Francis Ngannou wants to resign with UFC if he gets to box Tyson Fury

Francis Ngannou

The UFC‘s heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou (17-3) is currently recovering from knee surgery that took place last month. Ngannou had damage to his ACL and MCL repaired following his win over Ciryl Gane that took place back in January.

The win over Gane was Ngannou’s first title defense in the UFC. After the fight was over, there were a lot of questions surrounding Ngannou’s future with the promotion. There has been some hostility between Ngannou’s camp and the promotion on the terms of a new contract.

Ngannou made a flat $600,000 before PPV for his last fight against Gane. The UFC had made attempts to resign Ngannou to a long-term deal with higher pay, but Ngannou and his management weren’t on the same page in regards to the terms.

One of the biggest sticking points for the heavyweight champion was his ability to box. Ngannou has been very open about what he wants from the UFC. He wants a massive payday that would allow him to box the best heavyweight in the world, Tyson Fury.

Boxing vs UFC: Heavyweight Edition?

Ngannou is a superstar and he’s a knockout machine for the UFC. The heavyweight champion’s contract currently expires at the end of 2022 and Ngannou is targeting a return at the end of the year. Previously, he has said that he will not fight again under his current UFC contract.

At one point, it was hard to see the sides ever coming together. However, Ngannou seemed much more open to resigning yesterday when he appeared on Ariel Helwani’s MMA Hour. Ngannou talked about the fact that there are still big fights in the UFC he wants and he definitely wants to resign.

However, there’s a big IF in there. The heavyweight champion says that he will only resign with the promotion if they allow him to do a special-rules matchup with the boxing heavyweight champion Tyson Fury.

Over this past weekend, Fury knocked out Dillian Whyte in the sixth round of their title fight. After the fight was over, Fury said that he was done with prize fighting in terms of heavyweight boxing. However, he called Ngannou over in the ring with him and talked about what he wants.

Fury said that he wants a special-rules matchup with the heavyweight champion to see who the baddest man in the world is. Per the fighters, they would fight in an octagon with four-ounce gloves but they would only be allowed to box.

I have no idea if the UFC would actually do this, but it would be a massive event. To me, if you’re going to let Conor McGregor box Floyd Mayweather, the UFC should absolutely be open to letting this special-rules fight happen with Ngannou and Fury.

Will it happen?

Tyson Fury’s contract with Top Rank and ESPN also came to a close with his win on Saturday night. That could be another key to having this fight come together. I don’t see any scenario where Bob Arum and Dana White work together so Fury not being tied to Arum is a huge key that opens the door.

The UFC is not going to let Ngannou walk. He’s too big (no pun intended) for their heavyweight division. If it comes down to it, I find it hard to believe that they would walk away from the massive money-maker that would be Francis Ngannou – Tyson Fury.

Here’s my guess of what’s going to happen. Jon Jones and Stipe Miocic are going to fight over the summer for the interim heavyweight championship. The UFC is going to go back to Ngannou with a deal that says he must fight the winner in December.

However, there will be a clause that states if he wins, he can box Tyson Fury in 2023. This would make Ngannou once again bet on himself but it would give him the keys to what he wants.

Can you imagine how much bigger the Fury – Ngannou fight would be if Ngannou was coming off of defeating Jon Jones? However, if Jon Jones or Stipe Miocic were to defeat Ngannou, it would allow the UFC an out from making the fight happen.

Anderson Silva set for boxing match in Dubai

Anderson Silva is heading back to the boxing ring. The former UFC middleweight champion will be competing on a card that is set to take place on a helicopter landing pad in Dubai on May 14th per TMZ. 

The boxing event will be headlined by Floyd Mayweather who will be taking on “Dangerous” Don Moore in an eight-round exhibition. Silva will be competing on the card against fellow Brazilian MMA veteran Bruno Machado (15-9 MMA).

Machado has won his last six MMA bouts leading up to this boxing exhibition with the great Anderson Silva. He last competed at UAE Warriors 15 in January of 2021 where he scored a unanimous decision victory.

Anderson Silva in Boxing

Of course, all eyes will be on Anderson Silva when these two meet in the boxing ring. This will be Silva’s third trip to the squared circle since his UFC career wrapped at the end of 2020.

Thus far, Anderson Silva has been incredibly impressive in his post-UFC combat career. He started things out with a bout against former boxing world champion Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.

Despite Silva’s track record of being a dynamic striker, most people didn’t give him a chance against the former champion. However, Silva put on an absolute clinic and I personally scored seven rounds for him.

The fight took place in Chavez Jr’s native Mexico and one of the judges gave him the fight. However, two of the judges got it correct and Silva picked up the boxing victory. He then took on another former UFC champion in his next bout.

At a Triller event, Silva boxed a fellow MMA legend in Tito Ortiz. The match didn’t last long as Silva face-plated Ortiz just 81 seconds into the first round scoring his second straight boxing victory.

Now, Silva will take on Machado who will likely put on a more competitive fight. Silva continues to stay sharp and one day could be standing across the ring from one of the Paul brothers. However, Silva is content just competing for now with potential big money fights down the road.

Jake Paul eyes perfect boxing record, Canelo fight, potential UFC bout, the NFL, and NASCAR

jake paul

Jake Paul (5-0) has surprised much of the world with his boxing. The former Disney star turned YouTuber first appeared in the squared circle just about two years ago when he took on another internet celebrity, Ali Gib.

Paul would of course go on to win by knockout. From there, he would take on former NBA player Nate Robinson. Again, Paul was able to secure a quick knockout. However, after that fight, he decided to up his boxing competition just a bit.

He took on former MMA champion Ben Askren in early 2021. Paul once against scored a brutal first round knockout. The win setup Paul against former UFC champion and teammate of Askren, Tyron Woodley.

For the first time, Paul would be boxing someone that could hurt him and do damage. They first fought back in August and Paul won a decision. However, Woodley hurt him a couple of times and would’ve knocked him down had it not been for the ropes.

The two would rematch in December and Jake Paul silenced a lot of his boxing critics. Paul knocked Woodley out cold in the sixth round to keep his perfect record and in doing so, showed the world that he can do serious damage against real guys.

Jake Paul vs Boxing and The World

In the middle of his boxing rise, Paul has been in a public spat with UFC president Dana White. Paul has called out White for the lack of fighter pay and the lack of revenue sharing. Dana White has fired back asking Paul to take a drug test to prove he’s not on steroids.

Paul has said that he wants to continue focusing on boxing, however, he does eye MMA in the future. He posted a video of himself online recently of him practicing leg kicks. Bellator and the PFL have both expressed interest in bringing Paul in for a future MMA bout.

Paul appeared on ESPN’s First Take this morning where he talked about his future. He made it clear that he’s still fully focused on boxing for now. He wants to potentially double his boxing wins before he turns his attention to something else.

Paul mentioned that he wants a 10-0 record in boxing before pursuing other things. He mentioned that his ultimate goal is to share the boxing ring with Canelo Alvarez down the line. He thinks that he could compete with him in the next three years.

Of course, Paul would be delusional to actually believe that, but something tells me that he does. After his stint in boxing is over, Paul mentioned that he would like to do MMA, play in the NFL, and even race in NASCAR.

What’s next for Paul?

That said, the latter three are a ways away. For now, it’s still boxing for Jake Paul. He mentioned that there are talks for him to box Julio Cesar Chavez Jr next. Chavez recently shared the ring with Anderson Silva and Silva won going away.

That said, Chavez would be the first guy that Paul would fight who comes from a boxing background. It’s both surprising and not surprising that he hasn’t called for a matchup with Anderson Silva given his desire to box MMA guys.

Tommy Fury is also in the cards as he was supposed to fight Fury in December before Fury pulled out with a rib injury. Regardless of the opponent, expect Jake Paul to be in the boxing ring at least two times in 2022. Love him or hate him, he’s here to stay.

How boxing knockout impacts former UFC champion’s legacy

UFC, Tyrone Woodley

It’s hard to believe that just about three years ago, Tyron Woodley was on top of the UFC world. Woodley was the welterweight champion and held an impressive 19-3-1 record. He was coming off of his most impressive win as champion with a second round stoppage over Darren Till.

Woodley had a show on TMZ and he was also starting his music career. He seemed to have everything he ever wanted. Things all started to unravel for Woodley when he took on Kamaru Usman at UFC 235 in March of 2019. Usman completely destroyed Woodley on his way to taking the welterweight title.

After that loss, Woodley took a year away from the octagon and returned in March of 2020. Woodley took on Gilbert Burns in a UFC Fight Night headliner. The result was the same as his previous fight as Burns completely dominated the former champion and won every round.

Then, Woodley had a grudge match with rival Colby Covington. Again, Woodley was completely dominated and lost by fifth round stoppage. The former UFC champion had essentially lost fifteen straight rounds in the octagon and he was down to the final fight on his contract.

Unlike his previous fights, he came out looking to be aggressive when he fought Vicente Luque at UFC 260. However, he would go on to get stopped in the first round by Luque. That’s when the former champion turned to boxing.

UFC champion’s decision to box

Woodley’s close friend and teammate Ben Askren was tasked with boxing Jake Paul earlier this year. The former UFC champion was in the corner of Askren and had some run-ins with Jake Paul and his crew. As we all know, Paul would go on to knock Askren out in the first round.

Free from his UFC contract, Woodley started calling for a boxing match with Paul. They met in late August and Paul was able to defeat Woodley by split decision. However, Woodley had some big moments in the fight including hurting Jake Paul a couple of times.

Many, including myself, thought he could’ve won had he been more aggressive. Paul turned his attention to Tommy Fury and the former UFC champion kept asking for his rematch. After Fury dropped out of the Paul fight with an injury, Woodley got the rematch he wanted.

However, it didn’t go as planned. The fight was incredibly uneventful until the sixth round. Paul uncorked a massive right hook that put Woodley out cold. Woodley has now lost six straight combat sports fights and he’s been put to sleep by a kid who started out on Disney Channel.

It’s tough to think about Woodley’s legacy. On one hand, you cannot take away what he accomplished in the UFC. However, this particular stretch of losses is really tough to swallow. Losing twice to Jake Paul especially with once getting put to sleep is really rough. Woodley isn’t Anderson Silva who has actually gone on to have success in boxing.

I think he’s still a UFC hall of famer based on resume, but make no mistake about it, Woodley doesn’t have the same respect he used to.

Does Anderson Silva make sense for next boxing opponent for Jake Paul?

This past weekend, we saw the boxing rematch between Jake Paul (5-0) and Tyron Woodley (0-2). The fight was incredibly underwhelming throughout the entire match but it ended with a bang. In the sixth round, Paul unloaded a massive right hand that put Woodley out cold.

While we’ve seen Paul face plant other opponents, knocking out Woodley was different. Nobody has ever really done that to Tyron Woodley in his combat sports career. What Jake Paul did in the boxing ring on Saturday night hasn’t been done.

The result was so shocking that there are already conspiracy theories regarding the knockout. There’s talk of hand signals and pre-coordinated moves that caused Woodley to drop his hands so Paul could unload a right hand and knock him out. Many think that Woodley was paid to take a dive.

However, I’m going to operate under the assumption that Paul won the boxing match fair and square. With that, it’s time to start thinking about Paul’s next move. There’s already talks of Paul taking on Tommy Fury next and that match does make a lot of sense.

Those two were originally supposed to meet before Fury pulled out with an injury. However, Paul has made his boxing career thus far against non-boxers. If he decides to go the MMA or UFC route for his next opponent, why not one of the greatest of all time?

Silva – Paul Boxing Match

If you want to talk about people who had a sensational 2021, look no further than Anderson Silva. After wrapping up his UFC tenure last year, The Spider took to the boxing ring in 2021 and he looked sensational in doing so.

In Silva’s first match of the year, he did something that Jake Paul still hasn’t done. Silva took on a former world champion boxer when he took on Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. Say what you want, but Silva completely outclassed the former boxing world champion.

Silva then met former UFC champion Tito Ortiz and knocked him out in the first round. Despite his age, Silva looked sensational in the boxing ring. There was talks about Silva taking on Jake’s older brother Logan, but those talks fizzled out.

Perhaps Silva and Jake could meet. That said, it’s hard for me to believe that Paul would take the fight. Silva is the same size as him and is definitely more skilled. Silva is not a big talker either so Paul would likely be hesitant to take someone on who wouldn’t go back-and-forth with him.

Jake Paul is a showman and he would want the fight to be a show. Taking a boxing match with Silva wouldn’t be a show, it would be a fight. A very difficult fight at that. Personally, I would bet on Silva despite the age and I think Paul knows it would be risky. While I would be in favor, I just don’t see it happening.

Jake Paul knocks Tyron Woodley out cold in boxing match

jake paul

Tonight we saw the highly anticipated rematch between Jake Paul (4-0) and Tyron Woodley (0-1 Boxing). The former UFC champion was stepping in on short notice to take on The Problem Child.

Originally, Paul was supposed to take on Tommy Fury. However, Fury had to pull out of the fight win an injury. When this happened, the Paul team got in touch with Tyron Woodley regarding the rematch.

These two originally had their boxing match back in August. For the first time in his career, Jake Paul was truly tested. In fact, Woodley was able to hurt Paul on a couple of exchanges. However, Woodley was not aggressive at all in their match.

As a result, Paul was able to score more points and won a split decision. After the matchup, Paul said he would give Woodley a rematch if he got a tattoo that said, ‘I love Jake Paul’. A request that Woodley followed through with.

However, Paul still opted for the Fury boxing match. Now, we get the rematch we thought we were going to get in the first place as Woodley is back to take on Jake Paul.

Boxing Recap

Round 1

The boxing matchup kicked off with a touch of the gloves. Paul immediately comes out and takes the center. Woodley throws a big overhand right to start his night. Jab to the body from Woodley. Paul looks for a right straight as he’s staying on the outside.

The two come together in a clinch after Woodley presses forward. Paul continues to look for shots on the outside but nothing serious is landing. Woodley again misses on a big right hand that forces a clinch.

Paul works the jab and the two end up in another clinch. Woodley continues to look for a big right hand but he’s a bit out of range. Nice jab to the body lands for Jake Paul. Paul rips a right hook to the body and the crowd is becoming restless.

Woodley pushes forward and eats another jab to the body from Paul. The two end up in another clinch and the crowd continues to boo. The first round of this boxing matchup ends and it’s a very uneventful round one.

Round 2

Second round of this boxing matchup and Paul comes out a bit more aggressive. Double jab from The Problem Child. Paul lands a big overhand right and he’s really pushing the action here in the second round. Woodley forces a clinch and they break.

Lots of booing from the crowd here and Paul answers with another combination. Jab to the body from Paul and then he chains it into a combination. Woodley lands a couple of nice shots on the inside. Another clinch and both men land body shots.

Nice 1-2 from Jake Paul before they clinch again. The two come together again but before they do, Paul lands a nice left hook. Big combination from Jake Paul and Paul is definitely getting the better of this. 2-0 Paul after two in this boxing match

Round 3

Third round of this boxing match is underway and here comes Woodley. Woodley presses forward immediately and wings some wild shots. However, nothing big lands. Paul lands a really nice combination. A cut forms on the forehead of Jake Paul after an accidental elbow.

Woodley pushing forward throwing heat now. Seems like the blood has lit a fire in Woodley. Paul staying composed here despite some adversity. Big combination from Jake Paul backs off Woodley and Paul seems to have recovered.

Woodley slowing a bit here and standing flat-footed. The two clinch and the crowd starts booing again. Nice jab lands for Paul. Woodley misses on a big straight and Paul is bleeding badly. The round ends and it’s 2-1 Paul in this boxing matchup.

Round 4

Entering the fourth round of this boxing matchup and Woodley has a lot of momentum here. Paul opens the round with a combination to try and get some back. Paul backing Woodley up here to start the fourth.

Jab to the body lands for Paul but his shots are a little wild here. Pressure from Woodley now who throws a nice uppercut. However, for Woodley it’s one and done right now with his shots. 1-2 lands for Woodley. Paul steps in and lands a nice combination.

The two come together in another clinch and Woodley picks up him and dumps him as if they were in MMA. Stiff warning from the referee here. The two go back to boxing and Woodley is being aggressive here.

Jake Paul is looking tired and the crowd is getting restless here. The round comes to a close and it’s likely even after four rounds.

Round 5

Entering the fifth round of this boxing match and neither man has had a ton of success. They both swing wild to start the fifth and they immediately clinch. The boos rain in from the crowd again. Paul pushes forward with a combination but nothing big lands.

Overhand right from Woodley is blocked and they clinch again. Nice jab from Jake Paul and the two come together again. Right now there is way more clinching than boxing and the crowd is not happy. Woodley throws a shot and they clinch again.

This is becoming hard to even watch with what we are seeing. Paul throws a jab to the body and Woodley answers with a combination. Neither man is fighting with an urgency. The round comes to a close and I honestly don’t know who’s winning this boxing matchup.

Round 6

Entering the sixth round and fans are hoping for a bit more boxing here. Jake Paul bouncing in the center and he pops a couple of jabs. Woodley stalking him here and throws a jab to the body. Paul works his way on the inside and another clinch.

They break before clinching again. Paul pushes forward and lands a nice combination. Woodley pushing forward and before he can land they clinch again. Power jab lands for Woodley but immediately they clinch after.

Overhand right from Woodley lands. Out of no where Jake Paul lands a massive right hand and Woodley is out cold. Oh my goodness.

Jake Paul def. Tyron Woodley by KO

Boxing Preview: Jake Paul – Tyron Woodley 2

jake paul

Tomorrow night on Showtime Boxing PPV, we will see the highly anticipated rematch between Jake Paul (4-0) and Tyron Woodley (0-1 Boxing). The former UFC champion is stepping in on short notice to take on The Problem Child.

Originally, Paul was supposed to take on Tommy Fury. However, Fury had to pull out of the fight win an injury. When this happened, the Paul team got in touch with Tyron Woodley regarding the rematch.

These two originally had their boxing match back in August. For the first time in his career, Jake Paul was truly tested. In fact, Woodley was able to hurt Paul on a couple of exchanges. However, Woodley was not aggressive at all in their match.

As a result, Paul was able to score more points and won a split decision. After the matchup, Paul said he would give Woodley a rematch if he got a tattoo that said, ‘I love Jake Paul’. A request that Woodley followed through with.

However, Paul still opted for the Fury boxing match. Now, we get the rematch we thought we were going to get in the first place as Woodley is back to take on Jake Paul.

Boxing Prediction

To me, this boxing matchup is going to come down to how aggressive Tyron Woodley is. Throughout his professional career, Woodley has been one of the more frustrating fighters to watch.

He has and has had all the tools to be one of the very best. However, sometimes he just doesn’t show up to fight. He just goes through the motions and looks incredibly flat.

That passiveness is why he lost a decision to Jake Paul back in August. Woodley is getting older and Paul is getting better at boxing every single day. If Woodley isn’t aggressive tomorrow night, he’s not going to win.

Tyron Woodley can easily win tomorrow. However, I think he’s going to be even more tentative than the first fight. I don’t know why, but I just think he’s going to be hunting for a one-punch knockout.

With that, I’m expecting Paul to rack up the points tomorrow and win another decision. I don’t see Woodley getting finished in boxing against Jake Paul, but I do expect him to lose on the cards again.

Prediction: Jake Paul by Unanimous Decision

Boxing: Did Jake Paul make a mistake rematching with Tyron Woodley?

jake paul

This week we learned that there was a big shakeup in the boxing world. Internet celebrity turned boxer Jake Paul was set to take on Tommy Fury on December 18th. This was the first time that Paul would be taking on another professional boxer that was also unbeaten.

Fury had to pull out of the fight this week due to medical reasons. With that, Paul needed an opponent for his December boxing match. The Paul team decided to get in touch with former UFC champion Tyron Woodley.

Woodley and Paul boxed earlier this year with Paul getting the nod by decision. However, it was the first time that we’ve really seen Paul tested in the boxing ring. He took the biggest shots of his career in that fight with Woodley.

That said, Woodley did what Woodley always does and that’s be tentative. With that, Paul was able to pull away on the scorecards which allowed him to win a decision. After the fight, Paul said he’d give Woodley a rematch if he got a tattoo saying that he loves Jake Paul.

Woodley obliged and got the tattoo on his middle finger. However, Paul decided against the Woodley rematch in favor of the matchup with Fury. Well, it’s come full circle now as we will see the rematch after all.

Boxing’s Paul making a mistake?

If I learned anything from watching the first boxing match between Paul and Woodley it’s that Woodley can hurt Jake Paul. Had it not been for the ropes, Paul would have been dropped by the former UFC champion in their fight.

I think Paul had little respect for the boxing skills of Woodley. However, I think his eyes are open to the dangers now. That said, that can ultimately play to his advantage in the rematch.

When these two stand across from each other in a couple of weeks, Woodley has to be aggressive. If he’s tentative again, he’s going to lose his second consecutive boxing match to a kid that started his career on Disney Channel.

Jake Paul has boxing skill and he shouldn’t be discredited. However, Woodley has a clear path to victory here if he wants it. He has to move forward and be the aggressor. If we get the Tyron Woodley that fought Darren Till, Tyron Woodley is going to win.

However, if the same Woodley shows up that we saw box Jake Paul earlier this year, Jake Paul is getting his hand raised. Either way, color me intrigued for this rematch.

Junior Dos Santos signs with boxing agency; Eyes becoming world champion

Junior Dos Santos (21-9 MMA) is ready to take on the boxing world. The former UFC heavyweight champion has always been a fighter that was known for his hands and his striking. Now, he’s ready to focus on that full time.

After a brief stint in professional wrestling following his UFC release last year, Dos Santos is ready to get back to combat sports. However, he’s not going back to the sport that made him a world champion. Instead, he’s going to the boxing ring.

SJam Boxing announced yesterday that Dos Santos had signed with their agency and that he’s fully dedicated to the sport. He’s not just in this for the money and he’s not looking to fight YouTube or internet celebrities whenever he does get in the ring.

Instead, Dos Santos has already said that he’s focusing on the best guys that the sport has to offer. The former UFC heavyweight champion wants to become the first man to crossover and become the boxing heavyweight champion of the world.

Can Dos Santos become a boxing champion?

In a video package released by SJam, Dos Santos said, “Anthony Joshua, Deontay Wilder, Tyson Fury. I really believe it’s going to happen. One day I will fight against these guys, and I will beat them up.”

As you can tell, Dos Santos is not here to play around and the former UFC champion wants the tough fights. Realistically, Dos Santos is going to need a few wins before the boxing world will even consider booking him against some of the elites in the sport.

Dos Santos rose to the top of the UFC on the strength of his boxing. However, his defense is something that was relatively alarming over the past few years as he didn’t go a great job of defending himself while carrying his hands very low.

Against top level guys in this sport, he really has to sure up some of the flaws in his game. The age can also be an issue, but you have to respect Dos Santos for aiming big and going right for the top in the sport of boxing.

BREAKING: Boxing match between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury official for December

jake paul

Showtime Boxing has officially booked a highly anticipated matchup that’s been rumored for weeks. Today in a press release, Showtime announced that Jake Paul (4-0) will be returning to the boxing ring in December and will be taking on Tommy Fury (7-0).

These two have been going back-and-forth for months and Showtime has been working on booking this matchup since early September. The boxing matchup will take place on December 18th and it’s scheduled for eight rounds.

These two were on the same card back in August. Jake Paul headlined the card against Tyron Woodley while Tommy Fury took on Anthony Taylor on the undercard. Both men picked up decision wins that night to remain undefeated.

Fury will be the first time that Jake Paul will be taking on a professional boxer. The younger brother of heavyweight champion Tyson Fury rose to fame after appearing on a reality TV show, but he’s getting more and more well-known for his boxing.

Fury has already been in three matchups in 2021 so he will be making the walk for the fourth time. There will be a lot of pressure on his shoulders and his brother Tyson has already said that the family will disown him if he loses to Jake Paul in boxing.

Jake Paul actually boxing a boxer

Jake Paul really started to take his boxing career serious this year. Yes, he had two professional fights before this year, but they were against an internet celebrity and a former NBA player. Paul started targeting MMA fighters to up his competition level.

He started out slow by taking on Ben Askren who is known for having horrific striking. Paul knocked him out in the first round back in April. Then, Paul took on the challenge of boxing former UFC champion Tyron Woodley.

Woodley was the first person to ever put Paul in trouble in the ring after hitting him clean a couple of times. However, Paul was more active throughout the fight and won a split decision. Now, Paul is going to be boxing someone in the same sport who is a bigger man and is undefeated.