Why Carlos Beltran puts the New York Yankees in the line of fire

New York Yankees, New York Mets, Carlos Beltran
NEW YORK, NY - NOVEMBER 04: Carlos Beltran talks to the media after being introduced the manager of the New York Mets during a press conference at Citi Field on November 4, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images)

It seems as if all paths lead back to Carlos Beltran regarding the sign-stealing allegations made against the Houston Astros and other individual players/coaches. While these allegations have turned into full-flight consequential actions, people like Beltran are becoming targets, and their relationships with the teams are also being investigated. While the New York Yankees aren’t being investigated for any wrongdoings, Beltran, who has been heavily connected with the Astros’ cheating ways, he did serve as a special advisor for the team in 2019.

The New York Yankees were thrown under the bus by Alex Cora, as a deflection:

“I was joking with somebody that their biggest free-agent acquisition is Carlos Beltran. I know how he works. He’s helped them a lot,” said Cora after the final game there. “They’re very into details, and we have to clean our details. It was eye-opening, the last two days, from top to bottom.

Cora’s comments are concerning, primarily due to his direct involvement with the scandal and knowledge of Beltran’s activities. The Yankees being involved with the former player could make them a target, despite starting pitcher James Paxton’s experience with Beltran being completely legal.

“I was talking to Carlos Beltran a little bit, he was in here, and he showed me some video and he said, ‘Look at these takes, look at this swing. They wouldn’t be making these swings or these takes if they didn’t know what was coming,’” Paxton said. “That being said, I also didn’t throw the ball very well. I was over the middle of the plate too much, even when there were guys not on second base, so I need to be better at that as well.”

Overall, pitchers are the victim in the sign-stealing allegations, as they’re ultimately being taken advantage of due to the lack of unpredictability. If Beltran was working with the pitchers, there’s no foul, but if he was attempting to create an advantage with the hitters, that’s when there could be issues.

However, the Yankees’ players have generally been outgoing regarding the situation in baseball, supporting to the uncovering of these schemes. While it’s obvious no player would purposefully out themselves, most players would remain quiet if they had anything to hide. The Bombers, on the other hand, are right int the mix, enjoying the show.