Anderson Silva agrees to boxing match with Julio Cesar Chavez Jr

Former UFC great Anderson Silva is heading to the boxing ring. TMZ Sports was the first to report late last night that former UFC middleweight champion, Anderson Silva (34-11, 1 NC in MMA) has agreed to box Julio Cesar Chavez Jr (52-5-1 in boxing).

The event will take place on June 19th and it will be in Mexico. Back in 2012, Chavez Jr was looked at as one of the best boxers in the world. The son of boxing great, Julio Cesar Chavez, was 46-0-1 and the WBC World Middleweight Champion.

However, over the last eight years, it hasn’t been the same story for Chavez Jr. Chavez Jr finished Andy Lee back in 2012 to retain his title, but after that, Chavez Jr has gone just 6-5 inside the squared circle.

Now, he has been in there with some of the best that boxing has to offer. Back in 2017, Chavez Jr did take on Canelo Alvarez, but ultimately lost a decision. Chavez Jr had two boxing matches in 2020 where he went 1-1. His last one came against Jeyson Minda and he won by TKO.

Anderson Silva to Boxing

At one point, Anderson Silva was being looked at as the greatest mixed martial artist of all time. When 2012 ended, Silva was the UFC’s middleweight champion and he had a record of 33-4.

However, since his win against Stephen Bonnar in 2012, Silva went just 1-7, 1 NC in his last nine fights. The UFC wanted Silva to retire, but he wanted to continue in combat sports whether it be MMA or boxing.

The UFC released Silva from his contract after his loss to Uriah Hall back in October. From there, Silva has been trying to figure out what he’s wanted to do. There were limited MMA offers, but there were some intriguing boxing matches.

Roy Jones Jr even called for a boxing match with Silva. Silva supposedly had a couple of offers on the table, but ultimately decided on the Julio Cesar Chavez Jr fight. Worth nothing that Silva has had two pro boxing matches early in his career and he’s 1-1.

Rizin interested in signing Anderson Silva

UFC, Anderson Silva

Rizin is interested in bringing in one of the greatest of all time. Back in October, Anderson Silva (34-11, 1 NC), made the walk for the final time in the UFC. The former middleweight champion took on Uriah Hall.

Early on in the fight, the 45 year old looked solid. In fact, I was very impressed with the way Silva’s striking looked against the younger Hall. However, in the middle rounds, his age and declining reflexes started to show.

Near the end of the third round, Silva was caught flush with a shot that wouldn’t have touched him years ago. Hall nearly finished the fight in the third, but he did go on to finish Silva in the fourth round.

It was the seventh loss in the last nine fights for Anderson Silva. Afterwards, Dana White said that he shouldn’t have made the fight. Silva initially said he would retire afterwards, however, he changed his tune and the UFC released him at his wish. 

All of the major MMA promotions based in the US including Bellator and PFL said they weren’t interested. One Championship also said they were not interested in bringing in the legend, however, Rizin is singing a different tune.

Silva to Rizin?

Rizin‘s head man, Nobuyuki Sakakibara, had this to say about The Spider: “I do feel that I would like to help him fulfill his wishes out of respect for what he has accomplished and what he has done for our sport.”

Sakakibara continued saying, “I would be interested to see if we can come up with something that makes sense for him to start his final chapter in Japan.” Rizin seems to be the only promotion that is willing to give the former world champion a chance.

If Silva were to come to terms with Rizin, his career would come full circle. While certainly Silva became a superstar once he was with the UFC, he really cut his MMA teeth with Pride in Japan. A return to Rizin would return him to where his fighting really started.

At this time, there’s no word on how close Silva and Rizin are to a potential deal. However, given the fact that Silva is very interested in continuing and they seem to be the one major player, I think something could come together quickly.

The UFC has released Anderson Silva (Report)

UFC, Anderson Silva

One of the greatest fighters of all time has been released by the UFC. Per MMA Fighting, Anderson Silva and the promotion that made him a star have parted ways. Silva is said to be undecided about retirement.

A few weeks ago at UFC Vegas 12, Silva took on Uriah Hall in the main event of the evening. To the surprise of many, Silva looked very good in the first couple of rounds. Many thought Silva was winning the fight going into the third.

However, the third round is where things drastically turned for the former UFC champion. Silva rushed forward recklessly and got clipped with a right hand on the temple that sent him crashing to the floor. However, Silva was saved by the bell in the third round.

In the fourth round, Silva again rushed forward in a sloppy manner which got himself dropped. Hall followed up with a few shots and the fight was over for the former UFC champion. Dana White said after the fight that he shouldn’t have let the fight happen.

Silva is not your average 45 year old. The Spider was definitely holding his own early on in the fight. However, his lack of quickness in dodging shots did him in. His defensive skills were key in him becoming the longest reigning champion in UFC history.

What’s after the UFC for Silva?

Today’s report said that Silva is still undecided on what he’s going to do. Right after the Hall loss, the former UFC champion said on Instagram that he was saying goodbye to the sport. However, his tune might have changed.

White was adamant that Silva would never fight in the UFC again after that fight. There would have been no reason for the promotion to release Silva unless he’s seriously considering competing again in some form of combat.

Time will tell what the Spider decides to do. Anderson Silva was one of the reasons I fell in love with the sport of MMA. As a fan, I really hope that he decides to hang it up for good. There’s nothing left for him to prove at this point. He’s still one of the best to ever do it.

Anderson Silva’s legacy after UFC Vegas 12

This past Saturday at UFC Vegas 12, one of the greatest of all time said goodbye. Anderson Silva (34-11, 1 NC) headlined his final card opposite Uriah Hall (16-9) on Saturday night. The fight actually started out well for The Spider.

Silva didn’t appear to look like a fighter who was 45 years old early on. The former UFC middleweight champion actually took the first round and arguably the second round of the fight. He was aggressive and his striking looked pretty good.

He was on his way to winning the third round as well when he got caught with a glancing right to the temple. Silva went crashing to the mat and Hall almost finished the former UFC champion. However, Silva was saved by the bell.

In the fourth frame, Silva appeared to have his legs under him. However, he charged in recklessly and was caught with another shot that put him down. Hall followed up with a few shots and the referee stepped in calling a stop to the action in the fourth round.

It was a surreal scene inside the octagon. Hall was overcome with emotion as he just defeated one of his heroes. While Silva sat in the middle of the octagon seemingly reminiscing of everything he’s been through inside the cage and with the UFC.

One of the UFC’s GOATs

To me, you cannot have a conversation about the greatest to have ever competed inside the UFC without including Silva. His run in the middleweight division from 2006 to 2013 was unreal. Silva looked like a combination of Muhammad Ali and Bruce Lee when he fought.

The soft spoken champion turned into a killer once the doors locked. With sniper like precision, Silva defended his UFC middleweight championship 12 times if you count the Travis Lutter fight. That fight wasn’t technically for the title since Lutter missed weight.

Only Jon Jones, Demetrious Johnson, and Georges St. Pierre have had runs like that inside the UFC. Once Silva lost to Chris Weidman when he was 38 years old, he was never the same again. Silva got an immediate rematch, but he broke his leg viciously in the second round at UFC 168.

Silva has hung on and competed for the last seven years, but he was never the same. He did have a PED scandal which tarnished some of his legacy. That along with all of the losses he’s racked up over the last seven years have changed the lenses when it came to the way people viewed Silva.

I will say this about he former UFC champion. When he was in his prime, he might’ve been the greatest of all time. I really believe that when you consider his overall game. I do not ultimately believe he is the greatest of all time, however, I definitely feel that his reign belongs in the conversation.

Anderson Silva stopped by Uriah Hall at UFC Vegas 12

UFC, Anderson Silva

Tonight, one of the greatest to ever do it made the walk to a UFC octagon for the final time. In the main event of tonight’s card, Anderson Silva (34-10, 1 NC) took on Uriah Hall (15-9). It was a very highly anticipated matchup between the two elite strikers.

For Silva, his UFC career is coming to a close. However, this week he left the door open for potential fights in the future outside of the promotion. However, his family was in attendance which signaled that this would be the end for the former UFC middleweight champion.

Uriah Hall came into the evening looking to play spoiler on this celebratory night. Hall was looking to break through into that next tier in the middleweight division. A win over Silva would likely net Hall an opponent near the top five in his next outing.

Opening Rounds

As the UFC Vegas 12 main event got underway, both men touched gloves. Both fighters looked to be trying to read the other as the fight got underway. The first strike was landed by Silva 90 seconds in and it was a leg kick. Hall countered with a leg kick of his own.

Silva started to bounce a little two minutes in and look to strike. Hall looked for a headkick, but Silva defended well. Silva pushed forward a couple of times and landed some really nice left lands. The former UFC middleweight champion was getting really aggressive halfway through the round.

Hall looked a little uneasy in the striking exchanges in the first. However, he did land a few nice jabs in the final minute. Good first round for the former UFC champion. Both fighters were bouncing on their feet to start the second round.

Hall looked to work the jab in the opening minute, but nothing was landing. Silva was able to land some nice side kicks early in the second round. Hall was trying to be more aggressive in the second, however, he still didn’t look comfortable.

Anderson landed a nice 1-2 and Hall countered nicely with a straight shot. In the final 90 seconds of the round, Hall was starting to throw more. He was landing a nice clean jab that he was following with some leg kicks.

Silva was dancing on the outside, but he was striking a lot less in the second round. Hall landed a couple of additional stiff jabs in the final minute. Much better round in the second for Uriah Hall.

The End for a UFC legend

As the third round of the UFC Vegas 12 main event got underway, Silva opened with a 1-2. Anderson’s movement still seemed to be making Hall uneasy in the third. Hall got his striking started a minute into the third with a couple of nice jabs.

Two minutes into the round and both fighters seemed to be picking up the pace a little. Both tried to throw spinning back kicks, but neither were able to land. Silva landed a really nice overhand left hand that he followed with some stiff jabs.

A minute left in the round and Silva was looking very aggressive. The former UFC champion backed Hall against the cage and landed some very nice shots in the clinch. However, Hall lands a massive right hand that drops Silva. Hall nearly finishes the former UFC champion, but the bell saves Silva.

Silva seemed to have his legs back under him in the fourth opening with a nice jab and leg kick. Hall seemed to be measuring Silva for some finishing shots in the fourth. Silva pushed forward, but another big right hand dropped Silva again. A couple of follow up shots and it’s over.

Uriah Hall def Anderson Silva by TKO – Round 4


UFC Vegas 12 Preview: Anderson Silva vs Uriah Hall

Tomorrow night at UFC Vegas 12, one of the greatest of all time might make the walk for the final time. Former middleweight champion, Anderson Silva (34-10, 1 NC) will be taking on Uriah Hall (15-9) in the main event tomorrow night.

The Spider is one of the greatest champions in UFC history. This week there has been a lot of talk about this fight and his career. At first, Silva did indicate that tomorrow would be his retirement fight. However, he seems to be hedging on that retirement now. 

Silva has not been the same guy since he lost to Chris Weidman back at UFC 162 back in 2013. Weidman ended Silva’s historic title reign when Silva was caught while showboating. Since that fight, Silva is just 1-6, 1 NC in his last eight fights.

Had Silva just retired after he defeated Stephan Bonnar at UFC 153, he would have gone down as the GOAT. However, Silva’s love for the sport kept him pushing on. Now he takes on a contender in his final fight that reminds a lot of people of Silva.

When Uriah Hall appeared on the Ultimate Fighter, everyone marveled at his striking skills. He was being touted as the next Anderson Silva. After running through the show, Hall stumbled at the finale against Kelvin Gastelum.

Hall’s UFC career has been filled with highs and lows. The best win of his career came when he knocked out Bellator champion, Gegard Mousasi. However, he also has a couple of tough losses like the ones to John Howard and Rafael Natal.

UFC Vegas 12 Prediction

Since his loss to Natal, Hall has only really lost to top competition since 2015. He’s on a two fight winning streak, and he realizes that he needs to do something special at UFC Vegas 12 to get him moving towards the top of the division.

However, Silva is not someone that’s easy to look good against. Just look at his fight against Israel Adesanya. The current UFC middleweight champion struggled at times with Silva. Silva is a master of distance and movement even at his advanced age.

When it comes to the fight tomorrow night, I’m not expecting drastic fireworks. I think that we will be in for more of a striking chess match. While I really want to see Silva go out on a win, I’m going to lean towards Hall. I think he’ll be more active and score enough points to earn a decision.

Prediction: Uriah Hall by Unanimous Decision

UFC: Israel Adesanya looking for easy fights according to Uriah Hall

This weekend at UFC Vegas 12, Uriah Hall (15-9) will get to fight the biggest name of his career. Hall will be taking on the legend, Anderson Silva (34-10, 1 NC), in what will be Silva’s final fight with the UFC.

However, Hall still has his eyes focused on the top of the middleweight division. Hall participated in a Zoom media day yesterday where he talked about the UFC‘s current middleweight champion, Israel Adesanya. Hall had strong words for the champion.

“Adesanya is picking his fights man. He sees holes in all these guys, and he was already picking Cannonier. He’s looking for easy fights. Yeah I said it,” Hall told the media yesterday. It’s clear that primetime isn’t impressed with who Adesanya has on his hit list.

Uriah Hall has won back-to-back fights and is now ranked 10th in the middleweight division. He was originally supposed to face former title challenger Yoel Romero back in August, however, Romero had to pull out of the fight. 

Is the UFC champion dodging tough fights?

I get what Hall is trying to do ahead of UFC Vegas 12, however, his argument doesn’t hold a lot of weight. On his way to winning the UFC middleweight title, Adesanya has pretty much gone through everyone that he needed to go through.

When you look at the top ten at middleweight, Adesanya has defeated half of them. Most of them in spectacular fashion. Maybe Hall is referring to himself in thinking that he would present the toughest challenge for the current UFC champion.

Either way, you can’t say that Adesanya has dodged fights or he’s looked to take the easy road. If Hall is able to win on Saturday night, he might only be one or two wins away realistically from getting a UFC title shot.

The Silva fight is fun for his career, however, the Romero fight would have been much better for his career. If Hall can win, he’ll need to fight someone in the top five. Get a win in the top five and maybe he can be the tough fight that apparently Adesanya has been dodging.

Is Anderson Silva hedging on retirement ahead of UFC Vegas 12?

UFC, Anderson Silva

This Saturday night at UFC Vegas 12, former middleweight champion, Anderson Silva (34-10, 1), will be taking on Uriah Hall (15-9) The fight is supposed to be the final fight of Silva’s legendary career inside the octagon. Or so we thought.

Silva came out and said a little over a week ago that this would be his last fight in the UFC. Silva has two fights left with the promotion, but himself and Dana White said that this was his retirement fight. However, Silva seems to be changing his tune ahead of the fight.

Yesterday, Silva appeared on Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show to discuss the upcoming fight and his future. Silva told Helwani, “Maybe I don’t fight anymore in the UFC. Of course, I’d go fight outside (the UFC). Why? Because the people can’t stop my job.”

That certainly doesn’t sound like someone who’s hanging up their gloves on Saturday night. Silva continued to say, “This is the last fight in the UFC. Of course, I could go fight in other event, I don’t know. But right now, it’s my last fight in the UFC.”

Should Silva fight outside the UFC?

As stated above, Silva will still have one fight left on his contract after this fight is over. Silva is sounding like someone who’s willing to explore other fighting avenues outside the UFC. However, I really don’t think that he should.

The Spider has been a legend with the promotion. His middleweight title run was absolutely incredible. When he was at his absolute best, he might have been the greatest that the sport has ever seen. However, he hasn’t been that guy for a while now.

It’s astonishing that the 45 year old can still hang. He even won a round against Israel Adesanya two years ago when they fought. Silva loves the sport and you can tell that he still wants to compete, but the UFC might be forcing his hand.

There comes a time where all fighters have to say goodbye. Sure, Silva could beat some lower level guys, but his time as an elite mixed martial artist are gone. I really hope he’s able to put on a good performance Saturday then hang it up. There’s nothing left for Silva to prove.

Anderson Silva confirms next UFC fight will be his final one

UFC, Anderson Silva

The career of one of the greatest mixed martial artists the world has ever known is coming to an end. Next Saturday night, UFC legend and former middleweight champion, Anderson Silva (34-10,1 NC) will make the walk for the final time in his career.

When the fight was discussed, Dana White hinted that this would be the final UFC fight for Silva. However, Silva told MMA Junkie yesterday that this would in fact be the final time that fans would see him fight inside a UFC octagon.

“For sure, this is the last fight. Probably. I love the sport. I’ve prepared my mind for this. I’ve prepared for fight my entire life, but yes, this is my last fight in UFC. I feel sad because I don’t have this anymore. This is the last one,” Silva told MMA Junkie.

Silva’s run of dominance inside the UFC has only been matched by Jon Jones. He is by far one of the greatest to ever do it, and he has his chance to go out on top next week. However, the fight is not going to be an easy one.

UFC Vegas 12 Main Event

Standing across Silva next Saturday night will be Uriah Hall (15-9). Hall rose to fame in his stint on the Ultimate Fighter where he reminded so many fans of the UFC champion at the time which was Anderson Silva.

Hall looked like he was going to be a title contender right out of the gate. However, Hall never truly lived up to the potential of being the superstar people thought he would be. Instead, his career has been filled with ups in downs.

That being said, he will enter UFC Vegas 12 on a two fight winning streak and having gone 3-1 in his last four fights. It should be a fun striking matchup for the fans next Saturday. The perfect stylistic opponent for Silva to go out on. It will be a fun but sad evening at UFC Vegas 12 regardless of the results.

Who is the greatest middleweight in UFC history?

This past weekend at UFC 253, Israel Adesanya (20-0) put on a show. Facing his toughest test to date in Paulo Costa (13-1), Adesanya put on the performance of his career stopping Costa in the second round. He proved he’s the best middleweight in the world.

Adesanya has become a superstar for the UFC. Whether it be the way he talks, his dancing, or his incredible slick striking skills, Adesanya wows fight fans. However, after Saturday evening, I was seeing a little bit of being a victim of the moment.

There were some members of the MMA media and the UFC Twitter mob that were already declaring Adesanya the greatest middleweight in UFC history. Stylebender is clearly the best in the world now, but I think that people need to pump the breaks just a little.

Yes, Adesanya is perfect at 20-0, but he just defended his UFC title for the second time. Remember, he just became champion in October. He’s not even one year into his title reign, and some are already declaring him the GOAT.

There is no questioning the talent and the skill of Israel Adesanya. He very well might be the greatest middleweight to have ever stepped foot in the UFC. However, declaring him the GOAT at this point is wrong. To me, he’s not even in the conversation with the actual GOAT of the middleweight division yet.

One of the UFC’s Best of All Time

There is only one GOAT at middleweight and his name is Anderson Silva (34-10, 1 NC). Before Adesanya fans immediately try to argue, I will warn you that there is no argument when it comes to their resumes inside the UFC.

Yes, I understand that Silva has really fallen on rough times, but you have to remember, he’s far past his prime. When he was in his prime, Silva dominated the UFC like only Jon Jones has dominated the UFC.

Silva outclassed every opponent on his way to winning his first 16 UFC fights. A winning streak that still hasn’t been matched in the promotions history. Silva won the middleweight crown back at UFC 64 and successfully defended the title 11 times before falling in 2013.

Silva’s unbeaten reign inside the UFC spanned seven years. If he would have retired after he defeated Stephan Bonnar, he would still be considered to be the greatest to ever do it. Of course, things derailed for Silva starting at UFC 162.

Like all great champions, Silva was never the same as he exited his prime. However, it’s still impressive that Silva can compete at his age. In fact, he looked pretty good in February of 2019 when he fought to a decision with Adesanya.

Yes, Silva lost the fight, but at 43 years old, Silva was able to keep the fight close, and he won a round. Adesanya is the best in the world right now, but he still has a ways to go in my eyes before he can be declared the greatest middleweight in UFC history. That’s still belongs to the Spider.