheating scandal should he see the start of the season.

Mark Teixeria was teammates with Carlos Beltran through his entire tenure as a Yankee, 2014-2016. Teixeria finished 2016 on the team, while Beltran was moved at the deadline. 2016 would also be Teixeria’s final season with the Yankees.

Should the New York Mets fire Carlos Beltran?

New York Mets to interview Carlos Beltran.

The consequences from the cheating scandal from the Houston Astros were released this week and Major League Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred gave appropriate punishments to the club. AJ Hinch and Jeff Luhnow were both given one-year suspensions and then Astros owner Jim Crane immediately dismissed both of them from their positions.

A day later, Alex Cora (who was apart of the Astros coaching staff that season) mutually agreed to leave his position with the Boston Red Sox. There’s just one more person in this mix that hasn’t been talked about much. Carlos Beltran was just recently hired by the New York Mets as the new manager and is caught up in the mix with Cora and Hinch. Manfred has been cleared Beltran of possible discipline and the New York Mets are staying silent about it, but a decision of Beltran’s employment with the club must be evaluated.

I’m primarily a Yankee blogger, but I’m going to keep this as straight forward as possible. If Carlos Beltran is as guilty as the other names that lost their jobs or were punished, the same should go for him. It wouldn’t be the decent thing to do by the Mets organization if he was kept on.

I understand that firing your manager that hasn’t even managed one game yet would be an embarrassment to the club, but keeping a cheater as your head coach would simply be the wrong thing to do.

I hope that Beltran has nothing on him and is able to manage the Mets this season, but if he’s guilty just like the other names mentioned, there should be no place for him on a Major League field in the near future.

New York Mets: Five Possible Replacements for Carlos Beltran

New York Mets, Terry Collins

Over the last 48 hours, controversy and rumors of Carlos Beltran stepping down from his manager position have been surrounding the New York Mets. Should Beltran leave his job, who are the best candidates to jump in and take the reigns with less than a month until Spring Training starts?

Terry Collins

His name either brings back memories of happiness or causes other Mets fans to begin to gag. Collins would be a solid choice in a one-year role while the Mets try to figure out their manager for the following season. He has a good relationship with a majority of the roster and was a key figure of bringing the Mets out of their chaos from the early part of the last decade. Collins is the latest manager to bring the Mets to the World Series and already has direct experience with the job as Mets manager.

Hensley Meulens

Meulens is currently the bench coach for the Mets and has been involved in baseball since 1985 as a player. His experience and knowledge certainly qualifies him to become the manager. Meulens has managed the Netherlands multiple times in the Summer Olympics and World Baseball Classic. Since 2010, he spent time as the hitting coach and then bench coach under Bruce Bochy in the San Francisco Giants organization. Meulens has respect from players throughout the league and speaks five different languages.

Eduardo Perez

Perez was originally one of the few remaining candidates who lost out on the Mets job. He has experience managing in Puerto Rico along with various coaching roles in the earlier part of the 2010s. As much as Perez would like the opportunity to manage, it would be hard to see him jumping out of a multi-year deal he signed to remain as an analyst on ESPN. Despite the lack of time he would have to prepare, the talent the Mets have on their roster may be too much to pass on.

Buck Showalter

Much like Collins, Showalter would be with the Mets as a short term option. His resume speaks for itself and is the most polished out of anyones on the list. Showalter’s last job with the Orioles did not end as smoothly as he wanted, and his older style of managing could be what the Mets need to get eyes focused on the product on the field, not off it. The seven names surrounding Showalter on the all-time wins list are all in the hall of fame, so he is not a wrong choice to settle on.

David Wright

The chance of Wright taking the job has to be less than one percent, but you have to make the call to ask. With all the negativity surrounding the Mets, Wright is the joyful and hopeful face fans, and the organization can rally around. Wright represents the opposite approach the Mets could take when compared to Showalter. He knows the media, the clubhouse knows and respects him. Much like Beltran, Wright is a former player with a brilliant baseball mine and exceptional leadership qualities. With all the analytics and Brodie Van Wagenen involved, how much managing would he even need to do?

How Lucky Did the Mets Get With Commissioner Manfred’s Report

The NY Mets organization must be breathing a sigh of relief after commissioner Rob Manfred released his findings on the Houston Astros. Considering what was discovered in the report, and what’s coming down the pipe… Carlos Beltran is about as lucky as a leprechaun.

What Happened

We’ve all heard about the Astros sign-stealing scandal. The commissioner’s office concluded their investigation and found the evidence was OVERWHELMINGLY against the Astros. So, what ended up happening was this:

  • Astros, as an organization, were fined $5 million.
  • Astros, as an organization, forfeit their first and second-round picks in the 2020 and 2021 drafts.
  • Astros manager, AJ Hinch, and GM, Jeff Luhnow, are suspended for the 2020 season.
  • An hour after all this is delivered by Rob Manfred, Astros owner, Jim Crane, fire them both.


Why The Mets Should Be Relieved

Alex Cora, then bench coach when the Astros developed this sign-stealing scheme, was named in Manfred’s report as being one of the key players in all of this. As was Carlos Beltran, who was cited as being one of the chief organizers of the whole thing. Alex Cora is expected to face a punishment similar to Hinch and Luhnow for his involvement in the Astros cheating scandal, as well as facing serious punishment for his Red Sox stealing signs watching the feed in the replay room.

If Cora isn’t fired, which would be the hardest of hardest sales by Red Sox brass, he’s likely to face a minimum 2-year suspension. One year for the Astros, one year for his Red Sox. Beltran, in all likelihood, cooperated fully and completely with MLB’s investigation into the Astros, saving his bacon (probably). How do you come back from that as a manager? Being suspended from baseball in your first year as a manager?

Should the New York Mets Fire Carlos Beltran?

New York Mets to interview Carlos Beltran.

The New England Patriots, Boston Red Sox, and Houston Astros are the respective heel characters in their sports because of their tainted success. Whether anyone agrees with their methods, they achieved things many teams fall short of year after year. After A.J. Hinch and Alex Cora lost their jobs due to the cheating scandal, firing Carlos Beltran will do more harm than good for the New York Mets future.

Beltran was a player during the time of the incident, and if we are going to throw him in with the coaches, then the other players should be dragged in as well. The penalties on the Astros were weak, and as a long-suffering Mets fan, I would gladly take the penalties to get a World Series ring. My opinion would easily differ if my job was on the line.

I would like to hear the excuse for the Astros playing better on the road during the 2017 season, but that is another topic for a much longer article.

Give Beltran a Chance

What the Astros did was cheating. Beltran gets dragged into the whole mess because he was the veteran of the team who was in the year of his career. It was not his responsibility to stop the sign stealing. His duty is equal with the other 24 men who he played with. If Beltran received a penalty, every hitter who spent time on the Astros roster in 2017 deserves a suspension.

Beltran is still a brilliant baseball mind, and his actions as a player should not equal his actions as a manager. The Mets should try to gain every legal advantage they can because clearly what they have done for the last 30 years has not resulted in any resounding success.

Many detractors of Beltran say it will be a massive distraction with the media if he stays. It will only be a distraction if the Mets allow it to be. Beltran and the Mets organization does not need to answer any question they feel is not relevant to the Mets. We have seen the Wilpons and the organization control the media narrative multiple times throughout the years, so why can’t they do it again?

While everything is still fresh with both the Astros and Red Sox investigations, the best the Mets can do is lay low and continue to handle themselves the way they have been. If the Mets want to create a distraction and media circus, they easily can. Keeping Beltran and allowing him to create his legacy as a manager will be the easiest way to bury any doubts about him.